Monday, March 17, 2008

Teluk Rubiah

We went for Teluk Rubiah in Lumut for the weekend. It was a last minute decision. My eldest stepdaughter, Nabila, wanted to come home for the weekend. But then I thought, maybe it would be better if we all go over to Lumut for a short break (since cuti sekolah ni tak bawak budak2 pegi mana pun..) .

All agreed, so off we went. Left home at about 6.30pm on Friday, reached Ipoh (my parent's house) at about 9.30pm with a very enthusiatic Nabila greeting us at the gate. My parents had picked her up from her college earlier on coz we knew we were going to be quite late. My mum had prepared a lavish dinner spread, so apa lagi... letak beg, terus senduk nasi! Lauk kari kepala ikan, siput sedut masak lemak (my favourite!), ayam goreng, ulam2 and sambal belacan. Sedaaaaaap!!

The next morning, nasi lemak was waiting for us at the dining table. That's the thing about going home to mum's house, kan? Food is always readily available. I don't know if I'll ever do the same to my children when I grow older nanti. After we said our goodbyes, we left for Teluk Rubiah. Ajak my parents to come along, but they had weddings to attend, so they all malas nak ikut.

The drive to Teluk Rubiah was a pleasant one. The weather was hot & sunny. Teluk Rubiah is located on the way to Lumut, just about an hour's drive from Ipoh.

We've been there once before in 2004 and liked it so much for it's calm water and private secluded beach. So we were quite anxious about going this time, as we were afraid that the place might have changed or lost its charm (as usually the case with many tourist spots in Malaysia).

But surprisingly, the place is still the same. Just like how we left it 4 years ago... The beach is still the same, the chalet is still the same (although I seriously think the management could put in a bit of money to upgrade the room facilities. They were pretty basic and tired looking).

The beachfront

The entrance leading to the reception

The chalet

Sampai2 saja, we put down our bags, grabbed the nasi bungkus that we bought on our way to the place, and ran to the beach. All 7 of us sat under a coconut tree facing the sea, and ate our respective nasi bungkus. Ahh... heavenly! A family day was going on at the other end of the beach, but they didn't really bother us.

Just as we were about to finish eating, it started to drizzle. Alamak! Berlari semua balik ke chalet! We scrambled for our belongings and ran for shelter. Continued eating on the balcony of the chalet, best jugak as it still overlooked the sea. Rasa macam duduk kampung pulak!

Later in the evening, we took a dip in the sea. The little boy enjoyed himself paddling in the water in his boat float. He was not afraid of the water at all! The older kids were either busy building sand castles or were just being silly. It was nice to see them all laughing and giggling at each others' jokes and pranks. After dinner, MrNordin & I went for a walk on the beach. The Family Day party was having a karaoke competition. There was this En. Nordin (not my husband, ok?) who was singing "Semalam di Malaysia". Mula2 ok, bila sampai chorus, hancus! Tak cukup pernafasan, daaa...!

Sunday morning was spent lazing on the beach and swimming in the sea. Sebab tak bawak sun block lotion, habis semua orang kena sunburnt. I got the worse because konon nak tunjuk terror. Tak nak pakai t-shirt on top of my swimming suit. Ambik engkau.... bila buka swim suit, habis badan berbelang belang. Macam udang kena bakar! Until now my back is still hurting. My nose is burnt red, and my back feels very sore. Nak pakai baju pun sakit. Ouch!

Anyway, I had a great time. We dropped Nabila off at her college, and pushed off from Gopeng at 7.30pm. Sampai rumah about 9.30pm, just before AF6's final contestants were announced. Tired, but well rested...

So for those who are thinking of going away for a short trip with the family, I would highly recommend this place. Instead of going to Pangkor, go here. You can get a duplex room for RM280 (or RM230 if you are a govt servant) which is suitable for a big family. The duplex room comes with a queen-sized bed upstairs and two matresses downstairs (where everybody can bunked in).

But make sure you bring your own towels (we didn't, but they provide at RM2 per piece) and tit bits, in case you get hungry. They do have a cafe but we didn't want to eat there, preferring to buy food from Sri Manjung which is just 15 minutes drive away. TV is provided but no Astro. You can bring your own DVD player if you like, but who would want to stay indoor and watch DVDs when you have a nice beach outside, right?

Try Teluk Rubiah for a no-frills but fun holiday. You won't regret it!


Superwomanwannabe said...

hi MrsN-

laaaa kesiannye dengar dah merah belang belang....sempatke baik by the time nak date dengan I ni??

Anyway thanks for the tip- boleh lah we all try..and Jab is still the semi govt servant I think...!

MA & Brood said...

Thanks for the tip. Cuma satu malas nak drive all the way - kalau naik bus/train boleh sampai tak? he he he...

Eta My said...

Waahhh..bestnye..and thx for updating...more than 20 years since i last ber'picnic' kat Lumut..let alone Pangkor..and kalu Teluk Rubiah promises privacy...bolela ku war warkan kapada tuan punya 'budget' sch holidays lagi 2 bulan..mari la..mari..merancang percutian...

And BJ..bestnye nasi lemak..jeles pulak kita...bila nak buat makan-makan nih!!!rezeki jgn ditolak kan...

Kak Teh said...

echoing Ma & brood. must check this out on our next trip back.

MrsNordin said...


Muka berbelang pun tak apa lah. It's still me.. :)

I think you and family will like this place. Slightly different from Swiss Damai Laut, but is charming in its own way.

It seems that place belongs to our ex-boss lah. T.R.R ~ Teluk Rubiah Resort a.k.a Tajuddin Ramli Resort!

MrsNordin said...


Naik bas boleh kut, tapi leceh lah sikit. Hey, if you can drive to Taman Negara / Johor, what's stopping you from driving up to Lumut?? About 2 hours saja le...

MrsNordin said...

Eta my dear,

I thought about you when we passed by that navy camp on the way to Lumut. Somehow Lumut always remind me of you.. :)

Nak makan nasi lemak? You buat lah dulu! Nanti we all datang makan. Tee.. hee... :)

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

You must! Lain sikit lah dari laut kat T'ganu... the color is not so blue but its much gentler.