Monday, December 22, 2008

We Finally Met! Makcik Bloggers Meeting Review

The first Makcik Bloggers meeting, held yesterday at The Melting Pot, Concorde, was indeed a great success! I’m not sure if I should call it a “Makcik Bloggers” meeting as I’m sure there are many other makcik bloggers around. But I think, that group yesterday was indeed “makcik-makcik” in nature and character, so I guess it’s okay to call it the “Makcik Bloggers” meeting.

This review is very much intended for those who couldn’t be there with us yesterday, namely Kak Teh, MA, Auntie Yan, Busymum, Waterlily, Jabishah and Myheartbleeds. Yes, we talked about you all yesterday, so you were there in our thoughts!

I arrived slightly late because I had to pick up my maid who went home over the weekend, and make sure the kids were ok. MrNordin was in Seremban, hence the small glitch.

Upon arrival, I saw 4 ladies already waiting at MrsNordin’s table. I could recognize Ms Hart and Ezza (easy…), but the other two, I tak kenal. They introduced themselves as Zaitgha and Busybody. Waaahh…. Baru kenal mana satu busybody and mana satu the lady who baked lovely cakes tu! They were nice, and friendly. Ezza, you are just like your blog ~ hillarious! And Ms. Hart, you have one of the nicest smiles I've ever seen!

Then Mdm Tai Tai arrived with her long pearl necklace and immaculate hairdo. She told me she was nervous as hell to meet the makciks, and I couldn’t understand why. She said it was like a “blind date” (huh?). Anyway, I didn’t think she was nervous for long coz as she started chatting away, she couldn’t stop.

She brought a gift from Dhaka for each one of us, a lovely shawl. I brought a small mug for each one of the ladies with their blog name written at the bottom of the cup. I hope they’ll use it as the official coffee/tea cup every time they blog!

After Mdm Tai Tai, The Principal arrived with a big box of cookies and prettily wrapped muffins for everyone. That’s very thoughtful of her… She sat next to me. She looked kinda nervous in the beginning (perhaps because she was the youngest among all the makciks?) but after a while, she eased up.

Then, Ummi365 arrived (she gave us a personally-sewn handbag each!), followed by Superwoman, Shana, Ibu, Bella, Kay & Tireless Mum. Tireless Mum just arrived from her holiday in Phuket that afternoon, I was very glad she took the trouble to join us. Kay, her sister, picked her up from home. Between those two, I would have thought Yatt is the older sister when actually, Kay is the one. Maybe because Yatt is more compose than Kay. But they sure do look and ‘sound’ alike!

The 14 of us did cause quite a stir at the Melting Pot yesterday. Nasib tak ramai orang kat situ! Kalau ramai pun, so what, eh? We were just girls having fun. I saw these two ladies at the next table kept looking at us, probably wondering what we were up to or probably wishing they could be part of our crowd? Hee.. hee… gelak ketawa, photo taking…. It was fun!

We finished at almost 6pm, but I left later at 7pm after a “post-mortem” with Superwoman and Mdm Tai Tai at the Crossroads. They were waiting for their husbands to pick them up, that’s why we stayed on. Our feelings were mutual, “IT WAS A GREAT MEETING!” Thanks, y’all!!

These photos will tell you what went on yesterday. I’m sure the others would post their pictures as well. So keep on checking their blogs. Cheers!

L to R: Superwoman, Ms Hart, Busybody, The Principal, Mdm Tai Tai, Ummi365

Ezza & Zaitgha

Yeay!! Dapat presents!

SW, Mdm Tai Tai, MrsN, Ms Hart

Standing (L-R) : Bella, Tireless Mum, Ms Hart, Kay, Mdm TT, Ummi, MrsN
Sitting (L-R) : WanShana, Superwoman

Happy Friends!

Zaitgha, Kay, "Zorro" (Ibu ler...)


With Ezza, a lovely bubbly Mum of 8!

WanShana, SW, Tireless Mum

Mdm Tai Tai & Kay

Borak!! Jangan tak borak!!


Hee.. hee... this turned out quite nice, girls!

The Makcik Bloggers. Yang posing maut tu (kat depan, baju lime green) is The Principal


MA & Brood said...

Patut la I dok terbatuk-batuk the whole afternoon semalam sampai habis 2 packs of Strepsils! Hehe..

Sorry couldn't make it, I was down with fever and flu.It's nice to see all of you having a good time.

ms hart said...

MrsN!!! Alamak, nicest smile?!! You dah berapa lama tak gi check mata?!! hoahaha...thank you, thank you....ho ho ho..maluuuu ooo..tengok gambar kat sini, muka I ala-ala confused je...tak biasa lah jadi 'celebrity'...bukan main banyak camera paparazzi jadian!!! I should have snapped the pix of our cameras yang banyak2 atas meja dok tunggu turn Hanna snap gambar, kan? Had a luuuuuuuuurvely time, MrsN!!! Thaaaaaaaanks a million again and again!!

Ummi365 said...

guess what, i tak perasan pun ada something written at the bottom sampai I hang it on the mug holder tau... thank you so much for organising this. it was great. shall meet again kalau ada rezeki.. nice knowing you.. oh yes i will definately make this mug my mug for blogging...

you take care dear!

tireless mom said...

Dear MrsN

Berkali kali telah ku mention, yessss, without your brilliant idea this will not happen. I enjoyed the meet to the max. I sound the same like Kay huh, mesti lah... same DNA what. I love the pics and mostly the 4 of us, somehow my lil camera phone tak keluar gambar tu. You are such a wonderful organiser. Luv it!

jabishah said...


Syoknye... Even I wasn't there looking at those pics I can imagine the fun to the max all of you had. Bet riuh giler!

I hv to visit other blogs as well to read the review...

the principal said...

Yup! I was so nervous at first. Being the youngest, a bit difficult to relate to cerita u all..& you, guys seemed like kenal each other.

But it was fun. Tq to all esp Mrs Nordin for making my day.

Aida said...


Thank you for sharing photos and all. I was so tied up with AInul's 4th Birthday cum Pool Party that I forgot that I wanted to ring u guys up hehehehhe

U'll be able to see my 21st December 2008 pcitures on my FB ehhehehe

Great to hear the meet was fantabulous and everyone had great fun.

wanshana said...


Thank you for organizing the get-together, dear. It was fun, and very the heboh. More heboh than Sure Heboh! Hahaha!

And thank you for the lovely mug :)

Must do this again ;)

* I've also posted the pics and cerita on my blog :)

Kak Teh said...

Mrs N, thank you. I knew yo'd all eat for us and have fun! My spirit was there with all of you..especially when eating.

Anonymous said...

Mrs N,

Had so much fun yesterday. And now boss is breathing down my neck..sigh..

Anyways, nanti i dah pandai sket, I'll start my own blog. If Ms Heart's 60+ yr old aunt can blog, I should too.

Thx for the lovely mug, sayang nak guna so it goes into my display cabinet.


MrsNordin said...

Hi Ma,

Haa... tu lah! You were not "out of sight, out of mind" punya case! We had fun and insyaallah next time, we'll see you pulak.

Anyway, I hope your fever & flu are under control. Makan ubat, ok?

Waterlily said...


Walaupun I cannot make it yesterday (so obvious lah kan), I want to say thanks to you too! for organizing the meet - dapat jugak I tengok gambar makcik2 blogers ni..

Nice to know it went great! Buat lagi next time ok!

MrsNordin said...

Ms Hart,

Ya lah... I asyik teringat2 saja senyuman manis you! Betulll!!

Ya tak ya, lupa pulak ambil gambar kamera banyak2 tu semalam, ya? Asyik nak berposing je makcik2 semua. Nasib baik ada Hanna. I think Haizal sure ingat, "Buang tebiat ke apa pompuan2 ni?" Hee.. hee...

p/s Btw, I like your red Pr*d* bag. I saw it yesterday in the midst of photo taking, tapi tak tau siapa punya. Rupanya awak yang punya, ya? It's nice, really!

MrsNordin said...


Yes, please do use the mug. Every time you nak go blogging, make a cup of coffee/tea in that mug. Then I know you'll be thinking of me all the time! Hee.. hee...

Sure, we'll meet again! Take care!

MrsNordin said...


I also like that pic of the 4 of us. I shall print it out and display it at my work station. Flying kiss tu yang mahal tu... :-)

And you look so young in that picture. Macam anak dara!

MrsNordin said...


We wish you were there too... Sure lagi kecoh le jawabnya! Next time... there's always a next time, ok?

MrsNordin said...

The Principal,

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and I'm happy you came. Thanks for the info you gave me on the kindy, will look out for it.

Btw, now I know why you suka posing maut bila ambil gambar. You were supposed to be a model in your previous life, kan? :)

MrsNordin said...


I shall look out for those photos of Ainul's birthday. Tak sempat lagi nak tengok FB. I'm sure you had fun too!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for coming! Kalau betul lah we were so heboh yesterday, next time I think sure Melting Pot tak bagi MrsN buat reservation lagi. Hee.. Hee..

p/s I still teringin nak makan your kuey tiaw goreng..

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

I didn't really eat that much, busy bersembang yang lebih!

Eh, you were there in spirit ~ with or without food, ok? And Ibu sampai kan your salam di angin lalu... semua orang sambut, tau...

MrsNordin said...


It was nice meeting you too!

Eh, mug tu jangan le simpan dalam cabinet. Pakai every time you nak baca blog orang, ok? (or when you start your own blog nanti) Banyak inspirasi akan datang nanti, tengok lah!

MrsNordin said...


Your name was mentioned many times yesterday, by Ezza, Gina & Ummi especially. Tersedak2 le you semalam tu... Hee.. hee...

I had a great time meeting my new found friends. It's amazing what this blogging world can do. Ini belum buat perjumpaan di London, Abu Dhabi, or New York lagi! We go international lah pulak lepas ni, nak? (berangan... jangan tak berangan...)

bella said...

thanks so much for organizing this and for the lovely mug!I really had fun and felt so small among all of you bloggers...thanks for the welcome though and will forward you the blog that I have later later lah...(once I figure out how to..hehe)thanks again and hopefully will meet you all again someday.

busymum100 said...


Jealousnyer tengok you all enjoy sakan.

As mentioned earlier, I was dog-gone tired yesterday! Pagi je keluar breakfast with DH, lepas tu, balik rumah, konon kemaas rumah sikit. lepas tu, abt 1.30pm until 6pm I passed out - tidur senyenyak2nya!

DH dah kata, sure i tak gi KL for the makcik bloggers meet, tp i cakap kat dia, i might be up to it.

In the end, nk sms you pun tka sempat. tau2 dah 6pm *sigh*.

Hari ni baru baca your report (smlm i check juga, tp takde lagi). Gempak and sure heboh habis you all!!!

I hope the next time we meet, I'll be able to join in. BTW, tu hint tu, for you to organise another one, hehehe...

MrsNordin said...


Sure... we'll definitely meet again! Just give me a buzz whenever you feel like meeting up. No need to wait for Bloggers meeting. Cheers!

MrsNordin said...


I knew you must be so tired, otherwise you would have come.

Don't worry.. the next meeting will be held at Kay's place in Shah Alam (tapi tak tahu lah bila). She has volunteered to organize the next one. That should be easier for you to attend.

I hope you've had a good rest. Dah lepas rindu dengan hubby? :-)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi MrsN!

Thank you many many times for dropping me off- his excuse of it being "heavy rain" holding him up was actually "Shopping sakan for him" heheheh- semalam I dah penat nak mati he was still trying to show me all his new pants and shirts.!

Sekarangni tengah sakit tekak punyelah had fun..your gift was soo thoughtful as you are!

You remain one of my bestest bestest friend.

Next time kita rempuh rumah Kay....hee sorry Kay...!

kay_leeda said...


We surely had a great time yesterday, didn't we?? Thanks for being such a wonderful organizer, a real babe you are.

Daku adik and TM kakak?? Heh, hehe...if you look closer, haiya, you'd be able to see the lines on mine daaa.. :) But then noone is really checking kan!!

Yes, let's have the next one at mine. Last nite dah hint, hint to hubby. He almost fell off the chair, but then I think he somewhat knew it was coming when he responded with "Tunggu Bibik balik dulu lah." Ohh but of course!!

A day is almost gone from yesterday's meet, and I still have that smile on my face :))

MrsNordin said...


Kalau dah sampai Sg Wang tu, banyaklah benda yang nak dibeli. I hope you didn't have to wait that long for him to come back to the car!

You like the mug? Use it, ok?!

MrsNordin said...


Yalah... that's because you are more bubbly, I guess.

I'm glad you all had fun yesterday. As the organizer, it was quite hard for me to gauge the general feelings from everyone. Tapi bila tengok semua orang macam liat je nak balik, I think you all must be a having a good time.

And I'm glad I did what I did. Next time, your place! Cool!

ms hart said...

Ek-ehem like THE bag??? lagi satu honour nih!! Thank you, thank you, curtsy, curtsy...But pliz aaa, remember to pronounce mine as PeGHakDa, you hear?!!:)hoahaha

IBU said...


As usual... berlenggang lenggok singgah sini, baru nak comment. TQVM for organising. I thought it was a blast! Kalah JOM HEBOH !!! hehe... (not that i've been to one of those though).

Funny how most of us just clicked and can relate to each other's stories & life updates. AND.... so many jejak kasih also kan? Such a small word indeed.

Thanks again dear!

To all makcik2 bloggers - you gals rock!! Keep on blogging ma'ams...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu said...

Dear MrsNordin,
I didn't know about the get together until tonite! Punyala ketinggalan keretapi :(

Anyway, tengok pix tu I bet everybody had a wonderful time :)

Ezza Aziz said...

Mrs N

sori lambat komen.semalam akak migrane laa lepas upload pic kita tu..punya la teruja sampai lupa nak makan...
You nak tau apa anak akak cakap bila akak tunjuk kan gambar you dan nya mak...macam datin datin...dia orang tak sombong ke mak?..akak cakap mana ada,,kalau tak ini bukan makcik blogger laa...

Dalam perjalanan balik kami singgah McD..rupa abang ku kebulur...nape awak tak makan tadi...saya tunggu awak makan skali..punya la setia sedang kita kat sana langsung tak ingat kan dia...dok meround meja buffet tu!...hahhah

MrsNordin said...

Ms Hart,

Sure I like the bag! I'm now in a search for that perfect red handbag to match my many red-coloured shoes & bajus. Sampai sekarang tak jumpa lagi. I'm very choosy!

Have a nice day, dear!

MrsNordin said...


I'm glad you had a good time and I'm glad you came! Ingatkan both you and Shana tak dapat datang. You ~ for obvious reason lah, kan?

But it was nice to see you again. Malu2 kucing pulak orang tu bila bergambar. Eh, tapi betul lah kata one of the bloggers kat sini, you and your 3 sons sama je perangai! I bet your boys pun ambik gambar cam mak dia, kan? Hee.. hee...

Say hi to Shireen for me!

MrsNordin said...

Dalam Dakapan Ibu,

Where were you all this while??!! Alamak... orang dah sampai KL, dia masih kat Perlis! Anyway, you can join us for the next meeting, ok? Take care!

MrsNordin said...


Punya lah teruja... sampai kena migraine attack! Hee.. hee...

I was talking to Gina this morning about our meeting that day. She still hasn't checked our blogs yet sebab kat rumah mak dia tak de internet access. I've asked her to check through her phone or her husband's blackberry.

Anyway, I told her what many people thought of her and she gelak besar! Macam datin2 ke we all ni? Hee.. hee... mudah2an masin mulut anak2 akak! Kalau I jadi datin, masa bloggers meeting nanti, I bagi you all handbag ORIGINAL satu sorang, ok? Vietnam mari!!

Kesian abang akak... such a sweet guy. Tunggu wife bermesyuarat sampai dia sendiri tak makan. Itulah dinamakan cinta, ya tak? Salam untuk abang dan anak2 akak semua. Cheers!

myheartbleeds said...

Hi MrsN!! Bravo bravo to the organiser on the successful event!! :-D

Waahhh... havoc gile nampaknya and everyone looks goooood together gether!! Love the photos!! Now dah kenal semua orang cuma takutnya nanti if I go next gathering muka I pun kena tempek on every blog jugak ke??? scary scary... heheh

MrsNordin said...


Thank you! Thank you! Apa salahnya kalau kita tempek muka you kat semua blog? Glamorlah sekejap.. :-)

See you next round, ok?

Kitchen Guardian said...

sure wouldnt want to miss the next one...first i have to update my blog......

Nek Rock said...

Yooo MrsN dear,

wah wahhh bes nyaaaa makan2 and borak2 gathering:)

pssttt nek nampak that white bag atas kosi tu macam kenal jer..lalalala

happy holidays and a happy new year!!