Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Weekend That Was

The "long" CNY holiday is over. Tomorrow, is back to work.

We didn't go anywhere this long holiday, preferring to stay in KL and make up for the lack of sleep. My eldest (step)daughter came home for the holidays. It's nice to have her around, tho' for a short while only.

Thursday morning was spent in Bangsar, window shopping. We had banana leaf lunch at Grand City, PJ. Nice! I haven't been there in long time (the last was maybe in 1996?). The kids enjoyed the food, Nizzar too. He had his own little banana leaf, and was happily picking on the rice & chicken. Then we went to my MIL's house ~ the whole bunch of relatives were there. Stayed there until quite late, then we went home to watch DVDs. Later that night, Mr & MrsNordin went to Red Box Plus @ Pavillion for karaoke! That place is quite happening lah, but slightly more expensive than the other Red Boxes.

Friday was spent in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. Not me; MrNordin. I helped with the potong bawang, as usual. He made daging salai masak lemak cili padi, ikan terubuk bakar, ayam goreng and sambal tumis ikan bilis & petai. I had a mega headache after that because of the petai (can't take too much of it, but I went overboard). Later that evening, we went out to GE Mall. I let Nizzar play at the Kidspotz while the older kids went to browse at MPH. The father had coffee with his cousin & brother at Starbuck. How wonderful, isn't it?

Went to visit my mum & dad at my brother's place in Shah Alam on Saturday. They just came back from Aceh. It was a good trip, they said.

Sunday, winding down day. Sent off Nabila at KL Sentral in the evening. Went to Shila's son's birthday party at her house before that. We had yee sang for dinner. MrNordin went out after that. And here I am, writing my piece before I call it a day.

I hate Sunday night like this!


wanshana said...

Hi BJ!

First time I'm here - would have been frequenting your blog religiously should I have known about it yonks ago! :) So, from now onwards, I'll be a regular here. Can aaar?

Looked like you all had quite a busy CNY break. Probably need another 4 days to get over the 4 days holiday, huh?

What a coincidence - we all went to Red Box @ Pavillion, too, albeit on Saturday night. Hubby, kids and I plus my SIL + hubby + 2 kids plus my MIL + another SIL. Meriah habis.

We should get together soon. FYI my Red Box kakis (i.e. Ab*d, I*ja, Ona*r, R*ha and J*) meet up at at least once a month to shake off the blues...

Take care, BJ :)

MrsNordin said...

Hi Shana,

Wah... ada Red Box kaki juga?? My Red Box kakis (I*tan, Da*a, L*n, L*z, Gyll*) dah lama tak jumpa. The last time we met was after New Year hari tu, I think. Yang suka nyanyi ni Intan & Dada je, yang 3 orang lagi tu kureng sikit bab2 crooning ni!

Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment. I just started this blog. So, I'm very thrilled to see your comment.

Btw, you still kurus lagi macam dulu, ya? Good for you! I'm trying to lose the fat after the baby, but only in my dreams... My baby is almost 2 years old now, but the mummy still tak berubah!

IBU said...

Muahaha.... di sini korang bercengkerama ya????

Ramai superst*rs rupanya eh? But BJ, Shana's crooning kakis, pukul 8pm pun x sure start lagi. Baru terkedek2 nak tengok jam kol brapa. hehehe...

And yes, Shana is still kurus - not like before, but relatively kurus compared to all others yg dah mengembang more than she has. Her secret is stay green & healthy always: eat lots of kangkung!! LOL!!

p/s I really do think we should have our reunion this year. The year that marks the ERA. You know.... sigh...

MrsNordin said...

Hello ibu!

I pun ada baca your blog.. heh... heh... mari lah kita bercengkerama bersama-sama!

I know what you mean about marking the ERA. Turning 40 is kinda perplexing for me. I've been thinking about a lot of things lately... things that should have been, shouldn't have been... this and that. I can get quite melodramatic too, sometimes..

Anyway, I'm adamant to throw a BIG party this year to mark the milestone (heh.. heh.. this is what David Tuttera said we all should do!). And yes, we all should do the reunion thing too! Apa agenda yang sesuai??