Monday, April 28, 2008

Konsert PeterPan


We went to see PeterPan at Stadium Negara last night. Yeay!! For those who don't know, Peter Pan is a top Indon band, with songs like "Tak Bisa kah", "Mungkin Bila Nanti" and a few others.

Well.. I'm not really a big fan. I know a few of their songs only, but the girls in my house are crazy over Ariel PeterPan. Since the company I'm working with is the main sponsor of the event, I got us 4 tickets and off we went last night, leaving the little boy under the care of his father, brother and uncle. So last night, there were Three Men and and a Baby at home, while it was The Girls' Night Out for us ladies! Hee.. hee...

The last time I went to Stadium Negara was to watch Michael Jackson in 1998, I think. Even then, I'm not so sure whether it was at Stadium Negara / Merdeka. The crowd was not bad, the stadium was quite full. Sampai je kat situ, we saw punyalah ramai orang Indon! Entah dari mana2 datang nya. Dengan rambut mengerbang (rockers lah katakan..), T-shirt hitam, duk bersidai kat luar nak tunggu masuk. But they all okay lah... MrNordin was quite worried if the crowd would be rowdy, but tak lah. They were quite behaved and was just there to have fun.

The crowd

Bergasak they all menari kat bawah! Dengan bawak banner and posters gambar Peter Pan. My girls (Nadira, Nabila and the maid) pun bergasak jugak melompat2 menari everytime Ariel start singing a new tune. I... sikit2 je. Those songs yang I tau tu, I turut serta lah. Yang selebihnya, duduk je lah... :)
But I think they had fun. I'm glad they enjoyed it. But of course we should never let my MIL know about this because sure kena lecture punya. "Si Yati... bawak budak2 pegi tengok concert... dengan si Sri sekali... apa nak jadi ?? Neraka tu!" Hee... hee... So we got it all under covered.

The girls


Anonymous said...


Jeles banget sama lu.....

*apa lah phone no. MrN's mum eh.... I nak tipon and bagitau dia...! hehehe*


MrsNordin said...

Heh.. heh... jangan lah macam tu...sekali sekala... apa salahnya... :)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Waduh waduh berkonsert kamu yah.. Pasti enjoy sama mat Indon di stadium begitu.

Itu Sri ada main mata ke? :-)

wanshana said...


Jealous!!! Hubby and I wanted to go actually, tapi entah macam mana, dok sibuk sana-sini, etc - it just slipped our minds until the day itself!

We went to Dewa 19 Concert a few months ago (courtesy of Dad of 4+1 and Wifey).I guess it would be the same crowd for both concerts - I know what you meant when you mentioned about "bergasak they all menari, etc". But all in all they were not that rowdy.

Next time they're in town - must make a point to get the tickets from Day1!

MrsNordin said...


Tak de pulak dia main mata. Ok je..

MrsNordin said...

Wan Shana,

I read your posting on Dewa 19. I suppose it could be the same crowd. Lain kali, kalau nak tengok concert yang Celcom sponsor, beritau je I. Mungkin boleh dapatkan the tickets for you. Macam PeterPan hari tu, ada booth kat bawah ni. Since it was so convenient, I just bought the tickets eventho' I wasn't very keen on going in the first place.

Kmar said...


Bestnya dapat gi concert. Mesti terasa ´muda´ kejap.. he.he.he..

jabishah said...

Hi Mrs Nordin,
My 1st time hopping by. Love your entry on Cik CT, esp the comments.. ;-)
Peter Pan... what can I say. Not really a fan. If you were to put, Dewa, PP, So7 in a row tobat sorang I x kenal. But their songs are familiar to my ears lah. Waa.. sporting bangat ini majikan. Bwk maid pegi nuntun concert. Mine is elderly, zaman Rano Karno kut... You take care!