Friday, February 27, 2009

Mom of the Year Award!

I’ve been tagged by Kitchen Guardian for "Mom of The Year Award". Thank you! Thank you!

In terms of experience, I have very little mumsy experience compared to other mothers out there. But the magnitude of it may be a lot more than what mothers of 10-15 years may have experienced.

So, here goes:

1. Admit one thing you feel awful about (involving being a mom)

A lot! But the one thing that I feel most awful about is not being able to shower them with more love and affection. I’m very garang... I wish I’m more like that mother in the susu Dutch Lady advertisement. Anak kotorkan baju pun, she just geleng kepala and smile. I’d be tearing my hair and go, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??!!!” Hee.. hee… you see?

2. List 7 things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you.

i. I love it when I see Nizzar waiting for me at the door when I get home from work
ii. I love it when my children say, “Thanks for doing this for me”.
iii. I love it when I hear they call me Mummy
iv. I love to watch horror movies with them ~ at night, after dinner, with lots of tit bits on the coffee table.
v. I love to take them out for a drive at night, either to the shop to buy stuff or KLCC for browsing & makan2.
vi. I love to take the boys for a hair cut at the Indian barber and watch them transform into handsome boys
vii. I love it when I hear people say, “Anak you baik... hormat orang tua...” That’s the best compliment ever!

(actually, I don't quite know what they love about me. Perhaps we should ask them)

3. Send this to 5 other moms of the year that deserve a reminder that they too are the best moms that they can be.

i) Mdm Tai Tai
ii) MA & Brood
iii) Ezza
iv) Busymum
v) Wanshana


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Karaoke, Kenduri and Party

Weekend Update:-

Friday evening ~ karaoke with girlfriends.
It was Eyerin's and Along's birthday party. For the first time ever, we danced like there was no tomorrow! All 7 of us! On the chairs! On the floor! It was hilarious! The staff at RB Pavillion must be thinking we were a bunch of crazy middle-aged women letting off steam. But did we care? Nope. We were just having fun. The birthday girls said, "This is my BEST birthday ever!!" Yeah, I should think so too.

Saturday ~ busy day.
Morning ~ went grocery shopping for Nadira's birthday party stuff. Bought nasi lemak from Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa (Taman Melati) for lunch. I still can't figure out why their nasi lemak is so popular. There's nothing fantastic about it. The nasi lemak which I usually buy from Ampang Jaya tastes almost the same, if not better.

As far as I recall, I've only been to the original stall in Kg Baru twice to date. Even then, that was way back in the early 90's. This time around, we bought it just to try and remind ourselves what was so great about it. Still, we couldn't find the answer.

Evening ~ went to Seremban for MrNordin's late grandfather's kenduri. We reached home quite late, almost 2 am.

Sunday ~ Nadira's birthday party.
She wanted a birthday party to mark her 18th birthday. Ok, fair request. So we pulled up a small one for about 30 people.

She invited some of her friends from school. The food was mostly ordered because I was too lazy to sweat in the kitchen ~ nasi dagang and meehoon goreng. But I baked a simple butter cake and she made some chocolate cupcakes for the occasion. I also ordered some profiteroles from Kitchen Guardian which were a hit among the guests.

My in laws came along with my BIL and family. Some family friends came over as well. Since it rained that afternoon, people stayed on until quite late to chat. The kids played Charade while the adults berborak over cups of teh tarik and Nescafe.

The last guest left at 8.30pm ~ a good 6 hours of socialising. I think the birthday girl had a good time. Will post pictures later.

~ The End ~

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jamal Abdillah

I'm listening to Amy Winehouse's You Know I'm No Good. It's a cool song.

I like Amy Winehouse, despite her reputation for drug abuse. She's a bad girl, yes, but she has a brilliant voice. I guess, the drugs helped. Much like Jamal Abdillah.

I don't mean to ridicule Jamal ~ he is my favourite singer of all time. But like it or not, I think the D makes his voice sounds so much nicer. So garau, like that. Huu.... love it when he sings his love songs!

I watched him sing at almost every concerts held in KL. MrNordin yang dulunya tak pernah suka Jamal, has taken a liking for this outstanding performer. He followed me to all his concerts (either willingly or by force) and most of the time, he would come back wanting more.

This particular song is my favourite. He sang it at his first solo concert held in Istana Budaya two years ago. I masih dalam pantang masa tu, baru 25 hari. Pegi jugak... hee.. hee... jangan tak pegi.

The story has it that he was under D influence at that time. You could see that he looked nervous and acted quite strange on stage. I felt sorry for him.

But when he opened his mouth to sing, oh wow.... everything else is forgiven! He's just awesome. He's one in a million, I would say.

Enjoy this video and have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winter Sonata

I watched Winter Sonata again last night. This, after much hesitation. For those who have watched this Korean drama before, you'll know what i mean.

I first watched this unforgettable love story in 2003 on strong recommendation by my office buddy, Ruzaini. She was sitting next to me at that time and was really crazy for BYJ as she had just finished watching the 20-episodes. Everyday she would go, "Yati... you must watch this! It's sooooo nice!"

I didn't buy it at first, thinking that it was nonsense. Ada banyak kerja lain lagi nak buat. But one day, she just pushed the first CD onto my hand and said, "You try tengok ini dulu, nanti you bagi tau I you suka ke tidak." And the rest was history.

Winter Sonata is highly infectious. It can cause severe damage to your emotional system. I remember watching it at MrNordin's house (masa tu belum kawin) with the girls and the maid. It was bulan puasa. All of us would be camping inside the TV room with tissues and bantal in hand, anxious to know what would happen to Kang Ju Xiang and Yu Jin. Kadang2 sampai pukul 3 pagi!

And the story would make you cry buckets. At every CD. One would go,"Alah.... tak larat lah nak nangis lagi!!", another one would go, "Huuu... huuuu... sedih nya!!!", and another would just cry her heart out silently sampai habis basah bantal! Hee.. hee... tapi best!

MrNordin always found that scene where all of us sitting infront of the TV crying, very fascinating. He couldn't understand why we had to torture ourselves that way.

So, as I watched the first two CDs last night (each one lasted for about 1.5 hours), it transported my memories back to the days when I first got hit by the Winter Sonata craze. The feeling was still the same, but this time, I was more prepared.

And I just read Superwoman's posting on this, which she did sometime end-2006. She was even more fanatical then, and I wonder if she still feel the same way now. Read hers here.

So SW, this one is especially for you. Enjoy it and start the waterwork, people!!

Winter Sonata

Happy Birthday, Nadira

Today is Nadira's birthday. She turns 18.

Nadira is a gifted child. She's talented, brainy and highly creative. She's a perfectionist in many ways. MrNordin said, she's the one who follows her mother's traits very closely.

I remember when she was in Primary 6, she'd force us to drive her around Ulu Klang for two days in search of this kayu for her class project. She insisted on using the exact material that the teacher had instructed. Nothing more, nothing less. It's impossible to make her change her mind.

When MrNordin first showed me his family photos, he took out Nadira's 5-year old passport photo and said, "This one is my favourite." I could understand why. She had a bright look on her face. With her short, curly hair, one could easily mistaken her as Curly Sue.

Her hair is her pride & glory. She used to keep it long when she was in primary school but it didn't really go well with her style. Her hair used to get tangled and knotted because she refused to have it combed. Whenever she went to the hair saloon, she'd end up crying because the hairdresser would pull her hair so hard to entangle it. In the end, she decided to chop it off and keep it short, which is actually nicer and easier to manage.

She's very clever, this girl. When it comes to studying, we don't have to scream or raise our voice because she'll do it at her own freewill. Homework is all done to perfection and her position in class is almost always in the top 3. During Report Card day at school, she'd give us the least headache and always made me shed a tear or two for her excellent results. I hope she'll keep up her good work in the years to come.

Highly temperamental and short fused, this girl can easily lose her temper when things don't go her way. And when that happens, you'd better stay away from her because kalau silap hari, she may throw a book at your face. She's crazy when she's angry! But since it's your birthday, Nadira, I shall not divulge any detail. I just hope you'll keep your anger management in check coz it's not good for your heart.

Ever so stylish and always know how to dress well, she'll take the longest time to get ready whenever we go out. Mandi lama, buat rambut lama, make-up lama.... She's also very friendly and can get along with people of all levels. That, I think, she takes after her father.

There are so many things to write about her but I shall leave it as it is for now.

It's been a pleasure knowing you, Nadira. Although I may not say this often, I want you to know that I love you, and am very proud to see that you've grown up into a very fine lady. Keep up the good spirits and I wish you'll find your lover boy very soon (I don't think Baba will agree to this...)

Happy Birthday!

Nadira and friends

Beijing - Dec'2005

Get ready to boogie!

Chrismas Dinner - Dec'08

Nadira & me

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Weekend

Text messages between Mr & Mrs Nordin on Friday (13/2) evening:

MrsN: “Yang, kita pegi dating malam ni, nak?”

MrN: "Nak!! It’s a date then!"

"Alright! Do you have anything in mind?"

"A dinner for two at some place quiet?"

"That sounds nice. Tapi ada duit ke?"

"Hmmm…. Ade laa…."

We decided to celebrate early because we knew Saturday would be a very busy day for us.

But when I got home that night, I saw the maid tengah masak. Ikan goreng, daging masak kicap, ikan masin, nasi panas2…. Mmm…. Sedap ni! So I called my husband who was on the way home at that time:

B, kita makan kat rumah je lah.

"Are you sure?

"Iya... "

"Sri masak apa?"

"Ikan goring (I love ikan goreng!). Daging masak kicap. "

"Ok lah, if you want to…"

"After that we go outlah, for coffee ke or something."


(he sure could read my mind !)

So, we had dinner at home that night. The kids were pretty depressed because they didn’t have any Valentine to celebrate with. I was quite surprised to know this because I didn’t think it was a big deal anyway. So I told them, “If it’s any consolation, I only got my first Valentine when I was 23, ok? So releklah… your time will come. “

That didn’t help.

After dinner, I changed into something nice and we went out for karaoke at Pavillion. Dada and her husband joined us. Four adults singing songs from yester years… that was how we celebrated our Valentine’s night.

Dada’s husband is a really good singer. He has won many competitions before. But I like going with them because this way, we would have a variety of songs to sing with. Tak de lah asyik nyanyi lagu kita saja.

We left the place just after 2am. Tired. Zonked out immediately as we hit the pillows.

The next morning, we started early by sending Nadim to school. Dia ada sekolah ganti. Then we sent Nadira to her driving school in Gombak for her first theory lessons. After that, pasar tani. Then balik rumah. I tidur while MrNordin sibuk memasak di dapur (hee.. hee… bagus punya bini, kan?)

In the afternoon, we went to Shah Alam to fetch Nabila from UiTM. It was such a hot day! We stopped by at Subang Parade to have lunch at TGIF. It’s been a long time since I last visited Subang Parade. It’s been ages! The waiters and waitresses were busy hanging love cut-outs and balloons in the restaurants for a slow dance competition later that night. Lagu dia main pun semua lagu jiwang. Oh, dear.

Malam ~ we had dinner at home, compliments from my husband who cooked a delicious meal of masak lemak perut lembu (his favourite), daging masak kicap and ikan terubuk bakar. We had Cyntia M. in the background, singing lovely French songs from Edith Piaf and the likes.

I wanted to slow dance with my husband after that, but I didn’t want to make it worse for my children who were already suffering from hyper-tension due to the non-event of the day. So, I abandoned the idea.

Later, I overheard Nadira asking Nabila, “So, anything interesting for your Valentine’s?”

Nothing. Only from that guy… with all the GLORY of his broken English!”

Hee… hee…. she seemed pretty annoyed!

(To read Nadira's ramblings: )

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cerita Cinta

How many guys have you dated or had serious relationships with before you settle down? I’m sure there were many.

When I was young, I never thought I’d have a string of boyfriends. I was plain, boring and dull-looking. I was this fat, short-haired girl with a round face who was only interested in her studies, and nothing else. Nak bergaya memang tak reti. Dah memang budak kampong, nak buat macamana? Baju pun, tak ada yang trendy. Semua baju yang simple-simple saja.

I always envied my friends in STF who were fair and pretty. These “city girls” were so attractive and had many boys wanting to be their friends or pen-pals. They had many suitors but none wanted me.

The desire to befriend a boy was always there but most often than not, I’d be bertepuk sebelah tangan. Just when I thought we were getting serious, he would drop the bomb by saying, “Actually, I don’t quite like you but I like your friend xxx. Can you give me her address?”. How heartbreaking could that be?

Rejection like that was quite common for me during my teenage years. I accepted the fact that I was not one of the popular girls and I should just keep a low profile in the love department. Nevertheless, I still had many crushes (my History teacher included!), but I never confessed my feelings to anyone.

After Form 5, I went on to do my A-Levels in TKC. There, I got to know a boy from an all-boy residential school in Kuala Kangsar who came visiting our school. It so happened, both of us held the same position for our own school’s A-Levels Association, so we had a lot in common.

His name was “K”. He was this tall, dark and handsome 18-year old from St. John’s KL who made my heart fluttered when he first said, “Hello…”. Hee… hee… I had a big crush on him! I thought he was a real charmer.

We wrote to each other a lot during that time. Then I found out that I got to go to the UK first while he had to stay behind one year in KPP. He sent me off at the airport. I still remember, he gave me a red rose and his handkerchief which was sprinkled with his signature perfume, Drakkar Noir, as a parting gift. How romantic was that?

And right infront of my parents, he asked if he could “steal me away” for a while before I took my leave. My mother freaked out, but of course she couldn’t stop us. I still have our last photo together at the Subang Airport, sipping air kelapa from this young coconut using two straws. Our hands intertwined with one another! Hee.. hee… macam real saja!

But, that was the last time I saw him. A few months after that, his letters became more infrequent. When I called, he was never at home. Later I found out from my friends that he had gotten engaged to a girl from Sarawak whom he met at KPP. I was quite heart-broken. I threw away his handkerchief which I had kept close to my bed all throughout my first year at university and tore off all his gambar. Sedihlah…but I guess, it was just not meant to be.

That was my first BF. It lasted for about a year.

My second BF was called N. He was my senior and we went steady during my 2nd year at university. What made me attracted to him was his funny character. He was a real joker and always made me laugh. With him, I knew why girls kept on saying, “He must be able to make me laugh…” whenever asked for desirable characters in a man. That guy just knew how to tickle my fancy.

I don’t quite like to talk about N but he was actually the first person whom I really truly adore. I loved him more than he loved me and I was willing to go out of my way to please him. I was desperate, I guess… for love. Despite all that, he was one person who never said “I love you” to me. Susah sangat nak sebut benda tu! All throughout my 1 year relationship with him, never once did he say the word even though his actions showed that he truly cared about me.

So when he ended the relationship after he returned to Malaysia for good in 1990, I didn’t feel too much loss. Again, for me, it was not meant to be. We just needed each other’s company while it lasted. So it was ok.

After I broke up with N, M came along. M and I had been friends ever since I was still going out with N, but I didn’t realise that M actually got the heart for me. When he found out that I had broken off with N, he confessed that he liked me and asked me if I wanted to be his GF. I was still trying to get over N at that time and wasn’t sure if I should start a new relationship with M. But he was very persistent.

Every time he met me, he would ask me that question, “Will you be my GF?” After much pleading and chasing, I decided to accept his offer and be his GF. In some ways, I liked M too because he was such a gentleman. He was very caring and I knew I could depend on him in times of trouble. So, M became my third BF.

Popular jugak I masa tu, ya? One after another. I didn’t plan for it to happen that way. I never thought anyone would have any interest in me, let alone asking me to be his GF.

M & I were together a long time, 5 years to be exact. He was my first true love and I always thought I’d end up marrying him. We had met both parents (both didn’t like the idea coz we were of different religion), we had talked about marriage, made plans… But itulah… kita hanya merancang… Tuhan yang menentukan. It didn’t work out. He was not ready to get married and I couldn’t wait any longer. We were fighting a lot and towards the end, he just pulled the plug, “I can’t do this anymore…”.

My whole world came crumbling down when that happened. I was in total mess. It took me a long time to get over that break-up. But there was a lesson learnt ~ “GET OUT before it’s too late!” That’s what I always tell my friends, whose BFs seem to be dragging their feet in their relationship.

BF No. 4 was B. He was M’s best friend. I know… bad choice, but I needed someone quickly to help me mend my broken heart.

B was budak baik, very religious. With him, I tak tinggal sembahyang. Terawikh kat Masjid Negara, ok, every night masa bulan puasa. Kalau pegi mana2 pun, we’d stop by somewhere to sembahyang. My mum was very happy with the changes.

But B was very unsure about himself. He always wanted to please his family. I didn’t think we’d get married anyway. He was a good guy but not my type. He told me to stop working and pakai tudung kalau I kawin dengan dia. No way! Ding, dong, ding, dong macam tu, 4 tahun jugaklah I keluar dengan dia. But in the end, he married someone else. A younger girl who became his stay-home wife. Good for him. Now dah ada 5-6 orang anak, I think.

After B, I decided to stop searching for love. I told myself to take a break from this dating game, at least for a while, because I couldn’t afford anymore heart ache. It was not good for my system either. Everyday I would pray that God would eventually grant me a husband, but if tak ada pun, tak apa. I had accepted the fact that I'd probably die an old maid anyway, and it was fine by me.

So, I was single for a while, bumping around in KL with Mdm Tai Tai and my other girlfriends. But without fail, I'd wake up every morning wishing that I'd meet my future husband on that very day..

By a simple twist of fate, after a good 10 months of bumping around, I finally met MrN ~ BF No. 5 and current husband ~ who took me on a whirlwind romance like I'd never experienced before. A dear friend told me, “BJ, you had to kiss a lot of toads first before you found your Prince…”.

How very apt...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Stories of how I met MrN:

Reminiscing Part 1
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Reminiscing Part 3
Happy Birthday, MrNordin

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Introducing Ultraman Family!

Before my little boy discovered his newfound obsession with Ultraman, I always thought there was only one Ultraman in the superheroes universe. I didn’t realize there was more than one, consisting of other family members with an assortment of Japanese names.

There’s Ultraman Taro, Dyna, Tiga, Jack, Max, Nexus, Seven, Cosmos, King, Queen… even Mother & Father pun ada! Each has a different look, but one must observe very carefully to notice the difference. Nizzar knows all of them and can identify which one is which. If your son is (or used to be) into this mute superhero (as how my daughter puts it), I'm sure you can relate to that as well.

Ultraman family members (not complete)

The one that we are most familiar with is Ultraman Tiga. He always wears red, but may change colour to reflect his power or energy level. When he turns purple, that means he’s at his strongest point.

When I first saw the series, I thought it was very silly. All throughout the 30-minute episode, Ultraman will only make its appearance for 3 minutes ~ at the end. The rest of the time, you’ll see people in strange outfits going about, talking in a language which is hard to understand, strategizing ways how to destroy the monster that’s attacking the town/village.

My son will not be interested in the whole conversation. He’ll be playing with his toys or harassing his other family members, but he expects us to leave the TV on.

After all efforts failed (usually, the monster tak kan mati walaupun dah berapa kali kena tembak dengan rocket atau bom), Ultraman will come to the rescue. This is when my son will sit up straight and his eyes will be glued to the TV screen. No one can disturb him during this crucial 3-minute segment. But the look on his face when Ultraman finally kills the monster is priceless. It’s as if he was the one in the Ultraman suit and he was the one who killed the monster!

After continuously watching this show day in day out with the little boy, I can't help developing a certain kind of fondness for this superhero. So does my husband. He would secretly go on the internet at night to check out the names of all the Ultraman series. The next day, you’ll see him proudly showing off that he also can name the Ultraman. His favourite is Ultraman Seven.

So now, all my family members can sort of identify which Ultraman is which. We like to play this guessing game after dinner because at the dining hall, we have this huge Ultraman Family poster (given to Nizzar by Dada’s boys ~ it used to be theirs). We’d go through all the names and I love the part when one of us got it wrong, my little Ultraman will quickly correct it for us ~ “No… that’s not Ultraman Tiga. It’s Gaya..” (or Taro, or whatever lah)

He always get it right no matter how you try to cheat him. I find that pretty amazing.

Last night, before we dozed off to sleep, I said to him, “Good night Nizzar….”. He turned away from me and softly whispered, “Goodnite Ultraman…….” Ada ke??

From left: Ace, Jack, Taro, Zoffy, Seven, Ultraman, Queen, King

Enjoy this video!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

STF Reunion - Class of 81-85

That's what I did last Saturday ~ attended a reunion of 60 old students from STF batch 1981-85. Yeay! It was a blast!

The idea was mooted while some friends were having their usual drinks after work at KLCC. At that time, there were me, Dada, Intan, Gylle, Lin Ali, Leha & Tuti. Except for Leha & Tuti, the rest meet quite often as all of us are working in KL and do "make time" for each other.

FYI, the last reunion we had was in 1993 ~ some 16 years ago. At that time, we just graduated and had barely left school. But this time around, out of 114 students, 60 turned up giving a ratio of 53%, which I think is highly commendable given the fact that some of us haven't met each other since we left school in 1985!

My friends, esp. Dada, put in a lot of effort into making this gathering a reality (I tolong sikit2 saja...) She (and a few others) worked so hard in tracking down the old classmates, getting sponsorships, gifts, booking the hotel etc. Without them, I don't think all 60 of us would be there last Saturday.

It was nice to see so many familiar faces again. Some still looked the same while some had totally changed. Most of my friends are either in the medical profession or education. Ramai lecturers and ramai jugak doctors. I'm so happy for them.

Each came in their house colour. Mine was green. Ehem... MrsNordin menang best dressed for rumah hijau, ok? And Ibu menang best dressed for rumah biru! (she had won best dressed on two occasions, as far as I can recall. So you can imagine how stylish this woman is!). Wanshana was there too, so is my dear friend Eta. Waterlily was supposed to come but she had to cancel at the last minute due to unavoidable circumstances.

We had lots of fun. Tak kering gusi ketawa! We had loads of prizes and gifts too.

After the event, a few of us went for coffee & makan2 at Amcorp Mall. Borak lagi, gelak lagi, sampai sakit2 mulut! Orang perempuan kalau lama tak jumpa, macam2 lah keluar cerita. Cerita tidur dalam class lah, kena tangkap dengan Pengawas lah, tulis surat cinta lah... kelakar! Wish I could meet my friends in that kind of situation more often...

In the car, on the way home, we listened to some of the songs of our yesteryears which had been compiled by my dear friend Leha. It was so nostalgic, rasa nak nangis! Songs like Suratan atau Kebetulan (Kenny, Remi, Martin), Dua Insan (M. Nasir & Yunizar Husin), Di Sudut Kamar Hatiku (Jamal Abdillah), Suara Kekasih (Alleycats), Hujan (Sudirman), Senandung Semalam (Alleycats), Suatu Masa (M.Nasir)....

We used to listen to these songs at night as the lights went off. That time mana ada tengok TV, dengar radio je lah. All of us (Form 1 masa tu) would lie in bed and Leha would then switched on her loyal radio. We would listen to these beautiful love songs in the dark and masa tulah start berangan pasal macam2 sampai tertidur. Hee.. hee... bestnya!! Life was so sweet and simple then...

Reminiscing about school days is always wonderful. I'm glad we did this and I hope we'll meet again soon.

Gylle & Roza

Intan & Leha's adorable baby

Long lost friends ~ Rosrahimi & Tuti

The other 3 girls are available!

Shitot, Rosrahimi & Fajura

Girls from Green House

Mahinar and 6 of her 7 children!

Leha punya!

Along ~ serious je dengar cerita

Hoi... concentrate nya. Dengar gossip, apa lagi...

Fajura & Lin Ali

For more stories, read here.

Kantoi Update

Following the incident with my eldest daughter last Thursday, I really had no mood to write after that. Thanks for your comments and advises though, but I think I know what I’m doing.

I did speak to her again on Saturday, but very cordial. I didn’t ask her to sit down and go through the whys, whats and hows with me because we’ve done that so many times before. I dah letih.

I was hoping, as she’s turning 20 this year, she should have gotten it inside her head what are her parents’ expectations and pantang larang because both my husband and I have drilled this into her many, many times before. Ever since she was 14, to be exact. Tak kan tak faham-faham lagi?

So, I didn’t want to go through another session of why you did all that with her because I dah tak kuasa. People say I should bersabar banyak-banyak because the usual tagline is “kids that age is difficult”. I truly understand that, I have three ok? But my patience has really run dry after that incident. I’m emotionally drained. Kata orang, macam dah patah hati...

So I told my husband, I don’t want to deal with her anymore when it comes to these things, you do it. He’s a better disciplinarian than I am anyway. I’m sure he’ll do a better job.

Anyway, she's gone back to UiTM yesterday but she'll be coming back again this Saturday. My husband is going to JB this evening, returning Sunday. It's going to be a long week, I can see that...