Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Nadira – has decided that she wants to go to AIMST. After much soul-searching, fact finding, site visits and haggling with JPA, she decided AIMST is the best for her.

We visited the campus last Sunday, I must say it is very grand ! New buildings, modern facilities… we were very impressed. No doubt it is far from KL, but it’s a nice place to study.

I think she’ll like it there. Sg. Petani is not that bad either. Quite nice, have several decent shopping complexes. The only concern her father has is she may come back speaking English with an Indian accent. I think, she may get herself an Indian boyfriend.

The registration date is 15th July 2009. I will miss her, definitely...

Nabila – is at home, finishing the last few days of her semester holidays. She did quite well in her last exams, qualifying her on the Dean’s List.

I’m not bragging but I think she has done pretty well in college. So unlike her primary/secondary school years when she was quite happy just being an average student.

These days, I could see that she worries over her exams or course work whereas previously, she really couldn’t be bothered. I’m happy with the changes she’s made and I hope she’ll stay that way.

Nadim – baru lepas kena marah pasal Report Card. Don’t want to go into details but he has promised to change. PMR is in October. I hope it’s not too late to do a crash course for all the 8 subjects.

Nizzar – went for his first movie outing last Thursday night. We went to watch Transformers. The older kids loved it but I think it was a bit overblown.

I couldn't concentrate much either because I was busy watching over the little boy who managed to befriend a girl and was happily playing catch right infront of the movie screen.

Even in the dark he could spot a girl, what can I say about that...?


Photo: Courtesy of Nabila's FB

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Then and Now...

A friend uploaded an old photo from our university days in his FB…

Look at me! I look so young!

International Night (UKC, UK 1989)

I must have been 21 when this photo was taken. My face still look very tight and the skin.... oh my, still very firm.

Now, 20 years on, I can see that I've aged. Muka dah nampak tua... badan dah makin mengembang... no longer "bergetah" as before.

L to R: Friend, SIL, Friend, me (at BIL's engagement Jun'09)

Sigh... I'm depressed. How do I get back my youth?

Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm writing from KLIA. No, I'm not going anywhere. Just waiting for MrNordin to arrive from JB.

I haven't been here in a while. The last time was in March last year, I think.

Instead of picking him up from KL Sentral as I usually did, I decided to drive to KLIA from work just now. Using the new Maju Expressway, it shouldn't take that long to reach here.

True enough, it wasn't that long. I took a slow drive, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way with Phil Collins crooning on the radio. I passed by places which I never knew existed. As the sun was coming down, it was indeed a beautiful feeling.

Why do airports make us feel that way? As I approached the huge billboads nearing KLIA, that feeling of excitement suddenly came rushing in.

Seeing all those cars dropping off passengers at the "Balai Perlepasan" made me wished it was me who were travelling tonight. Seeing all those happy faces as they greeted their loved ones who were waiting for them at the "Balai Ketibaan" made me wished it was me who just came back from a holiday.

Unfortunately I'm not, and I have to be contented with just waiting here at Burger King for my husband to arrive. With their RM10 prepaid internet card and a cup of black coffee, I'm quite contented indeed.

Ok, he has called and is here already. Ciao!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We have blocked Ceria TV program on Astro. My little boy has been picking up "bad" words from Hagemaru.

Nizzar loves to watch TV programs on Ceria and his favourites are "Geng Bas Sekolah", "Tom Tom Bak" and "Hagemaru". Sometimes ada Ultraman, he watches that too.

Of late, I've been hearing him say strange words like "Berjaya!", "Ba*g**g!", "B*d*h!" which is so uncalled for. Every time he said these words, sure kena marah by either me or his siblings. I was wondering where he got to know these words, rupa2 dari si Hagemaru.

Last night, I was watching Hagemaru with him. I've never actually watched the whole thing in one sitting. Actually, kelakar jugak cerita tu. No wonder anak2 K. Ezza suka tengok cerita ni. I mengekek2 ketawa! It's quite ba*g**g, actually... tapi funny! Hee.. hee... (see the kind of things I have to watch these days?)

Anyway, since I want my boy to pick up English as well, I've asked the older kids to block Ceria until further notice. Now he can only watch the English programs like Mickey Mouse, Pocoyo and such. He used to love watching these cartoons before, but after he discovered Ceria, terus tak nak tengok Disney Channel.

But now he likes "Power Puff Girls" pulak! Alamak... Nizzar... you're a boy lah!

One more thing, he also likes to watch "Indah" on Astro Awani (or Oasis, I'm not sure). This one I know is from my maid. That boy can even sing the song by heart! "Malam ini...... ku sendiri..." If he was happy, he'd be singing this song in full version. No joke!

To distract him from all these "non-educational" TV programs, I'm teaching him a new song:

"Papa ku pulang dari kota.... Papa ku belikan kereta....."

Hee.. hee... he loves the "Pon! Pon! Pon!" bit!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He drives me crazy

I have a problem. My little Ultraman always want to buy something new whenever we go out to the shops.

Since he can now form sentences, he has been pestering me to go to the shop every day and buy something for him.

Mummy, jom pegi Speedy!

Mummy, jom pegi kedai!

Mummy, nak pegi situ!

Mummy, nak pegi sini!

And he knows what to get at each place we visited. If at GE Mall, he'd run to Speedy without anyone's help and pick-up an Ultraman toy. If at the mamak shop near our house, he'd hover near the toy area. If we passed by Ampang Point, he'd say, "Baby nak pegi sana. Nak beli Ultraman!" Nampak KLCC, nak pegi KLCC because he knows there's a toy shop there!

Aiyoo... pening!

When I told him, "Mummy tak ada duit!", he would answer, "Ada!"and he'd korek the coin box in my car or my purse for loose change. "Haa... ni duit ada!". 10 sen. Tak boleh beli apa, Nizzar.

His definition of "duit" is just the loose coins. He still doesn't know that the red and blue paper notes are also money. Thank God for that!

Now, I try to avoid all possible areas yang ada jual Ultraman. But it's hard because even Petronas stations pun sekarang dah ada jual Ultraman!

What should I do? How should I handle this situation?

I cannot reason with him because he still don't undertand reasoning. I can trade the Ultraman for something else, but later, he'd ask for it again and again, tak berhenti2 sampai I naik rimas and in the end, I'd buy the thing to make him keep quiet.

I can't possibly be doing this everytime he pulls a stunt like that. How should I make him stop? Alternatively, how should I stop giving in to his requests? He's driving me crazy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Engagement

Let's side track from my daughter's predicament to something more enlightening ~ my BIL's engagement. It went well. Alhamdulillah...

We left KL very early on Saturday so we could reach Seremban in time. Unfortunately, due to an accident involving 4 cars just after the Seremban rest area, we had to endure a longer than expected traffic jam on the road. A good 45 minutes from there to Seremban! Sheesh!

But the kids while the time away by watching 80's music video which MrNordin had just bought from JB. I didn't bring Nizzar because he was not well. Infact, MrNordin and I were not feeling that great either that Saturday morning ~ all 3 of us had caught the flu bug. But kenalah gagah kan badan... takkan tak pegi pulak?

The engagement ceremony was held at Spanish Villa, a condo dwelling somewhere in Seremban. The girl's parents rented the common hall there to accommodate the big crowd. From their side, there were about 100 people, and from our side, there were about 50, or more. I didn't count, but there were 12 cars in the rombongan meminang. So there were many.

My husband was the spoke person from our side. This is the second time he became a juru cakap. The first time was during a cousin's akad nikah in Mukah, Sarawak. Just goes to show he's becoming more "mature"...

He did well, was quite nervous at first but after while, he was ok. The jurucakap from the girl's side was her Pak Lang, an old timer and a very seasoned speaker. He started off with a pantun, so my husband dah mengelabah!

Nasib baik we all dah prepare some pantuns the night before, but they were meant for the penutup majlis. Alah... pantun "Dua tiga kucing berlari.." and "Kalau ada jarum yang patah..." je, mana tahu pantun-pantun yang lain. So hentam je lah! Hee.. hee.. berpeluh jugak husband I!

But it all went well in the end. Akad nikah will be held on 3rd October, after raya.

My BIL is now a happy man. Soon he will become a married man. Should we congratulate him or offer him condolences?

Hee.. hee.. just kidding! Enjoy the photos!

The happy man

Waiting to go inside

Walking up the stairs

My husband, the jurucakap

Pak Lang in pink coloured baju

My MIL and her soon-to-be new besan (on right)

Sarung cincin

Part of our rombongan

The happy man's fiancee

Hantaran dari perempuan

Hantaran dari lelaki

Mr & Mrs Nordin

Dua orang pengangkat dulang hantaran

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Visit

We went to JPA this morning to make inquiry. It's true, she will be sent to AIMST. I asked the officer in-charged if the keputusan is "muktamad" and she answered me with a firm "Yes".

So, no chance to appeal to go overseas. She said even if we got it, it'll be Russia or Indonesia. I think, in that case, better study here.

From what I gathered, my daughter didn't get the overseas scholarship because of our income bracket. According to them, students are assessed based on 4 criterias: 1) exam results, 2) co-curicular activities, 3) interview session, and 4) family background.

The first 2,000 students who met the criteria would be sent overseas whereas the next 2,000 would be sent to study at a local private institution. For Nadira, I think she scored highly for the first 3 but the fourth one pulled down her overall rating. Hence, she's given a place to study locally.

Besides AIMST, there are 3 other places where JPA send their students locally: Sunway College (Monash Univ), Sedaya College (in Subang) and Cyberjaya. We're going to appeal for Sunway/Monash. At least it's closer to home. But the officer said chances are slim coz a lot of people are appealing. We'll give it a try anyway. Kalau ada rezeki, dapat. If not, my daughter is quite resigned to the fact that she has to do her Medical degree in Kedah.

Although we are not delighted, we looked at it positively:

1) At least she got the scholarship. Out of 100,000 applicants, only 4,000 were given scholarships. We should be grateful for that. Nak finance sendiri, tak mampu. And she doesn't want to do any other courses.

2) Upon many inquiries (sampai peninglah malam tadi), my daughter said AIMST is not that bad. The lecturers are mostly from India and the level of teaching is quite good. I guess, this is just like studying Medicine in India, only done here in Kedah.

3) Her objective is to complete her Medical degree as soon as possible. After that, she plans to specialize and for this, she could go overseas. Masih ada peluang ke luar negara.

My husband and I are quite relieved that she is quite firm in her decision. And she wants to give is a try. Kalau dia yang jenis mati2 nak pegi overseas jugak, susahlah we all.

When she asked me just now, "Are you ok with me studying locally?" It just broke my heart. I wish we could send her to the UK to give her a chance to experience life in a foreign country but our hands are tight.

We have to admit that times are hard and it's very competitive for students to do Medic in good countries like UK or Ireland. Those who got the overseas scholarships must be well-deserving and we are not challenging JPA's decision.

Perhaps, like what some of you said, there's a blessing in disguise. Perhaps there's a silver lining somewhere... I don't know.

But I know for a fact that wherever she goes, she will do well. I only hope she'll be happy with the new living environment and she won't be too depressed to study.

So, what we're going to do now is appeal for Sunway/Monash. And this weekend, we are going to Kedah to check out AIMST!


(subject to my husband's willingness to drive up North at the end of school holiday)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Nadira has been offered to do Foundation Study at AIMST University in Kedah. What the h*** is this place? Does anyone know or have any inkling at all about this university?

From what I read in their website, it's a 1-year foundation course after which, the student will continue doing a 5-year Medical degree at the university. How credible is this university in churning doctors?

I have no clue...

Err... it looks like my daughter does not get the JPA scholarship to study abroad. They are only sponsoring her to do local.

I'm a little disappointed. We are looking at other options.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Jalan-Jalan di Masjid India

My brother in law is getting engaged this Saturday. No, not to that girl who I tried to match make him with, but to another girl. She's very young, barely 25, I think. And my BIL is 35 this year.

I've met her twice, both times with her family. She's nothing like my BIL's ex-GF who was very stylish and classy. This one is very simple. I think my BIL won't have much problems with her. So is my MIL.

This girl pakai tudung, so that's a plus point for her in the eyes of my MIL. Now my SIL and I are under pressure to wear the tudung!

Anyway, for the engagement, the hantaran will comprise 9 dulang from the girl's side and 7 dulang from the boy's. On our side, 7 men have been selected to become the pengangkat dulang hantaran, including Nadim. My BIL wanted something different for his engagement, hence, let the men carry the dulang hantaran.

During our mesyuarat tergempar last Monday, it was decided that the pengangkat dulang hantaran shall wear red. Since my dear boy tak ada baju melayu warna merah, I had to go and buy one for him.

So just now during lunch time, we all went to Wisma Yakin to look for the baju. Me, Nadim, Nadira and Nizzar. I asked Pak Cik Mat to drop them off at my office since I'm working today and so off we went to Jalan Masjid India.

Best jugak pegi Jln Masjid India at this time of day. It was not too crowded, so we didn't have to bergasak2 dengan orang ramai. We went to the first shop, saw one nice red one, Nadim tried it on, it fitted him well and we took it. Then I saw another nice red baju melayu for the little one and I bought it for Nizzar. It cost me only RM147 for both. So cheap!

So it looks like this year, the theme colour for our baju raya will be red. I shall now hunt for red kain/baju for the girls. Yeay! I love red!

Lepas shopping, we went to Insaf for briyani. Huuu... sedapnya! I used to frequent this place many years ago sampai mamak kedai tu dah kenal lah I. Every Saturday, after work, sure datang sini makan. The briyani rice is out of this world.... so is the mango juice. Yum! Yum!

I think, of all the nasi briyani in town, I like this one the best. My husband likes Bismillah's (at Jln Semarak), but I think Insaf's better. The rice at Insaf is so much tastier. It's simple, tak banyak spices, but the taste is all there.

After that hearty lunch, we went to Gulati's and Maya's to tengok2 and pegang2 kain. There were some lovely ones, but we didn't buy any. We need to take our time in choosing the kain, so I told Nadira, we'll come back again.

Oh well... I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Day at The Zoo

I was on leave yesterday. It felt so nice waking up late in the morning and not having to rush out of the house by 7am to send Nadim to school. I just took my time, didn't have any plan for the day except for a 2-hour massage later to soothe my aching body.

I tossed and turned in bed while watching Mickey Mouse on TV with Nizzar. The little boy was very happy to see me next to him when he woke up. Finally got out of bed at 9.30am as I remembered I had to send Nadim to his Kelas Tambahan at 10.30 am.

So I hit the shower and was ready to go by 10am. I pooled everyone to come along so we could have breakfast together.

After a hearty breakfast of roti canai at Dharbar, I was thinking, "Apa nak buat ni?" I had about 1.5 hours to kill before I pick up Nadim from school at 12.30 pm. So I thought, "Let's go to the zoo nak?" It was so nearby anyway.

My maid was pretty excited but Nadira was a bit sceptical, "In this heat?" I told her I'm sure they have shades.

So off we went. Hee.. hee... me in my heels, Nizzar in his selipar jepun! So tak plan!

As it was still quite early, there were not many people around. We took the tram ~ didn't want to hurt my feet walking long distance, did I?

The little boy was pretty excited when he saw the elephants and giraffes. We saw one or two tigers, a bear, some monkeys, rhinos and hippos, zebras.. and that's about it. The tram driver told us the animals were mostly asleep as they just had their meals. Oh well... that explains the empty cages.

The last time I visited the zoo was in 1999, a good 10 years ago. Nothing much have changed since then, the animals' living conditions are still the same. Sometimes I feel sorry for the animals at our zoo. If you've visited the Singapore Zoo, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Considering the droves of people who visit the zoo especially during school holidays, I'm sure the authorities can do something about it. Make the place more lively, add more animals and attractions. The animals at our zoo looked so bored!

Nevertheless, the zoo is a great place for family outings. I only wish it is given a new life.

We didn't take any photos as we didn't bring our camera. But near the zoo entrance, there is a place where you can get your photos taken by a professional photographer for a fee. We did just that, and my husband was surprised with what he saw, "You all pegi zoo?!" He couldn't believe his eyes.

With a little pony

"Alla and ular" (as Nizzar says it)