Friday, March 28, 2008

Reminiscing Part 4 - The Asam Pedas Story

If you think my affair with MrNordin was all lovey-dovey, you are wrong. We do have our trying times. Lovers’ quarrels were quite the norm, especially when the friendship turned from platonic to something more serious. Where feelings were concerned, this would usually be the case, right?

In the beginning, our quarrels were mostly centred on my insensitivities. Ok, I admit, I was still seeing other guys in the early stage of our relationship, purely because I didn’t see anything wrong with it. The guys I was seeing were mostly friends whom I’d known for a long time, so I didn’t see any reason why I should stop seeing them after I met him.

The thing was, I didn’t know the extent of MrNordin’s feelings towards me at that time. I thought he was cool about it. Rupa-rupanya, our friend was a very jealous man...

One fateful night, M called, asking me out for dinner. M was my ex-BF. We broke up a long time ago but remained friends. I only met M on rare occasions, once a year perhaps, because he was always travelling. That night, we decided to go to Sheraton because he wanted to eat “something Italian”. Please bear in mind, this particular restaurant was the place MrNordin brought me for my first birthday with him. So, it was a special place for him (but I didn’t think much of it at that time).

So, off we went. I was supposed to meet MrNordin later that night, so I called him on my way to the restaurant and told him that I’ve been invited for dinner at my friend’s house, Gina, and that I’d see him later after the dinner. I figured, the dinner would finish by 10pm; so I’d still have time to see him for late-night coffee or something. That way, I won’t disappoint him.

But on the way there, somehow I felt something was not right. MrNordin kept on calling me on my mobile phone. I had to make up stories to cover my line because he was not supposed to know that I was in Sheraton with my ex instead of at Gina’s house. M kept on asking who’s been calling, but I just said it was a friend.

Anyway, we reached the restaurant and ordered our food. Tengah syok2 bersembang, my phone rang. It was MrNordin again. Alamak… apa dia nak lagi ni?? I dah suspen dah masa tu, but I picked up the call anyway.

“Hai… you kat mana ni?” he asked.

“Hi!!!” I answered, nervously. M was scrutinizing me closely. “I kat rumah Gina ni, tengah makan.” I added.

“Oh ya? Makan apa?” he asked again.

“Hmm... macam2 lah lauk mak Gina masak (my mind was busy trying to recall the dishes that Gina’s mum always cooked up for us). Ada ayam goreng, ikan masak asam pedas, sayur kangkung… bla… bla … bla..” (I hentam saja!)

“Asam pedas? Mmmm… sedap tu. Siapa lagi ada kat sana?” he probed further.

“Semua orang ada. Gina’s mum, her sister, Chepul, her brother… ramai kat sini!” I reiterated dengan bersungguh2nya.

"Ok, I'll see you later." he ended the conversation.

Since I didn't suspect anything amiss, I continued with the dinner and finished it off in a hurry. M sent me home after that, where I changed into my t-shirt & jeans (of course tak boleh pakai the baju I wore for the dinner coz nanti MrNordin suspect I went out elsewhere instead of at Gina's), grabbed my car keys and drove off to Ampang to meet MrNordin.

Upon reaching his house, I saw him standing outside the gate, with his arms folded. He had that serious look on his face, something which I had never seen before. He got into my car without saying a word, and I drove off. In the car, I tried to make conversation with him but he was very quiet. I tried to sound chirpy, but still no word from him. I panicked. So, I stopped the car near Coffee Bean at Ampang Point and began the interrogation...

"What's wrong ni... why are you so quiet? Are you angry with me coz I was late?" It was about 11pm that time.

"Where were you just now?" he asked.

(Hoooo... the man has finally spoken.)

"Rumah Gina lah." I said.

"Are you sure you were there?" he asked again.

"Iya... kat rumah Gina lah... Why?" (I dah berdebar2...)

"Are you very sure?" he pressed again.

(I kept quiet. Apasal pulak dia tanya macam ni? Takkan lah dia tahu I tipu dia...)

"Yes...I swear. Apasal ni, yang? What's wrong....?" I tried to dismiss the question.

(He kept quiet.)

"You sure you were at Gina's?" he asked again.

"Iya... I was at Gina's..." I said.

Suddenly, he turned to me and said,

"Yati, I was at Gina's house when I called you, but your car wasn't there... !”

Oh my God!!

At that point of time, I felt the whole world had come crushing down on me! I was like, What?? How could that be? How did he know?!! I pictured him standing outside Gina's house with a phone in his hand, listening to me bluffing my way with the asam pedas story, when in reality, he knew I was lying all along. My car was nowhere in sight, Gina's house was quiet...

It was mortified! I dared not look him in the eye because I knew he was very, very angry. I was caught red-handed and now I had to come clean. But I tell you, it was the hardest thing to do! I just didn't know what to say. I felt as if I was this little semut which he had picked up from the ground and was about to crush in no time! I had even thought that would be the end of my friendship with MrNordin because I was very sure he would never forgive me for what I'd done!

So, he started bombarding me with questions, demanding explanation as to why I had lied to him. Nothing I said satisfied him. All I could say was sorry, sorry, sorry... (tak putus-putus!).

It turned out, after I made that phone call, he somehow felt "suspicious" of my behaviour (Tuhan tu nak tunjuk, kan?). At that time, he was on his way home from work. Somehow dia rasa tak sedap hati after talking to me, so he went home, bought food for his children and went out again, heading towards Gina's house. Upon reaching Gina's house, he saw that the house was quiet and my car was nowhere in sight. So he called me (thinking that maybe we all went out for dinner), and that's when he knew I was lying....

Di pendek kan cerita, it was the worse "pujuk memujuk" session I had ever encountered. Punya lah susah nak pujuk... he was very bitter and sad. It took me a long time to convince him that I didn't do it intentionally. The reason why I didn't tell him the truth was because I didn't want to hurt him... plus I didn't think it was such a big deal anyway. But to him, it was a very big deal. He was so heart-broken and felt really cheated for what I did. What made it worse was, we went to that special place he took me for my birthday.... how insensitive could I be...

I was afraid I would lose him that night, but thank God, we did not break up. But thereafter, hari2 lah I berulang alik ke Ampang to meet up with him and convince him that I still loved him, I still wanted the relationship, that ex meant nothing etc, etc. I severed all contact with M after that night and promised that such incident won't happen again. A good 3 months lah I think, baru dia cool down sikit. I siap buat pulut kuning and sedekah pisang kat office!! Tapi sekali-sekala, dia akan ungkit juga cerita tu and I'd feel really shitty. But what to do... had to bear with it lah. Sendiri punya salah, sendiri tanggung!

That episode thought me a very important lesson in love, i.e. never take your spouse/lover for granted and never lie! That's the rule of the game.

Whenever I recalled this story, it always brought smile to my face. Funnily, we never talk about it anymore and never joke about it either. I guess it was just too painful to recall. But once in a while, when I meet up with my girlfriends, this story would definitely come up and we would have a good laugh at it. This story adds colour to my love life and it surely gives us something to talk about... :)

How many of you have the same "asam pedas" story ?

The 8 Things...

I've been tagged by wanshana. Here's my list:

8 things I'm passionate about
1. Handbags
2. Shoes
3. Rings – the bigger, the better
4. My Hair!
5. Women Issues
6. Cats
7. Photography
8. Sex?

8 Things I want to do before I die
1. Go on a self-drive holiday in New Zealand with family
2. Stay in a holiday cottage in the countryside of France
3. Drive through Sumatera and the island of Java
4. Take the Trans-Siberian Express from Beijing to Moscow
5. Settle all my debt
6. Learn to play the guitar
7. Open my own school (a little far-fetched, huh?)
8. Buy myself a huge diamond ring from Tiffany’s

8 things I say often
1. Nizzar! No!!
2. What time are you coming home?
3. Ok, thanks.
4. Haiya… so stupid!
5. Nizzar! No!! (3X)

8 books I’ve recently read
1. The Kite Runner
2. A Thousand Splendid Suns
3. Gone Baby Gone
4. Letters from Iwo Jima
5. Queen Camilla (Sue Townsend)
6. A Dress for Diana (David & Elizabeth Emanuel)
7. The Audrey Hepburn Treasures
8. Elizabeth Taylor – My Love Affair With Jewelry

8 songs I could listen to over and over again
1. Angela (Jose Feliciano)
2. Besame Mucho (all versions)
3. Jerat (Harvey Malaiholo)
4. Mungkir Bahagia (Hazami)
5. Fresh (Kool & The Gang)
6. Ama Do Mio (Pink Martini)
7. Putus Sudah Kasih Sayang (P.Ramlee)
8. Janji Manismu (Terry)

8 things that attract me to my best friends
1. Enjoy talking over a cup of coffee
2. A good listener
3. Non-judgemental
4. Funny
5. Loyal
6. Reliable
7. Make me feel good
8. Trustworthy

Now that I'm done, perhaps madam taitai, superwoman & kak teh can do theirs?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reminiscing Part 3

Should I continue my love story? That's the question that's been bugging me these past few days.

When I look back to the days when I first met MrNordin, of course it was all nice and sweet. The early courting days are usually like that, isn't it? But as I trailed along, somehow the picture didn't look quite as sweet anymore. It was clouded by several incidents that I'm trying so hard to forget.

His infidelity? My betrayal?? I don't know...

Me & MrNordin are alike in a lot of ways. We discovered that we were "telepathic" early on in our relationship whereby we could read each other's mind. I could read his mind, and so could he. For example, when we were going out for dinner, I could guess what he had in mind and he could tell where I wanted to go without any of us saying a word. Or sometimes, when we were talking on the phone and he suddenly went quiet, I could tell what he was thinking (and I usually got it right!).

I remember one night, this was very early in our relationship. We took a long drive to Port Dickson where we had dinner at this seafood restaurant by the sea. Our relationship at that time was still very cordial ~ no holding hands and no touching ~ because I wanted to be very sure about him before I made that move.

After dinner that night, we sat under this coconut tree facing the sea. "Careless Whisper" was playing in the background, compliment of the Chinese restaurant's manager. The setting was very romantic...

As the night sea breeze was gently blowing on my face, I felt this sudden urge to hold his hand. He was standing very close to me under the coconut tree... looking out to the sea. We were almost touching and I swear if he had asked for my hand at the point of time, I would have let him!

But he did not. He did not move any closer although we were so close to one another. And the passion was so intense! I knew he wanted to hold my hand but somehow he did not and I didn't know why...

So, after a long wait but still no action from him, I gave up and said, "Let's go back". In the car, we were mostly silent. Both were involved in our own thoughts.

Just after the Sg Besi toll (and still no action from him), I said to myself, "I'm not going to let this opportunity go!". I was beginning to like him and I just wanted to hold him. You know that feeling? So, without much thought, I said, "If you're not going to do it, let me do it!" So, I grabbed his left hand and held it there. Wow... I had goosebumps the moment we touched! He was taken aback at first (nasib baik kereta tak masuk longkang!) but later on he smiled and said, "Phew... I've been wanting to do that since just now!!! 

Hee.. Hee... it turned out he wanted to hold my hand ever since we were standing under the coconut tree but he was afraid that I would get upset. So he decided to wait. Ever since that night, we never stopped holding hands!

Going out with an older guy like MrNordin was different compared with guys of the same age. Older men are more experienced and matured, and they know how to please a woman. I guess that's why a lot of women (even the young ones) prefer older men. In MrNordin's case, maybe because he had been married before, so he knew how to handle me with care.

MrNordin liked to surprise me on my birthdays with flowers and fancy gifts. Going shopping with him was a whole new experience altogether. I remember the first time I went shopping with him. We were at Sri Hartamas at that time, having lunch. I saw this little shop selling trendy working clothes across the street and thought maybe I should drop by. So we went in, and the moment the sales girl saw us, they quickly ushered us in and brought out several items for me to try. Wow... this is surreal! Maybe because I was with him, and maybe they thought MrNordin was this big-time Dato' on a shopping spree with his girlfriend!

Heh.. heh... anyway, I tried on the items one by one while he sat outside the fitting room, waiting. I paraded one outfit after another infront of him, and if he liked what he saw, he just nodded. Rasa macam dalam "Pretty Woman" pulak masa tu! In the end, we ended up buying 3 pairs of clothing (never in my life had I shopped like that before!) and he paid for them all, of course.

Another time, we were at his friend's shop in Star Hill, looking at handbags. I was, as usual, undecided on which one to buy coz the handbags were a bit pricey. That time, I was very careful with my money and hardly splurge (something which my dear friend, G, cannot comprehend!) But the shoes, my God... they were gorgeous! So I was trying on the different coloured shoes with the different coloured handbags, sampai dah naik letih!

Meanwhile, the friend made a phone call and ordered some tea and scones for us from the Marriott Cafe downstairs. Wah... when the tray arrived, I was speechless! Tak pernah2 lah selama ni shopping while being served tea on a silver platter. Selalunya, nak masuk kedai2 macam tu pun takut! So, I continued browsing while sipping tea with MrNordin who was sitting by my side, glowing with pride.

Because dah sampai macam tu punya hospitality, I came out from the shop a few thousand ringgit poorer, and left with a new handbag and two boxes of shoes. But it was a delightful experience, indeed.

That's MrNordin for you. The man who managed to steal my heart in his own grand ways.

In spite of his extravagant lifestyle, MrNordin is actually a simple man. He loves going to pasar malam, teh tarik at mamak stall, shop at F.O.S and loves listening to lagu2 melayu lama. He is very "melayu", ok. Tengok je lah nama dia! He blends well with any crowd, something which I find fascinating about this man, who I call "husband" now.

Kalau nak cerita pasal dia ni, sampai minggu depan pun tak habis. Banyak betul nak story! And I'm tired... Perhaps I'll continue this piece another day.

Until next time.... stay tuned.

Monday, March 24, 2008

MrNordin Hath Spoken!

He wrote this in the comment box of The Secret's Out (Part 2). What do you have to say about his writing??

Well here I am, making an appearance after reading Mrs Nordin's rather amusing "observations" of some of my antics at home, my late wife and revelations about her past life!

I have reminded myself and will continue to do so (macam imam baca khutbah pulak... khatib ingin mengingatkan diri dan jemaah Jumaat.. blah.. blah..) that I have to be careful abt my comments since I am very much a minority here... (nanti laaa bila I set up my own website and get the husbands to join arms..).

To be fair (I am always fair by the way), I sort of suspect something is cooking (definitely not from the kitchen) when my dear wife would disappear from the bedroom and into the study room (where the pc is located) whenever I take my bathroom break (like her, I tend to spend quite a bit of time there.. ). Usually this happens when the "young pengganas" is already asleep or he is busy taking the contents out of the drawers in the bedroom.

I would find her in front of the pc.. study door closed.. mind you.. and when I suddenly appear, she has that smile (like a kid who was caught with her hand in the cookie jar kind of smile) on her face, telling me that she is replying to emails from her confidante and best ever friend who is currently residing in the Indian subcontinent. So, I would respect her privacy laaa... ini kawan bukan calang2 kawan maaaa.... so I leave her to it without much of a complaint... eventho the "young pengganas" is hard at work re-arranging the bedroom for us !

To be honest, her writings have captured what really went on in the house and her own views were quite reflective of her mood (skrg faham sikit her mood at home)... boleh jadi writer laa. I respect her views, not necessarily agree with all of them, and I can see there are many caring and understanding supporters here too (jangan cari pasal in the lion's den!).

On the flip side... the real crux of the matter, I mean about husbands or "kaum adam" (according to comments from eta my who used my home state dialect here) is that, the "Mrs Nordin" of this world sometimes misunderstood us. So, kadang2 tu jangan laaa melompat saje marah... duk dulu... breathe in and out for a bit... sabar.. ok laaa.. BANYAK2 sabar sikit sometimes... I am sure ade hikmah di sebalik semua itu... I am sure things will fall into places and we can all live happily ever after... insyallah..

I think I better be going... for Mrs Nordin.. I enjoyed reading the postings including the comments.

I love ya Mrs Nordin !

24 March 2008 18:16

The 10 Commandments of Marriage

Found this here and I thought it was funny...

Marriages are made in heaven. But so are thunder and lightning.

If you want your wife to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep.

Marriage is grand — and divorce is at least 100 grand!

Married life is very frustrating. In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens.In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens.In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.

When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing: Either the car is new or the wife is.

Marriage is when a man and woman become as one; The trouble starts when they try to decide which one.

Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about something you say. After marriage, he will fall asleep before you finish.

Every man wants a wife who is beautiful, understanding, economical, and a good cook. But the law allows only one wife.

Marriage and love are purely matter of chemistry. That is why wife treats husband like toxic waste.

A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Secret's Out (Part 2)

MrNordin sindir I yesterday. He said, we (you, me & other commentators) indulge in "husband bashing". (husband bashing??)

I told him to leave a comment to defend his position.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Secret's Out!

My blog has been discovered by MrNordin!!! Arrrrgghhh!!!!

Last night, after we came back from doing our night banking, we sat down in front of the TV in our room. Nizzar was sound asleep. There was this war movie shown on HBO, which I wasn't really interested in watching. But MrNordin seemed so engrossed in it, so I left him alone and went into the study room to check on my blog. It was almost midnight and everyone else had gone to sleep.

I left the study room door open, just in case he barge-in unexpectedly, I'd be forewarned by the sound of him opening our bedroom door. As I was replying to some of the comments made on my earlier postings, he walked in! Alamak... macamana ni?? "You buat apa, B..?" he asked casually while lighting up a cigarette. His eyes were busy scrolling the PC screen. "Tak de apa... " I replied nervously. There on the screen was Superwoman's name, Madam Tai Tai, Ma & Brood....

"Superwoman? Tai Tai? Siapa ni.....?" he asked again.

"Tak de, just my friends..", I answered back. I wanted to hide the screen so much, but I just couldn't do it becoz he was so close!

Then he saw it... "MrsNordin? Haa... who's MrsNordin?"

Habis!! Hancur harapan I to keep this blog a secret from him! I had to tell lah, isn't it?!

Just so you know, the reason why I didn't tell him about this blog is because I wanted this to be my private journal. This is where I would voice my grievances, my feelings, my thoughts on him, the family, my past and everything else that matter in my life. Sometimes I need to do this to release my own anxiety. It's therapeutic. I was afraid that if he knew about it, it would change the way I write. It wouldn't be au natural anymore because then, I would need to choose the correct words or be more careful with what I say so as not to offend him. Tak syok lah, kan?

But anyway, tembelang sudah pecah. There was nothing much that I could do. The moment he knew, he took over my seat and read 'em all. I was so malu!! I wrote a lot of things about him on this blog, melepas geram punya pasal. Stories about his late wife and so forth. Sampai komen-komen pun habis semua dia baca! I was so afraid he would get mad at me!

But then, as he scrolled down the pages, I noticed that he was not really offended. Dia gelak saja. "Macam-macam cerita you, ya B..." he said cynically. Hee... heee... I tanya dia, you marah ke? He said tak. I said, "Jangan marah, aaa... kalau marah, nanti kena jual!" I think he was quite taken, too, by some of the compliments you all gave him, that's why dia macam tak marah sangat.

So now that my secret is out, would it change the way I write in this blog?

No, I don't think so.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Matters Arising

Dear En. Nordin,

Just to inform you of several domestic matters, as I did not get to speak to you yesterday:-

1) Nabila, your eldest daughter, may not be able to come home tomorrow coz she has some activities going on at her college on Friday. She said, she could try to work out something so she could come home anyway (like, go for “outing” on Thursday, which is a holiday, but don’t return to college until Sunday). To this, I disagree. I think that’s a bad idea. She also said the teacher in charge is quite strict and her friends who were supposed to go back with her are now having second thoughts. To avoid jeopardizing her final few weeks of matriculation, I’ve advised her against coming home, unless the line is clear. She’ll update us if there’s any change of plan.

2) The microwave oven in the kitchen has gone kaput due to an electrical short circuit yesterday (that’s according to the maid and your second daughter, Nadira). I’ve asked them to look for the guarantee card so we can call for service/repair. They are still looking for it.

3) One of the light bulbs in our bedroom is dead. I think it could be due to the power circuit, or your youngest son’s persistent attempt at turning on/off the light switches. You need to change the bulb, coz that is your job.

4) Finally, your wife’s back is still hurting from the sunburn. She has applied the aloe vera gel, as advised by her dear husband, but it’ll probably take sometime to heal. She’s now thinking of applying the “bao fu ling” cream to make it heal faster, but not sure of the repercussion. Your advice and gentle touch on her sore body is highly appreciated tonight.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you later today, before night falls.

Your dear wife,

p/s. By the way, how was the futsal game last night?

(I received his phone call a few minutes after sending out this e-mail. He thought it was very cute and promised to get home before dark today : ) )

Monday, March 17, 2008

Teluk Rubiah

We went for Teluk Rubiah in Lumut for the weekend. It was a last minute decision. My eldest stepdaughter, Nabila, wanted to come home for the weekend. But then I thought, maybe it would be better if we all go over to Lumut for a short break (since cuti sekolah ni tak bawak budak2 pegi mana pun..) .

All agreed, so off we went. Left home at about 6.30pm on Friday, reached Ipoh (my parent's house) at about 9.30pm with a very enthusiatic Nabila greeting us at the gate. My parents had picked her up from her college earlier on coz we knew we were going to be quite late. My mum had prepared a lavish dinner spread, so apa lagi... letak beg, terus senduk nasi! Lauk kari kepala ikan, siput sedut masak lemak (my favourite!), ayam goreng, ulam2 and sambal belacan. Sedaaaaaap!!

The next morning, nasi lemak was waiting for us at the dining table. That's the thing about going home to mum's house, kan? Food is always readily available. I don't know if I'll ever do the same to my children when I grow older nanti. After we said our goodbyes, we left for Teluk Rubiah. Ajak my parents to come along, but they had weddings to attend, so they all malas nak ikut.

The drive to Teluk Rubiah was a pleasant one. The weather was hot & sunny. Teluk Rubiah is located on the way to Lumut, just about an hour's drive from Ipoh.

We've been there once before in 2004 and liked it so much for it's calm water and private secluded beach. So we were quite anxious about going this time, as we were afraid that the place might have changed or lost its charm (as usually the case with many tourist spots in Malaysia).

But surprisingly, the place is still the same. Just like how we left it 4 years ago... The beach is still the same, the chalet is still the same (although I seriously think the management could put in a bit of money to upgrade the room facilities. They were pretty basic and tired looking).

The beachfront

The entrance leading to the reception

The chalet

Sampai2 saja, we put down our bags, grabbed the nasi bungkus that we bought on our way to the place, and ran to the beach. All 7 of us sat under a coconut tree facing the sea, and ate our respective nasi bungkus. Ahh... heavenly! A family day was going on at the other end of the beach, but they didn't really bother us.

Just as we were about to finish eating, it started to drizzle. Alamak! Berlari semua balik ke chalet! We scrambled for our belongings and ran for shelter. Continued eating on the balcony of the chalet, best jugak as it still overlooked the sea. Rasa macam duduk kampung pulak!

Later in the evening, we took a dip in the sea. The little boy enjoyed himself paddling in the water in his boat float. He was not afraid of the water at all! The older kids were either busy building sand castles or were just being silly. It was nice to see them all laughing and giggling at each others' jokes and pranks. After dinner, MrNordin & I went for a walk on the beach. The Family Day party was having a karaoke competition. There was this En. Nordin (not my husband, ok?) who was singing "Semalam di Malaysia". Mula2 ok, bila sampai chorus, hancus! Tak cukup pernafasan, daaa...!

Sunday morning was spent lazing on the beach and swimming in the sea. Sebab tak bawak sun block lotion, habis semua orang kena sunburnt. I got the worse because konon nak tunjuk terror. Tak nak pakai t-shirt on top of my swimming suit. Ambik engkau.... bila buka swim suit, habis badan berbelang belang. Macam udang kena bakar! Until now my back is still hurting. My nose is burnt red, and my back feels very sore. Nak pakai baju pun sakit. Ouch!

Anyway, I had a great time. We dropped Nabila off at her college, and pushed off from Gopeng at 7.30pm. Sampai rumah about 9.30pm, just before AF6's final contestants were announced. Tired, but well rested...

So for those who are thinking of going away for a short trip with the family, I would highly recommend this place. Instead of going to Pangkor, go here. You can get a duplex room for RM280 (or RM230 if you are a govt servant) which is suitable for a big family. The duplex room comes with a queen-sized bed upstairs and two matresses downstairs (where everybody can bunked in).

But make sure you bring your own towels (we didn't, but they provide at RM2 per piece) and tit bits, in case you get hungry. They do have a cafe but we didn't want to eat there, preferring to buy food from Sri Manjung which is just 15 minutes drive away. TV is provided but no Astro. You can bring your own DVD player if you like, but who would want to stay indoor and watch DVDs when you have a nice beach outside, right?

Try Teluk Rubiah for a no-frills but fun holiday. You won't regret it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tiada Lagi DEB

That's the headline on Utusan Malaysia today.

The new CM of Penang has denounced the New Economic Policy in running the now DAP-controlled state. They also want Petronas to fully sponsor the construction of the second Penang Bridge, that's gonna cost some RM3 billion.

What's your take on that?

Personally, I'm stunned.

I hope Penang will not become another Singapore where the Malays are marginalized. Even with the NEP, the non-Malays were somewhat better off than the Malays. What do you think will happen if they do without the NEP?

I am seriously worried.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm Back!


Arrived home just after midnight. Tired.

Despite telling ourselves that this trip would solely be for the purpose of relaxing and NO shopping, we broke the rule. Day 2 was spent at Plaza Senayan ~ shopping like nobody's business!

MrNordin got 2 pairs of shoes , a new pair of sunglasses (it was dirt cheap, ok, for Boss), many Polo working shirts, and a new shaver. I also bought myself a new pair of sunglasses (I just bought one in KL before going, but I don't care!), a new pair of spectacles (they made it so fast, and cheap!), and several bling-bling bracelets. Plus t-shirts for the kids, we ended up stuffing our luggage with the new purchases. Nasib muat!

At the end of the day, we were zonked out and decided not to go to JCC. Dah tak larat lah! So, we went back to the hotel and stayed in to watch the Malaysian Election's results which was shown on MediaCorp news. It was shocking to learn that BN was defeated in 5 states. How could we lose Selangor...? MrN was on the line with his brother every 10 mins to get an update on the results. We wish we were back in Malaysia that night...

At around 11pm, we got hungry. We hailed a cab and asked the guy to take us to Garuda Restoran at Jalan Sabang for Nasi Padang. Yummy!

Day 3 was spent lazing around at the hotel. I had a massage at the hotel's spa. Ok lah, about RM100 for a 1-hour massage (slightly cheaper than here). My friend V*rdi and his family came over to visit around noon.

After checking out, we went back to Plaza Senayan to collect some stuff and had lunch before leaving to the airport. I tried the Mee Kocok Bandung. Sedaap...! Kinda like mee soto, with lots of taugeh. MrN had Nasi Pecal. Also sedap, he said.

Some pictures:

View from hotel (1) - Senayan Sports Complex

View from hotel (2) - the residential area

MrNordin and his new shades


Verdi & family (From left: Verdi, Fadil, Leila, Fianda)

At the hotel lobby

When we got home, the kids were still awake except for the little boy, who was already asleep. I was a bit disappointed. But as I opened the door to my room, I saw him sitting up on the bed. "Ma ma!" he said, half-asleep & smiling. Yeah... dia bangun! It's so nice to see him again! I've missed him so much! Played with him for a bit before he dozed off to bed again.

What a lovely end to a beautiful holiday...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hello from Jakarta!

Hi!! I'm finally here!!

Just a quick note. Arrived here at 7.30pm last night. The flight was full. Met a lot of Malaysians who were going to the Java Jazz. Dayang Nurfaizah was on the same flight, along with several other people who MrNordin knows. So, it was like, everywhere we went, there was bound to be someone who'd suddenly came by and said, "Hi Nordin!" Macam rasa kat KL pulak!

After a quick dinner at this warung which served sumptuous tahu goreng and sate kambing, we headed to the Jakarta Convention Centre. The place was happening, man! There were loads of people, and performances were taking place at different venues, all at the same time.

We stopped by to watch Glen Fredly (great singer!), one foreign band who had this one Hispanic-looking hunk as one of the lead singers, and of course, Earth, Wind & Fire! EWF was awesome! People were standing and dancing to the rhythm! Best!

Our friend V*rdi was back in his element. He still got the groove, people! MrNordin was quite taken by this. :)

Anyway, we're off to do a little window shopping and maybe get a massage. Later in the evening, we're going back to the Jazz Festival to see Jodi Watley! This hotel where I'm staying, what can I say.... it's heavenly...

Earth, Wind & Fire (we were sitting far behind..)

The lively crowd

One of the bands performing

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Madam Tai Tai

I just came back from lunch with Mdm Tai Tai and Superwoman. What can I say? It's always nice to meet up with friends like that. I miss those days when we used to meet up at least once a week ~ that was before Mdm left for Dhaka. These days, it's once a year, if we are lucky.

My friendship with Mdm goes back a long time ago when I was studying in the UK. I first met her when I was introduced to all the Malaysian students at someone's house. I remember she was sitting on the staircase in her black winter coat with a trendy short hairdo. I thought she must be from the city. She said, she was missing her boyfriend (who is now her husband) who had gone to Belgium for the weekend.

I remember the first thing she asked me, "You ada pegi tea dance?" Tea dance? Apa benda tu? Coming from an all-girl boarding school, I've never heard of tea dance before. But later after I discovered the "disco", dancing was just part of my student life.

Over the years, we became closer. When we came back to Malaysia, the friendship continued. I enjoy her company coz she's fun to be with. Always wanting to try something new and is not afraid to make friends with new people. We shared a lot of things, things that even our spouses don't know about. That's Madam for you, my close confidante... my BFF.

So, when it was time to go just now, I felt a tinge of sadness. Suddenly it dawned on me that it could be the last time I'm seeing her until her next visit. Holding her hand, I could see that she felt the same way too. Her eyes glistened but she didn't shed a tear. I quickly hugged her coz I know I'd make a scene if I stayed longer. "Don't cry.." she said.

I didn't cry. As I walked away, I forced myself to be strong. But as I'm writing this, tears are rolling down my cheeks coz I miss her terribly. She told me her only regret is that she didn't get to see Nizzar this time around. For that, I'm posting a picture of her and little Nizzar, taken on her last visit home in Nov'2006. Nizzar was only 6 months old then.

I love you, girlfriend ! Hope to see you again, very soon !

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mad with Maid (Update)

When I reached home from work yesterday, the maid was waiting for me at the door with Nizzar in her arms (baru lepas mandi). She tried to initiate conversation with me, but I buat jual mahal. She tanya sepatah, I jawab sepatah. I took Nizzar from her, and brought him upstairs to change him into his pyjamas. As I was going up the staircase, she said, "Hari ni saya nak masak sup ikan merah, ya kak Yati." I kept quiet.

On her good days, she'll "volunteer" cooking for dinner. Tak payah suruh, she knows what to cook. Sometimes she'd go the extra length by preparing sambal hijau lah, tempe goreng lah etc. She's a good cook. Sekali ajar, dia boleh buat. But on her mogok days, she'd pretend she has no idea what to cook or there's nothing in the fridge when there's plenty. "Kamu masak apa malam ni Sri?", I'd ask. Dengan selamba rocknya dia menjawab, "Entah...".

Entah??!! Tak ke menyirap darah ku?? Then, when I pressed her to cook, habis kelentung kelentang bunyi bising kat dapur, tanda protest ! Sabar... sabar...

Anyway, she made peace with me last night. After dinner, she kemas everything and then we all sat down to watch Ratatouille on DVD (yes, we allow the maid to watch TV with us, when her job is done). While watching, she kept on trying to make conversation with me. I acted indifferently.

I think she got the message, at least for now. We'll see how long she'll carry on behaving that way. Hopefully, it'll last more than one week (if I'm lucky...).

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mad with Maid

I'm not in the best of mood today. I have a very bad cough. The cough syrup made me drowsy. I'm struggling to stay awake at the office.

I was annoyed with the maid yesterday. This maid of ours can be considered a very good maid, if she wants to. I've no complain about her work tho' sometimes she can be a bit sloppy. (What do you expect? To me, if you want perfection, do it yourself!). She's been with us for almost 6 years now. She's 25. She takes good care of Nizzar.

But one thing I don't like about her is, she's kinda moody. Sometimes, she'll show her long face or becomes grumpy whenever that mood strikes. Like yesterday morning, when I went down to the kitchen, she was in one of those fowl mood again. Bila cakap sikit, macam nak tak nak jawab. Muka masam. Hey, I'm not responsible for your mood swings, ok? She was like that the whole morning, but I couldn't be bothered. Malas nak tanya pun.

So we went out (without her). When we came back, she seemed more chirpy. But I've had a lousy day because of the cough. MrN asked me out to see one of his friend's campaigning for Shahrizat pun I tak larat nak pegi. I just wanted to rest coz my body was tired and not in good physical shape. So, I took the cough syrup and tried to get some sleep in the living room. Tak larat nak naik atas pun. Nizzar was hovering somewhere around the room...

Suddenly, just as I was about to doze off, that little boy came to me, "Ma ma, Ma ma.." he said. I opened my eyes and saw him pointing at his back site. Alamak... dah beban budak ni ! (as in b*rak). I just couldn't lift up by body coz I was in-between sleep, so I called out for the maid to change Nizzar's diaper. She was outside talking to N*dim while melipat kain. I called her twice, tak datang2 jugak (maybe she couldn't hear me). The third time, Nadim heard me and told the maid to change Nizzar. Then I heard her saying to Nadim, "Sekarang ke? Saya tengah lipat baju ni!" Eh, menjawab pulak? I exclaimed, "Sekarang lah! Tak kan nak tunggu sampai poo-poo dia kering dalam diaper?"

I think she got angry with me. Dengan muka yang masam, she stopped doing what she was doing, grabbed Nizzar by the hand and brought him to the sink. In the process, she bumped into the door grille, which made a loud thumping noise (sound of protest lah tu.). Upon hearing that, I was infurated! Apasal nak marah2 pulak ni?! I paling pantang kalau suruh orang buat something, tapi nak merentap-rentap like that. You know what I mean? Tak ikhlas. With the kids pun; if I asked them to do something and they gave me their long faces, memang nak kena lah akibatnya coz I think it's very rude.

So, when I caught her unwarranted behaviour yesterday, I got so cheesed off. I walked up to her and screamed, "Tak nak buat? Tak nak buat tak payah buat! Biar saya yang buat !!" I snatched Nizzar from her hand and took him away. She just stood there, speechless. Nadim also went quiet. I was furious ! She thinks she's the majikan or what nak threw tantrum like that? I've never lost my cool before this, but she was really testing my patience and I think she deserved to be told off like that!

After that, she (or anyone else for that matter) dared not talk to me. I stayed in my room and only went out with Nizzar to get some porridge from McDonald's. Then I went to sleep. MrNordin was out campaigning.

It's true what people say, "Maid ni tak boleh bagi muka sangat..". If we treated them nicely, dia orang akan naik kepala. They think they are the big boss in the house. Nak hari2 kena lecture or kena dera baru dia hormat kat kita, kot. Eee... geram betul !!