Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Siti Nurhaliza - Fantasia Bulan Madu

Today's Utusan Malaysia praised Siti's performance during the Anugerah Planet Muzik last Sunday. She sang Search's Fantasia Bulan Madu. I did watch the program that night, but didn't see her sing. Now after seeing it on YouTube, I think it's superb!

For those who didn't get to see her that night, please watch this video. There were some technical glitches, but they didn't affect her brilliant delivery of the song. Even Amy Search was moved!.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Siti Nurhaliza. She's a good singer alright, but I wouldn't go to her concert or buy her albums. To date, I've only bought one ~ the one released before she got married.

With all the critics surrounding her controversial marriage and her recent tudung-clad fashion trend, she's become even less popular in my favourite singers' list. Well... the tudung thing, is one thing that I don't understand. Kalau nak pakai, pakai lah elok-elok... macam Kak Teh pakai ke, Busymum pakai ke... or WanShana ke... kan elok. Ini sekejap macam ni, sekejap macam tu! I think she's all confused. Still trying to find which style suits her best.

But after hearing her sing this song, I've a change of heart. I think, despite what people say about her, she's still the best. Her voice is still unchallenged by others.

So today, Siti has gone one step up my favourite list. Kudos for Siti!


Superwomanwannabe said...

Power betul suara dia ek? Jadi tak rock lah lagu tu...

MrsNordin said...

She changed the melody lah... more ballad than rock. But it's quite nice too. I like it!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Downloading from Youtube is a painful act here..tapi I shall try to do it just to hear Cik Siti sings that song.

Btw, I saw her pic with Celine Dion online. Mcm tak pakai tudung lak hari tu?

I think she is wearing tudung because she overpromised her too-demanding fans long time ago. She said once she has performed her hajj she would don the tudung. So bila dah balik dari Mekah she terpaksa la, which I think is very silly thing to do.

Her fans will never be happy with whatever she does (esp after her marriage ni). So kalau I jadi Cik Siti, I ikutkan kata hati I aje. And I think kata hati dia is she is not ready to berhijab just yet. And she should do it for other people.

Sorry for being long-winded..but I have a strong opinion about hijab and hypocrisy.

MrsNordin said...


I totally agree with you. I think she wore it just to please her fans not because she wanted to.

To me, she doesn't look comfortable wearing it. Kejap style ini, kejap style itu... But that day I saw shots from the Islamic Fashion Festival in Dubai. Her outfit is supposedly haute-couture lah... very expensive. But unfortunately, they don't look nice on her. Someone should really tell her how to wear tudung properly lah. Kalau pakai macam Waheeda or Norjuma tu ke, kan cantik?

Anonymous said...

hijab and hypocrisy...

a lot of people always say, "pakai tudung hak peribadi", walhal itu adalah hak Allah ke atas kita... and mmg manuasia selalu lalai dan menidakkan hakNya ke atas kita...

Al-Quran mengharamkan kita memakan daging khindzir, meminum arak dan mendedahkan aurat, antara lainnya... Cuma yang ketiga tu susah sikit sebab kita semua dah termakan dengan phrase, "pakai tudung tu hak peribadi"...

Semoga kita semua diberi hidayahNya untuk melaksanakan segala yang diperintah dan meninggalkan yang dilarang... tentu tak susah jika kita semua CINTAkan Allah, melebihi kasih kepada ibubapa, suami/isteri dan anak2 dan kasih kepada dunia.

"Tidak sempurna iman seseorang itu jika dia tidak mengasihi Allah dan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w melebihi ahli keluarganya"

Sorry, am not trying to preach and pleeeeezzz, take this positively.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Heard it! It's brilliant!!!!

Well done, Cik Siti!

Kak Teh said...

hahaha! Mrs N, i have been told by my sister, i pakai tudung macam nak pi pasar!
well, itulah siti is public property - people think that they can criticise her and comment on every single thing - kesian. I do like her in a protective kind of way.

now - must watch this youtube!

Kak Teh said...

wow!!! this is AFTER listening to her. actually when you see her singing live - and see how small she is - then you realise the power of her voice.
And kak teh pun pernah jugak interview Amy search dulu - i was so envious of his complexion.

MrsNordin said...

Dear Anon,

Thanks for your comments. Don't worry about it. I understand your point of view.

All I'm saying is, wear it because you want to. Not because of anything else. Hati kena ikhlas in whatever we do.... that's all.

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

Amy Search? I like!! You pernah interview dia? He is forever young, kan? I saw him on TV last night (Cerita Artis). His wife has all praise for him.

I haven't met Siti in real life, only during P.Ramlee The Musical saja that day. She's not as big as she looks on TV, tho'. I bet you went to see her at Royal Albert, kan, and get to have a cuppa with her after the concert, talking about Jimmy Choo's. Lucky you!

Kak Teh said...

Mrs Nordin, i did the coverage at RAH and interviewed her after that, and i arranged for the interview at World Service just after her arrival.
No- i wasnt there when she did her shoes.
I interviewed Amy serach for BBC and that was in late 80's. Masa tu i pun tak kenal dia siapa, being away for so long.

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

That's why I said... I want your job!!! How many more years to retirement, ya? Will you ever come back to retire??

Btw, I've answered your question about ambik gambar kucing.. :)

Thanks for dropping by, K.Teh. It's always a pleasure to see you leaving a comment!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Anonymous,

I would like to reply to your comment as it touched on my phrase 'hijab and hypocrisy'.

I do believe religion is a personal choice. It is the way you want to live your life according to path you have chosen.

There are many routes you can take to reach your ideal destination in your chosen course. At the end of the day it is your own belief that should lead you there, rather than your conformity to external views.

To wear or not to wear the headscarf has been a bone of contention for Malaysian women since the mid-80s. Why has the issue not be raised prior to this when Islam has long settled in Malaysia?

Were our mothers, grandmothers, great-great grandmothers lesser Muslims because they didn't wear hijab then?

I don't think so. Their hearts were still as pure, their souls were still as giving and I'm sure they were still deeply religious.

At the end, what makes you a Muslim is just you. Not what you should or shouldn't wear. 'Clothes do not make a man (or in this case woman)'.

No one can make me think I'm less a Muslim because I do not wear tudung. Just as no one can should tell me she is more a Muslim because she is wearing one.

Who are we to judge each other when we are equal on earth? Heaven and hell...well..we are not God are we to say that that is our final destination once our lifetime on this earth has ended?

I pray that all of us, hijab or hijab-less, shall have a blessed afterlife because we are Muslims.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Anon is right. Benda tu wajib- nak kata apa.

Biiiilalah kita nak sampai seru..

Anonymous said...

Yeah BJ,

Have to give credit where credit is due....she does have a lovely voice, kan?

I once took my Mum to her concert, penuuuh stadium Bkt. Jalil masa tu. For years after that, my Mum never stop puji me for being the 'bestest' dotter that took her there...hehehe..

Tapi after that husband-snatching episode (ooops!) my Mum dah tak berani puji puji dia in front of me...

But I just don't understand her fashion style, esp her current style of donning the tudung... Memula tu, ada style dia yang even my son kata "Mummy, tudung dia macam Yoda punya.....!"

And as for Amy Search,up close and personal... yes, his skin is flawless...sangat-sangat chantek!


Anonymous said...

Pasal pakai tudung ni, memanglah wajib. No question or arguement about that. Full stop.

Tapi yang nak argue tu ialah bila orang yang pakai tudung tu berbuat benda-benda yang orang tak pakai tudung pun tak buat. Just because orang tu pakai tudung, seolah-olah dia tu lebih baik dari mereka yang tak pakai. Some people that I know pakai tudung sebab rambut dah beruban, sebab malas nak sikat and set rambut bila keluar rumah, sebab rambut dah makin nipis, dan macam-macam lagi yang bukan niatnya untuk menutup aurat kerana perintah Allah.

Ada tu yang rambut tutup, tapi pakai baju nampak susuk tetek.
Ada tu yang rambut rambut, kain tebelah sampai ke betis? Ada tu yang rambut tutup, make-up macam opera cina. Ada tu rambut tutup, pakai seluar jeans nampak susuk bontott.Tu semua apa kejadahnya yang oii?

Alhamdullilah bagi mereka yang tutup rambut, aurat-aurat lain dan JUGA TIDAk menampakkan susuk badan mereka. Tu lah baru betul kalau ikut ajaran Islam yang sebenar berkenaan dengan tutup aurat bagi wanita. Kalau tak caya cuba baca surah an-nisa.

Question to ponder, mana lebih dikatakan tutup aurat antar dua perkara ini?

First: orang yang tutup rambut, tapi pakai baju yang menampakkan susuk badan or

secondly, orang yang tak tutup rambut, tapi pakai baju yang tidak menampakkan susuk badan, contoh baju kembang-kembag gitu.

Sekian, terima kasih.

busymum100 said...

To wear or not to wear tudung is just like to pray or not to pray (come to think of it, pray is one of the pillars, while wearing tudung is not!). Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you see it), if you pray or you don't, nobody sees.

As for me, If I have not started wearing tudung now, most probably i will not wear at all. but fact is I have been wearing it since 1981 (not counting the "on-off" stints before that), so I feel kind of "naked" if i don't, just like not wearing my classes - i've been wearing the glasses since 1975 :-(

Back to tudung and praying, to me it is very personal... it's between me and god.

Our community emphasises too much on form than essense :-(

Anonymous said...

Salam to all. This is the original anon who commented on hijab and hypocrisy.

Glad the comment stirred some interesting views.

Thanks, Mrs Nordin for understanding my point of view. Yelah, masuk blog orang nak stir sensitive issue pulak... glad you understand. Tak sia-sia I baca blog u! :-)

Superwoman, you are so right when you said, "nak kata apa lagi". I pray we all get the "seru".

Madam tai tai, I agree that the older generation didn't wear tudung and who are we to judge if they are lesser Muslims, right? But do remember that the start of the neo-Islamic reform in our country only started in the late 70's, thus our mothers and grandmothers who were educated/in school before then did not receive or were not exposed to the kind of Islamic education we and our children are now.

Having said that, I must say that lagi banyak Islamic exposure, lagi banyak pulak maksiat yang dilakukan simultaneously. Sedih and very unfortunate but itulah dugaan yang Allah turunkan pada umat manusia.

As I said earlier, semoga kita semua diberi hidayahNya, myself included.

I did not say orang pakai tudung lebih baik dari yg tak pakai... that would be so wrong. Mngkin jumlah wanita bertudung yang bila melihat wanita tak bertudung, hatinya berkata, "aku lagi baik sbb pakai tudung", sama banyaknya dengan wanita tak bertudung yang bila melihat wanita bertudung hatinya berkata, "aku yang tak bertudung pun lagi baik dari kau yang bertudung"... (not sure if I am making sense here???)

I agree, pokok pangkalnye hati. Hati yang baik dan ikhlas pada Allah pasti ingin sekarli (byk baca post superwoman on nisa la nih!) berbakti dan menurut segala perintahNya. Sama-samalah kita berdoa agar hati kita semua diikhlaskanNya.

And don't worry... Allah sayangkan kita semua hambaNya... samada yang bertudung atau tidak, jadi untuk membalas kasihNya, buatlah seperti apa yang diperintahkanNya. Cubalah...slowly-slowly...

Another looooong comment and this will be my last. Thanks, mrsnordin for the space!!!

Kmar said...

Her voice is fantastic!!! My hubby is her fan and we have a few of her CDs at home.

K.Teh, so envy with you... dapat interview with all kind of artists, well-known people.. etc.. What a cool job!!! Btw, rasanya ambil gambar kucing tu tak apa.. because I have pictures of Dikkie when he was 2 years old. Now dah 14 thn.. insyallah panjang lagi umur dia tu.

Anonymous said...

I nak add sikit tentang ceriter tudung menudung nie... memang btul ade di kalangan wanita dan gadis2 skrg... baik yang artis ker, mak datin ker, ibu2 atau yang masih sunti ker dan mak2 dan gadis2 arab yg dtg melancong ke Msia... kalau pakai tu mcm2 pesyen... kalau artis tu memang glam habis, make-up tu memang laa tak tinggal lengkap dgn kacamata hitam besar (selalu nya mika pakai camnie bila ke mahkamah syariah). Kalau mak datin pulak... bleh tahan glam jugak... (maklum laa mika pun nak tiru mcm artis tapi umur aje ade sikit lebih laaa). Yang gadis2 pulak... sunti or otherwise lain pulak.. btul kate2 si anon.. pakai tudung cover rambut ngan telinga tapi blouse deep cleavage atau t-shirt 2 sizes smaller lebih lagi yang mempunyai payudara yang semangat. Sama juga ngan seluar jeans.. kalau tak ketat, pakai hipster.. kalau duduk tu... daaa kau... dari belakang brand solera sudah terkeluar.. sengaja atau tidak... allahualam. Yang mak dan gadis arab nie lain pulak... kalau tutup memang tutup habih. berlapis lapis kain nya, mata ajer yang nampak tapi kadang2 mata2 mereka nie bleh tahan liar juga bila tengok pemuda2 yang segak tampan lagi bergaya. Jadi kesimpulan nya wahai puan2 yang saya sangat hormati sekalian, isu aurat mengaurat, tudung menudung nie secara lumrah nya banyak terpulang kepada citarasa, pegangan pendapat dari segi agama dan sosial, kefahaman, pressure dari ibubapa, guru2 agama, kawan2 (peer pressure), dari suami2, yang baru menunaikan umrah atau haji, bila ke mahkamah syariah, dll.. setiap individu itu. Walaupun apa pun sebabnya, setiap individu itu sendiri yang bertanggung jawab atas cara dia perpakaian. Kalau tutup aurat habih2 tapi tak sembahyang buat aper atau asyik mengumpat ajer pun tak boleh atau tak bayar zakat barang kemas yang tersimpan pun buat aper, mempunyai PHD (Perasaan Hasrat Dengki) yang tinggi pun dosa besar, dll. Itu saja laaaa.... buat renungan sahaja.. harap jangan ambik hati ok !

adik angkat prof fadillah kamsah

Hope said...

She is still the diva and we are surely proud of her....tudung ke tak tudung ke...ambik laki org ke tak ambik ke..ya dida..di dada...

MrsNordin said...

I didn't realise that this topic has generated quite a lot of interest from my fellow readers. I'm glad!

Obviously, there is no right or wrong answer to this. It's entirely up to the individual. If I want to go deeper into this, I can; but since most of my thoughts have been well summarized by our Anons, I guess there's no need to repeat. Let's just leave it at that.

In my office, I'm the only one yang tak pakai tudung. And this is by choice. My close working colleagues semua bertudung, but they don't impose on me ~ that's one thing I respect about them. They act/talk/have problems & ideas just like any of my other non-tudung clad friends, and I love them the same. We do crazy things together and look out for each other during bad times, but not for one second have they ever made me feel anything lesser than anyone of them.

Yes, I will wear my tudung eventually, when I'm ready. And when the time comes, I will berhijrah. But from now 'til then, my dosa and pahala are in God's hands. I'm answerable to Him, and no one else.

So, berbalik kepada cerita Siti Nuhaliza ni.. I think kalau nak pakai tudung tu, pakai lah elok2.. supaya manis dipandang orang... terutamanya si suami (supaya dia tak cari yang lain!!).

Sekian, terimakasih.

MrsNordin said...

What I meant by SUAMI was Dato' K, ok?

MrsNordin said...

Hi K. Julie!

Memang, ada gambar dia yang menyerupai Yoda. Macam Cicakman pun ada!

Kesian, kan... Sometimes I pity her. Her dress-sense is so out lah. She's still young & banyak duit, so pakai lah baju yang vogue sikit. Ini tak... macam orang tua lah! (or maybe coz she married an old man, that's why she becomes like that! Hee... Hee..!)

MrsNordin said...


Hee.. hee.. you're so funny! Right on the spot, gurl!

MrsNordin said...


I agree with you. Our community emphasises too much on form than essence. That, I think, is very shallow.

Anonymous said...


I have started to wear the tudung...very very recently tau... I pakai style permaisuri agong...(altho my cousins and close friends suuuuka bebenor mengata I pakai ala bibik! hehehe)

I tell them that I insist that my style is ala-Queen..apa nak buat, if the Queen is Raja Berjiwa Rakyat...I pulak is the classic example of Rakyat Berjiwa Raja, okay.... *wink wink*


MrsNordin said...

K. Julie,

You've always been like that, what? Rakyat berjiwa Raja. You walk like a Queen, anyway. So you can pass! Hee.. hee...

Anonymous said...

aiyoyo..... now rasa conscious pulak with the way I walk! *sigh*

Superwomanwannabe said...

Last komen I promise!

Sebenarye I am glad kalau orang tegur menegur. I tak marah langsung. Boring, tapi tak marah. Sebab I rasa we do have to jaga each other. Orang ikut ke tak ikut ke, up to them. Despite I ni setan berjanggut , I still have to tegur orang yang say, tonggang depan I.

But that is easier said than done. Most of the time I would just sit there fretting and then say nothing - How ah???

But I think you have to tegur menegur kalau tak macam its ok pulak. How to do it tu masih tak pandai.

Tapi bab tudung ni..I think semua yang botakhead macam I sendiri ni sedar.. dan hari hari kena tegur (esp if mominlaw selalu datang) ..tu lah. Bila nak execute plan tu je tak tau.

And orang pakai tudung tapi menyeksi ni...OIII buruk lahhhh....