Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday

I celebrated my 43rd birthday last Saturday. It was without much pomp.

I had thought about having a big “party” to celebrate the occasion, but on second thought, maybe not. Why would I want to spend my birthday cooking in the kitchen, right? I’d rather spend it at leisure.

So, I had a nice breakfast with husband and the little boy at E’toile. Husband asked, “What do you want for your birthday?” A whole list of things popped up in my mind!

I want “A”!” He said, “But you have a lot of that already!”

How about “B”?”Ermm… I can get you that but you selalu letak merata2!”

"How about C?"

Macam2 alasan lah dia bagi… macam tak berminat saja.

How about an iPad?? Let me get you an iPad!”, he said.

His eyes glistened with excitement.

No, no iPad. I had a feeling he wanted to get me an iPad so the little boy can play with mine and NOT touch his. So… no iPad, honey.

That left him a tad disappointed coz his wish to go to Low Yat Plaza was not well received by his wife.

I don’t like to go to Low Yat Plaza, it’s too crowded. It’s not my thing either.

So I dragged him and my children to Pavillion. Now, that’s more like it!

We went into 3 shops and at the very last shop, I saw what I wanted.

Can I have this?”

He nodded.

So, that’s my birthday present for this year! Thank you, honey!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pentas Kilauan Emas

My husband and I love singing. Not that we are very good at it… tapi kalau ajak pegi karaoke tu, tak malu lah pegang mike.... kata orang.

And because of that, we love to follow TV programs that have singing elements in it. We prefer local talent shows like AF. American Idol tu macam kurang sikit.

We followed AF aggressively when Mawi was the reigning champion. At that time, banyak jugaklah duit habis hantar SMS to vote for Mawi. Unfortunately, ku sangka panas sampai ke petang… rupanya Mawi “panas” separuh jalan saja!

Thereafter, we don’t really follow AF anymore. I think the contestants pun macam hangat2 tahi ayam je... Eloklah pun program tu dah habis.

Just recently, we discovered this new talent show, “Pentas Kilauan Emas”. It’s like AF but for the older generation ie. for those above 45 years old.

I remember talking to my husband about this many years ago when we were discussing about AF. I said, ”Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an AF-like contest for orang tua2? Sure best!”

I think, someone heard me and there you have it! Pentas Kilauan Emas!

What’s so good about this show is that it’s fun to watch. The contestants include bilal masjid, ex-bidan, nenek, pegawai keselamatan... even the disabled sang on stage, trying out their luck!

And these people are really into it. They put in their best efforts in terms of costumes, make-up, dances and the accompanying props. Suara pun boleh tahan… orang lama lah katakan…

Lagu2 pilihan of course lah lagu2 lama. Hits from the 70s and 80s. Best!

Before each contestant starts singing, you get to see their family members wishing them good luck, which I find quite touching at times. Like last week, I saw this daughter wishing her mum, “Mak, kami tahu mak suka nyanyi. Kat rumah memang mak suka nyanyi… Kami doakan mak akan berjaya menyampaikan lagu dengan baik dalam pertandingan ini!! GOOD LUCK MAK!!!” (beramai2 sambil menunjukkan that “Malaysia Boleh!” sign to the mother).

With that kind of message, she's already a winner, isn't she?

So far, they have done auditions for Zon Timur and Zon Selatan. This week will be Zon Tengah, which I saw, will include a 75 year old nenek. The MC is Raja Azura and the juries are Nora and Suhaimi Meor Hassan.

For a good clean fun, go watch Pentas Kilauan Emas this Friday at 9pm on Astro Prima (105). Especially those above 40 and suka menyanyi. Lepas tengok tu, sure nak lepas gian pegi karaoke!!! (like I did!)

Have fun!