Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Weekend

Text messages between Mr & Mrs Nordin on Friday (13/2) evening:

MrsN: “Yang, kita pegi dating malam ni, nak?”

MrN: "Nak!! It’s a date then!"

"Alright! Do you have anything in mind?"

"A dinner for two at some place quiet?"

"That sounds nice. Tapi ada duit ke?"

"Hmmm…. Ade laa…."

We decided to celebrate early because we knew Saturday would be a very busy day for us.

But when I got home that night, I saw the maid tengah masak. Ikan goreng, daging masak kicap, ikan masin, nasi panas2…. Mmm…. Sedap ni! So I called my husband who was on the way home at that time:

B, kita makan kat rumah je lah.

"Are you sure?

"Iya... "

"Sri masak apa?"

"Ikan goring (I love ikan goreng!). Daging masak kicap. "

"Ok lah, if you want to…"

"After that we go outlah, for coffee ke or something."


(he sure could read my mind !)

So, we had dinner at home that night. The kids were pretty depressed because they didn’t have any Valentine to celebrate with. I was quite surprised to know this because I didn’t think it was a big deal anyway. So I told them, “If it’s any consolation, I only got my first Valentine when I was 23, ok? So releklah… your time will come. “

That didn’t help.

After dinner, I changed into something nice and we went out for karaoke at Pavillion. Dada and her husband joined us. Four adults singing songs from yester years… that was how we celebrated our Valentine’s night.

Dada’s husband is a really good singer. He has won many competitions before. But I like going with them because this way, we would have a variety of songs to sing with. Tak de lah asyik nyanyi lagu kita saja.

We left the place just after 2am. Tired. Zonked out immediately as we hit the pillows.

The next morning, we started early by sending Nadim to school. Dia ada sekolah ganti. Then we sent Nadira to her driving school in Gombak for her first theory lessons. After that, pasar tani. Then balik rumah. I tidur while MrNordin sibuk memasak di dapur (hee.. hee… bagus punya bini, kan?)

In the afternoon, we went to Shah Alam to fetch Nabila from UiTM. It was such a hot day! We stopped by at Subang Parade to have lunch at TGIF. It’s been a long time since I last visited Subang Parade. It’s been ages! The waiters and waitresses were busy hanging love cut-outs and balloons in the restaurants for a slow dance competition later that night. Lagu dia main pun semua lagu jiwang. Oh, dear.

Malam ~ we had dinner at home, compliments from my husband who cooked a delicious meal of masak lemak perut lembu (his favourite), daging masak kicap and ikan terubuk bakar. We had Cyntia M. in the background, singing lovely French songs from Edith Piaf and the likes.

I wanted to slow dance with my husband after that, but I didn’t want to make it worse for my children who were already suffering from hyper-tension due to the non-event of the day. So, I abandoned the idea.

Later, I overheard Nadira asking Nabila, “So, anything interesting for your Valentine’s?”

Nothing. Only from that guy… with all the GLORY of his broken English!”

Hee… hee…. she seemed pretty annoyed!

(To read Nadira's ramblings: )


Madam Tai Tai said...

Sodap nya masak lemak perut lembu!! That is a great dish for Valentine's dinner. 'Membakar' cinta di dalam hati dan perut!

It was a non-event for my kids too. Haris got a card from a secret admirer, or so he thinks!

MrsNordin said...

So, he got the money from Chepul?

Kitchen Guardian said...


Me too, anyway, we dont celebrate Valentines, I did mt editing (new one) which is very behind time and sunday belajar masak at a riend's place...

Ezza Aziz said...

Sedap nya makan....

Kami pulak makan McD jer...hahaha..tgh tgh bulan ni terbang duit membeli burger ni..hahah
Best nya you ni...dua dua kemain lomantik...bila la kita nak berlepak kena Teh ni BJ...?

Pasal sardin masak kicap tu..tumis biasa jer,,,cuma tambah kicap lauk budak budak kecik sebab tak pedas,,tapi kalau you nak taruk cili ,,its up to you.....cuba laa dulu..taruk cili hikau pun ok gak..

MrsNordin said...


Yes, I read your blog. Let me know by Wednesday if you can take my order, ok?

MrsNordin said...


You duduk kat Klang sana, sudah sikit lah nak buat teh tarik impromptu ni, tho' I'd love to meet you again. Boleh borak lama2.

Macam sekarang ni pun, walaupun rumah I dekat je dengan Superwoman, memang susah no nak jumpa malam. Masa lunch je lah kalau ada pun. Insyaallah, one of these days, we'll meet again.

Sadin kicap tu ~ the gravy dalam tin sardin tu tak payah pakai lah, ya? Just take the fish only?

(sorrylah akak, kena tanya semua ni sebab I bukannya terror sgt. Masak sadin macam biasa tu boleh lah... but I want to add more variety sbb MrN suka makan sardin. But my MIL marah kalau dia tahu I masak sardin kat rumah. Tak healthy, dia kata...)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sedaaaapnyeee! Sounds like you had a perfect VD- makan, and then nyanyi!!

My kids tak tau apa benda tu, except that cartoon banyak special valentine lah.

Lyana Mauseth said...


Seronok i bc your VD punya cerita...nnt i nak tuntut from my husband..dia tu lurus mcm fact lagi lurus dr pembaris tau...kalau i kata x payah..mmg dia pun xde lah buat apa2 haha....

MrsNordin said...


Nothing much to celebrate, anyway. Karaoke lah yang paling elok!

MrsNordin said...


Then, you tak payahlah play guessing games with him. Just tell him what you what, I'm sure he'll get it for you. Don't ask him to read between the lines!

UrbAnWiTch said...

hi again..although i had a horrendous VD i dont quite mind..guess i need to be contented with bumping around. tapi at 32? wow..that is 2 years to come. i have yet to see any light at the end of the road ...

but ur entries always brings a smile to me after my long sempit2 ride on the train.

take care.

Kmar said...


Both of you are so romantic! Should maintain that way until years to come.

As for us, we had a family barbecue at home. Around 20 of us. Actually my hubby´s birthday is on 14th Feb. Every year, he WILL claim two presents.. eem.. pening kepala nak belikan dia hadiah since he has almost everything.

Whatever it is, celebration always come with good food, kan???

tireless mom said...

Ahhhhh... the romantic couple! I will puasa sebulan if my husband cooks for me. You are very lucky MrsN. What a lovely way to spend the Valentine's Day

wanshana said...


A perfect Valentine weekend indeed :) Bestnyer ada personal chef! Does he do house-calls? Hehehe...That masak lemak perut lembu sounds so yummy!

By the way, have you checked your danganum85 e-mail? I conveyed Waterlily's request to dat address yesterday. Thanks :)

Beejay said...


Two years tak lama lagi... or you may get lucky and meet that someone sooner!

You know, this thing about love, it usually comes when we least expect it... when we are not looking. Always believe that he is somewhere out there... it's just a matter of time before you finally meet him. Have faith!

MrsNordin said...


Wah.. best nya your hubby's birthday is on Valentine's Day! Double celebration!! Lots of love!!

Holding a BBQ on VD is just as nice. What's important is we have our family & loved ones around. That's what matters.


MrsNordin said...


Nak buat macamana... husband I lagi terror masak!

Hey, heard the dinner last Friday was great, huh? Sampai pukul 12 baru habis. I'm sure you all had a lot to catch up.

See you around!

MrsNordin said...


He doesn't do house calls, unlike your husband (does he?).

We didn't make any grand plans because tengah2 bulan, kan? I just want good food, that's all. Btw, that was the first time I makan masak lemak perut lembu. On satay, selalulah, not masak lemak. But it was delicious, anyhow.

Yes, I've changed Waterlily's name. Thanks for the reminder. You have a good day today. Cheers!

kay_leeda said...


Yummss...sedap nyer juadah Valentine's Day you. Sampai three days after the LoManTik day pun still terasa lemak-lemak pedas nyer in blogLand ni :)

Wahh..I like that part when you slept while he was cooking!! I sleep when Bibik cooks heh..heh. Hubby DOESN'T cook lorrr.

bella said...

What a lovely day for you! Such great partnership in your couple.I loikkeeeee, hehe...

bella said...

What a lovely day for you! Such great partnership in your couple.I loikkeeeee, hehe...

MrsNordin said...

Thanks Kay, and Bella!

Anonymous said...

BJ, I was hoping u both tak serik karaoke with us, especially my hubby. Dia kalau dah dapat mic habislah...hehehe. It was a lovely nite and thanks so much for the invite.


MrsNordin said...


It was pleasure karaoke-ing with you both!