Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Notes di Bulan Ramadhan (1)

Bulan puasa datang lagi. Seperti biasa, hari kedua I dah terlajak sahur. Hee.. hee..! Nasib baik MrNordin tak pegi Johor this week. Kalau tidak, Nadim kena bersahur sorang2 with the maid. I haven’t changed, have I?

Nadira came home for a short break last weekend. It was good to see her again. She seemed to be having a good time there in Sg Petani ~ good friends, good food, good vibes, and we are just so happy that she’s enjoying herself. So on the first day of berbuka puasa, I had everyone in my family at the dining table. It was such a nice feeling...

On the second day, we broke our fast at a Thai restaurant in Pavillion with S and her family (S was MrsN#1 good friend). Third day berbuka at home and yesterday, we berbuka outside again (I felt like having a burger for berbuka, that’s why...)

Have you noticed how much hotels are charging customers for their Ramadhan buffet? It’s exorbitant! Even a 3-star hotel like Dorsett is charging RM75++. Most 5-star hotels are charging RM99++. The most expensive, I think, is Shangri-La @ RM128. Crazy! How much can you eat anyway during berbuka?

These days, the most I’d eat is just rice and one of two lauk for berbuka. Itupun dah kenyang. To eat something worth RM128 must be ridiculous. Ok, if you just go for the oysters, Japanese and all those expensive food stuff, maybe it’s worth it. But still, how much can you eat during fasting month?

If I brought my whole family that comprises 6 adults and 1 child to Shang for berbuka, the bill would probably cost me RM900 ! That’s a lot of money!

I haven’t been to any of the hotels Ramadhan buffet in a long time. The last time, I think, was about 4 years ago when Concorde was still charging RM55++ for the buffet. Now it’s RM82++.

Berbuka at home is so much nicer eventho’ it’s just a simple one or two lauk. Once in a while when we feel like having something different, we’ll pick a restaurant proper where we know the food is good and just order a-la-carte. It’s better that way. At least we don’t have to scramble for food with so many people.

Even at the Bazaar Ramadhan, harga makanan... masyaallah... punyalah mahal! The other day, Nadim bought 2 small tubs of caramel and it cost him RM1.25 each. RM1.25 each, people! And it’s not even nice. I would only pay 30 sen for it.

We all should boycott lah all these expensive stalls and eating places. Pakai main taruk saja harga! Kalau sedap, tak apa. Ini....... ?

I rest my case.

Monday, August 17, 2009

When It Rains...

In the last three weeks, I’ve been a constant visitor to the hospitals.

First, it was my mother who had to undergo a retina re-attachment on 27th July. She was complaining of poor vision on her left eye and was having difficulty focusing that her doctor in Ipoh advised her to see a specialist in UH. Upon examination, my mother was diagnosed as having “retinal detachment”, it was serious and should be corrected as soon as possible.

So the next day, she was admitted into the hospital and was immediately operated on. The surgeon had to make an incision into her left eye and insert a small gas bubble to put the retina back in place. Was it painful? Oh dear… it must be! My mother was crying and was holding tight to our hands (me & my brothers) the moment she woke up from the anesthetic. I couldn’t bear to see her in pain like that.

It took her two weeks of “face down” after the operation to make sure that the retina is properly engaged in its position. Alhamdulillah, she’s ok now and only need to visit the doctor one last time this Friday. She could see clearly now and doesn’t need to use her glasses anymore!

One week after that, my husband pulak was admitted into the hospital. It started with a tooth ache on the night my mother was admitted into UH. That night, he complained of a severe pain on his lower left molar and went to see his dentist the next day. He was given a filling but the pain didn’t subside.

The next day, he drove down to JB for work. Since the pain was still there, he went to see another dentist in JB, who took out the filling to release the pressure and prescribed him with antibiotics and pain killer. He said he felt much better, but it was still painful.

On Friday, he came back to KL and reached home at 1 am. At 5 am, he woke me up and asked me to send him to the hospital because he couldn’t stand the pain anymore. His face was swollen and so was the part underneath his tongue. I’ve never seen him in such a situation before!

Upon reaching the hospital, the MO on duty advised him to see his dentist as he couldn’t do anything about it. At 10am, we went to see his dentist at Gleneagles who immediately admit him because she feared the swelling might block his windpipe. He was quickly put under drip and that began the episode of my husband’s 7-day stay at the hospital.

He was operated on Monday, 3rd August. The dental surgeon had to remove the abscess first to stop the swelling. One cut underneath his tongue and another one just under his chin. The one underneath his chin was left open with a rubber tube attached to it to allow the abscess to drain out after the surgery.

Kesian dia.. tak boleh makan apa. Cuma minum air for two days. Everyday I stayed with him at the hospital. He was released on Friday, 7 August and was given MC for a week. Gigi yang sakit tu had not been treated yet at that point of time.

Last Thursday, we went to see a root canal specialist (recommended by his dentist) to see if the tooth could be saved. Upon x-rays and what not, he said the tooth could not be saved because there was a crack evident. It had to be extracted, no choice.

And so my husband was admitted again last Saturday. The extraction had to be done under GA because the surgeon said it was going to be painful. Plus he had to suture the old wound, both inside and outside the mouth. Poor guy… had to go under GA again for the second time in two weeks!

The operation went well but my husband said, it was more painful than the first one. Nak buat macamana, yang…. Sabar je lah.

For someone who loves eating good food, my husband finds this a real challenge for him. I feel sorry for him when I saw him eating just soup and barley water instead of a good piece of steak that he loves so much. Tho’ he managed to cheat a little to satisfy his craving, it was not the same, he said.

The doctor said tak payah pantang apa, he can eat anything he wants but slowly. So yesterday, he had nasi lemak for breakfast and when my MIL heard about this, she gave me a long lecture on why I shouldn’t give him nasi lemak!

Lessons learnt:

1) Always go for your dental check up, don’t skip or wait until sakit baru nak pegi
2) Always have spare cash for emergencies like this, or make sure you’re covered by insurance.
3) Be very patient. Dealing with a sick husband is not an easy job. Dia nak lebih manja sikit.
4) Dealing with your MIL when your husband is sick is even trickier. Always take a back seat whenever she’s around. Never show that you are a better nurse than her.

Before I end this note, I just want to say that my cat, Austin, was also hospitalized on the same day my husband was first admitted at the hospital, for swelling on his face due to a cat fight. Muka dia sekarang dah berjahit sana sini!

And my SIL (my youngest brother’s wife) has just been admitted to the hospital this morning coz she’s expecting a baby anytime soon.

When it rains, it really pour, huh?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dinner with K.Teh & MA

I’ve been away from blog-land for a long, long time. Ada banyak nak cerita, tak tahu mana satu nak start.

Last week, MrNordin was hospitalized for 7 days! The longest ever anyone close to me was admitted to the hospital. Why? He had a swollen face as a result of a tooth ache. The surgeon had to do a slight incision on his lower jaw and underneath his tongue to drain out the abcess. That must be a painful procedure! He was put under GA and was knocked out for a good 5 hours! Kesian my baby…After the operation, he couldn’t eat anything solid for 2 days, only barley water and soup.

I stayed with him at the hospital for 4 nights. The traveling from home to the hospital and office really took a toll on me. Letihlah lari sana lari sini! Jaga orang sakit ni bukannya senang. I wonder how my mother does it. Every time my dad or brother was admitted to the hospital, she would insist on staying with them, day in day out. No matter how hard I try to tell her to just go home and rest, she would politely refuse saying that, “Kalau mak balik nanti, kalau apa2 jadi pada ayah, siapa nak tolong?” “Alah, nurse kan ada mak? “Ish, nurse tu bukannya nak layan kita sangat..” That’s her rationale. So I would just leave her there even though I know it must be tiring for her.

Anyway, he’s resting at home now. The doctor gave him another one-week MC. This is a rare opportunity coz he’s hardly at home more than 3 days in a row! I shall cherish this moment!

Dalam suami sakit2 tu, sempat juga I berjumpa some of my new blogger friends. Initially, I was invited to K.Puteri’s dinner do at Lake Club last Monday but I couldn’t make it coz my husband was in the hospital. I was a bit disappointed but I was thinking, well… perhaps the timing was just not right. Maybe next time.

But as luck would have it, I received a call from K.Teh on Thursday evening, asking me if I could join her for dinner organized by MA on Friday night. Since MrNordin was going to be discharged that Friday afternoon and the location was just so near my house, I immediately said yes! I wouldn’t miss a chance to meet K.Teh!

So I arrived at KDE just after 8pm. MA was already waiting at the dinner table with her 3 children. I have met MA before, at the same venue, but with another person (Nek Rock). Shortly after that, K.Teh arrived with her niece, Anedra. “So, this is the famous Kak Teh!”, was my first words to her. Again, I had the same feeling ~ it felt like we’ve been friends for a long time. She is a very sweet lady and very bubbly. Now I know why she is so popular!

Conversation took off as if we’ve just met yesterday. Diselang seli dengan gelak ketawa dan cerita2 yang menggeli kan hati, I had a good time. As I sat there in the company of MA and K.Teh, I reminisced about those early days when I used to read their blogs silently every day.

I like to read MA’s blog because she is so sensible in her thinking and approach to life. What she writes make a lot of sense to me and I enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations of her life and her impromptu trips with her 3 children. Sometimes I shed a few tears and sometimes I’d be laughing out loud reading her postings, but I never left any comment. Segan lah, she’s such a high-profile blogger! Until after I started my own blog, then only I was brave enough to leave a comment and was I glad to find out that she’s actually a nice person.

One day she e-mailed me and said she spotted MrNordin as the pasar! Hee.. hee… then I realised that she must have noticed my blog too. We exchanged a few short e-mails after that about children’s tuition etc, but we only met when Nek Rock came back from the USA for a holiday. It was a short meeting but my first impression of her at that time was, “She’s a no nonsense kind of woman!” Indeed, she still is.

But after meeting her the second time around, I noticed something else about her. She’s very kind and cares a lot for her friends and family members. She made sure our meals were ok, that we’ve had our coffees and that we were having a good time in her company. At one point, her youngest son was feeling somewhat tired listening to us crooning to the oldies in the karaoke room, she decided to send him home first and re-join us later. She took the trouble to do all that for us and I was very grateful.

And K.Teh, everybody knows who K.Teh is. I was introduced to her blog the same way I was at MA’s. I enjoy reading her stories in London and her love affairs with her cats. Her pining for her mother would make me cry, but her stories of yesteryears would never fail to make me smile.

What I find so fascinating about K.Teh is her ability to remain cool, calm and collected in all her comments and postings. And she will reply ALL your comments although she has 50 or more people commenting on her blog! She appeared to me as a very thoughtful person and full of compassion. Every time I see K.Teh leaving a comment on my blog, I’d be smiling the whole day coz she made me feel special.

So that night as I sat there with these two wonderful ladies, I couldn’t help feeling special. There I was having dinner with K.Teh and MA, the two bloggers who I admire most from the very beginning, and it just felt so unreal.

Thinking of the days when I was just their silent readers, I couldn’t help feeling lucky for I can now call them my friends. ..