Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Wedding Story

My BIL has finally ended his bachelorhood days when he uttered the lafaz akad nikah to his beloved wife two weeks ago. This was followed by a wedding reception on the bride's side the very next day, and last Friday was the reception on our side. Tiring, but fun.

And that explains my long silence.

The newly weds after akad nikah

My husband was the chief coordinator for his youngest brother's wedding. I played a supporting role. Organizing a wedding of this size is no joke but with the help of many relatives and friends, I think we did pretty well.

Personally, I think weddings are over-rated. The planning took months, the money spent was exorbitant, and for what? Just for show. I've been to so many weddings before this, from the one where the Agong was the guest of honour to the one which had the whole ballroom transformed into a secret garden from the Middle East. Very extravagant indeed...

But at the end of the day, as the guests took their leave, it would be just another wedding. Perhaps, it's the bride and groom who would cherish all the pomp of their wedding day. But do they? Or is it the parents?

Long before I got married, I'd never dream of a big wedding. All I wanted was a simple nikah and right after that, I'd getaway with my new husband to our honeymoon destination. That's it. But I must be joking, right? My mother would disown me if I did that! So, I agreed to a small reception at home in Ipoh, but even then, no merenjis what-so-ever. Although it was just a small wedding, we are still happily married to this very day. So who's to complain?

Bottomline is, no matter how big or small your wedding is, you must do it according to your own means. Ukur baju dibadan sendiri, kata orang. Kalau disebabkan nak buat majlis yang besar2an kita kena berhutang sana sini, baiklah tak payah. Orang datang, dah makan pulang. Kadang2 tak sempat pun jumpa pengantin. Yang kita ni, lepas tu nak menanggung membayar hutang. Buat apa? Baiklah duit tu digunakan untuk keperluan selepas kawin.

That's my take on it lah...

But, if you had the financial means, by all means, buat lah se-grand mana yang dikehendaki. Panggil lah Permaisuri Agong sekali pun, who cares (but still, I don't believe in inviting a royalty to your wedding because it should be kept as a family event. Unless you pun memang kerabat di raja, lain lah cerita). Tapi kalau tak ada, buatlah secara sederhana sahaja. Jangan nanti, rumah dah siap, pahat pun berbunyi. Enough said.

Anyway, back to my BIL's wedding.

My dear friends, SW and her husband, had agreed to become the MC for the evening. I think, that made the event somewhat special for me. They did a very good job, very cool and composed, despite the lack of practice. Both looked resplendant in blue and I believe after this, they would receive many offers to become the MC for important events.

Usually, all weddings on MrNordin's side of the family would be MC-eed by this lady who has always held that position for as long as I can remember. But for Yem's wedding, we were determined to make a difference and that's when Shila and Jab came into the picture. I've never seen them doing an MC job before, but I had a feeling they could do the job. So when I SMS Shila while she was still on holiday in Japan and she said Yes!, I was elated.

And true to my expectation, they did a very good job indeed. Even Yem complimented them by saying, "They are cool, huh?" So there you are, Shila! Next time boleh charge! Thanks again to you and Jab. It was lovely!

Bab2 yang lain tu, biasalah...

My MIL is happy that her youngest son has finally settled down. My new SIL is now staying at my MIL's house. Hee... hee... I wish her all the best! As I hugged her and said, "Welcome to the family!", deep inside I wished she would be strong and not easily affected by what's coming.

Perhaps she won't have it so bad, but even if she did, I'm determined to help her in anyway that I could coz that's what a SIL is for, right?

Enjoy the pictures!

MrNordin the Chief Coordinator

Shila and Jab

With Shila and Gina

The MCs at work

The Pelamin

With FIL, in dark blue

Pengantin Tua No. 1

Pengantin Tua No. 2 (hee.. hee...)