Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nadira

Today is Nadira's birthday. She turns 18.

Nadira is a gifted child. She's talented, brainy and highly creative. She's a perfectionist in many ways. MrNordin said, she's the one who follows her mother's traits very closely.

I remember when she was in Primary 6, she'd force us to drive her around Ulu Klang for two days in search of this kayu for her class project. She insisted on using the exact material that the teacher had instructed. Nothing more, nothing less. It's impossible to make her change her mind.

When MrNordin first showed me his family photos, he took out Nadira's 5-year old passport photo and said, "This one is my favourite." I could understand why. She had a bright look on her face. With her short, curly hair, one could easily mistaken her as Curly Sue.

Her hair is her pride & glory. She used to keep it long when she was in primary school but it didn't really go well with her style. Her hair used to get tangled and knotted because she refused to have it combed. Whenever she went to the hair saloon, she'd end up crying because the hairdresser would pull her hair so hard to entangle it. In the end, she decided to chop it off and keep it short, which is actually nicer and easier to manage.

She's very clever, this girl. When it comes to studying, we don't have to scream or raise our voice because she'll do it at her own freewill. Homework is all done to perfection and her position in class is almost always in the top 3. During Report Card day at school, she'd give us the least headache and always made me shed a tear or two for her excellent results. I hope she'll keep up her good work in the years to come.

Highly temperamental and short fused, this girl can easily lose her temper when things don't go her way. And when that happens, you'd better stay away from her because kalau silap hari, she may throw a book at your face. She's crazy when she's angry! But since it's your birthday, Nadira, I shall not divulge any detail. I just hope you'll keep your anger management in check coz it's not good for your heart.

Ever so stylish and always know how to dress well, she'll take the longest time to get ready whenever we go out. Mandi lama, buat rambut lama, make-up lama.... She's also very friendly and can get along with people of all levels. That, I think, she takes after her father.

There are so many things to write about her but I shall leave it as it is for now.

It's been a pleasure knowing you, Nadira. Although I may not say this often, I want you to know that I love you, and am very proud to see that you've grown up into a very fine lady. Keep up the good spirits and I wish you'll find your lover boy very soon (I don't think Baba will agree to this...)

Happy Birthday!

Nadira and friends

Beijing - Dec'2005

Get ready to boogie!

Chrismas Dinner - Dec'08

Nadira & me


Ezza Aziz said...

Happy birthday Nadira,same age dengan Mira...tgh tunggu spm result yang bakal keluar march 12..ye ker!!

Semuga beroleh kejayaan yang cemerlang dan dapat berbakti pada keluarga ,agama dan Negara...Amin...

Madam Tai Tai said...

Dear Nadira!

Happy Sweet 18!! Thanks for always welcoming me at your house whenever I came visiting. Yup, your Mummy is right - you are definitely very stylish, sweet and clever.

Have a great day today!

Love, Auntie Gina

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Awww..so sweet MrsN..happy bday to Nadira too..take it easy with the boyfriend thing, the best is..let Baba do the choosing..ahahha (jgn marah)

Lyana Mauseth said...

happy birthday to nadira :D...oh i wish i could be 18 again :D

busymum100 said...
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busymum100 said...

can you delete the previous comment, please?

Happy Birthday, Nadira!
May she gets what she wishes for :-)

Can't help but remember her late mum who was so adamant of what she wanted at the young age of 15 yrs old - to leave science stream and her friends because she wanted to take up law! (our school didn't have arts stream).

i've been reading your blog regularly but too busy to respond :-(
(wanted to respond on the ex-boyfriends topic, but i need more time to do so, Hahaha! Not that I had many boyfrens. Hardly any in school, that's why it'd be long - kinda of excuse on why it was so, hahaha!

MrsNordin said...


Cannot delete lah. I'll try tomorrow.

Nadira Nordin said...

Thank you very much for this post, auntie yati...I'm really touched. You make me seem so baik when I know I'm not perfect at all. Thank you for everything!

Thanks also to all the makcik bloggers who were kind enough to wish me...cheers! :D

MrsNordin said...


You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nadira!

Fulltime mom

Ida Hariati Hashim said...


Nadira calls me makcik? :)

MrsNordin said...


Is it better if she calls you "Auntie Blogger"? Hee.. hee...

She must have thought you're one of those makciks who joined our Makcik Bloggers hi-tea at Concorde the other day. Read my earlier posting on this.

Kmar said...

Happy Birthday Nadira!!!

Hope all your dreams come true...

I like your hair so much and sometimes I wish my daughter has your natural hairstyle. I am very sure, it is not easy to maintain.. banyak kerja he.he..

Take care

Anonymous said...

Both my daughters are special to me in their own way and being my youngest daughter, Nadira is as special and lovely as Nabila, my eldest one. I loved both of them very much! But can we leave out this loverboy/boyfriend bit for now... I think 18 is still a tad young to think about this.

Baba to Nadira, Nabila, Nadim & Nizzar and of course husband to Mrs. Nordin.

| AiNaa K | said...

oh my god!i love that boogie picture! :)
she is really one of a kind..