Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Secret's Out!

My blog has been discovered by MrNordin!!! Arrrrgghhh!!!!

Last night, after we came back from doing our night banking, we sat down in front of the TV in our room. Nizzar was sound asleep. There was this war movie shown on HBO, which I wasn't really interested in watching. But MrNordin seemed so engrossed in it, so I left him alone and went into the study room to check on my blog. It was almost midnight and everyone else had gone to sleep.

I left the study room door open, just in case he barge-in unexpectedly, I'd be forewarned by the sound of him opening our bedroom door. As I was replying to some of the comments made on my earlier postings, he walked in! Alamak... macamana ni?? "You buat apa, B..?" he asked casually while lighting up a cigarette. His eyes were busy scrolling the PC screen. "Tak de apa... " I replied nervously. There on the screen was Superwoman's name, Madam Tai Tai, Ma & Brood....

"Superwoman? Tai Tai? Siapa ni.....?" he asked again.

"Tak de, just my friends..", I answered back. I wanted to hide the screen so much, but I just couldn't do it becoz he was so close!

Then he saw it... "MrsNordin? Haa... who's MrsNordin?"

Habis!! Hancur harapan I to keep this blog a secret from him! I had to tell lah, isn't it?!

Just so you know, the reason why I didn't tell him about this blog is because I wanted this to be my private journal. This is where I would voice my grievances, my feelings, my thoughts on him, the family, my past and everything else that matter in my life. Sometimes I need to do this to release my own anxiety. It's therapeutic. I was afraid that if he knew about it, it would change the way I write. It wouldn't be au natural anymore because then, I would need to choose the correct words or be more careful with what I say so as not to offend him. Tak syok lah, kan?

But anyway, tembelang sudah pecah. There was nothing much that I could do. The moment he knew, he took over my seat and read 'em all. I was so malu!! I wrote a lot of things about him on this blog, melepas geram punya pasal. Stories about his late wife and so forth. Sampai komen-komen pun habis semua dia baca! I was so afraid he would get mad at me!

But then, as he scrolled down the pages, I noticed that he was not really offended. Dia gelak saja. "Macam-macam cerita you, ya B..." he said cynically. Hee... heee... I tanya dia, you marah ke? He said tak. I said, "Jangan marah, aaa... kalau marah, nanti kena jual!" I think he was quite taken, too, by some of the compliments you all gave him, that's why dia macam tak marah sangat.

So now that my secret is out, would it change the way I write in this blog?

No, I don't think so.


busymum100 said...

Mrs N,

I could help giggling, when I read this post. I was and stil am in a discussions. My frens looked puzzled when I burst into giggles LOL!!

Dah lah... temberang dah out, apa nak buat.... buat bodoh je la!

You nk dengar cerita i? lagi teruk.. I wanted to sms an sms to a close fren, complaining abt my hubby, but unintentionally I sent it to Hubby! And suddenly i got a reply from him "Forget hi. He's useless!!" and i couldn't help but burst into laughter. I was on a "no talk" mode at that time. How did it happen? I keep hubby's contact under AAA "HisName" so that when i look into the phone directory, his name appears at the top. But right after his, was my fren's name, Aisyah. So, instead of sending the sms, i sent it to him!!

on the other hand, ok jugak lah... i got the relay my disappointment to him, even though unintentionally Hahaha!

busymum100 said...

alamak.... byknyer typo.... it shd read
I couldn't help giggling... I was and am still in a discussion...

....instead of sending to Aisyah, I sent to him..

MrsNordin said...

Hee... heee... heee... lagi best! Dia kata, "Forget him. He's useless!!"?? Kelakar lah, your husband!

I think kan, they all ni dah lali dengan bab2 para isteri mengutuk sang suami. Sebab tu they all macam tak kisah saja. Cuba kalau they all do the same, like they complain about us to their friends via blog or sms ~ sure World War 3 punya!!!

I think orang lelaki ni memang ada lebih sabar sikit dari kita orang perempuan... Take care!

Kak Teh said...

this is funny. My niece had to confess to her husband when she was quoted in the newspaper. and he asked, what other aspect of your life don't i know?

as for mine, well, we are both bloggers. He writes me emails to tell me of grammatical and spelling errors. sungguh tak exciting!

wanshana said...


Hahaha! So kelakar!!!

But, you know what? Sooner or later he was bound to find out anyway - it's cyber techs we're talking about here, dear ;)

So, better sooner than later, I'd say - before banyak lagi rasa tidak puas hati dan geram diluahkan di sini. Hahaha!

But then again, it should not change anything. You should just write whatever you feel like writing.

And Kak Teh,

"...He writes me emails to tell me of grammatical and spelling errors. sungguh tak exciting!"


MrsNordin said...

"What other aspect of your life don't I know?" That's an interesting question to ponder...

I do keep little secrets from my husband, and I'm sure he does the same too. Like, there are certain things I tell my girlfriends that he doesn't know about. Surely among them guys, they do the same too.

But now that he knows about this blog, chances are, he'll find out soon, especially about my past ~ something which I don't like to discuss for fear that he may feel offended.

But who knows, perhaps this is one way for him to learn more about his dear wife?

Thanks for visiting, Kak Teh & have a nice day!

MrsNordin said...


You're right (you're always right, kan?) I'm sure sooner or later he'll find out. I thought of keeping this undercover for a few more months, maybe until May, but tak kesampaian lah nampaknya hajat I ini...

Selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul!

Madam Tai Tai said...

BJ, pecah juga rahsia akhirnya.. LOL!! (Alamak..I've written not so nice comments about MrNordin in your blog!!)

Nonetheless stay to your true self when you write future postings ok.

MrS has also discovered my blog as the kids blabbed it to him about 3 weeks ago. He was definitely curious to view it but I tak beri. The reason is similar to yours.

If he's a frequent visitor of my blog, then I wouldn't be able to vent out my feelings (about him, about my in-laws, about our friends, etc) as honestly as I would have done if he isn't one.

Sometimes you just don't want to share such feelings or emotions with your hubby, kan.

MrS got upset la (apasal semua orang boleh baca except him)..but he promised he wouldn't read my blog at all. Lega...

busymum100 said...

Mrs N,

At least Mr N now has another outlet/thing to do if he gets tensed up at work i.e. read his dearest wife's blog ;-)

wanshana said...


NOPE - I'm not always right... Hehehe!

Selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul to you, too.

Eta My said...

..Bj..kita ber'suspense' habis as I strolled down...issh..ishh..mcm buat salah le pulak...
Ok la least now..the secret's out...bole buat secret lain jugak kan...
Salam Maulidul Rasul..ta!!

Kmar said...


Ha.ha.ha.ha... sakit perut I dok gelak!! Pecah tembelang. It is also good for him to know, at least dia tahu curahan isi-hati isteri dia.. he.he..

Sometimes writing is much better than talking. Bila I dok cerita daily things kat my hubby (before going to sleep)... at one part, I am ´talking to myself´... and he is happily snoring!!!?? Nak marah tak boleh because dia kerja.. penat la tu.

MrsNordin said...

Mdm TT,

Are you sure he won't read??

MrsNordin said...


What to do...? Susah betul nak simpan rahsia!


I prefer to write untuk meluahkan perasaan. So whenever he gets my e-mail, dia sure suspen punya.. :) Take care!