Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Day at the Salon

Last Friday, I had my hair done at A Cut Above in MidValley. It's long overdue, and since I had some free time on Friday, I decided to get a trim and new colour. My last visit was some 6 months ago (so you can guess my hair's condition) and what do you know? My stylist, Florence, is 7-months' pregnant! Had I delayed the visit, I probably wouldn't be able to catch her until after her confinement! Geez... that's a long time.

I've known Florence since the year 2000. We first met by chance, one evening before Valentine's Day, when I was strolling in the shopping mall with Mdm Tai Tai, looking for Valentine's gift (we do that every year, when she was still in KL). We had decided to get our hair done and so, dropped by this hair saloon for a wash & blow. That's when I met Florence. She was the one who did my hair and eversince that day, she's been doing my hair whenever the need arises.

I like her cut. No one else understands my hair like she does. There were times when I tried to get a cut from someone else, but I'd always end up going back to her for repair because I didn't like what they did.

Anyway, this posting is not about Florence. As I was waiting for my hair color to set, guess who who walked in? Samy Vellu! Yes, that Samy Vellu! He just walked right in and took a seat two chairs aways from me. I think, he had a hair touch up.

You know, actually he has quite a full set of hair (maybe that's the hair implant) except at the back where there's a small bald patch. Other than that, it looked quite normal like anybody else's hair. I just don't understand why in the picture, his hair looked so fake. (maybe it did but I didn't stay until they finished blowing his hair, so didn't know the final result).

Anyway, he was quite chatty and friendly. When I was coming out of the cubicle where they washed my hair, he came in. Our path crossed. I smiled at him and nodded my head, and he returned my smile. I thought that was nice of him.

I figured he must have a lot of free time now to sit in a salon for 2-3 hours for a hair fix. While waiting, he played with his handphone, just like anyone of us would, and chatted with his stylists, in full bahasa malaysia.

MrNordin asked me to take his picture, but tak nak lah. Not when his hair is all covered in coloring and dishevelled like that. Kalau after it finished, maybe... but by that time, I had already long gone.

A day in the salon with Samy Vellu... that's my claim to fame!


Madam Tai Tai said...

Samy Vellu of all people at Cut Above! Dah free sangat la tu lepas kalah election.

Coincidentally I have booked an appointment at a salon here for color too tomorrow. My ubans are sprouting like anything nowadays, eventhough my last color was end-Feb. Chepul cakap dah tua...

Btw, what's your new hair color? Post a pic la!

Kak Teh said...

mrs nordin, I have seen uncle samy up close and quit near too. But to me it looked quite unnatural. Entahlah may be had had bad wig day hari tu.

Sorry I have not visited yr blog this last week. In the words of the younger generation: Busy giler!

Kak Teh said...

sorry - bad typo - "quite"

Kmar said...


Hair and Samy ..eem.... setiap kali tengok gambar dia, mesti notice rambut dia yang memang macam tak natural. Whatever it is, janji he is happy with his hair, dah le.. he.he..

I keep on losing my hair.. pfff.. nak buat treatment, mahal sangat pulak tu. And the end I let it be as it is... he.he..

Hantar le gambar with new hair style-colour.. mesti mengancam!!

Anonymous said...

Samy have always gone to A Cut Above for his hair and also mani-pedi!!! Yes!!! M a regular customer there and he frequents that place even when he was a full Minister. Talk about being vain!

Kuna said...

Mrs nordin,

Yalah. Post a pic or do I get to see it in full glorious colour over another overdue lunch?

MrsNordin said...


Now we know where he gets his hair done, huh?

My new hair color? Not much difference from the last, just slighter lighter. Copper.

Enjoy your day at the salon today!

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

Maybe if I've stayed to watch the final result, it would appear more unnatural. That day, one can't really tell.

I guess so you've been busy coz your blog wasn't updated. Busy with "that" story, huh? I read some of your articles on her in our local newspaper. What's your take on this now, after the interview with the NOTW?

MrsNordin said...


You're losing your hair? (you mean hair droppping or hair loss?)

Eh, go and get treatment lah. If it's too expensive over there, do it here when you come back nanti. You can also DIY at home, but of course the results would be slow. Jangan biarkan, nanti menyesal!

MrsNordin said...


Ya ke? Tak tau pulak he's a regular kat situ. But it's nice to see a man of his age and stature going to a salon like that. But honestly, I think he looks better without the wig/hair attachment.

MrsNordin said...


You'll see it when you see me next. And when is that?

Kak Teh said...

My take on that? hmmm - the plot thickens - thus the entry in the blog. and no, you wouldn't want my job - I just glamourised it to make it sound interesting hehe! i think it is because i love train rides.