Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mad with Maid (Update)

When I reached home from work yesterday, the maid was waiting for me at the door with Nizzar in her arms (baru lepas mandi). She tried to initiate conversation with me, but I buat jual mahal. She tanya sepatah, I jawab sepatah. I took Nizzar from her, and brought him upstairs to change him into his pyjamas. As I was going up the staircase, she said, "Hari ni saya nak masak sup ikan merah, ya kak Yati." I kept quiet.

On her good days, she'll "volunteer" cooking for dinner. Tak payah suruh, she knows what to cook. Sometimes she'd go the extra length by preparing sambal hijau lah, tempe goreng lah etc. She's a good cook. Sekali ajar, dia boleh buat. But on her mogok days, she'd pretend she has no idea what to cook or there's nothing in the fridge when there's plenty. "Kamu masak apa malam ni Sri?", I'd ask. Dengan selamba rocknya dia menjawab, "Entah...".

Entah??!! Tak ke menyirap darah ku?? Then, when I pressed her to cook, habis kelentung kelentang bunyi bising kat dapur, tanda protest ! Sabar... sabar...

Anyway, she made peace with me last night. After dinner, she kemas everything and then we all sat down to watch Ratatouille on DVD (yes, we allow the maid to watch TV with us, when her job is done). While watching, she kept on trying to make conversation with me. I acted indifferently.

I think she got the message, at least for now. We'll see how long she'll carry on behaving that way. Hopefully, it'll last more than one week (if I'm lucky...).


Superwomanwannabe said...

wakakakakaah - she has met her match.

you know, i always thought you were garang..never knew youve never shown your taring with sry! heh heh...

Kmar said...

BJ, life likes that especially bila ada helper.

We use to have cleaning lady (south american) and gardener (spanish) before the kids start schooling. Now, with kids at school, I have a lot of free time. No need to hire them.

Everytime, they (the helpers) came to the house, I mula la mengelabah... communication breakdown. Neither of them understand English... so selalu terpaksa guna sign language.. he.he.. Masa tu my Spanish pun ´super limited´. Bila I kata A, dia buat B... bila kata C, dia buat D... at the end banyaklah kerja depa yang tak complete. At the end, sebab terlalu banyak pendam rasa.. yang kena marah my hubby laa.. ha.ha.ha..

Eta My said...

..ni la..yang pepatah melayu kata..baru bertemu buku dgn ruas....shian u Bj...sedangkan anak2 kalau show tantrum pun kita..boleh ..dish..dish..dusyum..dusyum..( i garang gak..bj oii)...inikan pulak...orang lain..tapi tak leh nak dusu..dush la..nanti kena repot sama bapak polisi..naya lak masuk media segala ..kunun..mendera..so this one...play a looott..emosi...yeah!
p/s: my kids kalau tengok I diam..baring nak rehat..siap pandai pelankan tv...pandai ga cakap pelan2..he..he..training berkesan!!

Eta My said...

To superwaoman..tumpang ye bj..I dulu ..masa form one..satu dorm..sebelah katil lagi...cuma I belas atas double deck..And Bj ..memang cheerful and banyak jokes..tapi jgn main2..sebab taring boleh kluar panjang!!...silap2 kuku terkam lagi!!

MrsNordin said...


I garang, eh?

MrsNordin said...


I think that day pun, I was a bit stressed out. Badan tak sihat, MrN asyik keluar ikut orang berkempen, maid buat perangai macam tu, siapa tak hot?

Actually, kalau tak ada maid lagi senang hati. But I don't want to quit my job. Not yet.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

MrsNordin said...


Bagus lah anak you, at least they know how to respect your down time. I think, you pun ni garang jugak... :)


Yeah, Eta & me used to share the same dorm. She's a very sweet lady. Tapi Eta, I don't recall being garang then. Ya ke? That's why sometimes it's interesting to listen to what people have to say about us... makes me wonder..

MA & Brood said...

Ooo...pantang I orang dok berdentang dentung protes apalagi maid nak tunjuk kepala besar dengan majikan.

I had one gila maid siap cekak pinggang dengan I when I tegur her on the way she iron my son's uniform. Enough said - I packed her up that very weekend.

Yang I halau keluar malam tu jugak pun ada - cos giving me orders that I should leave my young kids with her at home, instead of her following me and taking care of them when I had to go outstation to attend a funeral of a relative. I gave her an ultimatum - if you want to work for me, follow my orders. If not, you pack your things and leave.

He he...garang ke tak garang tu.

My last maid was heaven-sent, she was with us for 5 years before balik Indo and we are still maid-less till today, almost two years now. Can imagine the chaos in my household - nasib baik tak ada anak kecik. I can't never find someone as good as her again.

After kena dengan some gila maids - I tak bagi chan dah - though we treat them nicely, but still a fine line is drawn to show them who's boss.

MrsNordin said...

Wow, MA... garang giler! Maid cekak pinggang kat you? Lagi terror!

With our maid, I find it quite difficult to tell her off because she was already there when I moved into the house. My husband took her in, so I rasa serba-salah nak give her order lebih2 sangat, you know what I mean? Most times, I tried to be nice. Tapi kalau dah too much, memang lah I melenting!

But overall, she's ok. What's important for me is that, she can take care of my little boy (which is quite handful!) when I'm not around; and she handles that very well. The other kids dah besar2, so I'm not so worried about them.

Yes, I read your story about your heaven-sent maid. So sad she had to leave.. And I have to take my hat off to you for managing the household, on your own, without a maid. Good training ground for your kids! Wish I could do the same...

Have a nice day!

(BTW, I can't open your blog lah. Same case with delicate flower's blog. Do you know what's the problem? Other blogs, ok pulak.)