Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not So Little Boy Anymore

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. I believe it’s still not too late for me to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Nizzar is turning 6 this year. My God! How time flies! I keep on telling him to stop growing and stay 5 forever.

When he asked me why, I said, “So I can still manja-manja with you and you will always want Mummy..” He gave me a long sigh..

That boy is becoming more talkative these days now that he knows how to form full sentences. Every day when I come home from work, he would wait for me at the door and enthusiastically persuaded me to play “Teacher, Teacher” with him.

“Teacher, Teacher” is a role playing game where we take turn to become teacher and student in our imaginary classroom. Most of the time, he would emulate his teachers or friends, and this is one way for me to find out what actually happen in his class.

I like it best when he plays the teacher. He would imitate his teachers’ stern warnings, instructions and activities to the tee and I would always end up laughing at his antics. We would sometime play this game when his Atok and Opah (my parents) come visiting (Atok & Opah become new students) and they would be so impressed with his acting skills that they would almost always buy him a toy the day after.

He can speak English quite fluently now, thanks to the school. When I first sent him there last year, he spoke mostly in Malay but now I’m quite happy to hear him speaking in English quite confidently. Every now and then, I would hear him say a new word like “DEFEAT”.. “SHARING” (quite big words there, I think), and will talk non-stop until he falls asleep at night.

Just this morning, when I woke him up for school, he looked at me with his eyes half closed and said, “I’m sure your friends will like what you’re wearing today”. I said, “Are you sure? Do you like my baju?” He nodded and said, “Very nice, Mummy...”

Hee.. hee… how not to melt like that? Even my husband doesn’t pay me such compliment anymore these days. Nasib baik ada budak kecik tu. My morale booster! Hee.. Hee..

And our parting words?

See you later, alligator…”

In a while, crocodile..”

Remind me of his daddy when we were courting.. :)