Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Nadira – has decided that she wants to go to AIMST. After much soul-searching, fact finding, site visits and haggling with JPA, she decided AIMST is the best for her.

We visited the campus last Sunday, I must say it is very grand ! New buildings, modern facilities… we were very impressed. No doubt it is far from KL, but it’s a nice place to study.

I think she’ll like it there. Sg. Petani is not that bad either. Quite nice, have several decent shopping complexes. The only concern her father has is she may come back speaking English with an Indian accent. I think, she may get herself an Indian boyfriend.

The registration date is 15th July 2009. I will miss her, definitely...

Nabila – is at home, finishing the last few days of her semester holidays. She did quite well in her last exams, qualifying her on the Dean’s List.

I’m not bragging but I think she has done pretty well in college. So unlike her primary/secondary school years when she was quite happy just being an average student.

These days, I could see that she worries over her exams or course work whereas previously, she really couldn’t be bothered. I’m happy with the changes she’s made and I hope she’ll stay that way.

Nadim – baru lepas kena marah pasal Report Card. Don’t want to go into details but he has promised to change. PMR is in October. I hope it’s not too late to do a crash course for all the 8 subjects.

Nizzar – went for his first movie outing last Thursday night. We went to watch Transformers. The older kids loved it but I think it was a bit overblown.

I couldn't concentrate much either because I was busy watching over the little boy who managed to befriend a girl and was happily playing catch right infront of the movie screen.

Even in the dark he could spot a girl, what can I say about that...?


Photo: Courtesy of Nabila's FB


mumsie said...

ehem! ni my maiden comment in your blog...
i think the children are doing great because you have been great!!

busymum100 said...


The kids have a great mum in you, definitely!

Don't worry about your big son. He'll come to his senses one day, just like his eldest sister. And I'm sure it won't be too late.

BTW, I called you earlier today because I need to know the year arwah left us. We are making some compilations as a prep for the 30th anniversary gathering this saturday.

wanshana said...

All the best to Nadira. I'm sure she'll be just fine wherever she decides to pursue her studies at.

And congratulations to Nabila! Keep up the good work.

And don't worry too much about Nadim. There's still time, and normally they'll be alright on the day, insya Allah.

As for Nizzar - what can I say? He starts young, doesn't he? Hahaha! But, as always - that was just so cute of him :)

MrsNordin said...

Hi Mumsie,

Thank you! I think, most of it come from their own effort. My role is just to nudge them here and there so they keep on track. It's quite a relief that two of them have made it to universities. That's quite a big milestone for me.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Busymum,

Sorry I couldn't pick up your call yesterday because I was engaged with someone else. But when I returned your call, your line was busy pulak.

Anyway, she died in 2001.

30th anniversary? Oh my! That must be a big do!! Have a good time!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for your kind wishes.

I'm not as committed as you are when it comes to looking after my children's education ( your mock exams and all..). That's why I'm quite glad they are doing quite well in their studies. As parents, that's all we ask for from them, right..?

Kitchen Guardian said...

All credits go the the mummy!!!Next time we can make a trip to SP and AS together gether!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Nordin,
You still have time to consider other options for your daughter.
I have a niece who is studying pharmacy at AIMST and she's doing well there, but she still yearns to go overseas for her second degree.
She told me most of her classmates are Indonesians, its the lecturers who are mostly from India.
When she compares notes with her friends who are doing the same subject at several IPTAs, she finds out that what she's learning at AIMST is far advanced.
And the other thing is, if you say that JPA rejected your daughter's application on the basis of your income bracket, than that means both you and your husband can afford to send her abroad.
If you're willing to invest a little bit, I'll tell you what a few of my friends have done in the past.
Send her to do ALevel, SAM, or ICPU, etc at local private colleges, it will take between 1-11/2 yr to complete it, then apply to do medic overseas, Aust, UK, Ireland, Cairo, etc.
With a good first year results, then apply for a loan from MARA or JPA to continue with the subsequent years.
It's easier this way because not many will be clamouring for this kind of financial help as compared to fresh SPM qualifiers.
I hope this will help, good luck.

MrsNordin said...


Yeay!! I think I'll be going up North more often from now on!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Aminah,

Thanks for your kind advise.

Actually, we have considered that option as well. Infact, she has gotten a place to do A-Levels in KL. But after due consideration, she feels its best that she does a one-year foundation course and straight away do her 5-year Medic.

Local or overseas doesn't really matter now. What is important is she completes her degree as soon as possible and then go on to practice. Later when she decides to specialize, she could try for an overseas posting.

One of the doctors we spoke to has this to say about her choices, "Do you want to become a doctor or go overseas?" She chose the former and that answered her question.

I wish her all the best wherever she is and thanks again for your concern.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have wonderful children - and the little boy is so so cute!


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

Mrs N...
tak kisah lah di mana Nadira nak belajar..yang penting ialah semangat nak belajar dan berjaya patut di puji...

Nadeem tu you jangan risau sangat..budak lelaki ni lambat matang tau...asal kan dia jangan lupa pasal pelajaran dan terus maju...selalu nya kalau kakak2 nya dah berjaya, dia akan berusaha lebih lagi....terus kan lah berpesan pesan..
And to untraman kecik to....hmmm sekarang ni nak tukar title tu...romeo kecik kot!!!

UrbAnWiTch said...


to Nadira, good luck - make the best of your university life.for me, it is by far the best time in my life!study hard and play hard!

to Mrs.N,
my youngest bro in his secondary years was a headache for my parents. he didnt want to do h/work,did not study and even failed at subjects like history.
when asked by my dad cam mana sejarah pon leh fail? - his answer was selamba jer.. 'malas la nak baca ..geram pasai pa sultan2 semua asyik kena tipu..macam bodoh sgt'

but then my dad told him that he is very smart and unfortunately in this country there is no other way to prove that without scoring in exams.otherwise there is no other way..he improved later, and he is now in UITM Shah Alam.

Nway,my dad also did asked him if he likes to cuci longkang.. hahahaa..

kem salam kat Ultraman Romeo kay..

Kmar said...

Goodluck Nadira!! Congratulations to Nabila and as for Nadim... he still has time to improve. Insyallah he will follow his sisters footsteps.

As for your chubby Ultraman... he.he.. dia tu kan prince charming... for sure girls go after him laaa...

MrsNordin said...


I think, the little boy will become a ladies' man. Hee.. hee...

Dia pantang tengok budak perempuan (sebaya dia lah), he would go up to her and start a "conversation" (in their language lah).

I find that very amusing. Quite a charmer, that one!

MrsNordin said...


Iyalah... that's why I malas nak bising2 dengan si teruna tu. I hope he'll pick up what he has missed soon enough to enable him to get good results in the exams.

MrsNordin said...


Dah try dah tactic your dad tu, but he still doesn't get it. Hopefully he'll realise it soon enough, before it's too late.

p/s Ultraman Romeo masih tidur when I left the house this morning!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for your kind wishes!! Prince charming... hee.. hee... besok dah besar, pening!

lilinbiru said...

akak, next time sampai lagi SP do call!! can belanja u minum!!

MA said...

Nadira is a very sensible girl, I can see that. She will make a fine doctor one day, Insya Allah.

My boy pun macam your son gak - so now what I do is to keep on bagi motivation talks to him ( I find that talking while driving around with him helps cos he has not choice but to listen!)..

Hopefully the kesedaran will kick in sooner than later...

Lyana Mauseth said...


That area mmg very peaceful...i like the place around here...tenang je hati ni...

our eldest pun tak dapat scholarship dr norway walhal dia mmg straight A's student...pelik la...but he insisted to go US blajar helicopter pilot...poket pak usop koyak rabak teruk jugaklah sponsor dia...but alhamdulilah, now dah habis, tgh cari keja....

MrsNordin said...


Hi! You pun dari SP? Great! Then we all can meet up when I go there on the 14th. Nak jumpa kat mana ya? Hee.. hee... I tahu Pelita je kat SP tu! And The Store (coz these are the two places we visited when we were there last Sunday)

MrsNordin said...


Dulu I selalu jugak beri nasihat kat Nadim on the way to his school. But now I dah senyap. Letihlah cakap benda yang sama hari-hari. I think his father does that now when he sends him to school.

Btw, kesian abang... hee... hee...

MrsNordin said...


Wah... anak you dah nak kerja! That's great! Anything for the children, kan? Koyak rabak pun, koyak rabaklah... apa nak buat... Insya'llah, it'll pay off.

The area near AIMST tu is indeed very nice and peaceful, as you said lah. Ada sawah padi, Gunung Jerai... tak de lah stress macam duduk kat KL ni!

I hope I'll be able to meet you the next time I'm there. Cheers!

jabishah said...

Hi Mrs N,

The kids owe it to you. As for Nizzar... you owe it to him. That cheeky face has various ways to entertain his mom ;-)

tireless mom said...

Good luck to Nadira. Nizzar is getting cuter and cuter, macam emak dia masa kecik dulu kot. It will be JB and Sg Petani. That's quite a challenge. It is worth it, no worries and stay cool.

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for your kind words.


Now that you've said it, JB & Sg Petani, wow !!

When the girls go to their respective colleges in 2 weeks' time, there'll be just me, Nizzar, Nadim & the maid. MrNordin will be commuting JB-KL as usual. I never thought this will happen in my family...

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UrbAnWiTch said...

i want a baby to cheer me up..

lilinbiru said...

akak...sp tu dekat je
near tesco ada village mall yg quite ok and not too many crowd, ada starbuck, secret recipe segala.
x pe...email je bila nak datang

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Salam MrsN,

I pun tak berapa gemar dgn Transformers la..too much special effect. But one thing for sure, I saw my hubby terbeliak mata menengok Megan Fox on the bike...hahahahaha

Have a wonderful week ahead, madam..

Royalshoppingarcade said...

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