Monday, April 07, 2008

Ghost Story

Have you ever seen a ghost?

MrNordin told me this scary story that happened at the hotel which they stayed in PD last week. I shall not name the hotel, for fear that it may have to close down very soon. Suffice to say, it's a nice 4-star hotel with a golf course attached.

On Friday night, they all congregated in one of the staff's room for a massage after a tiring game of paint ball during the day. They called-in this blind-man masseur from Seremban, and everyone took their turns, including MrNordin. The room was facing the golf course and it was pitched dark outside as it was quite late already, after 11pm.

Suddenly, at about 2.30am (I'm not sure whose

turn it was at that time), MrN said he heard a scream from across the golf field. Aaaaaaarrrrrr....!!! It was really creepy, because in the still of the night, there couldn't posibly be anyone out there playing golf or walking about. It sounded as if the person was in pain/being tortured, but he couldn't make up whether it was a man or woman's voice. But he kept quiet and didn't say a word. He thought maybe someone was trying to pull a fast one, but the voice was real and it came from the distance..

Anyway, the next morning, he found out that actually, he was not the only one who heard the scream. A few others did too, but they dared not say a word for fear that they may jinx it. Lepas tu keluar lah cerita lain pulak...

It seemed on the night they arrived at the hotel (that was hari Khamis, malam Jumaat), one of the guys saw a pochong outside his window as he was coming into his room. Hee... takutnya!! Tapi mamat ni berani pulak. He just pulled the curtain close (with the pochong still standing outside!) and went to sleep!! Oh my God, kalau I... memang I dah lama I menjerit and terus pengsan kut lepas tu! Or I'd definitely run to someone else's room and sleep ramai2. No way am I going to sleep alone!!

Two other guys also saw that same pochong and tried to follow it, but the thing disappeared (it seemed, pochong memang lari terlompat2 macam tu!). Eeeee... takutnya I! Imagine jumpa hantu pochong macam tu...... astaghafirullah al azim... I will never set foot at that hotel again tho' I've stayed there twice before ( a long time ago lah).

Actually, my sister in law said tempat tu memang tak elok. She's been there before and she said tempat tu ada banyak pontianak.

You see, my SIL has sixth sense. She can see dead people. Wherever she goes, she'll know if there's any ghost or spirit in that place. Like, you know when we do kenduri arwah or tahlil at home, she can tell "who" comes to the house. Sometimes she said ada orang tinggi2, pakai baju hijau, songkok tinggi, among those praying... And this she said could be the "orang alim" or MrN's great, great grandfather. Or when someone is on his/her deathbed, she could see his/her late mother/father/grandmother coming to his/her bedside, as if waiting to "take her" to another life. When that happens, she said "Tak lama lagi lah, the person will go..."

When I first got married to MrNordin, we always do this kenduri at home, for arwah lah, this and that. Sometimes my SIL would say, "Oh, arwah ni tadi ada datang.." Sometimes she said, she masuk rumah, but after a while, she'd just linger in the garden or just stayed outside the gate, tak masuk rumah. But of late, kalau we all buat kenduri, she jarang datang. Kalau ada pun, she'd be late, my SIL said.

There was one time, we had a New Year Party at home. I think this was some two years ago. We threw a karaoke and barbeque party (I think that was the first time MrN held a New Year party at home). It was fun, there were lots of people, mostly relatives lah. Makan2, nyanyi2, gelak2.... And just after midnight, while some people were still singing inside, I moved to the seating area at the backyard because I wanted to wind down and chat up with some people there. This backyard is where we usually sit down after dinner because it's a nice & cozy place to chat. And this is also where MrNordin kept his birds, including a burung murai by the name of "Made" (this bird can talk!).

So there we were, all sitting down while smoking and berborak2 segala... nothing unusual. My SIL was there too, with her husband ie. my BIL. I didn't suspect anything amiss, until after everyone has left, and the next morning, baru MrNordin told me that my SIL said, she saw arwah last night, standing near Made's cage, just watching us talking in the backyard....

Eeee.... creepy or what? (I have goosebumps just as I'm writing this!)

I ni penakut sebenarnya, tapi touch wood, until now I've never encountered such experience (I mean, I've never seen "it" with my own eyes lah.) But my maid have seen some unusual things in our house, but I think it's only natural. Benda tu bukan kacau kita pun... Sometimes they are there to protect us, and sometimes they are just "visiting". So, just ignore lah...

I hope I don't have to see any pochong in my entire life!!!!!!!!


busymum100 said...


I used to stay alone in hotel rooms alone whenever i was outstation. Until... i followed the marketing ppl of UNISEL outstation. One of them is now my good fren, and she was the one insisted that i didn't sleep alone. I never thought of bad things, but this fren, who used to work in a hotel before told me many stories (from her own and her hotel colleaques' experiences) that eventually i agreed to bunk in with her and her fren (leaving my hotel room empty).

All these ghost stories, I have to say that I believe them. Those are restless souls, or "qarin" of the dead, as told by a friend who's quite alim.

Anyway, 2 weeks ago when I was in Damai Laut, Lumut for a workshop, a colleague was actually "disturbed" by something. She was staying in the hotel room with another colleague, but when she was "disturbed", her friend was already asleep :(
Anyway, the following night, both of them decided to bunk in with other friends. And guess what? other people were disturbed that night! Let's call these ladies A abd B. A heard someone called her name. WHen A asked B if it was her (B), B said, no. B advised A to recite some ayat from the Quran, but what A heard was B making fun/joke with her! Strange? :D

So now, when i go outstation, i'd request someone to be with me, even if i am lucky enough to have the room to myself ;)
Actually, i'll be in melaka from wed to fri this week :(

MrsNordin said...


This "name calling" also has happened in our house. A few times, my maid heard me calling her name from upstairs when I was obviously not at home, and at work. It usually happened in the afternoon. I think my daughter Nadira also has experienced the same thing. Spooky, ayy?

Make sure you get a shared room in Melaka. Otherwise, bring surah yassin and put it under your pillow/by the bedside table. For protection, my dear... :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi j

ya allah- POCONG?? I think I would pengsan on the spot.

Your spirits in the house are friendly, so taklah takut sangat kot (ye ke??) a way good gak your sister in law ada. she can tell kalau bad spirits- can't she?

MrsNordin said...

I don't know if she can tell whether it's a bad spirit or not. I guess, kalau rupa yang buruk tu, jahat lah kut...

Btw, have you read MrN's explanation of the car fiasco? Don't you want to add anything to that?

MA & Brood said...

Oops! I once stayed at that hotel too, also for team building. Malam2 we had our dinner at the bar (next to the golf course, away from the main building, and after makan, I slipped away balik ke bilik. It was almost midnight then. Alhamdulillah tak ada apa-apa. :-)

I had only one experience, but don't know samada I mimpi ke apa - when my daughter was admitted to hospital a few years ago, I temankan dia dalam hospital room, tidur on a roll-up bed. Masa tidur malam tu, I had this sensation that someone lifted the edge of my bed - kaki ke atas, kepala ke bawah, you can feel the gravity pull. But I was too tired to open my eyes, anak sakit dok jaga all the time.And I thought it was my tired mind playing tricks to my tired body. But now - I wonder hehehe...if any restless spirits were wandering around the wards telling me to get off their beds! (remember cerita Ghost? Demi Moore)

MrsNordin said...


My SIL said, kat hospital lah paling banyak hantu! The corridors are full of them! Yang paling takut kat HUKM. Hee... seram!