Monday, April 21, 2008

Dikkie & Blackkie

A friend in Spain sent a photo of her cat, Dikkie. (Drool, Cat People.... drool...!!)


Dikkie was adopted from the RSCPA in Holland when he was a kitten. He's 14 years old now, very fat and very spoilt. He snores in his sleep and doesn't care much for the world. He dreams of catching birds.

He had a pal named Blackkie. Blackkie was found in a farm in Belgium. She used to help Dikkie with the grooming because the latter was plain lazy.

Unfortunately, Blackkie had left the family home some 3 years ago and had never returned. She is sadly missed by my friend, her husband, kids and cat pal Dikkie.

Blackkie (late)

To Kmar, thanks for sharing these pics. We know how much you miss your cat... but I'm sure she died a happy cat....


Kmar said...


I am HONOUR with your post on Dikkie & Blackkie!!! Btw, Blackkie was a SHE... he.he.. super-clean!!

All cats deserve to have a good home and healthy lifestyle. Those lucky ones should be thankful for having owners like US.. he.he..

MrsNordin said...

Hi Kmar,

I'm glad you liked it! Your cats are so adorable, they deserve a special mention!

Btw, I was in Ipoh over the weekend and told my mum about you. She vaguely recalled how you looked like. I told her you might drop by and visit her when you come back for your holidays. She's thrilled! :)

zaiti (kmar's sister) said...

hknmAnd Blackie likes playing with water. Just like Ernie. It must be a Benelux thing.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi MrsNordin,

It was a pleasure reading your post about your fren's cats.


My cat, Esteban (or Stebie nama manja dia) is a pretty aksyen cat. It's our fault we have spoilt him rotten!

He only eats fresh boiled tuna fish (tuna ya..bukan ikan murah-murah) which my driver has to buy from the market. 7kg of fish will last him about 2 weeks.

Kalau the fish is not so fresh he will sniff at it and just turn away. Tak berusik!

Stebie certainly has forgotten his roots. He forgot that he came begging for food at our house 6 years ago and would eat anything at that time. Yet now he only wants FRESH TUNA FISH..not from the tin, ek.

Kmar said...

Madam Tai-tai..

Ha..ha.. wow your Stebie must be so sweet (.. spoilt of course..!!) Gosh.. 7kg of tuna..errghh.. Luckily dia tak kenal other ´expensive´ fish like salmon etc.. ha.ha.ha... I bet, kalau dia boleh cakap@miauw, for sure he will demand... ´Please, today tuna. Tomorrow, makareel... Weekend, cencaru.. !!..´ ha.ha.ha...

You should have SENT him to ´kaunseling´ session before start living with you at home!!! ha.ha...

Cats, cats, cats.. just love them!!!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Zaiti,

Thanks for dropping by!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Kmar,

He is sweet most of the time but mengada ALL of the time. But we love him to bits.

I'm sure if he can speak, he will demand much much thankfully he can't!

We are getting worried as our time in Bangladesh is coming to an end soon. When we move away it will be quite traumatic for Stebie if he has to undergo quarantine. I'm sure he wouldn't be getting his fresh fish suppy during the quarantine period. Kurus kering la kucing I nanti...

MrsNordin said...

Hi Gina,

Bila pulak si Esteban ni jadi Stebie...? :)

You lah pamper dia bagai nak rak! Now you complain. Dah lah tu, kalau pegi holiday, still shop for pasir kucing. I thought that was funny... :)

MrNordin tak bagi our cats makan fresh meat/fish. Stick to dry cat food, he said, so the cats won't steal human's food. Once in a while, I curi2 juga bagi Austin makan fish. Kalau dia ternampak, sure I kena sound.

Gina, I've been following your advise. 10 mins of TLC for Austin everyday. Last night, he was on my lap watching TV with us. Punya lah dia suka... sampai tak nak keluar bilik! Kesian...

Kak Teh said...

mrs nordin, love those pictures. i wish i have more pix of jasper before he went.
you know, with us, it is quite common to see us walking the cats - and talking to them all the way home. they'd greet us at the corner and walk home with us - sambil jalan sambil bersembang! quite a sight!

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

I thought, walk the dogs je boleh. Walk the cats pun boleh, ya?

It's nice to see them greeting us at the door when we get home. Our cats normally wait up for us on MrNordin's car (much to his annoyance!). Sekor atas bumbung kereta, sekor atas bonnet, sekor lagi dekat tyre...

My mum used to say, jangan ambil gambar kucing, nanti dia mati. I believed her at first, but after a while, I think her theory is not correct. Ok je kucing2 tu... pandai pose lagi!

Kak Teh said...

mrs nordin - i heard that one too abt ambik gambar kucing - and i wanted to write that in the comment earlier - Ya Allah, betul ke?

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

Was that why you didn't take Jasper's photographs banyak-banyak? Hee.. hee.. you're quite superstitious, aren't you?

There's no such thing lah... kalau betul, dah lama kucing2 I jadi arwah!