Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adegan Sedih

I was driving home last night after a short trip to Speedy Video to rent some movies. Nizzar was sitting behind, standing in between the driver’s and passenger’s seats.

Out of the blue, I heard him say,

“Mummy, saya rasa nak nangis.”

“Why? Why do you want to cry?”

“Because I love you Mummy…”

Aww… that was one of the sweetest words I’ve heard in a long time!

I turned to look at him and I saw his face looking downcast.

“Now, don’t cry… I love you too. Come on over and sit next to me”, I told him.

He hopped over and sat at the passenger seat next to me.

“Why do you love me?” I asked him back.

“Because you are very nice.”

“Oh? Some more?”

“You buy me DVD, toys.. (sob, sob)…”

Hee.. hee… drama betul budak ni!

When I told my husband about it later that night, he said, “Pandai betul dia bodek you...”

Hee.. hee...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pencinta Wanita

“Mummy, can we go to my girlfriend’s house, Mummy?”


“I like lah my girlfriend..”

“Why do you like her?”

“She’s so beautiful, Mummy..”

And that came from a 4-year old boy!

I was trying hard to control my laughter when I heard him say that yesterday. But I suspect, ada udang sebalik batu. He wanted to go there so he can play with their toys!

This girl is my husband’s friend’s daughter whom we met when we all went to Cherating for a short break last May. She’s 4 too.

The first time they met, my little boy straight away claimed, “That’s my girlfriend!”

I don't know where he got that word from...

Kids do learn fast these days, don't they? It scares me!

And off late, I frequently caught that Romeo singing. “Aku memang pencinta wanita, namun ku bukan buaya…”

Oh dear.. is this normal?

Pencinta Wanita

The Girlfriend

(both photos taken in Cherating)

Friday, October 08, 2010

Krabi Getaway

People have been asking me to update this blog. Malasnya… don’t know how to write anymore. It’s been too long… the brain has become rusty!

But I’m gonna try anyway. First step is to change the outlook of this blog to make it more lively… fresher. I didn’t realize there are so many new templates that can be used now!

After that, the story. Let me just start with my recent trip to Krabi with MrN. That would make a nice story.

This trip was actually booked without much plan. We wanted a break, a quick break to get away from it all. I decided on Krabi coz it’s only a short flight away. 3D2N would be just nice for us; any longer would make me miss the little boy at home.

Krabi is a nice place to wind down for couples. It’s quiet, not much activities. If you are the type who likes shopping, you may not like it here coz there’s not much to do.

Shopping is limited to this one stretch of road in Ao Nang with shops selling mainly t-shirts and beach wear, similar to what you can find in Batu Feringghi.

But if you want tranquility, this is the place to be.

Honestly, I thought I’d never survive the 3 days alone with MrN. I thought we’d get bored of each other very quickly. You know lah, I tengok dia, dia tengok I… and then what?

But I was wrong.

I must admit, there were times when we just sat there doing nothing, and yet I did not feel the urge to do something. There were moments of silence, but I didn’t feel pressured to initiate a conversation like I usually would.

We just sat there minding our own business, but it was ok and it didn’t feel awkward at all.

I did ask him, "Aren't you bored ?"


"Aren't we supposed to talk or say something?"


He said, "Having you here is enough. No need for words."

The hotel where we stayed was awesome (Amari Resort). It was picked based on the rave reviews it received on Trip Advisor.

I didn’t stay at the same hotel which I stayed during my first trip there because I wanted to try a different one. So I took a gamble.

It turned out that I made the right choice. It was splendid!

The Amari is located on Tub Kaek Beach, 20 minutes drive from Ao Nang. It’s the last hotel on that side of Krabi and overlooking the Andaman Sea. The view is superb.

When we first arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by the Hotel Manager who was pleasant enough to ask us what our expectations were during our stay. We didn’t need to check-in as everything had been done while we were having the conversation.

As I entered our bedroom, I was surprised to find rose petals scattered on the bed and in the bath tub. A very romantic gesture indeed. Husband tanya, “Macamana nak mandi?” Rendam saja lah B…!

I like the little gestures that the hotel staff provided for the guests. Every night, when they turned down the bed, they’d put an orchid on our pillows and leave us with some scones/pastries for light supper.

During breakfast, they gave us a choice of coffee, latte or cappuccino when usually it would just be normal coffee or tea. That was the first time latte was offered for breakfast. Usually, one had to pay extra for a cup of latte.

We were very delighted about this because we love a good cup of latte in the morning. It’s a plus! And the Thais make good lattes. Every time I ordered latte, be it at the hotel or in town, it consistently tasted very nice.

First day was spent lounging on the beach and the Bellini, a quaint Italian restaurant located on the beach. We had our dinner there. It was supposed to be a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach but because it rained, dinner had to be held indoor.

It was nice anyway. The food was great, the ambiance was superb. We stayed there until quite late, just talking.

The next day was spent in town. We had a good 2-hour massage for RM30/hour. At the hotel’s spa, the rate quoted was RM180/hour. Obviously the spa would have been a nicer place for body treatment but we didn’t care much for the place. All we wanted was a good 2-hour massage and we got it for a bargain in town. It was really cheap!

After the massage , we headed to a seafood restaurant by the beach for a late lunch. We ordered pad thai, fried garoupa in 3 sauces, som tam and tom yam gung. The meal cost us RM120. Slightly pricey I think, but it was sedap!

One thing good about Krabi, 80% of the population is Muslims, so you don’t have to worry about finding halal food.

After doing a little shopping in Ao Nang, we went back to the hotel and just stayed in for the night. We lazed on the balcony overlooking the sea with music playing from MrN’s Blackberry. It was drizzling slightly that night.

By this time, I had already missed my little Ultraman. Every time I closed my eyes, I pictured him in my mind. I couldn’t get rid of his face! I had a feeling he was missing me too and it was a sign that our holiday was coming to an end.

The next day, before checking out, we took a quick dip in the pool. There were not that many people so we had a good time lounging there.

Check out was very quick. We said our goodbyes to the hotel staff and with a heavy heart, I boarded the hotel van that took us to the airport.

It had been a pleasant holiday. It was very relaxing and I could feel my body reacting positively to the change of environment. I think my husband had a great time too. He looked seriously de-stressed in his last photo taken at the hotel lobby.

When we got home, I asked him, what was your best moment in Krabi? He said, the evenings.

And the feeling is mutual.

This view greeted us when we arrived at the hotel

A view from the pool

Lounging on the beach


The hotel's ground

The bedroom

MrNordin - on the first day

Dinner at Bellini

Latte for breakfast

At the breakfast table

Ao Nang beach

Lunch at Ao Nang Seafood

Shopping at Ao Nang

The pool

Me and him

Goodbye Amari..