Friday, April 04, 2008

On Second Thought

After reading back my previous posting, I wonder what have I done here? Am I being too critical of my husband? And looking back at all my previous postings, banyak betul I complain pasal dia. Am I being unfair??

My mum told me never say anything bad about your husband (she adores him, of course! ). Always say nice things. Anything bad, keep it to yourself.

But what I'm doing is totally the opposite. I let the whole world know that I'm not happy with him, that I don't like him going out for late night coffee with his friends, that I'm not particularly estatic with his association with certain lady friends, that I geram with him coz he disturbed my private time in the bathroom... semua nya salah.

Like they say in the election, "it's easy to find fault". That's what I'm doing and I should really stop. This is not a husband-bashing blog. I think I've been a little unfair to him of late. He never criticised me that way, you know... :(

It's interesting how my feelings changed as I'm writing away. First, I was angry, then I became suspicious; next I felt uncertain, then calm, and now I'm actually feeling sorry for him! Hee.. hee... this thing is really therapeutic! (Actually, reading the comments helped to reduce my anger...)

Now, what am I supposed to do??


Anonymous said...

respect your feelings and let him know too. that is what I would do.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Lahai BJ..orang tulis blog memang all go thru this feeling- you want to vent and you want ppl's advice but then you malu gak share your private matters online

But we ALL know you love him really and the love shines thru. He does not complain about you cause you are PERFECT girl!!(and he does not have a blog) Hahahaha

And Mr N- you are a good guy and your wife is way way cooler than I am. so dont push your luck with her...nanti she blows up!!!

Hope said...

One comment to Mr N (whenever he reads this...)

YOU are lucky to have someone so patient and understanding as your wife...

Not everyone will take this, so if she needs to write a blog to vent her frustrations, let her be..

It's better than she goes into another car with another man to PD for her own "team-building" ;-)

MrsNordin said...




That's a very sound advise. I'm just afraid he'll be mad at me.. :(


Hee.. hee... you're so funny! Tergelak I baca your stern warning! I shall let MrN reply to your comment, whenever he reads this. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

BJ, no matter how much you complaint about Mr N, we can feel the love both of you have for each other. Mana ada couple yg so sama in everything, it would be borriiing!Long lost fren!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Long Lost Fren,

Thanks for dropping by. I wish you would just tell me who you are... :)

Have a nice day!