Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love Song

I’ve been reading through my blog for previous postings while listening to some nice songs on my PC. Right now, it’s “Jerat” by Harvey Malaiholo.

You know how certain songs can trigger that sentimental feeling in one person, right? This song does that to me, all the time.

Jerat is my love song with MrNordin. This is the song which made me fall in love with him for the first time.

It was June 2001. We’ve only known each other for a couple of weeks and we’ve met maybe once or twice during that time. But he had already hinted that he was pretty serious about me. Everyday, he would ask me whether I liked him or not and insisted on knowing how I felt towards him. But I was taking my time. Whenever he asked me, I would just say, “I don’t know…” or I’d just give him a non-committal answer.

So that day, he told me he had a karaoke competition at his office in a few days time and was wondering if I could teman him practice at Star KTV. I said ok je since I love singing as well. He asked me to meet him at Bangsar Shopping Complex after work.

I was on leave that day. I was pretty anxious as that would be the first time we went karaoke together. What if I sang out of tune? What if my pitching lari? What if he was a really good singer? All those questions kept playing on my mind as I drove towards Bangsar.

Upon reaching BSC, I gave him a call. He said he was at the main entrance and asked me to meet him there.

As I was walking towards the entrance, I saw him standing with his back facing me. I could recognized him straight away as there were not many people yang 'hairless' kat situ (except babies lah, of course)!

He was talking on the phone in one hand and holding a cigarette in the other. He was wearing this white collared shirt, top two buttons undone, sleeves folded, and a Ray-Ban resting on his temple. He looked so cool and relaxed. He didn’t see me, so I just observed him from far.

As he took a drag from his cigarette, suddenly I felt my heart start missing a beat! “Eh, apasal ni?” Macam ada magic pulak tiba2 aura dia terserlah sebegitu! I didn’t know whether it was the cigarette or his Ray Ban or his shirt, but all I knew was, “I want to be seen with this guy!!!”

I felt my face flushed with embarrassment as that thought crossed my mind. For a moment, I just stood there motionless. Speechless. Then he saw me and waved at me. Ahh… that’s when I knew I had feelings for him!

Anyway, we went into the karaoke room and started choosing the songs. I had frequented that place quite often before with my friends, so I was quite familiar with the songs and sound system. But for him, that was his first time and so he was quite apprehensive and looked rather nervous in the beginning.

Among all the songs that he had selected, there was this one song which I particularly liked. I’ve heard it before but I had never heard anyone singing it in a karaoke before. Neither did I know the song title.

So when he sang it that day, I was quite thrilled. “Eee… I sukalah lagu ni, tapi tak pernah tahu who’s the singer or what’s the song title!”. He sang it beautifully, too and I just loved listening to him again and again.

"It’s called Jerat", he said. Of course..

Malam tu, bila balik rumah, I kept on thinking about the song but I didn’t quite catch the lyrics. So when he called me later that night, I complimented him again:

Bestlah you nyanyi lagu tu, sedap suara you..”.

Ya ke?”


Then he said something which took me by surprise,

Maybe sebab I dah kena jerat kut…?”

Kena jerat?

What do you mean?”

Kena jerat…. You know?”

I still didn’t get it.

Kena jerat apa?”

Punyalah bangangnya I masa tu, sumpah I tak tahu what he meant by that! Dua tiga kali dia sebut jerat, jerat, but I still couldn't figure it out. After a while, he gave up.

Tak de apa lah.. “, he said and changed the subject.

A few days later, we went for karaoke again. This time, I insisted he sang that song again and I made sure I read the lyrics properly. Punyalah I terkezut when I saw the lyrics!

"... kau ciptakan rindu... kau buat hati tu.... terjerat... tali cinta..."

Hati I dah dup, dap, dup, dap. He was still singing. I looked up at him and asked, “Is this what you were trying to tell me the other night?” He nodded and smiled.

Alamak… malunya! Malu campur suka! Malu sebab I was so blur, couldn’t read between the lines. Over the moon ~ sebab someone here had said his heart had been captured by me! Hee.. hee!!

Until today, whenever I hear this song, it will always bring back memories of that day in the karaoke room and that night when he was trying to tell me something. It never failed to bring a smile to my face.

To listen to the song, click the link below. You should listen to it and read the lyrics at the same time for maximum impact. After that, tell me what's your love song and what's your story, ok? Let's share.

JERAT (click to listen)

Kala pertama kupandang
Pesona di wajahmu
Saat itu hatiku kan terpana
Tiada ragu lagi
Tiada bimbang lagi
Semuanya ingin kumiliki

Gelisah jiwaku ini
Dilanda bayanganmu
Kan mengkoyak dinding keangkuhanku
Kau ciptakan rindu
Kau buat hatiku terjerat tali cinta

Pun tiada menentu
Bila semalam pun tiada bertemu

Kan terasa oh sepi
Bila kau tiada
Tampakkan senyummu


ms hart said...

OOOOWWWWHHHHH...MrsN!!! This is soo beautiful!! Memang romantic gila lagu ni just on its own, what more kalau ada feeling2!! Really can imagine lah macam mana darling you tu nyanyi with aaaaall his heart for the woman yang dah jerat diaaa!!! Best, best, best!!

Nak tahu cerita kelakar tak? I pun ada jugak mamat bagi lagu ni!! Guess who??? Mamat tourist guide yg bawak we all pusing-pusing kota Medan, ya buk?!!! hahaha potong steam je, kan?!! Masa tu of course lah belum ada Mr Sor di sisi ku!! Kalau ada, harus dia pergi serang kat Bapak Presiden SOEharto!!! Sedara dia, kan?*wink wink

Ours was Pasti by Ning Baizura! The song was played the moment we stepped into the kereta pengantin on our wedding day! hehe tapi I macam you - blur! Ingat memang kebetulan radio keluar lagu tu!! Hopeless!!

Tq for sharing, dear!

MrsNordin said...

Ms Hart,

Hee.. hee... mana lah tahu pulak lagu Pasti tu memang especially dedicated to you, kan?

And on your "Jerat" dedication, alamak... tak dapek nak menolong haa! Kalau mamat tourist guide yang dedicatekan lagu tu kat you, how to react? Smitten memang lah smitten, but haru pun ada jugak, kan?

NAsiblah labu... :-)

Kak Teh said...

adoi, nostalgik sekali! Kak teh pun dok terpikir-pikir apalah lagu kami berdua. Memang ada - tapi tak romantik pun! Dan jangan haraplah dia nak mendendangkan lagu kpd kak teh. Mesti out of tune. But he'd amuse me by tolerating my singing at karaoke sessions.

kay_leeda said...


Wah...so romantic the song!! Have heard the song, it's so suave kan, nice tempo and really beautiful lyrics. And you know, what you experienced that spit moment when you went speechless, flushed etc etc? That's the magic called LOVE.

Our love song...gosh, apa eh? Banyak I supposed, but the one yang really, really hit the note was "Truly" by Lionel Ritchie.

IBU said...

Alamak.....LOMANTIK nyerrr...

Aiya... my Ayah takde any song for me lah. We don't have a song that we can call our song (yet), cehh!!
Err.. unless we consider sesamee street song "C is for Cookie" & "Rubber Duckie - u'r so fun!" as we sure had some fun singing those songs together over & over again for Abang Idin - our first son.

Tonite I will ask him for "our song" - don't care. hehehe...

p/s alamak - kalau dia kata negaraku or how can i tell her i love you - how? ishhh....

Kak Teh said...

ibu, kalau dia kata negaraku you mesti stand to attention! hahaha!

Sorry Mrs N, tumpang lalu ya!

tireless mom said...

Dear BJ

Waduh, romantis. Can't remember whether it was you who sang this song in one of our karaoke days. But this one memang selalu a choice to karaoke. So definitely bila you gi Songbird or Red Box again with MrN, this song will be in the chosen list lah ye.

Ezza Aziz said...

Seronok nya bila baca kisah cinta orang...feeling giler laa...dah akak ni suka baca novel cinta,terasa muda jer...lagu Jerat tu akak dengar berkali2 tadi...memang la your abang terjerat gila kat you...dah naik angau siang malam tapi malu nak luah kan kot...
Masa zaman akak chinta chinta dulu kami main tulis surat jer..mana ada karaoke ni...ada ke abang dedicate lagu smokes get into your eyes" nyanyian Platers. Mana lah akak pernah dengar lagu 50 an tu..
Lain la kalau dia bagi lagu Bee gees ke atau abba ke..puas lah akak cari lagu tu bila jumpa lagu tu alahai ,buat aku nak tidor je lagu ni...tak lomantik langsung...

Naz said...

Salam Mrs N,
Love the song. Your story so waduh waduh...boleh buat drama tv3 :)

Anonymous said...

hi mrsN.. i hv been following ur and ur 'makcik bloggers gang' blog for quite some time.i am so new into this blogging thing. budak baru belajar....
well,there were so many things that i can relate to myself when i read ur blog. never had the courage to leave my comment but today, after reading ur 'jerat' post..i just hv to tell u..that was my song too... please keep on writing...
p/s oh ya, ur 'asam pedas' story is my fav, coz it happened to me too.... :)

bella said...

MrsN!wahhh so romantic...but its always lovely to reminisce on our bercintan-cintan days kannn...hehehe...it gives us that "good feeling"...mmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

ceh..ceh..ceh..so romantic..hubby and I really can't sing so tak adalah our 'song'..but my ex boyfriend (gosh..that was more than 20 years ago!)..sentimental sikit, suka bagi I lagu jiwang2 ni. Sampaikan hubby pun tau lagu2 tu but I can't remember how he found out.

Bagus juga ada your 'song' ni, nanti kalau merajuk2, pasang je lagu tu sure baik balik.


MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

The song doesn't have to be the one especially dedicated to you. It could be the song which you heard quite frequently at the time you were courting or the one which brought out that loving feeling in you. I'm sure you must have one, at least.

MrsNordin said...


Perhaps you're right. That magic moment was called "love". Hee.. hee... terlebih reminiscing pulak hari ni!

Truly is a beautiful long song. But masa lagu tu tengah hot, I masih disekolah menengah. Belum ada BF lagi! Hee.. heee... So, syok sendiri je lah bila dengar lagu tu kat radio!

MrsNordin said...


So have you asked him? What's your song?

Kalau dia kata, "How do I tell her about you", kata kat dia (bak kata K.Ezza), "Hah! Nampak ni! Penumbuk sebijik!!"

MrsNordin said...


The only time I remember going to karaoke with you was at my hen party at Star KTV tu lah. I think it must have been me who sang that song.

But the thing is, lagu ni cuma ada kat situ saja. Tempat lain semua tak ada. So, jarang2lah dapat dengar dia nyanyi lagu ni unless we go to BSC. What's your song?

MrsNordin said...


Smoke Gets In Your Eyes is another beautiful love song. But slow. You have to isten carefully to every word that's being said.

Romantic jugaklah abang akak tu, boleh dedicate lagu! Akak patut bagi dia lagu, "Sejakku Bertemu Padamu" (Sanisah Huri).

MrsNordin said...

Hi Naz,

Boleh buat drama TV3? Hee.. hee... slot Kisah Benar lagi elok! Thanks for dropping by.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Anon,

It looks like you too have a lot of stories to tell, so start a blog already!

Actually, we all pun masih baru to all this, I only started in Jan'08.

So Jerat is your song too? How nice... I love the song, will always do. And you pun ada asam pedas story? Hee.. hee... we must sit down and talk!!

MrsNordin said...


I wrote that piece because I tengah hot dengan MrN. One way to diffuse my anger was to listen to our love songs and reminisce about the good old days. That way, baru sejuk hati balik and baru boleh kiss him when I get home. It's a therapy! Hee... hee...

MrsNordin said...

Hi Busybody,

That's exactly what I said to Bella. I tengah hot dengan MrN, sebab tu dengar lagu tu balik. Terus hilang marah, timbul sayang!

MrNordin said...


What more can I say, the post says it all.

I went for you with all my heart and love and the song captured what was in my heart and mind...

You jerat me and I am still terjerat... which I pray will always be that way... with us.

MrsNordin said...


Actually, it was the other way around. You jerat I first.

And I'm glad you did!

ummi365 said...

Peewweettt... tu dia MrN dah bagi commment.. aiyooo caya lahhh...romantik giler2 tu... oh abang ku dimanakah dikau...mrsN.. i kat sini tengah rindu giler ni.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!! romantika giler.....

wanshana said...

Alahai...cair dengar cerita you and MrN terjerat each other nih. Sigh...

The way you described him and dia dok belakang tiang on the phone, etc., tu macam from Mills & Boon ajer. Lepas tu, the way you described him - ala ala Daniel Craig gitu...

Hmmmm, seperti sedia maklum, si Haizal tu memang chentan habis, so teramatlah banyak 'our' songs ni, but I must say, same as Kay, top on the list must be "Truly", "Endless Love", and latest is "Tercipta Untukku" (Ungu).

wanshana said...

Oooohhh, lagi satu! Lagi satu! "FAITHFULLY" :)

MrsNordin said...


Alah... kesian you, abang tak de!

I don't know how you do it.. the separation. I don't think I can stand being away from him for too long. But I guess, absence makes the heart grow fonder, kan?

MrsNordin said...


Hee.. hee... kelakar pun ada!!

MrsNordin said...


I tak pernah tengok Daniel Craig berlakon, so I really don't know his style. But I suppose, MrN ni ada lah jugak ala-ala James Bond gitu. James Bond botak! Hee.. hee...

I'm not surprised you have many love songs together. "Tercipta Untukku" is nice...

You know why I wrote that posting? I gian nak pegi karaoke ni, but he's always busy! Grr...

busymum100 said...

Wah..wah.... lambat sikit je i masuk blog you, terus ada cerita yg penuh romantik! *wink*
Sampai MrN sendiri tulis komen tu!! CLASS!!!!

I pun ada cerita juga, tapi panjang berjela kalau nk cerita - takkan kat blog org pulak nk citer2 kisah kita...hmm..

Anyway, dolu dolu, hubby (masa belum jadi hubby, and masa baru kawin) suka nyanyi lagu Kamelia (Ramli sarip with Sweet Charity). Kamelia tu dia ganti dgn sabaria... hehe...

MrsNordin said...


Huuu.... that's soooo romantic!!!

Gugusan hari hari... indah bersama mu... Sabariah.... adoi! cair!!

Kalau dia nyanyi sambil memetik gitar kapak lagi best! Did he???

busymum100 said...


No, he can't play the guitar :-(

Masa sek dulu dia main clarinet and saxaphone - tak glamor langsung!
Paling2 habis, dok main recorder to me...

Mamat yg pandai main guitar and piano, masa dia nk ngurat i, hati i tak terbuka pulak. Walhal dia lagi hensem! hubby selalu usik i, pasal mamat tu.. i kata dah mmg takde jodoh, nk buat camana... Hahaha!!

MrsNordin said...


Itulah di katakan jodoh... Kalau bukan jodoh you, try macamana pun tak kan menjadi. Bercinta bagai nak rak pun takkan sampai kehujung pelamin sebab dia bukan jodoh you. I always believe in that.

Thanks for sharing and have a Merry Christmas!

laila honey said...

alahai akak.. saya tergelak-gelak baca masa akak blur tu.. hehehe! best la posting ni.. siap Mr N komen balas pulak tu.. aiyoo romantik la mcm ini.

wanshana said...


Hop by my blog. You've been tagged! (I kena minta maap kat you, ke?!!) Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Balik from lunch ajer, I straight away baca your write-up. How sweet. Lagu pun sedap. Apasal masa kita dok gi karaoke dengan Mr Nordin dia tak pernah pun nyanyi lagu ni? Anyway, kalau jadi our plan to go karaoke for new year, make sure dia nyanyi lagu ni tau. Anyway, our song is "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera. He's coming down to KL next year on 1 March 2008 and will be performing in Genting. We are going, jomlah kalau nak join.

Anyway, thanks for the lovely lunch and enjoy your turkey tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ooopppppssssssssss...sori, 1 March 2009 lah. Ticket price is RM283, RM233, RM173 and RM123. Jomlah...


MrsNordin said...


Dia tak pernah nyanyi lagu ni sebab kat Red Box tak de lagu ni. Hanya di Star KTV Bangsar yang ada... that's why.

Patut lah IQ suka benar lagu Glory of Love tu. Rupanya, lagu cinta! Hee.. hee... Peter Cetera is such a romantic singer, isn't he?

Thanks for the company as well. I had a really good time.

MrsNordin said...


Dah buat. Kat your comment box saja...

MrsNordin said...

Hi Laila Honey,

Sorry, terlepas your comment!

Bila ingat2kan balik, memang funny. Puas dia hint kat I, jerat... jerat... but I couldn't get it. Hee.. hee... so blur!

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Have a nice holiday tomorrow!

Kitchen Guardian said...


its also a song tt haq and i minat sanagt, oww!!

MA & Brood said...

How nice.

I guess "our song" would be by Engelbert Humperdinck - Please Release Me.


kay_leeda said...


Weh...sibuk traffic kat sini ala-ala orang nak gi Xmas dinner lak. Coming back 2nd time coz nak kata....woo..caya lah MrN pun turun padang letak comments. Memang couple of the year lah you both. I rasa if my hubby did that, the putting of the comment thingy, mau record high kot my traffic. That will be the day!!

Enjoy the holidays gurl :)

the principal said...

"As he took a drag from his cigarette, suddenly I felt my heart start missing a beat!"

OMG! Ni mcm scene dlm Winter Sonata...

Our song will definitely be From This Moment On by Shania Twain...

MrsNordin said...


not many ppl know this song.
So u and Haq r special!

MrsNordin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MrsNordin said...


Hee.. Hee.. That's so funny!

MrsNordin said...


MrN ni ada hari dia bagi komen. Most
Times,dia tak ada masa nak baca pun.
But he can't believe ppl here say he's
Romantic! He said he only did what
Came naturally at that time..

MrsNordin said...


I love Winter Sonata! Menangis bagai
Nak rak tengok cerita tu! Ahh.. BYJ is
So hansome!

Tapi I tak tiru cerita tu, tau..
There's just something about men and
Cigarettes. I find them so sexy!

zaitgha said...


i married a very low profile rocker ha ha ha...kalau dia tau i citer benda2 nih die la....i gotten to know Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Scorpion, Metallicca, and many more from him...many of the songs are still head banging but some are really nice rock ballads...and of course i reminisce a lot when i hear Still loving you(Scorpion), Is it love?(White snake) and the likes he he...now i am singing When i see your smile by Bad English ha ha ha...thanks again for sharing

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hee hee Bj- this is soo lovely...sooo romantic ..i tak sangka you all ada hindustann moment cam ni......

I will definitely not forget jerat now..

(Jerat is also trap you know heee hee ! Hope it will never ever take that meaning for any of us...)

MrsNordin said...


Tak sangka ya you minah rock juga!

I love Still Loving You!! Is It Love is also soooo cool! I was introduced to rock ballads in my first year at uni. For some reasons, the boys at uni dulu suka sangat rock, heavy metal and the likes. So ada lah tumpang2 dengar.

In my car, I have Nirvana, Scorpion and The Best of Slow Rock. Dengar sorang2 sebab other family members would go, "Huh? Nirvana?"

MrsNordin said...


Hee.. hee... itu lah kisahnya. Macam cerita Hindustan, ya? It's nice to reminisce like this once in a while. Made me realise that the love is still there afterall.