Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Conversation with Nizzar

Date: 31 Mar 2009
Time: 12.50 pm

Hi baby, what are you doing?

Makan roti.

Oh... makan roti.... Makan roti dengan apa?

Dengan butter.

Mmm... that’s nice! Mummy nak sikit?

Nanti Mummy balik umah lah !

(Hee… hee…why lah you so stupid Mummy?)

Mummy, Mummy kat mana?

Kat ofis.

Ohhh... kat ofis...

Baby tengah buat apa tu?

Tengok Ultraman...

Which one? Tiga or Cosmos? (I bought these two DVDs for him last night)

Ultraman Tiga.

Do you like it?


Mummy! Mummy! Lagu Tiga! (and he started crooning the song)

Mummy, nanti Mummy balik, beli Ultraman Dyna, ok? Ok?

Dyna ke Zoffy?


Ok, nanti Mummy balik, Mummy pegi kedai, kalau ada, Mummy beli Dyna, ok?

Alah… Dyna dah ada banyak kat rumah…

Habis tu? Tadi kata nak Dyna??

Mummy, nanti beli Gaia lah.

Hah, Gaia pulak...

Mummy! Mummy! Nanti Mummy beli Gaia, Dyna, Zoffy, Tiga, ok?

Banyak nya.. sampai empat!

Haa… Satu, Dua, Tiga, Empat… (entah apa dia dah mengarut!)

Ok lah... nanti Mummy beli Dyna.

Bye Mummy!! (and he put down the phone)

Now I know why my friends like to call home every now and then to talk to their kids. They just make you feel so happy....... don't they?

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I was taking a ride from Shana today from the Makcik Bloggers meeting at Kay's place. There I was sitting in her car for the very first time and I had the longest conversation with her ~ also the first time.

Shana and I had been schoolmates since Form 1 but we were in different classes. We also took the same train during the school holidays to go back to our hometowns in Taiping and Ipoh, respectively. But all throughout the 5 years together, I've never had the chance to really talk to her. At the most, it was just Hi and Bye.

But today, as we were talking in the car all the way from Shah Alam to Ampang, I discovered the most amazing thing about her. She's very calm & composed, and a very caring person.

After saying goodbyes to all the MBs at Kay's place today, I got into her car. The first thing she did was to call her husband to inform him that she was sending me home.

As I listened to her talking to her husband, it made me feel somewhat embarrased at the way I speak to my husband. Her words were calm and composed. She spoke in a low tone and sounded so polite, as if she was talking to a colleague at work. Very respectful.

Well, it did occur to me that she could be making that up in my presence. But as she drove away and we started making conversation, I realised that my earlier perception was wrong. She is genuinely nice.

We stopped by at Ampang Putri to visit Ibu who has been warded since Friday. Ibu is a very close friend to Shana, much like how I am with my friends Dada and Intan. We exchanged hellos, and Shana sat on the hospital bed with Ibu while I took the chair facing the bed.

As I listened to both of them talking, I knew why Shana is special to her friends' eyes. She is very kind. She was genuinely concerned, and kept on telling Ibu to sit still and not move around too much when she gets home from the hospital. She also asked about pantang larang makan etc, and I thought that was very sweet.

I told her I could ask my husband to pick me up from the hospital after the visit but she insisted on sending me home. I didn't want to trouble her anymore because she had to drive home alone to BSB and it was getting quite late.

But she insisted and so she did. And she waited until I safely entered my house's gate before she drove off.

Ahh... what can I say, Shana... you're very kind and thoughtful indeed. I wish I had known you better in my earlier life. And if that had happened, we would have been the best of friends now.

And Haizal, if you're reading this, I just want to say that you are really lucky to have her as your wife and friend. Eventhough you've known each other longer than any of us have with our respective spouses (25 years?), I know you both will still be together for the next 25. She's a gem that should be kept for life!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mummy, baby demam

Just a quick update. My little Ultraman is down with fever. It started with him coughing and yesterday, kena demam panas. Kesian...

When I got home last night, he was already asleep. But when he heard me coming into the room, he woke up and cried. Minta dukung. And then he asked me to watch Ultraman with him.

Ok... so we were both propped up in bed watching Ultraman Nexus fighting the evil monsters until almost 12.30 am.

My mistake jugak. I let him have an ice-cream after dinner two nights ago. He was so persistent! Bila tak bagi, dia merengek. I rimas dengar bising2 tu especially when we were having our dinner. So I let him have his ice-cream. And he was so happy. Syok sangat makan ice-cream, the next day terus batuk & demam. Kesian.

Yesterday, when I called home, I asked the maid to pass the phone to him. He said, "Mummy, baby batuk" (cough, cough)

"Dah makan ubat?"

"Dah..." (cough, cough)

"Tu lah... kan Mummy kata jangan makan ice cream. Nizzar degil... kan dah batuk?"

I heard silence on the other line.

"Nizzar? Nizzar?"

Still quiet.

Rupa2nya, he had passed the phone to the maid. Dia malas nak dengar mak dia berleter. It was like, "Ok, ok, I've heard this before. You don't have to remind me!" kind of thing.

Kurang asam!

Monday, March 23, 2009

KT and Kuantan

So, I managed to get some sun and sea over the weekend. It wasn't really planned, but come Friday morning, MrNordin said, "We are going, right?" "Go where?" "East Coast lah... you kata nak pegi T'ganu?"

Hee.. hee... so he answered my prayer!

We left quite late on Friday. My parents decided to drop by after sembahyang Jumaat because they had brought something for Nadira ~ a cake and a bouquet of roses for her good results. After sembang2 sekejap, we pushed off at 4pm, in the heavy rain.

We didn't make any hotel reservation because we didn't know where we were heading. But I remembered my friend Dada was also going to T'ganu on the same day and her family was putting up one night at the Residence Hotel in Paka. So I asked her if she could get two more rooms for us and she said, yes. So, Paka became our destination, then.

The trip was nice & relaxing (well, I can't speak much for the driver, though..). I sat at the back so I could entertain the little boy. Nadim sat infront with MrNordin. The little boy watched his Ultraman CDs most of the time but he did let his Mummy and sisters watched "Vicky, Christina & Barcelona" when he got tired of watching his CDs. It was a good act by Penelope Cruz ~ she deserved the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

We reached Paka at almost 9pm. Dada and her family were already waiting for us to have dinner together. We checked into our rooms, freshen up a bit, and off we went to look for food. Not much choices at that time of hour, in Paka pulak tu, but we managed to find a decent restaurant that served nasi and ikan bakar.

It was quite a heavy meal and by the time we got back to our rooms, we were completely knackered except for the little boy, who was still running around and jumping up and down at 2 o'clock in the morning. He just couldn't sleep! I think, hotels have that kind of effect on little children. Just when I was about to doze off, he'd come to my bedside and said, "Mummy, budak ni nak susu." Or, he would put his face very close to mine and whispered, "Mummy, budak ni nak Ultraman..." All this in the dark.

The next day, after breakfast, I had a little swim in the pool with Nizzar. The beach was nothing to shout about. Ok lah... but it's too dangerous to swim in anyway. So we packed our stuff and checked out. My friends had already left by that time as they had to send their daughter back to her school in Kelantan.

We headed north towards Tg Jara. The beach was beautiful but deserted. Tak de orang pun, except for one couple yang tengah berasmaradana under one of the gazebos. Strange, I thought, considering it was still a school holiday. But I guess, kat situ memang tak sesuai untuk ber'picnic' because the beach sloped down quite steeply and the sea is pretty rough to swim in. We passed by Tg Jara Resort but we didn't stop by.

From Tg Jara, we decided to go back to Cherating so that it would be easier for us to return to KL the next day. Since we didn't make any reservations for Cherating as well, so we thought we'd just go by the flow and see which hotel is available for the night. So, we hopped from one hotel to another.

We checked out Impiana, Legend, Holiday Villa, Eastern Pavillion, Bay View, Mermaid Inn, Black Stone and one or two more, but we couldn't find one that we really liked or suited our budget. Ada room ok, tapi beach tak ok. Ada beach ok, tapi room tak ok ~ was not facing the sea, too small etc.

Ada satu hotel tu, sebelah kubur. Eeee... no way jose! Bagi free pun I tak nak tinggal kat situ! But surprisingly, I saw quite a number of Chinese in the swimming pool. I guess, they were simply not bothered with ghosts!

We had fun scouting for rooms along Cherating beach. The kids said, "This has never been done before!" Now we know which one to avoid and which one to consider staying in. We also dropped by at Swiss Garden, a familiar hotel since we've stayed there many times before but that weekend ada pulak Khanazah's Family Day. Oppss... not a place where MrNordin wanted to be! So we left Swiss Garden and continued driving towards Kuantan.

Checked out Hyatt ~ too expensive for a night's stay. RM590++ for one room. Two rooms? Dah more than RM1k. Just for one night? Tak payah lah. Actually, I was quite adamant to checked into Hyatt becoz I was very exhausted by that time, but pikir2 balik, buat apa rugi duit kan? In the end, we ended up in Kuantan town itself and got two big rooms at M.S Garden for RM319 nett (with breakfast) each. That was a very good deal.

Sunday afternoon, we checked out almost noon. Singgah at Temerloh rest area to savour the delicious ikan patin masak tempoyak! Huuu.... sedapnya!! Kawan kan dengan siput sedut masak lemak and gulai rebung, memang terangkat, babe! Sehingga menjilat jari lah, kata orang! Hee.. hee... I was so happy dapat makan masak tempoyak ikan patin!

We reached home just after 5pm. Budak kecik tu decided to throw up in the car, just as MrNordin pulled over in the porch. Kesian dia... habis terkeluar semua isi perut! Actually, dia ni selalu mabuk bila naik kereta. Masa kecik dulu, everytime we travelled on a long journey, sure dia akan muntah punya. But this time, he managed to control it until we reached the house. Keshian dia... at least he knew not to mess up the car until we reached home.

So, that was it. The journey was tiring but it was nice indeed to get away, even for a while...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

You're Invited!

Calling all Makcik Bloggers for the 2nd Makcik Bloggers Meeting!!!

I received a call from Ezza this evening, informing me that Kay has offered her place as our venue for the next Makcik Bloggers meeting. Yes, it's long overdue! Just when I was wondering when I'll be able to meet my newfound friends again...

Date: 28th March 2009 (Saturday)

Time: 3-5 pm

Venue: Kay's House in Shah Alam (Kay, please provide your address and map)


Yeay! Pot luck will give me a chance to savour some of my friends' specialty dishes like Ms Hart's Ayam Bali, Zai's delicious cakes & pastries, Ezza's sardin masak kicap (?), Shana's koayteow goreng, Ibu's ketam masak lemak (?) etc, etc. Huuu.... bestnya!! I chop buat meehoon, ok? :-)

Kepada yang kurang pandai memasak, beli saja dari kedai. Kalau nak bawak air minuman je pun, boleh. Tak kisah... yang penting kita nak berjumpa dan bersuka ria!

So, once again, please let me know who's coming next Saturday. Hopefully, the same people from the 1st meeting can make it, along with other new comers & old comers who couldn't make it for the last meeting. Please indicate what you intend to bring to the Pot Luck party as well.

(Kay, kalau mendapat sambutan hangat, kena pasang kemah ni!! Hee.. hee...)

Revert a.s.ap.


~ President of Makcik Bloggers Club 2009 ~

(Ezza yang bagi title ni!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Holiday Plan, anyone?

It’s school holiday again. What do I plan to do? Nothing.

MrNordin is busy at work. Tak habis-habis lah dia ni busy dengan kerja dia, kadang2 sampai dah naik bosan dengar dia bercerita pasal kerja. Even when he’s talking to me, I know his mind wanders elsewhere.

Look, I’m not being unsupportive. I know how stressful he is right now. But can’t you just take a break from work? Can’t you just detach yourself from all the worries and have a peace of mind, at least for a short while?

If he’s at the office, memang I malas nak call because I know he won’t focus on what I’m saying as his eyes will be glued to the PC screen. But when at home, he’ll be busy answering his e-mails on the Blackberry pulak. At the dining table, work will be his main topic of conversation. If not, he’ll have very little to say.

Sigh… I wish I could have the old MrNordin back. The one who could steal an extra hour or so in the afternoon to have lunch with his wife. Or the one who could leave office earlier than usual to meet the wife at KLCC for drinks after work.

Anyway, this posting is not about him. It’s about the school holidays.

How I wish I could be walking on a beach somewhere right now instead of sitting here in this freezing cold office. The weather is just so gloomy outside. I wish I’m in Terengganu or Krabi where I could just stroll along the beach, playing circles in the sand, with no cares for this world.

SW is in Terengganu. My friend Haslina is in Krabi. MrsNordin? She’s still stuck in KL.

I want to go on a holiday!!!

Can someone take me, please?

Ideally, my holiday would be one where we would drive to a beach destination in the East Coast. We'd stop by at any private beach with chalets fronting the sea, put down our luggage and run to the sea. There must not be many people around, I don't like crowd. My children would be playing with the sand or taking a dip in the sea while I would be sitting under a coconut tree watching my husband flying a kite...

Ohh.. how wonderful! If only my husband would have the time for this...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Congratulations, Nadira!

Nadira got 11 A1's for her SPM!! We are all thrilled with her results!

I cried when she handed me her result slip. This is the best gift a child could give her parents...

MrNordin wasn't with us when we went to collect the results this morning as he is still in JB. But he was so happy when I broke the news to him over the phone.

Congratulations, Nadira. We are all very proud of you. Well done!!

Tag: Facts about husband

I've been tagged by Ida Hariati on facts about our hubby. Since I'm not sleepy yet, I'll do this coz I think it's very interesting!

1) He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
Programs from Animal Planet

2) You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Italian dressing. Or sometimes, thousand island.

3) What’s one food he doesn’t like?
Hati ayam.

4) You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
Food ~ depending on the restaurant. But usually, steak. Drinks ~ ice lemon tea (to go with the food) and Latte (after dinner).

5) Where did he go to high school?
St John's, KL

6) What size shoes does he wear?
8, I think.

7) If he was to collect anything, what would it be?

8) What is his favorite type of sandwich?
If from Delifrance ~ tuna in panini bread. If from Subway ~ roast beef.

9) What would this person eat every day if he could?
Daging kambing (lamb)

10) What is his favorite cereal?
Mixed ~ oats, dried fruits, rye etc.

11) What would he never wear?
Tight leather pants

12) What is his favorite sports team?

13) Who did he vote for?

14) Who is his best friend?
Used to be Billy, but I think now it's Ben

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
Sent his pets to the vet and they died after the op.

16. What is his heritage?
Orang Nogori Sembilan

17. What is his favourite colour?
I don't know which is his favourite coz his bajus have all sorts of colours from white, red, green, black, and even orange. But he seems to like bold colours.

18. What is his habit?
Sleeping on his left side

19. What is he proud of?
His children, his house and his car

20. Lastly, do you think he will read this?
I'll get him to read it to see how many I got correct.

I want to tag:

1) Mdm Tai Tai

2) Superwoman

3) Tireless Mom

4) Principal

5) Shana

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another long weekend

It was a very hectic long weekend, again. Just thinking about it makes me feel so tired already.

As far as I can remember, weekends have never been quiet for me. They are always full of activities. Starting from Friday night, my husband and I will always have either something to do or attend to or look into, and the running around will only stop just before midnight on Sunday night.

I longed for a weekend when I could just sit back and relax. This weekend has been overly hectic and I need a break!

Friday night ~ MrNordin came home late from work. The girls had a BBQ party at their friend’s house next door. I sent them off and after that, I went out for coffee with my husband at Coffee Bean.

Saturday ~ sent Nadim to school for silat in the morning. Then we went to Pasar Tani. Came home at almost 12 noon, and my husband got busy membersihkan the ikan and ayam that he bought. Then, he went out to repair his car while I stayed home. Managed to watch a movie on DVD (such rare occasion these days!).

Evening ~ went out to buy new garden lights as the old ones were already broken. At night, we had a wedding to attend to in PJ. Went with my BIL, SIL and the two girls. After the wedding, we decided to go for karaoke at Pavilllion. Reached home almost 3am.

Sunday morning ~ MrNordin made barley drink. In the afternoon, went to meet my parents for lunch at Pavillion. Then we went to Bangi to look for angsa (goose). Bought two white ones, they are now happily plucking the grass from our garden. For dinner, we went to Bangsar Seafood. Had a huge meal and I was very satisfied with the butter crab. It tasted so much nicer or was it because I was starving? After that, we went to Petaling Street to get some flowers. Dirt cheap and beautiful!

Monday ~ woke up to a rainy day. Lovely! My maid was away. MrNordin decided to cook kari kepala ikan. I sat in the kitchen watching him cooking while I had my cup of coffee. Two guys came to pull down an old tree from the backyard. Chong dropped by for a reflexology session with my husband. The girls went out with their cousin for a movie.

In the afternoon, I organised a friend’s surprise birthday party at her house. She was indeed surprised! At home, my in-laws came visiting ~ they wanted to see the angsa. Since neither me nor the girls were at home, MrNordin had to entertain them with Nadim. Kesian bujang dua orang tu! My party ended at almost 7pm and I went home dead tired. Took my shower and had dinner. Sent Nabila back to Shah Alam and we reached home just before midnight...

Macamana tak letih? But despite all that, I had a good time. Still managed to pull a smile, knowing the fact that I was surrounded by family and friends alike. Come to think of it, my husband sure lagi letih dari I. Dah lah kena masak (bab memasak ni was his choice, ok? I didn't ask him to!), driving us around lagi... And tonight, he has to drive down to JB pulak. Poor darling! I'll make up for it when you come home, ok honey? *wink*

Picture taken at the friend's party yesterday. Will post the story later. Only me and Ultraman went to the party.


Friday, March 06, 2009

Marilyn vs Whitney

Urgh… dah lamanya tak update this blog. Rasa gian nak tulis banyak2!

First and foremost, the reason for my absence ~ I was feeling under the weather. The two boys in the house had caught the flu bug last week. I must have gotten it from Nizzar due to the many kisses exchanged between the little boy and his Mummy. (No, not with his father, if that’s what you’re thinking…)

I feel somewhat better now. I was out of the office for two days. But in between, I managed to steal sometime to get a hair cut. Yeay! I had it cut short!

Actually, I just wanted a trim but when my stylist asked, “Would you like to try a bob?” Yeah, sure… why not? So at first glance, I now look like Katie Holmes. But after a double take, it’s just me lah. Who am I kidding, right? Hee.. hee…

MrNordin has been busy in and out of the house. KL-JB. Sometimes I see him, sometimes I don’t. Like last night, he arrived home at 1.30 am, I was already asleep. Only managed to say “hi!” and I dozed off again. This morning, I heard him woke up for subuh, and then he went to sleep again right next to me. Then he was off to work. Nasib baik Nadim tak pegi sekolah hari ni. Malas betul nak meredah jam kat MRR2 tu..

Now, talking about hair ~ remember how we used to perm our hair when we were younger? I don’t know about you guys, but I did just that before I went to the UK. Just to be different. I wanted to have a hair style like Victoria Principal, but of course lah tak menjadi. Kembang semacam je. But I liked it anyway. It made me feel “older”.

I think, in the 80’s dulu, memang orang suka perm rambut agaknya. Chinese men, especially, like to perm their hair. Why, ah?

I remember this one Chinese singer whom I used to drool over when I was a teenager ~ Koo Chong Teng, from Melaka He always appeared on rancangan hiburan on RTM 1 (black & white masa tu). Tersangatlah hansome pada firasat I masa tu with his permed hair… and he liked to wear white. Hee.. hee…

As far as I can remember, all throughout my life, I’ve only had my hair permed twice. Once before I went to the UK tu, and another one, when I had just started work. That second time was a mistake. It taught me a very important lesson ~ never be deceived by what a hairdresser tells you to do!

That unfortunate day, I was at a hair saloon in Subang Parade, thinking of having a hair cut. As usual, the lady would ask me, you nak buat apa? I said just a trim. Then she suggested, tak nak perm ka? I said, no. Then she said, “Ini perm bukan yang macam maggi punya.. ini loose perm...” That got me thinking but I still refused to put my hair under the rollers. I said, “No, don’t want”.

Then she said the most tempting thing, “This one ahh, kalau you buat ini perm ahh, jadi macam rambut Marilyn Monroe.” Wah… Marilyn Monroe? Straight away I pictured myself looking like the sexy Miss Monroe, flaunting my lovely locks with pouting red lips in front of strangers. That must be a killer!

“Ok!!” I immediately accepted her proposal.

So the lady started working on my hair while I kept myself occupied by reading the magazines provided. I couldn’t wait to see the end result. Marilyn Monroe… Marilyn Monroe…. that was all I could think of.

Suddenly, half way through the process, the hairdresser casually informed me, “Err… miss, this one ahh, mula-mula it won’t look like Marilyn Monroe….”


“More like Whitney Houston,” she added.

Whitney Houston??!! Oh my! I could feel my stomach churned. I had a feeling this was not a going to be good. I felt my dream of becoming Miss Monroe came crushing down as she pulled out the rollers from my hair.

True enough. It looked nothing like Marilyn’s hair. The curls were tight and frizzy. I hated it and I cried!!!

A few days later, on my way home from work, I was sitting on a bus going to USJ. I was living there at that time and mine was the last stop on the bus route. It was already quite late and I was amongst the last few passengers left on the bus. There were two Indonesian men sitting right behind me, and one was trying to make a pass at me.

Neng… mahu ke mana?”

I diam saja.

Neng, kerja di mana Neng…?” he asked again.

I just kept quiet. I was so scared because I was the only girl left on the bus. The bus driver was right infront but I didn’t think he would hear me scream if I needed to.

Dari Indonesia?” he tried again.

At this point, I braved myself and told him, “Bukan. Saya orang Malaysia”, hoping that he would stop interrogating me.

But no... he didn’t stop.

Oh… dari Malaysia. Kerja di mana?"

Di KL”, I said.

Ohh… saya pun kerja di KL. Di Wisma Goldhill!", he said.

Hee.. hee… At that time, Wisma Goldhill was still under construction. I knew that because my office was right across the construction site in Jalan Raja Chulan.

So, sah2 lah dua mamat Indon ni kerja kat Goldhill ~ buat bangunan!!

I was so embarrassed. I spent a lot of money to transform myself into a Marilyn Monroe look alike only to be picked up by these two Indon workers. Tidaaaakk!!!!!

Because of that incident, I was determined to have the perm removed regardless of the cost and consequences. The very next day, I went to this hair saloon near my office and had the perm removed. When I told them my story, they all laughed at me and since that day, I became known as “Whitney” among the regulars there.

Because of the perming and straightening so soon after that, my hair became quite brittle and flat. It lacked shine and bounce. It took me quite a while to get over that dark period of my hair day, but I knew from then on that I should never go for a perm, no matter how great the temptation is.

And you should do the same!