Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reminiscing Part 3

Should I continue my love story? That's the question that's been bugging me these past few days.

When I look back to the days when I first met MrNordin, of course it was all nice and sweet. The early courting days are usually like that, isn't it? But as I trailed along, somehow the picture didn't look quite as sweet anymore. It was clouded by several incidents that I'm trying so hard to forget.

His infidelity? My betrayal?? I don't know...

Me & MrNordin are alike in a lot of ways. We discovered that we were "telepathic" early on in our relationship whereby we could read each other's mind. I could read his mind, and so could he. For example, when we were going out for dinner, I could guess what he had in mind and he could tell where I wanted to go without any of us saying a word. Or sometimes, when we were talking on the phone and he suddenly went quiet, I could tell what he was thinking (and I usually got it right!).

I remember one night, this was very early in our relationship. We took a long drive to Port Dickson where we had dinner at this seafood restaurant by the sea. Our relationship at that time was still very cordial ~ no holding hands and no touching ~ because I wanted to be very sure about him before I made that move.

After dinner that night, we sat under this coconut tree facing the sea. "Careless Whisper" was playing in the background, compliment of the Chinese restaurant's manager. The setting was very romantic...

As the night sea breeze was gently blowing on my face, I felt this sudden urge to hold his hand. He was standing very close to me under the coconut tree... looking out to the sea. We were almost touching and I swear if he had asked for my hand at the point of time, I would have let him!

But he did not. He did not move any closer although we were so close to one another. And the passion was so intense! I knew he wanted to hold my hand but somehow he did not and I didn't know why...

So, after a long wait but still no action from him, I gave up and said, "Let's go back". In the car, we were mostly silent. Both were involved in our own thoughts.

Just after the Sg Besi toll (and still no action from him), I said to myself, "I'm not going to let this opportunity go!". I was beginning to like him and I just wanted to hold him. You know that feeling? So, without much thought, I said, "If you're not going to do it, let me do it!" So, I grabbed his left hand and held it there. Wow... I had goosebumps the moment we touched! He was taken aback at first (nasib baik kereta tak masuk longkang!) but later on he smiled and said, "Phew... I've been wanting to do that since just now!!! 

Hee.. Hee... it turned out he wanted to hold my hand ever since we were standing under the coconut tree but he was afraid that I would get upset. So he decided to wait. Ever since that night, we never stopped holding hands!

Going out with an older guy like MrNordin was different compared with guys of the same age. Older men are more experienced and matured, and they know how to please a woman. I guess that's why a lot of women (even the young ones) prefer older men. In MrNordin's case, maybe because he had been married before, so he knew how to handle me with care.

MrNordin liked to surprise me on my birthdays with flowers and fancy gifts. Going shopping with him was a whole new experience altogether. I remember the first time I went shopping with him. We were at Sri Hartamas at that time, having lunch. I saw this little shop selling trendy working clothes across the street and thought maybe I should drop by. So we went in, and the moment the sales girl saw us, they quickly ushered us in and brought out several items for me to try. Wow... this is surreal! Maybe because I was with him, and maybe they thought MrNordin was this big-time Dato' on a shopping spree with his girlfriend!

Heh.. heh... anyway, I tried on the items one by one while he sat outside the fitting room, waiting. I paraded one outfit after another infront of him, and if he liked what he saw, he just nodded. Rasa macam dalam "Pretty Woman" pulak masa tu! In the end, we ended up buying 3 pairs of clothing (never in my life had I shopped like that before!) and he paid for them all, of course.

Another time, we were at his friend's shop in Star Hill, looking at handbags. I was, as usual, undecided on which one to buy coz the handbags were a bit pricey. That time, I was very careful with my money and hardly splurge (something which my dear friend, G, cannot comprehend!) But the shoes, my God... they were gorgeous! So I was trying on the different coloured shoes with the different coloured handbags, sampai dah naik letih!

Meanwhile, the friend made a phone call and ordered some tea and scones for us from the Marriott Cafe downstairs. Wah... when the tray arrived, I was speechless! Tak pernah2 lah selama ni shopping while being served tea on a silver platter. Selalunya, nak masuk kedai2 macam tu pun takut! So, I continued browsing while sipping tea with MrNordin who was sitting by my side, glowing with pride.

Because dah sampai macam tu punya hospitality, I came out from the shop a few thousand ringgit poorer, and left with a new handbag and two boxes of shoes. But it was a delightful experience, indeed.

That's MrNordin for you. The man who managed to steal my heart in his own grand ways.

In spite of his extravagant lifestyle, MrNordin is actually a simple man. He loves going to pasar malam, teh tarik at mamak stall, shop at F.O.S and loves listening to lagu2 melayu lama. He is very "melayu", ok. Tengok je lah nama dia! He blends well with any crowd, something which I find fascinating about this man, who I call "husband" now.

Kalau nak cerita pasal dia ni, sampai minggu depan pun tak habis. Banyak betul nak story! And I'm tired... Perhaps I'll continue this piece another day.

Until next time.... stay tuned.


Tunku Halim said...

So very romantic. What a good memoir. I look forward to more!

wanshana said...

Hey, you can't stop what you've started. Continue, please :)

By the way, you've been tagged. Please hop by my blog for details. Thanks!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Tunku Halim,

What a pleasure to have you visiting my blog! Must be my lucky day!

Thanks for the compliment. I'm still thinking about the book you recommended in your blog (by Lynn something), but have yet to look for it at the bookshop. I hope they have it at Kino.

And I'm sure gonna look up for your book, too, to get to know you better! (I like cerita hantu..)

Have a nice day!

MrsNordin said...


Yes, I will try to continue. And I'll check out your blog, too.

Have a nice day!

Delicate Flower said...


I truly wished I could write macam you, alahai, rasa macam tengok mini series pulak, tak sabar to hear more!

MrsNordin said...

Delicate Flower,

Ya ke?? Tak sangka pulak ada orang nak give such compliment! Thank you!

Hey, your writing style is quite intriguing as well, ok.. I like!

I think, when the idea comes at a right time, the writing would be effortless. Otherwise, entah apa2 je jadinya, kan?

Have a nice day!

busymum100 said...

Wah... very sweet...
i think many people would envy you :)
and i am definitely one of them :)

bila gaduh2 or on "no talk" mood, ingat2 lah saat "courting" tu ;)

MrsNordin said...

Ya lah, busymum. Bila dah tulis kisah2 dulu ni, hilang pulak rasa marah. Tambah sayang ada...! :)

Eh, you tulislah kisah cinta you pulak! Nak tahu juga. I like to hear other people's love story coz each one of us has a different story to tell... Come on!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Mrs Nordin,

Of course I could comprehend why you didn't splurge before..I was just exasperated that you didn't bcoz I tak de gang to splurge with! :-)

MrNordin has pizzazz in his courtship, hasn't he? Wow..to be treated ala-ala Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman - that's surreal!

Eta My said...

Not only gd in writing but also for one to understand...so sincere..ade elemen mendebarkan dan suspen juga..buat jantung I dub-dab, dub-dab!

Eh, ingat tak how u tried to make me understand the add math masa kat surau skola dulu..yang I paling ingat..I angguk2 je...thnx!!

SO..bila nak sambung kisah sang rajuna hati /aduka tu??

MrsNordin said...


True lah... I felt like "Pretty Woman" at that time! That scene when Julia Robert went shopping with Richard Gere on Rodeo Drive... But of course we were neither Mr Gere nor Ms Robert, were we?? :)

On splurging, you still win hands down (until today).

MrsNordin said...


I ada ajar you Add Maths kat surau? Tak ingat lah... I guess, my memory of school days dulu is pretty limited.

I'm working on the "sambungan" cerita. Idea belum datang lagi, babe...

Helena said...

romanticnya... you reminded me of the dinner me and hubby had in PD, hehe masa tu innocent lagi....

Kak Teh said...

mrs nordin, your story is a great relief from all that we are reading in the political blogs. So, bring them on!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Helene,

Our blog has uses the same template, huh? Great minds think alike??

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. So you all pun ada ke PD jugak ya zaman bercinta dulu? That's nice..

You know that coconut tree I was talking about, it's still there the last time we went. Somehow, it just didn't feel the same anymore... :(

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

Ya lah... dok hari2 baca cerita politik saja, naik bosan juga! I like your love story too... I read it somewhere in your blog before :)

Take care & have a nice day!

Kuna said...

Dear mrsnordin,

I also recall one huge, massive bouquet of flowers that came by the office one day. It was the envy all. Can't recall what happened to the bouquet though I remembered that the smell lingered on for a week or so.....

MrsNordin said...

Hi Kuna,

Do I know you?? Ini yang suspen ni!!

I'm not sure which bouquet of flowers you're talking about ~ the one from "Herman Tino" or MrNordin?

I think when they were almost wilted, I gave some away to the ladies in my office. The rest - had to throw away lah... what to do...

Thanks for visiting!

Kuna said...


yes, you do know me. We were colleagues once a long time ago. I moved on just before you got married to Mr. Nordin.

Glad to know things turned out well and you're happily married. Sometimes blind dates are the best. Hmm, maybe I should try it out one day over teh tarik at Rashid.Cheers!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for your well wishes. Now I'm seriously beginning to wonder who you are.... Have a nice day!