Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Matters Arising

Dear En. Nordin,

Just to inform you of several domestic matters, as I did not get to speak to you yesterday:-

1) Nabila, your eldest daughter, may not be able to come home tomorrow coz she has some activities going on at her college on Friday. She said, she could try to work out something so she could come home anyway (like, go for “outing” on Thursday, which is a holiday, but don’t return to college until Sunday). To this, I disagree. I think that’s a bad idea. She also said the teacher in charge is quite strict and her friends who were supposed to go back with her are now having second thoughts. To avoid jeopardizing her final few weeks of matriculation, I’ve advised her against coming home, unless the line is clear. She’ll update us if there’s any change of plan.

2) The microwave oven in the kitchen has gone kaput due to an electrical short circuit yesterday (that’s according to the maid and your second daughter, Nadira). I’ve asked them to look for the guarantee card so we can call for service/repair. They are still looking for it.

3) One of the light bulbs in our bedroom is dead. I think it could be due to the power circuit, or your youngest son’s persistent attempt at turning on/off the light switches. You need to change the bulb, coz that is your job.

4) Finally, your wife’s back is still hurting from the sunburn. She has applied the aloe vera gel, as advised by her dear husband, but it’ll probably take sometime to heal. She’s now thinking of applying the “bao fu ling” cream to make it heal faster, but not sure of the repercussion. Your advice and gentle touch on her sore body is highly appreciated tonight.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you later today, before night falls.

Your dear wife,

p/s. By the way, how was the futsal game last night?

(I received his phone call a few minutes after sending out this e-mail. He thought it was very cute and promised to get home before dark today : ) )


Eta My said...

He..he...I used to hantar email to my hubby..bila tak sempat nak cakap-cakap..sebab asyik nak tunggu timing yang betul..

One thing, my husband's niece pun kat Gopeng...some engineering course....but memandangkan raminya orang di situ..tak pe..la..lain kali boleh berkenalan..

My 8 years' old oven pun just gone kaput last weekend...akibatnya..cookies tidak menjadi..nasib baik bebudak bagi perabis..short circuit sampai blackout sekejap...camana nak buat tu..BJ oiii...

And my hubby has yet to change the bulb kat family common room nih...awatla...mereka-mereka ini yang telah berjanji untuk memikul tanggungjawab seperti ini..tiba-tiba terlupa..sampai nak kena remind...

INila keluhan ku..

p/s: ...Make sure..ade aromatherapic oil sekali...that's the best part of having a partner..kan...massage parlour..hi hi...

Madam Tai Tai said...


Me thinks the promise to come back early has more to do with item #4, or rather of what will follow after complishing item#4! :-)

MrsNordin said...

So, I'm not alone in this lah, ya? I'm glad there are others who feel the same way.

Aromatherapy oil? Belum boleh lagi... my back skin is still sore. Kena pulun aloe vera gel je for the time being..

MrsNordin said...


After item #4, we zonked out! Too much anticipation usually didn't work in my favour.

Anonymous said...

I am glad my husband takes care of everything. probably due to both us us dah pencen tak ada other important matters to see to first.


MrsNordin said...

Hi MrsBeach,

Lucky you! Thanks for visiting!