Monday, December 29, 2008

Shoe Lover

I woke up early today and it's drizzling outside. Ahh... bliss! So I decided against going back to sleep, make a cuppa coffee and lock myself in the study room. These are precious moments which must be utilized quickly!

My eldest daughter is going back to UiTM today. We did her registration yesterday (spent the whole day there!), and since it's a holiday today, she followed us home. MrN will be in KL this week (I'm glad!), but he'll go to JB on Friday for a short meeting.

I plan to re-organize the shoe store today. It’s an annual affair. The last time I did it was more than a year ago. As usual, yang mengemas sorang, yang menyelerakkan ramai!

We are shoe-people. We love shoes (who don’t?), my husband included. I think, he has more shoes than I do. In the store room, half of it is occupied by my husband’s shoes, a quarter by my shoes and another quarter by the girls’ shoes. There’s also MrsN No. 1’s old shoes, which we still keep on the rack, because they are still good shoes.

Her shoes are many, and expensive. That’s also another reason why they are still there. Unfortunately, her feet are one size bigger than mine. Some of the sandals are still wearable, but you know how leather shoes become hard over time, right? So they are quite uncomfortable.

The girls don’t really fancy wearing court shoes or high-heeled ones, preferring the more trending pumps. So MrsN No. 1 shoes are just there for display, taking up space for the rest of the other new shoes.

I don’t know what to do with them. Some dated back to the 80s coz people in this house has a habit of hoarding old stuff. The same with clothes. MrN still has the shirt which he wore when he went for his first honeymoon! And that was 20 years ago! And in the trunk, there are still several dresses which I believe was worn during the disco era of the 70s by MrsN#1 !

There are good and bad points to this. If you have storage space in the house, by all means, keep them. The fashion will come back. That’s why during our disco party last July, we didn’t buy any new outfit. We just used what we have. But if you don’t have space, then something has got to go.

I, for one, do not like to hoard. If I see any baju which I haven’t worn in more than a year, I’ll put it aside to give or throw away. This is because, I’ll be buying more clothes and if I don’t discard the old ones, mana nak letak?

My wardrobe is almost bursting at the seams. Every time my maid tried to hang the newly-ironed clothes, she’ll have difficulties trying to find space, resulting in them becoming crumpled all over again as the cupboard is overstuffed. Nak beli a bigger wardrobe, dah tak ada tempat nak letak. That’s my daily dilemma.

We thought of holding a jumble sale a couple of months ago to discard the old items, but it didn’t materialize (malas nak pikir masa tu). People say, what’s rubbish to you may be treasures of other people. So a jumble sale might be a good idea. Perhaps we’ll do it next year once we find the energy to dig and sort out all the stuff.

There are a lot, I’m telling you… really a lot. Ini belum termasuk barang budak2 lagi. Their clothes, toys, shoes. There are 5 big bundles stacked up ouside their bedroom door at the moment. Malas nak usik. Nak buang, sayang. So they are just there accumulating dust.

Last year, I gave away 3 big bundles of kids's shoes to the Indonesian workers at my office. Berebut dia orang! They were still good shoes, sometimes baru pakai sekali dua je. Kids outgrow their shoes very fast. Even Nizzar now, at 2.5 years old, has 8 pairs of shoes! Itu pun after 2, 3 rounds of giving away his old shoes to other people!

Looks like he's gonna become another shoe lover, huh? Just like his mum & dad...

Friday, December 26, 2008

MrsN's Christmas Dinner

We had a lovely Christmas Dinner last night. Not that we celebrate the occasion, it’s just that I wanted a reason to dress up and be merry.

Did we have turkey? Yes we did! But it didn’t come from my kitchen. The thought of having to slog in the kitchen stuffing the bird and roasting it in the oven for 4-5 hours put me off from doing it myself. So, I simply placed an order at E’toile (Equatorial Hotel). All I had to do was to collect it and serve it on our dining table. Voila!

Cheating? Hee.. hee… cheatinglah tu, but it was worth it. The turkey was delicious!

The idea came about a couple of weeks ago. I said, “Let’s have a Christmas dinner! We do turkey. Dress up. Buy a Christmas tree, have presents, the whole works!” The kids bought the idea. They had never tasted turkey before. I had, so had MrN (when we were studying in the UK). But we both didn’t quite like the taste because turkey’s meat is quite dry and bland. You have to eat it with loads of gravy and cranberry sauce.

Nak prepare benda Allah tu pun bukannya senang. Kena thaw the bird (could take a whole night), do the stuffing, stuff the bird, roast it (depending on the size, it may take up to 4 hours), do the gravy… eeeh… lecehlah. So we tried to change their minds ~ roast chicken boleh? No!!! They insisted on having a turkey because “Tak pernah rasa…”. Kesian pulak I tengokkan budak2 ni. In the end, we relented and so we bought the turkey.

The turkey was 4.5 kg big. Now, that's a BIG one. It came with the gravy and cranberry sauce. We thought sure tak habis, but everyone seemed to love it. The kids, especially. Dua tiga round minta tambah! We were quite happy to see the turkey being wiped out within minutes! Nizzar pun suka! MrN's aunty said,"Selama 55 tahun umur aunty ni, this is the first time aunty makan turkey!" And she liked it!

The children helped a lot with the preparations and balloon decorations while I was out with MrNordin picking up the turkey. Ambil turkey sekejap saja... but we took our time and have our coffee there. E'toile used to be our favourite meeting place when we were dating. Sekarang dah jarang2ke situ. So when a chance like this comes along, might as well lah, kan? :)

However, we were interrupted several times by phone calls from home asking us, "Please buy oregano on your way back!!", "Shall we start steaming the vegetables now??", "Shall I ask k.Sri to start cooking the fried rice?" Hish... susah betul nak dating in peace these days!

Anyway, I'm happy it turned out well. Although we didn't have a Christmas tree (I thought, kalau beli pun, what am I going to do with it after that?) or Santa Claus to distribute presents for everyone, we had fun. Guests left at almost 1 am, and today I'm at work.

I hope you've had a good Christmas holiday too. Have a good weekend!

The turkey & accompanying vegetables

Satay (Aunty R bawak) and buttered rice

This is for dessert ~ fruit cake and pumpkin pie (with ice cream)

Raspberry cake

Guests at MrsN's Christmas dinner (same crowd lah...)

Melaram, jangan tak melaram!

MrN ~ Master Carver

My BIL's eldest son

Nizzar & cousins

Uncle R, Aunty R and Nabila

Mr & MrsN ~ happy the dinner was a success!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love Song

I’ve been reading through my blog for previous postings while listening to some nice songs on my PC. Right now, it’s “Jerat” by Harvey Malaiholo.

You know how certain songs can trigger that sentimental feeling in one person, right? This song does that to me, all the time.

Jerat is my love song with MrNordin. This is the song which made me fall in love with him for the first time.

It was June 2001. We’ve only known each other for a couple of weeks and we’ve met maybe once or twice during that time. But he had already hinted that he was pretty serious about me. Everyday, he would ask me whether I liked him or not and insisted on knowing how I felt towards him. But I was taking my time. Whenever he asked me, I would just say, “I don’t know…” or I’d just give him a non-committal answer.

So that day, he told me he had a karaoke competition at his office in a few days time and was wondering if I could teman him practice at Star KTV. I said ok je since I love singing as well. He asked me to meet him at Bangsar Shopping Complex after work.

I was on leave that day. I was pretty anxious as that would be the first time we went karaoke together. What if I sang out of tune? What if my pitching lari? What if he was a really good singer? All those questions kept playing on my mind as I drove towards Bangsar.

Upon reaching BSC, I gave him a call. He said he was at the main entrance and asked me to meet him there.

As I was walking towards the entrance, I saw him standing with his back facing me. I could recognized him straight away as there were not many people yang 'hairless' kat situ (except babies lah, of course)!

He was talking on the phone in one hand and holding a cigarette in the other. He was wearing this white collared shirt, top two buttons undone, sleeves folded, and a Ray-Ban resting on his temple. He looked so cool and relaxed. He didn’t see me, so I just observed him from far.

As he took a drag from his cigarette, suddenly I felt my heart start missing a beat! “Eh, apasal ni?” Macam ada magic pulak tiba2 aura dia terserlah sebegitu! I didn’t know whether it was the cigarette or his Ray Ban or his shirt, but all I knew was, “I want to be seen with this guy!!!”

I felt my face flushed with embarrassment as that thought crossed my mind. For a moment, I just stood there motionless. Speechless. Then he saw me and waved at me. Ahh… that’s when I knew I had feelings for him!

Anyway, we went into the karaoke room and started choosing the songs. I had frequented that place quite often before with my friends, so I was quite familiar with the songs and sound system. But for him, that was his first time and so he was quite apprehensive and looked rather nervous in the beginning.

Among all the songs that he had selected, there was this one song which I particularly liked. I’ve heard it before but I had never heard anyone singing it in a karaoke before. Neither did I know the song title.

So when he sang it that day, I was quite thrilled. “Eee… I sukalah lagu ni, tapi tak pernah tahu who’s the singer or what’s the song title!”. He sang it beautifully, too and I just loved listening to him again and again.

"It’s called Jerat", he said. Of course..

Malam tu, bila balik rumah, I kept on thinking about the song but I didn’t quite catch the lyrics. So when he called me later that night, I complimented him again:

Bestlah you nyanyi lagu tu, sedap suara you..”.

Ya ke?”


Then he said something which took me by surprise,

Maybe sebab I dah kena jerat kut…?”

Kena jerat?

What do you mean?”

Kena jerat…. You know?”

I still didn’t get it.

Kena jerat apa?”

Punyalah bangangnya I masa tu, sumpah I tak tahu what he meant by that! Dua tiga kali dia sebut jerat, jerat, but I still couldn't figure it out. After a while, he gave up.

Tak de apa lah.. “, he said and changed the subject.

A few days later, we went for karaoke again. This time, I insisted he sang that song again and I made sure I read the lyrics properly. Punyalah I terkezut when I saw the lyrics!

"... kau ciptakan rindu... kau buat hati tu.... terjerat... tali cinta..."

Hati I dah dup, dap, dup, dap. He was still singing. I looked up at him and asked, “Is this what you were trying to tell me the other night?” He nodded and smiled.

Alamak… malunya! Malu campur suka! Malu sebab I was so blur, couldn’t read between the lines. Over the moon ~ sebab someone here had said his heart had been captured by me! Hee.. hee!!

Until today, whenever I hear this song, it will always bring back memories of that day in the karaoke room and that night when he was trying to tell me something. It never failed to bring a smile to my face.

To listen to the song, click the link below. You should listen to it and read the lyrics at the same time for maximum impact. After that, tell me what's your love song and what's your story, ok? Let's share.

JERAT (click to listen)

Kala pertama kupandang
Pesona di wajahmu
Saat itu hatiku kan terpana
Tiada ragu lagi
Tiada bimbang lagi
Semuanya ingin kumiliki

Gelisah jiwaku ini
Dilanda bayanganmu
Kan mengkoyak dinding keangkuhanku
Kau ciptakan rindu
Kau buat hatiku terjerat tali cinta

Pun tiada menentu
Bila semalam pun tiada bertemu

Kan terasa oh sepi
Bila kau tiada
Tampakkan senyummu

Monday, December 22, 2008

We Finally Met! Makcik Bloggers Meeting Review

The first Makcik Bloggers meeting, held yesterday at The Melting Pot, Concorde, was indeed a great success! I’m not sure if I should call it a “Makcik Bloggers” meeting as I’m sure there are many other makcik bloggers around. But I think, that group yesterday was indeed “makcik-makcik” in nature and character, so I guess it’s okay to call it the “Makcik Bloggers” meeting.

This review is very much intended for those who couldn’t be there with us yesterday, namely Kak Teh, MA, Auntie Yan, Busymum, Waterlily, Jabishah and Myheartbleeds. Yes, we talked about you all yesterday, so you were there in our thoughts!

I arrived slightly late because I had to pick up my maid who went home over the weekend, and make sure the kids were ok. MrNordin was in Seremban, hence the small glitch.

Upon arrival, I saw 4 ladies already waiting at MrsNordin’s table. I could recognize Ms Hart and Ezza (easy…), but the other two, I tak kenal. They introduced themselves as Zaitgha and Busybody. Waaahh…. Baru kenal mana satu busybody and mana satu the lady who baked lovely cakes tu! They were nice, and friendly. Ezza, you are just like your blog ~ hillarious! And Ms. Hart, you have one of the nicest smiles I've ever seen!

Then Mdm Tai Tai arrived with her long pearl necklace and immaculate hairdo. She told me she was nervous as hell to meet the makciks, and I couldn’t understand why. She said it was like a “blind date” (huh?). Anyway, I didn’t think she was nervous for long coz as she started chatting away, she couldn’t stop.

She brought a gift from Dhaka for each one of us, a lovely shawl. I brought a small mug for each one of the ladies with their blog name written at the bottom of the cup. I hope they’ll use it as the official coffee/tea cup every time they blog!

After Mdm Tai Tai, The Principal arrived with a big box of cookies and prettily wrapped muffins for everyone. That’s very thoughtful of her… She sat next to me. She looked kinda nervous in the beginning (perhaps because she was the youngest among all the makciks?) but after a while, she eased up.

Then, Ummi365 arrived (she gave us a personally-sewn handbag each!), followed by Superwoman, Shana, Ibu, Bella, Kay & Tireless Mum. Tireless Mum just arrived from her holiday in Phuket that afternoon, I was very glad she took the trouble to join us. Kay, her sister, picked her up from home. Between those two, I would have thought Yatt is the older sister when actually, Kay is the one. Maybe because Yatt is more compose than Kay. But they sure do look and ‘sound’ alike!

The 14 of us did cause quite a stir at the Melting Pot yesterday. Nasib tak ramai orang kat situ! Kalau ramai pun, so what, eh? We were just girls having fun. I saw these two ladies at the next table kept looking at us, probably wondering what we were up to or probably wishing they could be part of our crowd? Hee.. hee… gelak ketawa, photo taking…. It was fun!

We finished at almost 6pm, but I left later at 7pm after a “post-mortem” with Superwoman and Mdm Tai Tai at the Crossroads. They were waiting for their husbands to pick them up, that’s why we stayed on. Our feelings were mutual, “IT WAS A GREAT MEETING!” Thanks, y’all!!

These photos will tell you what went on yesterday. I’m sure the others would post their pictures as well. So keep on checking their blogs. Cheers!

L to R: Superwoman, Ms Hart, Busybody, The Principal, Mdm Tai Tai, Ummi365

Ezza & Zaitgha

Yeay!! Dapat presents!

SW, Mdm Tai Tai, MrsN, Ms Hart

Standing (L-R) : Bella, Tireless Mum, Ms Hart, Kay, Mdm TT, Ummi, MrsN
Sitting (L-R) : WanShana, Superwoman

Happy Friends!

Zaitgha, Kay, "Zorro" (Ibu ler...)


With Ezza, a lovely bubbly Mum of 8!

WanShana, SW, Tireless Mum

Mdm Tai Tai & Kay

Borak!! Jangan tak borak!!


Hee.. hee... this turned out quite nice, girls!

The Makcik Bloggers. Yang posing maut tu (kat depan, baju lime green) is The Principal

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Good Ol' Days

I recently updated my FB. Like many, I was thrilled to see so many of my long lost friends, especially those from my university days. Seeing their faces remind me of the good old days in Kent. The fun, the laughter, the anxiety… so many memories kept playing back in my mind. I can’t help smiling thinking about the things we did and the fun we had coz that’s where we grew up and that’s where we first learnt what life was all about.

The year was 1988. That was the first time I set foot in London. I still remember the icy, cold wind that swept my face as I stepped out of Heathrow Airport. Gosh… it was so cold! I’ve never felt that cold before! The closest experience I had was in Genting Highlands but that was nothing compared to London’s winter days, ok? And when I spoke, smoke came out of my mouth! Geez.. how shocking! That’s when it hit me that I was actually in a foreign country, far away from home. I’ve set foot in London and this is where my home is going to be for the next 3 years!

I didn’t know anyone then. The students who came on the same flight with me were all from different schools, mostly from KPP. I was the only one who came from a boarding school. But somehow, I managed to get on a black cab with a few others, and off we went to the famous Malaysian Hall in Bryston Square.

I got a single room at the Malaysian Hall. The room was small but warm. I was to stay there for a few days before I depart to Kent with the other Kent students who still haven’t arrived yet. I can’t remember what I did, but I remember buying my first winter jacket at Oxford Street during my short stay in London. It was red in colour.

I also did the usual touristy things like visiting the Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud, London Bridge etc, etc. Funnily, that was the first and last time I ever visited those places throughout my stay in the UK.

A few days later saw a stream on students arriving at the Malaysian Hall before going to their final destinations. That’s when I met my university mates ~ Sharinaz, Shireen, Suhaimi, Hisham and Khairuddin. They were all from KPP. There was another girl, Lina, who came from the same school as me, but she arrived much later than all of us.

Then another girl arrived, Rye. She was so “at home”, coming in and out of the Malaysian Hall saying hi and bye to many people she bumped into. Later I found out that she actually did her A-Levels in the UK and that’s why she was so familiar with the people there. There was also another guy, Mazlan. Mazlan was a Shell scholar and because of that, he did not stay with us at the Malaysian Hall. Instead, he put up at a hotel somewhere in London and I thought that was so extravagant!

Anyway, the first few days there was quite a blur to me now. But once, me and the boys took a train down to Canterbury to check out our university ~ The University of Kent at Canterbury. Sigh…. the name alone brings back sweet memories of that place! The boys pandai pulak naik train pegi Canterbury which is about an hour ride from London (can’t remember which station now). I had no clue, so I just followed them.

Looking back, I think my first year at university was the best days of my life. I met new friends, learnt new things, and it was all about fun! Fun! Fun! The Malaysian students at UKC were a great bunch of people and they were all out to have fun. Every Friday night ~ disco! Kalau boleh, tiap2 malamlah nak pegi disco! I had a whole set of bajus and dresses for disco nights! Geng pegi disco pun ramai, diketuai oleh my dear friend Verdi, who now resides in Jakarta.

Verdi was a private student in London but he never did attend school. He was always bumping with us becoz he had a Malaysian girlfriend in Kent, Eben. Kerja dia tiap2 malam pegi disco. Another disco buddy is Shuib, now a journalist at NSTP. There was also Alma, who joined us every once in a while, and Kidin. But Kidin wouldn’t dance, he’d just drink. Best kalau pegi clubbing with they all. Tak ingat dunia!

Of course, university days were not all about disco, disco, disco. I did study too, ok? But very minimal. Hee… hee…

I still keep in touch with some of these friends, but only once in a while. Now writing this makes me miss them so much. I miss laughing with them, I miss talking to them and I miss doing silly things with them. Student days are the best days of our lives ~ no worries except for exams. Nowadays, mana nak pikir anaklah, husbandlah, work lah, money lah… pening tiap2 hari. Dulu mana ada stress sangat, happy je all the time!

That’s what I keep on telling my children, enjoy your student days and college days puas-puas. Don’t try to grow up too fast. These kids tak sabar2 nak habis sekolah and kerja cepat2. Little did they realize the burden of responsibilities that shall come along with it.

Sigh… what’s the point of writing all this? I don’t know... I’m just feeling melancholic, I guess...


I was standing infront of the mirror this morning, getting ready to go to work, when I heard his little voice saying, "Nice...".

I turned to look at the commentator and I saw this little boy with an Ultraman figurine in his hand, looking up to me.

"Is this nice?", I asked him for assurance while pointing at the blue baju kurung I was wearing.

"Nice, Mummy...", he said while nodding his head a few times.

Hee.. hee.. pandai betul budak ni. Kecik2 lagi dah pandai bagi compliment!

So, he got to go for a spin in my car and one doughnut from the shop before I left for work!

Nizzar with Mummy (yang menyorok kat belakang)

Nizzar and Mummy (in full view ~ atas permintaan ramai)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Perjumpaan Makcik Bloggers - Prelude 1

Three more days to go before Perjumpaan Makcik2 Bloggers pada hari Ahad ini, 21 Dec 2008. Ada yang dah tempah baju, ada yang masih tak ada baju, ada yang masih tak tahu apa nak pakai…

Orang perempuan, kan? That’s the first thing that crossed our minds! Pakailah baju apa2 pun cik kak oi… asalkan sedap mata memandang. Tak payah nak pening2.

Anyway, up till now, 12 people have confirmed going:
1) MrsNordin
2) Mdm Tai Tai
3) Superwoman
4) Wanshana
5) Ibu – she said insyaallahcan you confirm now, please Ibu?
6) Ezza
7) Kay
8) Ms Hart (Ayam Bali)
9) The Principal
10) Wan Nor @ mystf junior (plus anak dara dia..)
11) Bella
12) Busybody
13) Zaitgha

Another two haven’t confirmed yet:
1) Busymum – can you come?
2) Ummi365 – have you decided?

If these two can make it, it looks like we’re going to have a party of 15 makcik bloggers at Concorde Melting Pot this Sunday afternoon! Yeay!!

I shall book for 15 pax, ok? Under my name ~ MrsNordin. You all tanya lah kat reception tu nanti.

The high-tea is from 12.30 pm-4.00 pm. But I think we meet at 2.00 pm lah, so we don’t need to rush. The cost is RM50 per pax. By the way, we're talking about Concorde KL, ok? Not Shah Alam.

Are you nervous? I am. Takut tak tahu apa nak kata hari tu.

But I think we’re going to have a good time. Meeting new friends are always nerve-wrecking in the beginning but from what I gather, you are all nice, decent people. Not pretentious whatsoever, and I think we’ll get along fine.

So, jumpa di sana… di sana… di sana….

Monday, December 15, 2008


Hello again! I just got in the office this morning after a week-long break. Just a quick update before work gets in the way.

Well, to sum it up, it was a hectic week.

The Jakarta trip was cancelled because i) MrNordin couldn’t get away from work at the very last minute, ii) my youngest brother could not take leave, and iii) my second brother was admitted to a hospital for viral fever. I had to cancel all 13 tickets which had been paid in advance (that’s about RM5k in total). Nak buat macamana? To change to a different date pun, kena bayar extra charges. Further, we couldn’t decide when the next best date would be for everyone to travel together. So in the end, we decided to let it burn. Tak apalah, tak ada rezeki. Perhaps next time.

Since I was still on leave, we decided to go down to JB to follow MrNordin to work. He has been quite stressed out lately due to work pressure. I feel sorry for him and I wish I could do more to help. I shall not discuss about it here but suffice to say that the reason why we tagged along was just to give him our moral support. We were in JB for 4 solid days. It was raining mostly, but I managed to steal some quiet times with him over a late night supper and breakfast on a rainy Sunday morning. And that was nice...

Oh yes! The Makcik Bloggers meeting this Sunday is still on, by the way. So far, 14 people have indicated their interests in coming and that’s a good number! I can’t wait! Can you please e-mail me your mobile number so I can contact you directly on the venue (should there be any changes at the last minute)? My e-mail is this:

Ok, I've to go now. Will write more later. Cheers!

Friday, December 05, 2008

You're Invited!

Hi! I’ve been thinking about this for a while but I don’t know what the response will be like. But I shall attempt it anyway, and I hope I will get a positive feedback.

I want to meet my new found friends ~ the makcik bloggers, the commentators, the anonymous or whoever that is interested in meeting new friends over a cup of tea or two on a Sunday afternoon. I feel that since we’ve been exchanging so many stories and comments in each others’ blogs, it’ll be nice if we could finally meet up and put a face to the picture/story. Yeah, sure… I’ve seen some of your photos, but meeting you in person will be something else, isn’t it?

I’d love to meet Ezza, MA and Auntie Yan. I think these 3 ladies are wonderful. Kak Teh, too (unfortunately, she’s so far away, so we can’t invite her. Hee.. hee.. sorry Kak Teh!).

I’ve met Busymum (I think she’s superb!), but the rest, I don’t know. Well, I do know Mdm Tai Tai, Superwoman, Tireless Mom, Aida, Waterlily, Shana and Ibu... but I haven’t met some of them in a long time either.

I’m also curious to meet Jabishah, Myheartbleeds, Ms Hart, The Principal, Kayleeda and everyone else who have dropped by in my blog. I think it’ll be great if we all can meet up coz I’m sure we’ll bring the house down (wherever the meeting place will be lah).

On another note, Mdm Tai Tai is coming back to KL for a short while in mid-Dec and she’d like to meet you all too. She said, it’ll be a great birthday present for her when she turns 41 on 17 Dec. So that's a good reason to meet ~ to celebrate a friend's birthday party! Yeay!!

So, what say you? Are you game to meet?

I propose this:

Date : Sunday, 21st Dec 2008
Time : 3-5pm
Venue : Melting Pot, Concorde Hotel, KL (atau yang sewaktu dengannya)
Cost : Bayar sendiri2lah, ya? But I don’t think it’ll cost more than RM50 each.

Actually, we can also do a Pot Luck party at my house, but kalau kat rumah, susah sikit nak bersembang lama2 sebab budak kecik kat rumah tu sure akan merengek nak attention. Perhaps for our next meeting boleh buat kat rumah, ok?

So, kepada nama2 yang tertulis disini (dan sesiapa saja yang berminat), tolong beri jawapan anda, ok? But if you don’t feel like revealing yourself and prefer to remain anonymous, I respect your decision. I’m just trying my luck.

I look forward to your favorable reply.

Thanks & Cheers!

p/s I welcome any other suggestions.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hello Again

I’m sitting here in my office waiting for the rain to stop. The traffic jam is pretty heavy down there ~ everywhere I turned, there’s this endless line of vehicles trying to make their way home or head somewhere. I’m not in the mood to sit in a traffic jam today, so I’d rather sit here in my office and wait for the jam to clear.

I’ve called the house and told the children that I’ll be back late. Nasib baik there’s someone else working late here as well, otherwise I’d have to pack up and leave. It seems, this office building is haunted. Some people said they have spotted hantu pocong on one of the floors when they were working late. Some ustaz or ghostbusters have been summoned to halau the hantu on several occasions, but they just don’t want to leave! I’ll be dead if I bumped into one!

Ahh… by the way, it’s now 2nd December already. Very soon, it’ll be end of December and we’ll be celebrating a new year ~ 2009. How time flies, huh? I saw Venus and Jupiter the other night, along with that Cheshire cat moon. I thought that was awesome. Did anyone else see it?

When I look back to the things I’ve done/achieved/not achieved this year, I must say it requires some deep thinking to make sense of it all. Turning 40 may have something to do with it as well. I realized now that as I grow older, the things I do/see/experience are a lot more colorful and interesting as compared to when I was younger, say in my 20s or early 30s.

At that time, there were less headaches. The only problem that I had to deal with was maybe work or boyfriend problem. Sometimes, it was my mum (mainly because she didn’t like the guy I was going out with), but those were nothing compared to what I’ve to deal with these days.

These days, the issues include: How to deal with teenage tantrums? How to deal with a cheating husband? How to comfort a friend who's divorced? How to satisfy a husband?

Just the other day, I heard my cousin, who has been married for 25 years, is divorced by her husband who ran off with an Indonesian maid. A friend just lost her husband to cancer, and another friend is diagnosed with a terminal illness. How do you deal with that?

It's quite mind-boggling sometimes, to think about the issues that we have to deal with as we grow older. But these are the things that'll make our lives richer and more colourful. How we deal with it shows our level of maturity and sensitivity towards others' feelings and situations...

Well, the truth is, there's no point in this posting. I'm just babbling. My mind is not at peace but I need to write something.

On a lighter note, a dear friend is coming back to M'sia for a short holiday in mid-Dec. I am so looking forward to seeing her! After raya haji, MrsNordin & family are going on a holiday. Destination: Jakarta (again). This will be my 6th trip there. I don't know what is it about that place, but I like it there. This time around, my parents are coming along with us.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the long holiday break!