Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ma Ma.... Ba Ba...

It rained again this morning. Ahhh... nice. I like it when it rains, especially at night. Bliss... Great ambiance for love making.

I couldn't really sleep last night tho' I was very tired. The night before, I only managed a 3-hour sleep ~ thanks to the "the rain" (wink!). So last night, I tried to retire early. After fetching the kids from tuition, I headed straight for the bed; and that was 10pm.

But of course I couldn't sleep, could I? The little boy was running around the room (he recently developed this habit of doing a sprint across our room everytime after I changed him into his PJs) and MrNordin was watching "Friends" on TV (very loudly). The light was turned on full blast.

To avoid the distraction, I ran into the TV room and tried to sleep there. I couldn't. Within 5 minutes, MrNordin walked in and asked me to go back into bed. So, off I went into the bedroom again. By this time, the little boy was busy emptying the contents of his toy basket and throwing things across the room. I was still tossing and turning in bed, I was just so restless...

This went on for about an hour or so. At about midnight, MrNordin came up to bed, but that little boy was still not sleepy. I pulled him onto bed and forced him to lie down next to me, but he refused and sneaked out of bed again to play with his toys. I was so irritated by that time. Kita dah lah mengantuk, budak ni tak nak tidur pulak! I cubit dia dua tiga kali, tapi dia buat derk je...

Last-last, I gave up. I told myself, biar lah dia main sorang2, nanti when he's tired, surely he would come up to bed. So, I turned off the lights and pulled my duvet, leaving him alone on the floor. MrNordin by that time dah terlelap. The room was very quiet for a while, and very dark.

Suddenly, I heard a little voice calling out, "Ma Ma..... Ba Ba..... Atuk.... Opah.... A bang.... Ka kak !" That boy was doing his name calling game, sorang-sorang. I wanted to laugh! MrNordin said, "Shhhh..... be quiet". He took a peep at the little boy and saw him lying on the sofa infront of our bed, staring at the ceiling while chanting out all his siblings names. All this, in the dark.

Hee.. hee... kesian...! He couldn't sleep and no one wanted to play with him. So, he amused himself with that game ~ something which we'd normally play before he goes to sleep.

Upon realising that we were still awake and watching him, he quickly hopped into bed and lied next to me gleefully. I tepuk2 bontot dia and sang to him a few songs with my eyes shut. It took him quite a while juga before he finally dozed off. And when I looked at the watch, it was already past 1 am.

I don't know how long this bad sleeping habit is going to last. It all started when he turned 23 months old. Before this, he usually slept at 9.30pm or 10pm, max. Now, pukul 1 pagi baru nak tidur?! Mampus lah I...


wanshana said...


Kelakar baca posting you on Nizzar ni... :)

Does he take afternoon naps? My SIL whose son normally takes a nap 1-2pm, and then 6-8pm, always has problems to get him to sleep early. Like Nizzar, he normally sleeps around 1 a.m!

She's now trying to make sure her maid does not tidurkan her son 6-8pm tu. So far, doesn't seem to work because by 5:30pm dia dah start cranky nak tidur...So, no choice but to let him sleep (He'll be 2 in June, btw) I guess this will take time. Insya Allah, after a gradual change in his routine, he'll be okay.

Anonymous said...

haha... at 23 months he's probably getting ready being a "Terrible Two"!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi MrsNordin,

Try to train him to sleep just 1 afternoon nap aje. Then train him to sleep at 8.30pm every night, or earlier if possible.

At first tu memang la susah but bila once he gets used to the routine it will be automatic.

Both Alya and Haris used to sleep early (8.30pm kot)...ha..tu pasal badan masing2 terlebih sihat. Even now at 14 and 12 years old, they still go to bed by 9.30pm on weekdays. Dah jadi macam habit kan..

Good luck with the sleep training!

MA & Brood said... cute!

You know, what I do masa my kids kecik-kecik dulu kalau I tahu diorang terlebih active sampai malam susah nak tidor, ptg-ptg tu I suruh diorang lari keliling padang - bagi la bola ke apa ke - so long they tire themselves out. And most importantly, no late afternoon naps. Kena train sleeping pattern dia, kalau tak susah laaa...

I remember watching one episode of Desperate Housewives where Lynette wanted to take the hyperactive twins for some private school screening, dia kasi the twins gali lubang sampai penat - so that they behaved masa the interview! Sebenar they were too tired to do anything!

Haha...maybe you can tiru this trick ;-)

Kmar said...


Funny baca cerita about your Nizar. My Shasha (2 years 6 months old)sleeps with one afternoon nap so that bila malam, she will easily tidur.. around 8.30pm.

Anyway, she starts schooling (9.00am-4.30pm) everyday from the age of 23 months. Tak bolah compare dengan Nizar sebab Shasha dah kuat displinnya. She sleeps in her bed but most of the times around 2.00am.. she will ´change´ her bed to ours.. ha..ha...

Don´t worry, Nizar will change his habit gradually as he grows older..

Kuna said...

Mrs. nordin,

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MrsNordin said...

Dear all,

Thanks for your advise.

This boy does take his afternoon naps, usually bet 2-3pm. But still, he can't sleep at night. He's just so active! Sometimes, tak tidur the whole day pun, he'd still sleep late. Macamana tu?

Last night, the same thing happened. But this time, he wasn't chanting his siblings' names. He was playing near our wardrobe cupboard, running his little fingers across the door, making screeching sounds! Kreeek... kreekk!! At one point, he just sat on his baby stool, looking at himself in the mirror, in the DARK!

Haiyoo... teruk budak ni! Nak tergelak pun ada! I shall try and make him sleep early like before. But I tell you, it's not gonna be easy...

MrsNordin said...

Wan Shana,

Thanks. I think your SIL's son dengan Nizzar ni sama je lah. But Nizzar only has 1 afternoon nap. I hope the bad habit will go off soon. Otherwise, die lah!


He has been showing that kinda character eversince he turned 20 months, ok. Bila masuk 2 tahun next month, tak tau lah macamana pulak perangai dia!


I shall try to make him sleep early balik. I've tried, but tak boleh coz in the end, usuallynya I yang tertidur! Can't help it, the pillows are just too irresistable.

MrsNordin said...


Sometimes, dia penat macamana pun the whole day, he's still wide awake at 11 pm. Ya, mungkin kena suruh dia cangkul tanah dulu kut... I shall try that trick! Thanks.


Your Shasha has gone to school since she's 23 mths? Isn't that too early to start? I'm thinking of sending him to pre-school when he's 2 plus nanti, but we'll see how it goes.


That's a funny one! I shall share it with others. Thanks for dropping by. I was thinking about you this morning... :)

Superwomanwannabe said...


Sleep deprivation is the one thing that we cannot kesian you..(unless the one that rain induced lah in which case wooohooo! Go for it girl!! 3 times a week remember heh heh) Anyways..sorry terover lak. Anyways, for Nizzar..Masa Nadine tu I had the same prob until the midwife /nurse said to me to set up a routine yang dia tahu, it means he has to sleep. My routine was, salin baju tidur, and nyanyi barney songs. So after that terpaksa tidur. But Ithink he is too active for that!

Now Johan has to peluk I before tidor, and baca Alfatihah and 3 Qul - if tak buat, he does not want to tido. But i am so tired that I would go sleep first before 3 qul habis.

MrsNordin said...


His routine is change baju tidur, drink his milk, I sing/read to him while he played with my hair. Usually, after the milk, he would doze off, but nowadays, after the milk je, he would quickly get off the bed and start to play. When I called out to him to get onto bed again, he would say, "Na nak!" (tak nak) or "Man!" (we don't know what this means, but we think it's the same as "don't want" coz he'd use this word whenever he doesn't want something.)

You baca al-fatihah & 3 qul before he sleeps? Eh, I should tiru you lah instead of singing "I'm a little teapot..."

Kmar said...


Kat Spain, obligatory age is 3 years old. Awal betul kan?.. and then sek tu offer classes for 2 years old. Since Daniel pergi that school, so we include Shasha laaa.