Friday, August 29, 2008

Lin's Birthday Party

We went to Red Box last night, to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was Lin's birthday, the one whose husband was diagnosed with the Big C. Since she couldn't join us in Krabi, we thought of doing something nice for her to make her happy. That's what friends are for, right?

I arrived late as I was stuck in a meeting at the office. Three of them were already there, warming up their vocal chords. I thought the buffet spread was pretty good. Ada oysters, prawns, sushi, some Mediterranean dishes, salads and desserts. Quite good for RM55+ (inc. drinks and room use until 3am).

I've never tried the buffet before. Usually I'd go with MrNordin after 10pm and just ordered coffee and some light snacks. But I think the after-office crowd should really go for the buffet. It's worth it.

So, we sang lah. For some reasons, the song selection was mostly Indon pop rock songs with the likes of Radja, Peter Pan, Samson and what have yous. Don't care, just sing eventhough I've never heard some of the songs before. Most importantly, we wanted to have fun. All 6 of us, menari dan melalak sakan dalam karaoke room tu. Hee.. hee... why is it that when girls get together, sure havoc punya?

Here are some pix :

Liz, Lin (birthday girl), Intan

MrsNordin in action

Dada singing her heart out

Super Dee Duper Friends! (MrsN, Gylle, Lin, Liz, Intan, Dada)

The birthday girl enjoyed herself tremendously. We bought her a cake. Then each one of us gave her a present. The ultimate of all gifts was of course the one from Dada: a pair of telekung! In a karaoke room?? Hee.. hee... We forced her to wear it to take a picture with (nasib baik tak kena suruh sembahyang!) Of course, it was the perfect gift in time of Ramadhan. BIG hint tu, babe!

With a tudung from Liz, our birthday girl ended her thank you speech by saying, "Kalau aku tak repent jugak after this, tak tau lah nak kata..."

Among the 6 of us, you can see that 4 of us masih belum bertudung. Belum sampai seru, kata orang. Dada & Liz have been dropping subtle hints at us to start wearing; so every time birthday, sure dapat hadiah macam ni punya. Dah berapa banyak tudung Dada bagi kat I, sejadah & what not. Tapi masih belum sedar. Insyaallah.. soon. We all know you mean well, Dada, and we love you for that!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Birthday Cake

Potong Cake

Actually, she does look nice in a tudung

My present for her

Another nice necklace from Gylle

A beautiful mug from Intan

Dada and her "surprise!"

Tergolek dok ketawa!

There she is in her new telekung. Nice!

Monday, August 25, 2008

JB-Desaru Trip

I've been up since 5.30 this morning. MrNordin woke me up before he left for JB, a car picked him up at that wee hour to go to KLIA. Poor husband... the travelling is going to take a toll on him, I tell you.

Before I go on, thanks for the useful tips you all gave me on how to handle the active toddler at home. I'll surely try to put them into practice and hope they work.

Just a little update on our trip to JB-Desaru:-

On the way down to JB. We were watching "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" in the car. Cerita tu ok lah, tapi macam tak logik. One guy for 3 women. Macam tak ada lelaki lain kat tempat tu. The film was set in Cairo, tapi tak rasa macam kat Egypt pun. In the end, he ended up marrying two but one died. The other one, gone mad. Tak payah tengok lah!

Day 2 in JB. While MrNordin was at work, I took the kids sightseeing and shopping at City Square (I think that's the name, the one near Kotaraya). This photo was shot at tepian Tebrau, or Lido Beach as they call it. Nice and breezy. Budak kecik tu tak nak pakai kasut, can you see that? And my maid, posing maut.

We stayed at the Hyatt while in JB. This is the view from our room. People say, the clock tower is berhantu. During one of the New Year celebrations ke apa, ada orang ambil gambar kat situ, turned out ada "lembaga hitam" standing nearby. Yikes! (Actually, Singapore is so close to JB, kan? Didn't realise that. Cuma sepelaung je, kata orang.)

This is the (in)famous Hospital Sultanah Aminah, JB. MrNordin's soon to be temporary condo is somewhere on the left of the photo.

Hyatt swimming pool, from the room. Nice pool, but the weather was not conducive for swimming. It was wet and drizzling most of the time. Went in only once, and that's it.

This is Desaru beach, where MrNordin's company organised their Family Day event. The last time I went to Desaru was when I was 8, maybe. Can't really remember the place. We stayed at the Golden Beach Resort. Rooms were ok but the place needs serious renovation. It looks tired, as usually the case when such resorts are run by govt bodies/agencies. Sayang, such a nice place. The sea is dangerous to swim in, tho'. It dips down unexpectedly. So avoid it, by all means.

Telematch & clown - this is the kids' event

Nizzar & Baba took a dip in the swimming pool. We all didn't go in. I noticed people in JB like to stare. Why, ahh?

Miss & Master Nordin - during one of the dinners organized by the company. This was BBQ by the sea, I think. I had too much crab that night, it was delicious!

Another shot of Pantai Desaru. Air belum pasang lagi..

MrsNordin taking part in one of the telematches. We had to arrange the 3 tiles and step on 2 tiles each time to get to the other side of the field ~ back and forth. Penat lah! Sakit kaki! We lost, anyway. Didn't finish the race even.

MrNordin ~ defeated in the gladiator fight

Little boy in mummy's sunglasses. He wore that himself. Tengok tu ~ terbalik! Hee.. hee...

The End.

Fierce Mommy

I did a bad thing last night. I slapped the little boy.

He was really cranky and I was dead tired. Suruh tidur tak nak tidur, bila turun bawah suruh makan, tak nak makan. Orang nak tengok Olimpik, dia nak tengok Elmo (eventho' he has watched the VCD the whole day!). Bila orang pasang Elmo, dia bukan nak tengok, dia pegi main benda lain. Bila we changed the channel back to the Olympics, he went beserk. "Nak Elmo! Nak Elmo!"

He was tugging at my dress and pulling my hands, asking me to go upstairs, screaming and crying (but no tears in sight). He was just being difficult, as I saw it. I told one of the girls to take him away from me before I spanked him but he refused to let anybody else touched him and continued crying and wailing.

Then he threw up. Habis satu baju.

Dah jadi macam tu, tangan I ni pun ringan je lah jawabnya. Terus singgah sebijik penampar kat pipi dia. Pang! WAAAAAA!!! The boy cried, of course.

But you know what? I didn't feel sorry for him. I felt he deserved it for being so naughty. And I left him there in the kitchen sink for the maid to clean him up. I couldn't touch him anymore for I was afraid I would do something worse.

So I went upstairs and took a cold shower to calm down. I was telling myself, "Please God, don't let me harm this child anymore...". Bila I keluar bilik air, the maid tengah tukarkan dia baju. Our friend masih tersedu2 menangis, and when he saw me, dia terus peluk the maid. Pipi sebelah dah merah.

At that point, I felt really bad for doing what I did. How could I hit my baby like that... dia bukan tau apa pun. But he was really driving me crazy and I totally lost it.

After susu, he straight away went to sleep. I nak peluk pun, dia tepis tangan I. Sedih pulak rasanya masa tu...

I hope he won't hate me. That kind of behaviour is unacceptable and he should be taught a lesson. I tak nak nanti bila besar, he thinks he'll always get his way and always throw tantrums like that. No, I will not let my child grow up like that. Biar I yang pukul dia sekarang, jangan orang lain for I can't bear seeing other people hitting him or scolding him (not even his father). I feel pain, a terrible pain whenever I saw that happened. So in the house, I told everyone only I can pukul the boy. Other people, hands off.

I hope I did the right thing. I baca dalam suratkhabar kata jangan pukul budak kecil, nanti dia jadi penakut. I don't know. How else would you deal with it if you were caught in the same situation? How do you slow talk to a small boy who can't even talk or understand what you're saying? Was I wrong in hitting him?

Satu Budak Nakal

Just got back from 5 days JB-Desaru. Still tired. Will post later. Meanwhile, enjoy this little rascal's photos. He's really getting more mischievious these days... :(

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Girlfriends' Getaway at The Andaman Sea

This is where I went for my holiday with the girls...

Well... what can I say... it was a LOVELY holiday...

Of course, had to lie to MIL and my mum about the Krabi trip (told them it was a company's trip) to avoid unwanted remarks such as, How could you leave the little boy behind! which was sure to make me feel guilty about going and would just spoil the whole thing. Anyway, MrNordin consented to the white lie. And Nabila, if you're reading this, you know why I did what i did, ok? *wink*

The trip was really a last minute plan. It was almost aborted because of our conflicting schedules, but in the end we managed to pull it through. There were 4 of us, old friends from school ~ Intan, Dada & Liz. They left first on Wednesday because I couldn't get out of this pre-arranged Business Plan meeting at the office that day. So, I flew to Krabi alone on Thursday.

I was quite afraid actually, because it was my first time traveling on Air Asia, but it was not too bad (except for the crowded airport). The flight was ok. Didn't order any food, just read my Hello mag. The moment I stepped out of the immigration counter, I saw my dear friends Intan & Dada waving excitedly from the arrival hall. How glad I was when I saw their cheerful faces! It was sweet of them to make it a point to meet me at the airport eventho’ I knew the hotel is quite a distance from the airport (Actually, I insisted they met me at the airport. Needed to see familiar faces lah..)

We stayed at this beautiful resort, Centara Beach Resort, which I think is equivalent to our Andaman in Langkawi. To reach there, we had to take a 20-minute boat ride which, to me, was exhilarating. The hotel room was lovely. One had an outdoor Jacuzzi, while the other was equally nice albeit without a tub. Both facing the sea. So that evening after I arrived, we had a fun time frolicking semi-naked in the Jacuzzi under the moonlight. Hee... hee... talk about being outrageous as we turn 40! (Photos are censored. Sorry.)

Day 2 was spent island hopping. The boat took us to 6 different islands for snorkeling and swimming. Beautiful. But the thing is, snorkeling is not really my thing. I can’t swim. Have tried it in Redang before; didn’t like it. Still didn’t like it in Krabi...

But for the sake of fun, I went down anyway. Tapi punyalah takut, asyik berpegang pada tali yang anchor the boat! Orang lain relek je snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful coral and fishes under the sea, but I was struggling to look cool in the goggles and life jacket! Anyway, I was not alone. My other friends pun sama je… The mat salehs must be thinking “These women are so outdated!”

Watching the kids and other people swimming happily in the sea, I wish I could swim well… I wish my mum had insisted that I took swimming lessons when I was small… I wish I could just put on my goggles and jump into the sea whenever the boat stopped without having to worry about getting drowned. But that was not the case, and I have now come to realize that the sea is not really my cup of tea. Full stop.

Among the islands that we visited was that island where they filmed “The Beach” (you know, that Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie). Now, that was nice. We took a dip in the blue sea… it was lovely. The boat guy told us that some 3,000 people visited that beach everyday. No wonder there were rubbish strewn every where and the water was a bit murky on the edge. (honestly, the beach looked so much nicer in the movie).

The island hopping finished at 4.30pm. We were dead tired, and I swear I’ll never go on another boat ride for at least another 6 months. Enough!

That night, we had dinner at this 'halal' seafood restaurant in Ao Nang. The restaurant was just next to the beach, so we had the privilege to watch the beautiful sunset. It was awesome. My friend took a picture of that, will post it once I get it from her.

After dinner, we headed to the shopping lane. The shops were basically just like those in Feringghi Beach, Penang. Lots of clothes ~ beach wear mostly. I just bought a couple of shorts and t-shirts for the kids. I bought myself a nice long necklace made of green & red colored stones for RM50 only. Here in KL, i think, it'll probably cost more than RM100. By 10.30pm, we were already on the last boat heading back to the hotel.

What I like most about this trip is the fact that I got to relax with my girlfriends without having to worry about the children, the house and the office. We could just stop by whenever we wanted to or continued shopping if we still had the energy. That night, when we got to the hotel, we decided not to head straight to our rooms but instead, stopped by the poolside cafe for our last coffee before we leave the next day. We all sat under the coconut trees, chatting and laughing away about some silly stories from the past while sipping our cups of latte. The full moon was shining bright above us. It was heavenly, I tell you. Nothing beats a cup of coffee with a group of friends under the moonlight. And the sea breeze... it was just perfect.

The next day, I had a Thai massage at the hotel's spa before we left the place. My friends had taken care of everything, so I need not worry about checking out. The boat left at 12pm (itu pun nasib baik tak tertinggal because we were having lunch when the boat arrived!). We still had some time to kill because our flight back to KL was only at 4.30pm. So, we rented a taxi and stopped by in Ao Nang again for our last minute shopping.

Reached LCCT at 6.05pm. Was I glad to see my car! (I drove and parked at the airport. Only cost RM85 for 3-days). Dada and Liz had their own pick-ups, so I drove home with Intan. Still in jovial and relaxed mood. Not tired, as how I usually felt everytime I holidayed with the family. When I reached home, only the maid was there as MrNordin had taken all the children to a kenduri at a friend's home. So I could take my time unpacking and showered.

By 11pm, they all came home. It was such a nice feeling seeing everyone's smiling faces, especially the little boy, as they greeted me. MrNordin asked, "So how was your holiday?" All I could say was, "It was great. You should do it sometime, too..."

Some photos from the trip. Will upload more. Cheers!

On the boat ~ island hopping

The "Beach"

Dada & Intan

Splendid view from the room

Our room

Centara Beach Resort

Me & my girlfriends

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


MrNordin has left for JB again, this morning. He'll be back on Thursday but I won't see him until Saturday coz I'll be away with my girlfriends. Need to get away... just want to relax with friends... Where are we going to? A tiny island somewhere north of Malaysia. Will keep you posted on this.

Looks like MrNordin is officially based in JB now. The project site is down South, so he's been travelling up and down the NSE quite frequently these days. The deal is : Tue, Wed, Thu in JB, Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon in KL (macam cerita Madu Tiga pulak, ya?). Well, I don't like it but I don't have much choice, do I?

Last week, they found an apartment to accomodate the 4 of them whenever they are in JB. So, jadi macam orang bujang baliklah ni. Duduk single, sharing with other bachelors... My first thought was, No Way! Dia suka2 duduk kat JB sorang2, kita yang kena tinggal ni have to take care of everything.

Hantar budak pegi sekolah, hantar pegi tuition, beli barang rumah, jaga budak kecik tu, kalau sakit kena bawak pegi clinic, kalau rumah blackout, kena sort out sendiri2, kena tidur sorang2, kena deal with MIL, dengan maid.. arghh...there'll be too much on my plate lah! And it's just not fair for him to leave me alone with the kids like this!

But on second thought, perhaps it won't be that bad afterall. Not that I can't do it, it's just that sometimes, when the selfishness sets in, everything else just seem unfair.

So, I'm taking it a step at a time. See how it goes. It's going to be tough at first, but I think I can handle that. And if things get too complicated, or if I miss him terribly, we all move to JB lah! (heh.. heh... but that is another headache...)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Re-cap

I had a good weekend. Didn't do much, but enough to make me happy going to sleep last night...

Saturday was spent at a company's do in Marriott, Putrajaya. It started at 9am, but I took my time and had breakfast with MrNordin at San Francisco Coffee. Oooh.. I love their vanilla latte! Had a chat with him, talked about work, gossiped about artistes, talked about the Ah Long story and the TV3 personality who's suing her ex-BF RM5.5m for failing to marry her. Macam2 dunia ni, kan?

Just when the conversation was getting hot, my officemate started calling, wondering where I was since it was already 9.15am. Sigh... kissed MrNordin goodbye and drove off to Putrajaya. MrNordin went to the tyre shop to check his car tyres.

My good friend, MTT, was leaving that night for her second home in Dhaka after a 7-week holiday in KL. She left a text message for all her girlfriends here on her way to the airport and I felt bad not seeing her before she went off. The last time we met was last Tuesday, when we all had dinner at KLCC. Thoughts of her leaving made me feel very sad coz I knew I'd miss her a lot. I cried buckets when I exchanged SMS with her at the last minute. MrNordin said she'll be back in no time, but it's just not the same...

Dinner was nasi kandar at Pelita with the family and out laws (heh.. heh... I mean, the in laws!). All 15 of us. It's quite nice to go out ramai2 like that once in a while, when everybody was so relaxed enjoying the food and each others' company. Our kids looked so happy catching up stories with their cousins (well, they see each other everyday actually, at school, tapi whenever they meet, macam dah sebulan tak jumpa!). Nizzar also was happy playing with his younger cousins, and I was glad seeing him happy like that.

Tapi, this family dinner thingy, boleh buat sekali sekala je sebab kalau selalu sangat, boleh kopak, babe. That night, nasib baik kat Pelita je, bukan hotel Crowne Plaza or Shangri-la. I don't know lah... for some reasons, my husband always ended up paying whenever we go out for family meals like this. Orang lain, cuma cakap terimakasih je. Jarang2 lah nak menghulur, walaupun anak diorang ramai lagi dari anak we all (ehem.. faham2 je lah, kan?)

On our part, whenever we were invited for this kind of function, we'd make sure we offer to pay for our portion because bukan sikit duit nya tu. Tak sampai hati nak let them fork out the bill on their own. But if they insisted it was on them, fine. We'd be grateful. Tapi kalau kita yang ajak, tak pernah pulak they all nak offer..

The truth is, I don't expect you to pay, but at least show some intention to share the bill lah... bak kata orang, it's the thought that counts. Dulu masa mula2 kawin lagi teruk, but sekarang dah kurang sikit. Perhaps they sensed that I wasn't very happy seeing my husband paying for all his extended families' food bill, they've stopped doing that.

Ish... kalau nak blog pasal ni memang panjang nak cerita. Tapi, lain kali je lah, ya? I don't feel like bitching so early this Monday morning. Suffice to say things are so much better now.

I cooked laksa yesterday. Invited N*s and family coz I know my SIL suka laksa. They brought buah pulasan and manggis and drinks. Lots of food on the table! Y*m also came along. Later at night, we all went to Marche for dinner, on MrNordin, again.

Note to my husband: I felt your pain. But once in a while, tak apa lah. We haven't done that in a long time either. It's nice to see you and your brothers bonding happily yesterday. I'm sure that made you happy as well. It was money well spent, I think. So it's ok, darling.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

From Utusan Today

Story 1: Padang Bola FRIM Pilihan Maya Karin


KUALA LUMPUR 5 Ogos – Pelakon popular, Maya Karin memilih tema alam semula jadi bagi majlis perkahwinannya yang akan berlangsung di padang bola Institut Penyelidikan Hutan Malaysia (FRIM) di Kepong dekat sini pada 29 Ogos ini. Maya berkata, majlis perkahwinan di padang bola itu tidak akan menggunakan banyak perkakas elektrik termasuk pendingin hawa.

“Makanan yang akan dihidangkan juga adalah makanan tempatan yang berkonsepkan pemakanan sihat. Tidak ada makanan yang diimport seperti strawberi dan sajian barat,” katanya ketika datang ke pejabat Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini untuk mengedarkan kad perkahwinannya.

MrsNordin says: Hee.. hee... macam sindir Siti Nurhaliza saja... :)

Story 2: Ah long: Wan Nor Azlin jumpa Biro Pengaduan MCA

KUALA LUMPUR 5 Ogos – Setelah hampir sebulan diganggu ah long, pelakon Wan Nor Azlin Wan Mohd. Husain, yang hilang punca berikutan suaminya dikatakan gagal melangsaikan hutang dengan ceti, kini terpaksa merujuk masalahnya kepada Biro Pengaduan MCA.

Jumaat lalu, beliau membuat laporan kepada biro itu yang banyak mengendalikan kes-kes sedemikian. Hari ini, Wan Nor Azlin, 39, mengadakan sidang akhbar mendedahkan masalah itu di ibu pejabat MCA di sini.

Suaminya, Mohd. Yazli Yaacob, 38, yang menghilangkan diri sejak 10 Julai lalu dipercayai telah berhutang dengan sekurang-kurangnya 30 ah long sehingga pinjamannya mencecah kira-kira RM200,000.

MrsNordin says: Hmph... kesian dia ni. Hampas punya husband! Dah lah suruh orang tu acted in his p*r*o movie, lepas kawin cabut ~ tinggalkan minah ni & anak2 with hutang keliling pinggang. A real asshole!

(Btw, did any one watch the video? I did ~ a long time ago. Very kinky..! )

Monday, August 04, 2008

Update @ 2:25 pm

I went out early during lunch just now to check on the maid and stock up food at home (bila masa nak beli, my a**!). Being the ever for forgiving employer, I did not raise the issue again when I saw her.

She was very tactful when spoken to, very polite (unlike this morning). I asked her what Nadim had for lunch, she said she cooked rice, sambal tumis and ada daging masak kicap. "Has Nizzar eaten?" She said yes. But when I kissed budak kecik tu, tak de pun bau makanan. Since I malas nak probe further, I took her word for it. If only the little boy could speak...

So, I told her to cook asam pedas ikan siakap and ayam goreng for tonight. I'll be coming home late coz I've to fetch my dear husband from KL Sentral at 7pm and then on to fetch Nabila from Shah Alam. She wants to come home for the night coz she just spent the last 2 nights in a jungle somewhere in Pahang (ie. camping). I think she missed her bathroom.

My stress this morning has somewhat subsided. Gosh, I miss my husband!

Sunday Fiasco

MrNordin left for JB yesterday morning; he has a meeting in Singapore today. I went home to Ipoh after that to visit to my mother (my last visit was in April ~ bad huh?) with my brother driving. The little boy came along with me but the older siblings stayed behind with the maid. I told them to clean up their rooms and the maid to clean up the house.

The 2-hour visit was relaxing. Makan durian and my mum's masak tempoyak. No need for other lauk, that alone was good enough for me. We left Ipoh about 5.15pm. When we reached home at 8.30pm, my darling brother suddenly realised that he has left his house and car keys in Ipoh! Oh my!! After all that, now he has to go back to Ipoh to get his keys! (his car was parked at my house, we took MrNordin's car)

I told him to just stay the night at my house and go back to Ipoh the next day, but he insisted on making that road trip back last night since he has a meeting this morning. So nak tak nak, terpaksa lah drive balik ke Ipoh. He borrowed my car and left my house at about 9pm. I was so worried for him. Alhamdullillah, at 11.05pm, my mum called and said that he has arrived safely. Phew! What a relief...

Then, MrNordin's car gave me a scare. While reversing his car last night, I heard this loud "clanking" sound coming from the front left tyre side. It was so loud, as if something would fall off the bumper in no time. I was so afraid MrNordin would be mad at me coz I took his car back to Ipoh and now ada problem. I was so nervous! I tried driving out to test the sound hoping that it would go off after a while, but it was still there. I couldn't sleep. Nasib baik when I spoke to him later last night, he said it was ok. That has happened before and should still be ok to drive to work. Another phew!

Since I've had too much in my mind last night, I had difficulty sleeping. So I went into the study room and tried to write something. Baru nak start tulis, Nadim came out of his room and asked me, "There's nothing to eat downstairs, is it Aunty Yati?" I looked at him and said, "Why are you asking me? You all have been in the house the whole day today, tak kan tak makan? You all buat apa? Kak Sri tak masak ke?" He said no.

I called out the maid, who was chatting happily with Nadira in her room. "Sri, hari ni kamu tak masak ke? Budak2 tak makan ke?" She said, "Ada, tadi petang saya buat macaroni" (this was leftover from Friday's macaroni, ok?) Saya dah makan dengan Nadira. Tanya Nadim tapi dia tak nak makan." (obviously he didn't want to eat it because it was leftovers!). I kept quiet. Nadim kept quiet too.

I didn't know what to say. I knew for a fact that this boy had been playing his PS2 the whole time that I was away and couldn't be bothered eating until very late when he has done playing and everyone else has eaten, baru dia terasa lapar. Sebelum tu, bila orang tanya he would say dia tak lapar (this is very common, ok?). My maid pun satu, pemalas. They were all at home the whole day yesterday, tak kan tak boleh masak? I took Nizzar with me so that she's free, buat apa je semalam?

I didn't want to make a scene last night coz it was pretty late and I was very tired. But this morning before I left for work, I told her to cook today, afternoon and evening. No excuse, unless I said otherwise. Then I went to check on the fridge, ada tinggal sikit je chicken in the freezer. I asked her, apasal tak beritau saya makanan dah habis? You know what she told me? Non-chalantly she said, "Bila masa kak Yati nak beli?"

That really riled me up! I know lah I've been busy in & out of the house these past few days, but I also know my duty to buy food & groceries for the house. Don't question me when I need to buy those things, you just need to tell me. If you had told me yesterday or Saturday that chicken & fish dah habis, I would go and get it no matter how because I know on Monday, my children would want to eat. But she didn't, so how would I know?

So I snapped back at her, "Kalau barang rumah dah habis, beritau saya awal2. Jangan petang ni nak masak, pukul 7 karang baru bagi tau! Kamu selalu macam tu. Kalau saya tak tanya, tak cakap. Tengahari ni budak2 nak makan apa? Nizzar nak makan apa? Patutlah si Nizzar hari2 asyik makan roti saja!"

I was seriously mad. I stormed out of the house pagi2 buta tadi, membebel sepanjang jalan. Nadira just kept quiet beside me. I told Nadira, "You all pun jangan layan sangat k.Sri tu bersembang. Let her do her work." Budak2 ni suka layan dia bersembang, tengok TV. To me, kalau kerja dah selesai, lantak lah nak buat apa pun. Ini kerja tak habis lagi, dia dah nak releks. Semua nak kena suruh or reminded, macam tak tau sendiri.

Hee... geram betullah! Pagi2 lagi dah stress! I told MrNordin to give her a piece of his mind as well when he gets home today. My maid takut dengan Nordin. Kalau dengan I, dia boleh jawab balik cakap kita. It's about time we drill her back on track!

Friday, August 01, 2008


I found this under my pillow last night...

I little surprised, I asked MrNordin who was it from. He said, "I don't know..."

As I tore open the wrapping paper, I saw the ever so familiar maroon-coloured box from Habib Jewels.

"You did not, did you?"

He didn't say anything, just smiled...

I opened the box and in it, there was a beautiful gold necklace with a diamond pendant attached.

"Why?!!" I asked him repeatedly.

"Just a little something for your 40th birthday.." he said.

Wow... I wish I'm 40 every year !