Monday, April 28, 2008

PeterPan - Tak Bisakah

This video is not from the concert, but it's their video clip for Tak Bisakah. Enjoy it!

Konsert PeterPan


We went to see PeterPan at Stadium Negara last night. Yeay!! For those who don't know, Peter Pan is a top Indon band, with songs like "Tak Bisa kah", "Mungkin Bila Nanti" and a few others.

Well.. I'm not really a big fan. I know a few of their songs only, but the girls in my house are crazy over Ariel PeterPan. Since the company I'm working with is the main sponsor of the event, I got us 4 tickets and off we went last night, leaving the little boy under the care of his father, brother and uncle. So last night, there were Three Men and and a Baby at home, while it was The Girls' Night Out for us ladies! Hee.. hee...

The last time I went to Stadium Negara was to watch Michael Jackson in 1998, I think. Even then, I'm not so sure whether it was at Stadium Negara / Merdeka. The crowd was not bad, the stadium was quite full. Sampai je kat situ, we saw punyalah ramai orang Indon! Entah dari mana2 datang nya. Dengan rambut mengerbang (rockers lah katakan..), T-shirt hitam, duk bersidai kat luar nak tunggu masuk. But they all okay lah... MrNordin was quite worried if the crowd would be rowdy, but tak lah. They were quite behaved and was just there to have fun.

The crowd

Bergasak they all menari kat bawah! Dengan bawak banner and posters gambar Peter Pan. My girls (Nadira, Nabila and the maid) pun bergasak jugak melompat2 menari everytime Ariel start singing a new tune. I... sikit2 je. Those songs yang I tau tu, I turut serta lah. Yang selebihnya, duduk je lah... :)
But I think they had fun. I'm glad they enjoyed it. But of course we should never let my MIL know about this because sure kena lecture punya. "Si Yati... bawak budak2 pegi tengok concert... dengan si Sri sekali... apa nak jadi ?? Neraka tu!" Hee... hee... So we got it all under covered.

The girls

Friday, April 25, 2008


"Nadira, is it Ibu Anda or Mak Anda?" Nadim asked his sister.

"Ibunda lah... mana ada Ibu Anda or Mak Anda!" exclaimed Nadira.

"Or, Bonda" I heard someone said.

"Bonda? Hmm.. quite cool, huh?" said Nadim.

Then, I heard him calling out to me, "Bonda, sila kan masuk!" (I was just coming into the house after relaxing on the buaian depan rumah).

I smiled. I thought it was funny, but at the same time, it sounded quite nice.

"Why don't you call me Bonda?" I suggested. "I think it's nice, sounds very royal."

"Ya lah, very royal!" said Nadim.

So last night, that young man kept on calling me~ Bonda.

(Nadim used to call me Mummy, but recently, he changed it to Aunty Yati. I never asked why. Maybe he thought it's not cool anymore to call me Mummy now the he's somewhat "older" ~ turning 14 this Oct.)

Nadira wasn't very convinced. She thought it's a bit weird to call me "Bonda".

(She calls me Aunty Yati from Day 1).

Nabila ~ she gave no opinion on this.

(She used to call me Aunty Yati before, but since Mother's Day last year, she started calling me Mummy. I was so touched by her gesture.)

So now I have one child calling me Mummy, one ~ Aunty Yati, one ~ Bonda (but don't know how long this is gonna last..) and one ~ Mama.

The little one calls me Mama tho' I'm trying very hard to make him call me Mummy. I know he could say the word very clearly but he just refused to say "Mummy". If he could say "Daddy" and "Baby" very well, what makes you think he cannot say "Mummy", right?

But everytime I told him to repeat after me ~ "", he would instead say, "Ma Ma !".

"Mum.. my!", "Ma Ma!"

Very stubborn, that boy... :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ma Ma.... Ba Ba...

It rained again this morning. Ahhh... nice. I like it when it rains, especially at night. Bliss... Great ambiance for love making.

I couldn't really sleep last night tho' I was very tired. The night before, I only managed a 3-hour sleep ~ thanks to the "the rain" (wink!). So last night, I tried to retire early. After fetching the kids from tuition, I headed straight for the bed; and that was 10pm.

But of course I couldn't sleep, could I? The little boy was running around the room (he recently developed this habit of doing a sprint across our room everytime after I changed him into his PJs) and MrNordin was watching "Friends" on TV (very loudly). The light was turned on full blast.

To avoid the distraction, I ran into the TV room and tried to sleep there. I couldn't. Within 5 minutes, MrNordin walked in and asked me to go back into bed. So, off I went into the bedroom again. By this time, the little boy was busy emptying the contents of his toy basket and throwing things across the room. I was still tossing and turning in bed, I was just so restless...

This went on for about an hour or so. At about midnight, MrNordin came up to bed, but that little boy was still not sleepy. I pulled him onto bed and forced him to lie down next to me, but he refused and sneaked out of bed again to play with his toys. I was so irritated by that time. Kita dah lah mengantuk, budak ni tak nak tidur pulak! I cubit dia dua tiga kali, tapi dia buat derk je...

Last-last, I gave up. I told myself, biar lah dia main sorang2, nanti when he's tired, surely he would come up to bed. So, I turned off the lights and pulled my duvet, leaving him alone on the floor. MrNordin by that time dah terlelap. The room was very quiet for a while, and very dark.

Suddenly, I heard a little voice calling out, "Ma Ma..... Ba Ba..... Atuk.... Opah.... A bang.... Ka kak !" That boy was doing his name calling game, sorang-sorang. I wanted to laugh! MrNordin said, "Shhhh..... be quiet". He took a peep at the little boy and saw him lying on the sofa infront of our bed, staring at the ceiling while chanting out all his siblings names. All this, in the dark.

Hee.. hee... kesian...! He couldn't sleep and no one wanted to play with him. So, he amused himself with that game ~ something which we'd normally play before he goes to sleep.

Upon realising that we were still awake and watching him, he quickly hopped into bed and lied next to me gleefully. I tepuk2 bontot dia and sang to him a few songs with my eyes shut. It took him quite a while juga before he finally dozed off. And when I looked at the watch, it was already past 1 am.

I don't know how long this bad sleeping habit is going to last. It all started when he turned 23 months old. Before this, he usually slept at 9.30pm or 10pm, max. Now, pukul 1 pagi baru nak tidur?! Mampus lah I...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Siti Nurhaliza - Fantasia Bulan Madu

Today's Utusan Malaysia praised Siti's performance during the Anugerah Planet Muzik last Sunday. She sang Search's Fantasia Bulan Madu. I did watch the program that night, but didn't see her sing. Now after seeing it on YouTube, I think it's superb!

For those who didn't get to see her that night, please watch this video. There were some technical glitches, but they didn't affect her brilliant delivery of the song. Even Amy Search was moved!.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Siti Nurhaliza. She's a good singer alright, but I wouldn't go to her concert or buy her albums. To date, I've only bought one ~ the one released before she got married.

With all the critics surrounding her controversial marriage and her recent tudung-clad fashion trend, she's become even less popular in my favourite singers' list. Well... the tudung thing, is one thing that I don't understand. Kalau nak pakai, pakai lah elok-elok... macam Kak Teh pakai ke, Busymum pakai ke... or WanShana ke... kan elok. Ini sekejap macam ni, sekejap macam tu! I think she's all confused. Still trying to find which style suits her best.

But after hearing her sing this song, I've a change of heart. I think, despite what people say about her, she's still the best. Her voice is still unchallenged by others.

So today, Siti has gone one step up my favourite list. Kudos for Siti!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dikkie & Blackkie

A friend in Spain sent a photo of her cat, Dikkie. (Drool, Cat People.... drool...!!)


Dikkie was adopted from the RSCPA in Holland when he was a kitten. He's 14 years old now, very fat and very spoilt. He snores in his sleep and doesn't care much for the world. He dreams of catching birds.

He had a pal named Blackkie. Blackkie was found in a farm in Belgium. She used to help Dikkie with the grooming because the latter was plain lazy.

Unfortunately, Blackkie had left the family home some 3 years ago and had never returned. She is sadly missed by my friend, her husband, kids and cat pal Dikkie.

Blackkie (late)

To Kmar, thanks for sharing these pics. We know how much you miss your cat... but I'm sure she died a happy cat....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stories from Lunch

I just got back from lunch with my girlfriends. These are friends from school dulu ~ D, I & L. We were together in the same dorm from Form 1 right up to Form 5. We meet whenever the opportunity arises and this lunch was one of those opportune times.

Whenever we meet like this, topik perbualan will surely revolves around 3 things : 1) husbands, 2) other friends, and 3) school days. Ok, just to give a bit of a background of these ladies:

D is a Company Secretary at one of the major foreign banks in KL. She has a husband who is always very suspicious of the guys who call her eventhough these guys either 1) have been friends with her for eons, or 2) are married with children and have no other intention to speak to her other than bertanya khabar. She was one of those girls who wore kain senteng and pom-pom socks to school, very popular and had many "boyfriends". But now, she has mellowed down quite a lot. Pakai tudung, and looks just like any other middle-aged married woman. I guess marriage does that to all of us...

I is an architect. She runs her own firm. She lost her husband during a landslide some years ago which wiped out her whole house and killed some of her family members, including her mother. She now lives with her father and 3 children who survived the tragedy at the exact same spot where the old house used to be. She has not re-married (I don't think she ever will, not in the near future at least) and is happy doing what she's doing right now. She is another popular girl in school; played basketball, pandai menari & menyanyi, and had a crush on one of our band instructors when we were in Form 4 (that was a major crush, ok?!).

As for L, she's currently attached to one of the construction firms in KL. This girl was quite low profile when we were in school. Tak banyak kerenah... boyfriends pun tak ramai masa tu. But after she left for Canada, we heard so many juicy stories about her. Her strings of boyfriends ranged from Puerto Rican to Canadians. Black & white! Terror makcik tu!! She came back much later than any of us and married this very nice malay chap 10 years older than her. I think he straightened her up. They now have 3 beautiful children and lived in Sg Buluh.

We had lunch at Rain Nuddle in Pavillion. Very nice food! I'd recommend it to all who wants to bring their family / friends for Thai food.

D was telling us that her husband has been in contact with his ex-GF lately. Ok, this ex-GF was a very old GF. They knew each other even before he met D; since primary school lagi. One day, D saw several SMS sent by an unfamiliar name in her husband's HP. Our friend was not happy lah, so she asked him to remove the girl's name & phone no. from his contact list. So he did, it seemed. But last week, D's HP had some problems and she wanted to use her husband's HP to make a call. Scroll punya scroll, it turned out, the ex-GF's name was still in the contact list, but it has been altered so as to not raise any suspicion on the wife's front.

So apa lagi, our friend pun mengamuk lah. You know why? Coz the ex-GF is still not married, still single. That's a big threat, right? When our friend asked him why he still kept the number even tho he said he had deleted it, he said he kept it " that nanti kalau nak contact pasal reunion ke, senang tahu nombor...". Hee... Hee... I thought that was funny! They were together in PRIMARY school, ok. Any reunion that he was thinking about would most probably be his primary school's reunion. Kinda strange, isn't it? Jarang2 kita dengar orang buat reunion for primary school friends!

And this came from someone who'd get jealous everytime a guy calls his wife, or sent an e-mail to his wife, about work or other trivial matters. Tch... tch... tch.... it's so unfair.

Anyway, we were just laughing away about this. Men are so typical. When it comes to us, semua tak boleh. But when it comes to them, macam2 alasan untuk membolehkan keadaan! Letih lah nak gaduh dengan they all pasal ni... membuang boreh iyo! (bak kata orang negori sembilan)

Then I told us about her last moments with her late husband. We were complaining about our husbands' late night coffee/teh tarik outings when suddenly she said, "Let them go.... don't make a big fuss about it." Huh? Why, we asked.

She said, the night before the dreadful incident, her husband had told her that he wanted to go out and meet a friend for teh tarik. This was during bulan puasa, after terawikh. She was not very happy because she wanted to spend sometime with him. He went out anyway, despite her protest, and returned later after she had gone off to bed.

She said, when he came into the room, she heard him say "Assalamualaikum". She replied, albeit hesitantly, because she was still angry with him. Their 10-month old baby cried, and so he picked him up and sat on a chair next to the bed. They still did not speak. My friend continued sleeping and he dozed off on the chair.

At 5am, the alarm clock went off for sahur. She woke him up, but he didn't want to get up as he said he was still sleepy. My friend was pretty annoyed ~ "Tu lah, malam tadi keluar lagi, sekarang kan dah ngantuk?!" she said in her heart.

Then it happened ~ the LANDSLIDE. In a blink of an eye, the avalanche wiped out her family home and took away her husband's life. She didn't get to say goodbye, she didn't get to say sorry. He's gone ~ just like that! Just a few hours ago, he was still around, the next thing she knew, he was gone ~ pinned under a concrete pillar that was stripped down by the landslide.

No wonder when we first met her at the hospital right after the incident, she kept on telling us, "Jangan gaduh2 with your husband... always make peace. Nanti you'll regret it!" She kept on repeating the same thing. We didn't know what she meant at that time, but now we do.

After hearing that, we didn't know what to say. We felt sorry for her and at the same time, we felt how lucky we are to still have our companions. I is a very strong woman. She was 4-months pregnant when it happened, but she lost the baby eventually a few months after the incident. I think it's fated and for the better as well. I don't think she can have the baby alone because he/she will always be a reminder of the past, and it's going to be painful.

So, MrNordin, I think after this, kalau you nak pegi Nescafe tarik tengah2 malam pun, pegi lah yang. I tak marah. I tak nak menyesal di kemudian hari, macam cerita Intan. (But this general consent is renewable every 6 months, ok?)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Love Affair with Cats

Note to readers: For cat lovers only. Non-cat lovers may find it hard to comprehend the posting.

We have 5 cats at home: Austin, Budin, Patsy, Footsy and Nemo. Austin & Budin are my cats (they came along with me after I got married) ; Patsy, Footsy & Nemo are MrNordin's cats. So, besides step children, I also have step cats.

My love affair with cats started in 1999 when I found this small kitten, all shrivelled and wet, near the lift of my apartment as I was returning home from work. It was raining heavily at that time. He was meowing loudly outside the lift and I felt sorry for him instantly as I thought he could be hungry or cold. I've never liked cats before that. I mean, we used to have several cats at my mum's house when I was younger, but these were mostly strays which just walked into our house and they overstayed. I've never actually kept a cat on my own as a pet before that because the thought just didn't cross my mind.

Anyway, with this small kitten, I was hesitant at first. I just left it there and went straight up to my apartment because leceh lah bela kucing ni, kan? Duduk kat apartment pulak tu. But as I was going up, I couldn't stop thinking of the poor kitten. When I got into my apartment, I still thought about it (Kesian kucing tu... Entah2 mati karang kena langgar kereta..). I thought about him all skinny and wet, and tak dapat makan.... kesian... So I decided, ok let's go down now. If the cat is still there, I'll take him in. But if he's not, then it's not meant to be.

So, I went down the lift again and as the door opened, I saw him there, still meowing out loud near the lift. And was he glad to see me! That's it! I must take this poor fella home coz otherwise, he would die. So I brought him up to my apartment, gave him some food, and from then on, I just fell madly in love with my new found furry friend.

I named him Austin because at that time, Austin Powers was showing at the local cinemas. He was a very active cat when he was young. He loved running around the house and liked to bite people's hand. And he was very manja with me but garang with everybody else. No one else dared to touch him! I don't know how he get to become so aggressive, maybe because he was all alone in the apartment with me, so he didn't like strangers. He doesn't like kids particularly because they make such loud noise. My friend's kids used to say, "Aunty BJ, your house is very nice but your cat is EVIL !"

Well, evil or no evil, he was still my darling. I always looked forward to seeing him waiting for me at the door when I came home from work. It's like having your own kid happily greeting you at the door. If I was late, he'd still wait up for me patiently at the door until I came home. If I had to go outstation, he'd mogok tak nak makan until I returned home. He was the apple of my eyes...

Austin & Me

After Austin, came Justin. He was a skinny kitten I picked up from a petrol station, on my way back to Ipoh. Again... kesian punya pasal, I took him in because the pump attendant told me his mother had abandoned him there. Justin was a sweet, adorable cat. He was very cool, and hardly caused any mischiefs. This cat, at one time, had jumped off the balcony of my 11th floor apartment to catch a bird, and it survived. It was a miracle! He was.... SUPER CAT! Unfortunately, Justin has passed on. He died at a clinic in Ipoh due to stomach upset after eating some poisoned food at the back alley of my mum's house in Ipoh. My mum was devastated.

(sorry, no picture of Justin because during his lifetime, belum ada camera phone).

After Justin, along came Budin. I found him at one of the food stalls in Sri Hartamas, running around from one table to another, looking for food. What attracted me to this cat was, he had no tail. It had been cut off (or so it seemed) because he was bleeding profusely behind. Oooh... I felt so sorry for him! Who could be so cruel to do that to him? Or maybe he has had an accident... I don't know. So I brought him back, thinking that I'd take him to the vet and later after the wound had healed, I'd return him to the gerai. After two weeks, the wound healed alright but the cat stayed on with me. He was my lucky cat because just after I took him in, I got a job with this current employer (after taking one-year off to study).

Why the name Budin? My mother wanted a Malay name for the cat so she senang nak panggil kucing tu. I thought Budin was a cute name. It is cute, just like the cat himself. Budin has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). He can't stop licking his hair because he thinks it's forever dirty. If you touched him, he'll quickly lick that part clean. Kadang2 tu habis dia gigit2 bulu dia sampai togel! The vet said, he has mental disorder. This cat has had a tooth pulled out and he is so fat. He just can't stop eating! If we all went for a holiday and left extra food in the cats' bowls to last 2-3 days, he would finish them all up in one go (then the rest of the days, tak ada makanan). That's why when we all came back from our holiday, Budin would most definitely become fatter!


Austin & Budin love to eat durian. Whenever we buy durian, they'll eat with us. Sometimes we'll buy some just to give them a treat. They can eat 3-4 ulas at one go, ok? And they know how to eat. Habis licin bijik tu! The other 3 cats, tak suka.

Budin is MrNordin's favorite cat whereas Austin was my baby (before Nizzar). The other 3 cats in the house are not so manja and they are quite happy minding their own businesses. Before Nizzar, Austin & Budin used to sleep with us. When we watched TV, Austin would sit on my lap whereas Budin would sit on MrNordin's lap. Memang macam baby betul lah! Everything about us at that time was the cats (besides the kids, of course). Every month pegi vet, sakit sikit, bawa pegi vet, demam sikit, bawa pegi vet. In my handphone, semua gambar kucing!

But now after the baby, the cats have become second class citizens in the house. I can't afford to manja them like last time anymore because i was afraid the cat's hair would cause allergic reaction to Nizzar. I know Austin is yearning for me to pick him up and cuddle him like before, but I just can't do it. It just doesn't feel the same anymore. Kadang2 tu, bila nak masuk bilik, he would wait for me at the door so that he could go in with me, but obviously I wouldn't let him in. Kadang2 tu kesian jugak tengok kan dia. Murung je muka dia.... the case of "kurang perhatian dan kasih sayang..."

I guess that's why Austin tak suka Nizzar. Dari dulu sampai sekarang, he doesn't like that little boy no matter how much he tried to make peace with the cat. Dah 2, 3 kali kena cakar dah. Every time he sees Nizzar away from my sight, he would quickly try to jump on my lap for a cuddle. Bila budak kecik tu datang balik, he would of course gets very annoyed. Talk about competition, huh?

Budin is more gentle. He'd offer himself to be bullied by Nizzar. At the same time, they make good friends. Sometimes I see when Nizzar was sleeping, Budin would go near him and sleep besides that little boy. Other times, when Budin was about to sleep, Nizzar would offer Budin his water bottle (just like how I would give him his milk bottle before he goes to sleep).

Cats... they are such adorable creatures. Sometimes I feel sorry for them now that I don't spend much time with them anymore. The most is, "Hi Austin!", "Bye Austin!" as I was coming in or going out of the house. I can't even remember when was the last time I picked them up for a cuddle. It's quite hard to juggle the time and attention for these cats when the little boy is ever so handful. Nanti dah pegang kucing, tak boleh pegang baby. Kena wash up and so forth, leceh...

I feel like giving the cats away, tapi tak sampai hati pulak coz they've been part of the family for a long time. Austin has been with me for almost 10 years now, Budin ~ 8 years. I have raised this issue before, but was met with silence from MrN and the kids. I know they don't want to get rid of the cats but they are not helping with the cat litter and clean up either. These days I noticed that the cats have been pissing incessantly around the house. On the cushion, in the study, under the chair... merata! Geram betul I! This has never happened before and MrNordin thought they needed attention.

Seriously, I don't know what to do with the cats. Kalau seekor, boleh tahan lagi. Ini sampai 5 ekor! Kesian pulak tengokkan diaorang. Has anyone been in the same situation before? Care to share your cat story with me?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rumahtangga: Perkara2 yang membuat Suami Bengang

1. Memperkecilkan suami dihadapan orang lain antara sedar dan tidak walaupun ianya benar, eg. "Hubby i tu kan kan .. memancing ikan pun dia tak tau.. bla bla bla.. "

2. Menganggu suami dengan menelefon dia terlampau selalu sangat dan selalu dimasa yang salah, eg. "Hello, abang ada meeting ker tu, sorry la cuma nak cakap..malam nih kita goreng taugeh dan tauhu cicah sos tomato jer ..ok tak? "

3. Terlalu suka mengemas rumah / mengalihkan barang sampai suami tak jumpa barang-barang yang disimpan beliau.. ie. "Kita dah simpan pancing tu kat dalam stor, entah la ikat kat atas palang mana satu.."

4. Mengambil muka surat atau bahagian tertentu dari surat khabar dan menyusun surat khabar dengan cara yang amat salah..sampai tidak dijumpa mana-mana seksyen yang hendak "Bang, sport section tu ayang dah buat bungkus buah papaya....dah mengkal merah dah.."

5. Memotong mana-mana bahagian majalah dan juga suratkhabar atau apa-apa bahagian dari mana-mana printed matter sampai berlubang sana sini dan si suami tak sempat baca/tengok "Eh, kita suka la news pasal TV plasma tu..kita dah potong simpan..."

6. Menyuruh suami agar membeli itu dan ini dalam perjalanan balik dari opis sedangkan nak pergi pasar/supermarket cuma esok sahaja atau baru semalam telah ke pasar. ie. "Bang.. semalam kita tersinggah spa, lupa beli garam, gula, beras dan susu budak kat TESCO sebagaimana dalam list....boleh singgah tak mana mana ..pleaze? "

7. Tidak memberi arahan/instruction yang jelas kepada suami bila menyuruh dia membeli sesuatu dan kemudian memarahkan/menyalah kan suami. ie. "Saya kata beli susu cair dan ising gula, apasal awak beli susu dugro dan gula getah ... kan lain tu!!"

8. Membuat temujanji dan aktiviti sosial tanpa mendapat persetujuan suami terlebih dahulu ie. "i dah confirm malam Jumaat nih nak party tupperware kat rumah cik minah,you tak ada program tahlil kat mana mana kan ?? "

9. Mengubah barang, tempat buku atau tools atau apa-apa setting di PC tanpa memberitahu suami. ie. "screensaver u tentang gambar 80 kilo marlin dengan you tu i dah tertukar jadi gambar Farhin Ahmad..."

10. Bercakap/bersembang di telefon dengan kawan-kawan sewaktu malam selepas 10 pm bilamana nak beristirehat dan ber...ber... .ie. " pot pet pot pet pot pet pot pet pot pet pot .."

11. Menjemput tetamu atau sesiapa sahaja datang kerumah tanpa izin suami. ie. "malam nih i jemput lina dan anum datang dinner rumah sebab hubby dia orang outstation, ok kan kan kan"

12. Berpakaian kusut masai dengan t-shirt terkoyak dan kain batik lusuh dan rambut tak terurus serupa langsuyar dan muka tak bermekap serupa mayat dirumah... tapi cukup segak dan cun bila nak keluar rumah. ie. "..oh baju-baju cantik tu cuma untuk ke kenduri kawin dan dinner jer, kat rumah pakai coli koyak pun dah cukup seksi kan bang .."

13. Mengambil masa yang cukup lama bila bersiap macam pengantin bila nak keluar kemana-mana dan membuatkan suami tertunggu dan terus tertidur. ie. " sorry la i tak tau baju kebaya mana yang paling jarang so kena pilih betul betul .."

14. Dengan sengaja atau tidak sengaja terlupa menyuruh maid atau diri sendiri membasuh atau mensterika baju atau seluar yang telah dipilih untuk dipakai dihari berkenaan. ie. " eh baju tu masih berendam dalam besen lagi..nak pakai jugak ke baju basah tu.."

15. Dengan sengaja atau tidak sengaja menyebelahi anak anak bila suami sedang hot dengan budak budak " biarlah budak budak tu pergi ladies night, bukan nak tinggal rumah kawan dia tu seminggu.."

16. Tidak suka mandi dan bersiap awal pada hari cuti dan hanya bersiap bila nak dekat asar sahaja. ie. "...nak mandi buat apa awal awal bukan nak pergi jalan jalan mana pun.."

17. Suka melengah lengah kan masa bila nak bersolat berjemaah atau beribadat dengan melencong ke dapur, bilik budak budak atau buat benda benda lain. ie. "..awak solatlah dulu, saya nak abiskan rancangan Melodi nih.."

18. Mengganggu suami yang sedang tengah tengok tv. ie. "pasukan hijau kuning tu sampai mati tak akan dapatkan Kaka, mari tolong saya potong ayam nih.."

19. Asyik bercerita tentang diri sendiri tanpa memberi peluang pada suami untuk bercerita jugak. ie. " U tau tak kat opis tadi, i rasa nak massacre client tu u tau tak.. then lagi, waktu balik tadi nasib baik opis boy tahan I ..then lagi tak tak ...then today.. then tadi..u tau tak...semalam u nak tau....bla bla bla bla."

20. Membebel dan berleter tak renti-renti tentang hal-hal yang amat kecil dan di ulang tayang semula tiap tiap hari. ie. " I dah kata jangan kasi budak budak tu prepaid, kan sekarang dah ...bill.. bla.. bla.. bergayut bla bla bla bla...ini semua salah you"

21. Memfitnah dan menuduh suami tanpa usul periksa. ie. "Eh cik abang, awak nih ada affair ke? Apasal sms beep beep beep tak henti henti nih...GRO universiti mana pulak awak nak nih..."

22. Menceritakan hal rumah tangga pada orang lain dan memburuk-burukkan suami @ keturunan suami @ asal usul suami. ie. "..eee U tau tak hubby i tu makan makanan petai jeruk.. eeeii peliknyer!!"

23. Dengan sengaja atau tidak, gagal memasak masakan yang suami nak makan. ie. "..Apasal u tak cakap tadi kata u nak makan gulai kari dan rojak pasembor...i dah masak pai daging dan spaghetti kambing .."

24. Meminjamkan harta-benda suami pada orang lain tanpa kebenaran. ie."..Adik u datang tadi nak pinjam berus gigi, sebab dia punya dah rosak.."


25. Sengaja melengahkan untuk masuk tidur tanpa sebab-sebab yang munasabah di malam Jumaat. ie. "..You tidurlah dulu, i nak habiskan tengok drama Susuk nih dulu then nak masak nasi lemak siap siap untuk breakfast dan nak masukkan pakain dalam laundry then kemudian nak kacau dodol....."

(Hee... hee..... No English translation, sorry!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Review

It's Monday. Sigh.... I hate Mondays. The weekend passed like a blink of an eye.

Let's see, what did I do over the weekend?

Friday night ~ MrNordin balik lambat. He had a company's function at Le Meridien. I took the kids (minus Nadira, who is in UAI for inter-school debate competition) and the maid to KLCC for dinner. We had Burger King. Yummy! First time I had two burgers at one go! Either I was really hungry or the Whopper was really nice. The little boy also seemed to enjoy his food (much to my amazement!). Went home, knocked out.

Saturday ~ Woke up at 7.30am; had to send Nadim to school for his silat & Kelab Fotografi. MrNordin was still sleeping. I saw him came in last night, but I was too sleepy to notice the time. When I got out of the bathroom, we was already up in bed. "Hi B.." he said. "Hi.." I replied. "Come here..." he said. I stepped up closer, and as I reached the edge of the bed, he pulled me into his arms. "I miss you..." he said. I paused. "I miss you too..." I said, holding him tight. I really did miss that guy!

The afternoon was spent at Pertama Complex. The little boy was in tow as well. MrNordin had his cigarette lighters repaired, along with my BIL. After that, we went to Great Eastern Mall for a meal and bought cat stuff from Pet Wonderland (my cat Budin, now has a habit of peeing at a corner of our living room. It stresses me out! MrNordin said the cat craves attention which has been lacking ever since I had Nizzar. I don't know...)

The night was spent lounging in front of the TV watching AF. This year's contestants suck big time! While watching, I gave MrNordin a massage. He fell asleep half way through it. When he got up, he said, "Jom keluar..." We met up with my two BILs and SIL at Craven for supper. Another cousin joined in later. Got home almost 1.30am.

Sunday ~ The maid cooked nasi lemak for breakfast. Nice! MrNordin pegi kubur in the afternoon with Nadim. I did my own facial at home. It rained at about 4pm. Went to Kg Baru to buy kuih. Goreng pisang panas ~ on a wet Sunday evening, memang best! MrNordin's aunty came to visit at about 7pm with her husabnd. Sembang2 over coffee and kuih, the night ended at almost 1.30am, after a late night supper at Old Town Kopitiam in Taman Melati.

What a weekend...

A Day at the Salon

Last Friday, I had my hair done at A Cut Above in MidValley. It's long overdue, and since I had some free time on Friday, I decided to get a trim and new colour. My last visit was some 6 months ago (so you can guess my hair's condition) and what do you know? My stylist, Florence, is 7-months' pregnant! Had I delayed the visit, I probably wouldn't be able to catch her until after her confinement! Geez... that's a long time.

I've known Florence since the year 2000. We first met by chance, one evening before Valentine's Day, when I was strolling in the shopping mall with Mdm Tai Tai, looking for Valentine's gift (we do that every year, when she was still in KL). We had decided to get our hair done and so, dropped by this hair saloon for a wash & blow. That's when I met Florence. She was the one who did my hair and eversince that day, she's been doing my hair whenever the need arises.

I like her cut. No one else understands my hair like she does. There were times when I tried to get a cut from someone else, but I'd always end up going back to her for repair because I didn't like what they did.

Anyway, this posting is not about Florence. As I was waiting for my hair color to set, guess who who walked in? Samy Vellu! Yes, that Samy Vellu! He just walked right in and took a seat two chairs aways from me. I think, he had a hair touch up.

You know, actually he has quite a full set of hair (maybe that's the hair implant) except at the back where there's a small bald patch. Other than that, it looked quite normal like anybody else's hair. I just don't understand why in the picture, his hair looked so fake. (maybe it did but I didn't stay until they finished blowing his hair, so didn't know the final result).

Anyway, he was quite chatty and friendly. When I was coming out of the cubicle where they washed my hair, he came in. Our path crossed. I smiled at him and nodded my head, and he returned my smile. I thought that was nice of him.

I figured he must have a lot of free time now to sit in a salon for 2-3 hours for a hair fix. While waiting, he played with his handphone, just like anyone of us would, and chatted with his stylists, in full bahasa malaysia.

MrNordin asked me to take his picture, but tak nak lah. Not when his hair is all covered in coloring and dishevelled like that. Kalau after it finished, maybe... but by that time, I had already long gone.

A day in the salon with Samy Vellu... that's my claim to fame!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bali Honeymoon

I was reading a friend's blog this morning about her holiday in Bali (here). This brought back memories to my last trip there some 4 years ago, for my honeymoon with MrNordin.

Okay, my dream honeymoon destination was actually New Zealand. But due to unfortunate circumtances, we had to cut short the distance and opted for Bali instead.

Both of us had been to Bali before, albeit with different partners. He ¬ with his late wife and children; whereas moi ¬ with my girlfriend. He stayed at Jimbaran Bay whilst I stayed at Nusa Dua (not at the same time, tho').

So, for our honeymoon, we wanted it to be something different from our previous trip. You know... it was OUR honeymoon (well... my first, and his second), so it had to be special for the two of us. So, we decided to stay at a slightly unique place, somewhere we've never stayed before, and hence chose Ubud for it romance and artistic village.

This desire to do something different was also translated into our choice of accommodation. Instead of going for the normal hotels, I wanted to stay in a villa with an open-air bathroom concept, right smack on a paddy field somewhere in Ubud, for a unique honeymoon experience. MrNordin agreed saja... Jenuhlah mencari dalam internet, last2 we found this nice cosy bungalow/villa known as Agung Raka in Ubud. The place looked lovely, the price was reasonable, and so we quickly booked our 4D3N honeymoon through our travel agent.

I was so looking forward to stay at this place. When we arrived at Agung Raka, it was slightly drizzling and we were greeted by this very nice man who ran the place. We had to cross a paddy field to get to our bungalow, and wow... I thought it was really cool. There were about 25 bungalows all together and they were gorgeous (from outside).

The first bungalow that he brought us to (the Kingdom Suite) was really huge, but it was pretty bare. No TV, no radio. I was thinking, how to survive without TV? So, we asked for a different one and was taken to the Honeymoon Suite, which was slightly smaller but had TV.

As I started unpacking, I felt a bit apprehensive about the place. It was too quiet. The bungalow was quite barren, there was no hair dryer, the TV was black & white... it was nothing like a 5-star hotel, more like a rumah kampung (you know what I mean?). But since we had booked the place, we had to try and make the best of it lah, kan?

But the truth was finally revealed that evening when we were going out for dinner. I saw all the other bungalows were in darkness. There was no single light on! I thought maybe the occupants had all gone out for dinner, but when we returned, the situation was still the same. The only lights I saw was the one coming from our bungalow. The rest were in total darkness!

There was no light along the pathway either. A security guard had to guide us infront with a torch light. Imagine walking through a paddy field in the middle of the night with sounds of frogs croaking left, right and centre! I was very scared!! In the midst of it all, it suddenly dawned on me that we could be the only occupants of that place that night! Arrrghh !!!!

So, sampai je kat the bungalow, we locked up all the doors and windows and remained on the upper floor where the bedroom was. I was so afraid of ghosts. You know... Bali kan ada banyak bad spirits.. Baca lah segala macam ayat. The funny thing was, the bathroom was downstairs. So, everytime nak pegi toilet, kena suruh MrNordin tunggu I betul2 kat depan bathroom door (and I didn't close the door, ok?). And as I carried out my business, I dared not look up for I was so afraid I would see something else. Ya lah, dah nampak langit je & pokok2, siapa tak takut?!!

Phew... that was one hell of a night! The next day, we quickly packed up our bags and called a cab. No way was I going to stay another night! MrNordin said: But we've paid for the 3-night stay? Don't care! Let it burn! Let's find somewhere else more civilised! So, we made some phone calls and managed to get a suite at Sheraton Laguna in Nusa Dua. Haaahh... that was when my honeymoon really began...

As we were checking out of Agung Raka, we spoke to the Manager (who were quite upset that we were leaving in a hurry). He told us that the place was mostly frequented by old-aged people for meditation purposes. That time of the year, memang low season, that's why tak ramai orang. (Hmmm... now only you tell me... No wonder tak ada TV!). We left anyway, and said goodbye to him.

Moral of the story: Don't try to be overly ambitious with your holiday plans. And don't trust what you see on hotels' websites!!

For more pictures of Agung Raka, go to

The Honeymoon Suite

Agung Raka bungalows at night

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Apa nak masak malam ni?

That's always the question that bugs me everytime the clock ticks past 5 pm. The most dreaded question: Apa nak masak malam ni?

If it's just me, I'm quite happy with eating nasi panas2, telur goreng and kicap (menu masa zaman bujang dulu... :). Maybe throw in several pieces of cucumber with Maggi tomato sos, yum ! yum! Tapi bila dah kawin ni, I can't think for myself only, can I? I have 4 other people's eating preferences that I have to consider before deciding what to cook for dinner.

First, the kids. Nadim ~ he's quite a fussy eater. He doesn't eat fish, veggies, or mee-related dishes. If these are set on the table, he will just eat a little, if nothing at all. Tapi kalau ada ayam or daging masak kicap, he can wallop 2, 3 plates at one go.

Then there's Nadira ~ this girl is quite flexible in her food choices. Tak kisah apa saja, dia boleh makan. Quite adventurous, too in trying new food. Masakan kampung dia suka, Western pun dia suka. Our food tastes are almost similar, so I don't have much problem with her. Only thing is, she takes a special kind of rice coz she's diabetic.

The little boy? He is such a fussy eater! I'm having problem getting him to eat because he just refused to eat his dinner. He'd take maybe 1 or 2 suap, then he'd go "Naa... nak!" and go play. I always get very frustrated when I see this. He's so skinny. His weight hasn't changed that much from 6 months ago and he's now almost 2 years old. Budak ni pun suka makan ayam. Oh, and he loves tosei & curry as well.

Then there's the father of these 3 kids. He would go, "I tak kisah apa2...". But when he comes home and sees something that he doesn't really fancy, he'd go, "I tak nak makan lah tonite. Perut I sebu.." .

I have never done that. Whatever is served for dinner, I'll make it a point to eat it altho' kadang2 tu I tak suka sangat benda tu (eg. kids' macaroni & cheese). Orang dah masak susah2, makan je lah, kan? Budak2 pun sama. Kadang2 tu dah beriya2 masak kat dapur, suddenly they all makan sikit saja. Siapa tak hot?! Macam malam tadi. Beriya I masak tom yam lah, ikan & ayam goreng, sayur masak lemak ~ sikit je they all makan. Sungguh tak berbaloi!

So tonite I'm gonna say, "I'm not cooking. Eat whatever there is left in the fridge or kitchen!". Or if I ada mood baik sikit karang, I'll go and get some pasta for them. My husband is not coming home until tomorrow, so we all boleh makan simple2 saja.

It's tough being a mother, huh? Itu baru nak decide apa nak masak. Belum lagi masuk bab sekolah, pakaian, tuition, and teenage tantrums. Lagi pening... :(


In the end, the menu for last night was fettucini carbonara. I went to get the stuff from the supermarket and asked the maid to cook it. They loved it! (except for the little boy who just played with the pasta noodles!)

Sleep Tight, Baby...

I woke up early this morning, at 6am, coz I had to send Nadira to school. On normal days, MrN would do the job, but since he has left for JB last night, I had to send her off instead.

I washed my hair, segala benda, got ready, and just as I was about to leave the room, the little boy got up. Alamak... dia dah merengek pulak... minta tepuk... It was almost 7am already. So I tepuk tepuk his bump so he dozed off again, but it was not that easy. His hand was clinging on my hair and baju (tho' his eyes were closed), and whenever I tried to pull away, mata dia terbukak. Waaa..!!! He'd cry!

Macamana nak tinggal kan ni? So I tepuk-tepuk dia balik, he fell asleep, but the moment I pulled away, he'd get up again. Dah dua tiga round macam tu, tak boleh jadi. So I called my maid and ask her to come upstairs. He screamed the moment he saw the maid, and berjujus-jujus airmata keluar when he saw me stepping out of the room! Poor baby... Sedih sungguh nak tinggalkan dia bila macam tu...

Half-way to school, I felt like turning back so I could hold him again and lull him back to sleep. Tapi, semangat kena kuat. I was sure after I left home, he would have gone back to sleep. So, there's no need to turn back.

Sleep tight baby.... Mummy misses you...

In his cot at 10 months old

Monday, April 07, 2008

Ghost Story

Have you ever seen a ghost?

MrNordin told me this scary story that happened at the hotel which they stayed in PD last week. I shall not name the hotel, for fear that it may have to close down very soon. Suffice to say, it's a nice 4-star hotel with a golf course attached.

On Friday night, they all congregated in one of the staff's room for a massage after a tiring game of paint ball during the day. They called-in this blind-man masseur from Seremban, and everyone took their turns, including MrNordin. The room was facing the golf course and it was pitched dark outside as it was quite late already, after 11pm.

Suddenly, at about 2.30am (I'm not sure whose

turn it was at that time), MrN said he heard a scream from across the golf field. Aaaaaaarrrrrr....!!! It was really creepy, because in the still of the night, there couldn't posibly be anyone out there playing golf or walking about. It sounded as if the person was in pain/being tortured, but he couldn't make up whether it was a man or woman's voice. But he kept quiet and didn't say a word. He thought maybe someone was trying to pull a fast one, but the voice was real and it came from the distance..

Anyway, the next morning, he found out that actually, he was not the only one who heard the scream. A few others did too, but they dared not say a word for fear that they may jinx it. Lepas tu keluar lah cerita lain pulak...

It seemed on the night they arrived at the hotel (that was hari Khamis, malam Jumaat), one of the guys saw a pochong outside his window as he was coming into his room. Hee... takutnya!! Tapi mamat ni berani pulak. He just pulled the curtain close (with the pochong still standing outside!) and went to sleep!! Oh my God, kalau I... memang I dah lama I menjerit and terus pengsan kut lepas tu! Or I'd definitely run to someone else's room and sleep ramai2. No way am I going to sleep alone!!

Two other guys also saw that same pochong and tried to follow it, but the thing disappeared (it seemed, pochong memang lari terlompat2 macam tu!). Eeeee... takutnya I! Imagine jumpa hantu pochong macam tu...... astaghafirullah al azim... I will never set foot at that hotel again tho' I've stayed there twice before ( a long time ago lah).

Actually, my sister in law said tempat tu memang tak elok. She's been there before and she said tempat tu ada banyak pontianak.

You see, my SIL has sixth sense. She can see dead people. Wherever she goes, she'll know if there's any ghost or spirit in that place. Like, you know when we do kenduri arwah or tahlil at home, she can tell "who" comes to the house. Sometimes she said ada orang tinggi2, pakai baju hijau, songkok tinggi, among those praying... And this she said could be the "orang alim" or MrN's great, great grandfather. Or when someone is on his/her deathbed, she could see his/her late mother/father/grandmother coming to his/her bedside, as if waiting to "take her" to another life. When that happens, she said "Tak lama lagi lah, the person will go..."

When I first got married to MrNordin, we always do this kenduri at home, for arwah lah, this and that. Sometimes my SIL would say, "Oh, arwah ni tadi ada datang.." Sometimes she said, she masuk rumah, but after a while, she'd just linger in the garden or just stayed outside the gate, tak masuk rumah. But of late, kalau we all buat kenduri, she jarang datang. Kalau ada pun, she'd be late, my SIL said.

There was one time, we had a New Year Party at home. I think this was some two years ago. We threw a karaoke and barbeque party (I think that was the first time MrN held a New Year party at home). It was fun, there were lots of people, mostly relatives lah. Makan2, nyanyi2, gelak2.... And just after midnight, while some people were still singing inside, I moved to the seating area at the backyard because I wanted to wind down and chat up with some people there. This backyard is where we usually sit down after dinner because it's a nice & cozy place to chat. And this is also where MrNordin kept his birds, including a burung murai by the name of "Made" (this bird can talk!).

So there we were, all sitting down while smoking and berborak2 segala... nothing unusual. My SIL was there too, with her husband ie. my BIL. I didn't suspect anything amiss, until after everyone has left, and the next morning, baru MrNordin told me that my SIL said, she saw arwah last night, standing near Made's cage, just watching us talking in the backyard....

Eeee.... creepy or what? (I have goosebumps just as I'm writing this!)

I ni penakut sebenarnya, tapi touch wood, until now I've never encountered such experience (I mean, I've never seen "it" with my own eyes lah.) But my maid have seen some unusual things in our house, but I think it's only natural. Benda tu bukan kacau kita pun... Sometimes they are there to protect us, and sometimes they are just "visiting". So, just ignore lah...

I hope I don't have to see any pochong in my entire life!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Daulat Tuanku

It's pretty late now, almost 1.45 am. I just finished watching La Vie En Rose. MrNordin & the little boy have gone to sleep. The kids and the maid are still watching DVD. I could hear them laughing downstairs.

MrNordin came back at about 7pm today; I picked him up from his office. I didn't ask him how he got back...

You know what? I think I dah kena timpa daulat MrNordin. Just now, as I was reversing his car to fetch him, I accidentally knocked on the front gate and damaged his car bumper. Oh my... jinx or what?? I was terrified! I think it's true what my mother said, "Jangan selalu marah si Nordin tu... nanti kena timpa daulat suami...". Haa.. kan dah kena?

Somehow I felt that something bad was bound to happen today. I baked a cake and it got burnt. This has never happened before. From then on, I was very nervous and expecting something unpleasant to rear its ugly head. I thought it would be in the dinner I cooked today, but my nasi tomato & ayam masak merah turned out well (I tried a new recipe). Tunggu, tunggu lagi... nothing. Rupa2nya, it's the car.

So, nak marah cik abang pun tak boleh sebab the accident was an even bigger offense. Thus, R's car became a non-issue coz I had my husband's dented car to worry about!!

The moment he got into the car, I broke down. Felt really bad about breaking his car bumper. He was calm (tho' I knew deep down he was going "S*it!!!" ). I told him I'll pay for the damage coz it was my fault.

So, lesson learnt ~ jangan marah suami tak tentu pasal sebab kemungkinan buruk padah nya...

Take it from me, coz that was not my first time. :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

On Second Thought

After reading back my previous posting, I wonder what have I done here? Am I being too critical of my husband? And looking back at all my previous postings, banyak betul I complain pasal dia. Am I being unfair??

My mum told me never say anything bad about your husband (she adores him, of course! ). Always say nice things. Anything bad, keep it to yourself.

But what I'm doing is totally the opposite. I let the whole world know that I'm not happy with him, that I don't like him going out for late night coffee with his friends, that I'm not particularly estatic with his association with certain lady friends, that I geram with him coz he disturbed my private time in the bathroom... semua nya salah.

Like they say in the election, "it's easy to find fault". That's what I'm doing and I should really stop. This is not a husband-bashing blog. I think I've been a little unfair to him of late. He never criticised me that way, you know... :(

It's interesting how my feelings changed as I'm writing away. First, I was angry, then I became suspicious; next I felt uncertain, then calm, and now I'm actually feeling sorry for him! Hee.. hee... this thing is really therapeutic! (Actually, reading the comments helped to reduce my anger...)

Now, what am I supposed to do??

Please, can someone help me?

I so want to write about my husband to melepas geram, but I'm worried, coz I know if he read this, he'll think I'm over reacting. So I'm thinking, should I or shouldn't I? If I do, it's gonna make someone really unhappy and it'll probably means WAR between us. But if I don't, I'll probably give him a cold treatment when he gets home tomorrow.

But what the heck, right? This is MY blog. I'm entitled to write whatever I feel. I just want to know how you'd feel if you're caught in the same situation.

MrNordin had gone out of town for 3 days ~ company's team building in Guoman, PD. He left yesterday afternoon from the office, after I said goodbye to him in the morning. I didn't know how he'd get to PD (I didn't ask), but I presumed it must be in one of his colleagues' car, or bus. And this, I meant a male colleague.

Anyway, he didn't call me until late evening. I was driving home at that time. It did occur to me while I was still at work, that my husband could be up to something since he was so quiet all day long. Usually, he would text me when he was just leaving or on the way to the destination, but this time ~ nothing. But I just dismissed the thought, thinking that he may be too busy to call.

So, while I was driving home, he called. He said, he'd just arrived at the hotel ~ that was about 7 pm. Ok, fine. Then, I asked him, "How did you get there?" For a second, I thought I heard him stammer. He was clearing his throat, as if something has impeded his speech. I waited for his answer, fearing the worst.... and true enough, he said, he drove R's car to PD.

Who is R, you may ask? R is the company's MD ~ and a lady. Well, they used to work in the same company before they joined this new outfit (infact, she recommended my husband for this new job), but not in the same department. But in this current organization, they work closely together as they are part of the management team.

So, in my mind, I was thinking, you drove who's car?! Why do you have to drive her car? Who else were in the car?!! I wasn't happy.

Before I could even ask him all these questions, he went on to explain that R wanted to drive down to PD altho' the rest went on a bus. I supposed she invited my husband to come along, together with another male colleague, A. So, there were three of them ~ my husband driving (I just don't understand why he had to drive her car! I know lah she drives an X5, but isn't it a bit odd ?), R sitting at the passenger seat, and the other fella sitting behind ~ bersuka ria turun ke PD!

After I heard that, I was almost in tears. How could he let himself be drawn into that situation? Why can't he just go on the bus, or take his own car if he doesn't want to go by the bus. Why does he has to drive her car? Doesn't he find it awkward? If she insisted on taking her car, ask her driver to take her lah. Why he volunteered pulak?

To me a car is something very personal. You don't let just anybody drive your car. The fact that my husband drove this lady's car meant he doesn't think much of it, but little did he realise his wife may not be too happy with it. Come on lah... would you be happy if I let another guy drive my car, MrNordin?

I remember a long time ago, we were still not married then. I got into a major fight with MrNordin becoz I gave this guy, who happened to be a male colleague who lived near my place, a lift to work because his car broke down. He wanted a lift for a couple of days until his car was ready. MrNordin said he cannot tumpang my car because it was not proper. Itu baru bagi lift to work, belum lagi dia drive my car. Had he driven my car, mampus!!

That's why sometimes we fail to realise that certain things we do may hurt our loved ones' feelings without us realising it. My husband may think that what he's doing is harmless, but I think otherwise. I was really hurt when he told me about it, but I quickly ended the conversation. I didn't want him to know that I was upset coz then he would get upset too, and would start interrogating me when I just didn't feel like getting into that sort of argument at that time. But it definitely spoilt my mood for the rest of the evening.

So please, can someone help me? Am I over reacting? Am I a jealous freak? I've nothing personal against R, I've met her and her husband a couple of times. But a lady is a lady, right? It's different if he had driven the company's car. That I wouldn't mind so much. But her car??

(Well... I just don't know what's right and wrong anymore...)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Young Pengganas

Baby's Day Out

Bangsar Village, here I come !


Taking his own picture

His favorite toy

Nadira, how do you listen to music ?

Ahh... I got it !

What's happening over there?

Iced Chocolate .. Yum! Yum!