Tuesday, February 03, 2009

STF Reunion - Class of 81-85

That's what I did last Saturday ~ attended a reunion of 60 old students from STF batch 1981-85. Yeay! It was a blast!

The idea was mooted while some friends were having their usual drinks after work at KLCC. At that time, there were me, Dada, Intan, Gylle, Lin Ali, Leha & Tuti. Except for Leha & Tuti, the rest meet quite often as all of us are working in KL and do "make time" for each other.

FYI, the last reunion we had was in 1993 ~ some 16 years ago. At that time, we just graduated and had barely left school. But this time around, out of 114 students, 60 turned up giving a ratio of 53%, which I think is highly commendable given the fact that some of us haven't met each other since we left school in 1985!

My friends, esp. Dada, put in a lot of effort into making this gathering a reality (I tolong sikit2 saja...) She (and a few others) worked so hard in tracking down the old classmates, getting sponsorships, gifts, booking the hotel etc. Without them, I don't think all 60 of us would be there last Saturday.

It was nice to see so many familiar faces again. Some still looked the same while some had totally changed. Most of my friends are either in the medical profession or education. Ramai lecturers and ramai jugak doctors. I'm so happy for them.

Each came in their house colour. Mine was green. Ehem... MrsNordin menang best dressed for rumah hijau, ok? And Ibu menang best dressed for rumah biru! (she had won best dressed on two occasions, as far as I can recall. So you can imagine how stylish this woman is!). Wanshana was there too, so is my dear friend Eta. Waterlily was supposed to come but she had to cancel at the last minute due to unavoidable circumstances.

We had lots of fun. Tak kering gusi ketawa! We had loads of prizes and gifts too.

After the event, a few of us went for coffee & makan2 at Amcorp Mall. Borak lagi, gelak lagi, sampai sakit2 mulut! Orang perempuan kalau lama tak jumpa, macam2 lah keluar cerita. Cerita tidur dalam class lah, kena tangkap dengan Pengawas lah, tulis surat cinta lah... kelakar! Wish I could meet my friends in that kind of situation more often...

In the car, on the way home, we listened to some of the songs of our yesteryears which had been compiled by my dear friend Leha. It was so nostalgic, rasa nak nangis! Songs like Suratan atau Kebetulan (Kenny, Remi, Martin), Dua Insan (M. Nasir & Yunizar Husin), Di Sudut Kamar Hatiku (Jamal Abdillah), Suara Kekasih (Alleycats), Hujan (Sudirman), Senandung Semalam (Alleycats), Suatu Masa (M.Nasir)....

We used to listen to these songs at night as the lights went off. That time mana ada tengok TV, dengar radio je lah. All of us (Form 1 masa tu) would lie in bed and Leha would then switched on her loyal radio. We would listen to these beautiful love songs in the dark and masa tulah start berangan pasal macam2 sampai tertidur. Hee.. hee... bestnya!! Life was so sweet and simple then...

Reminiscing about school days is always wonderful. I'm glad we did this and I hope we'll meet again soon.

Gylle & Roza

Intan & Leha's adorable baby

Long lost friends ~ Rosrahimi & Tuti

The other 3 girls are available!

Shitot, Rosrahimi & Fajura

Girls from Green House

Mahinar and 6 of her 7 children!

Leha punya!

Along ~ serious je dengar cerita

Hoi... concentrate nya. Dengar gossip, apa lagi...

Fajura & Lin Ali

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Anonymous said...


The reunion was great. Semua orang enjoyed.

U all pergi AMcorp Mall, kami pergi Rest Syed ngan Ibu, Wanshana, Joe, Awin, Alang, Puspa H & Neng - salah tempat ke???

I dah tak de suara ni...

Loves you all.....

Mc Zae

pearl said...


Thanks for sharing the photos..

Madam Tai Tai said...


Bestnya reunion with 60 old friends! And trust you to win the prize for Rumah Hijau. Kan dah cakap you ni memang elegant. :-)

Wish I could meet up my old Assunta friends again one day. We are now meeting via FB so there is some chance to have a reunion like yours. Just got to find someone who can organise it. Tu yg payah... Boleh pinjam Dada tak?

Anonymous said...

Mrs N

On the three who are available, how can I get in touch with the one in blue?


tearose said...

Mahinar yang rugged tu...hampir tak ku kenal. My dormmate tu...Anita Abu Bakar takde? Yusmarina?

MrsNordin said...


We went to Amcorp Mall sebab situ ada aircond. I'm glad you had fun. You still look the same, only taller. Hee.. hee...

MrsNordin said...


You're most welcomed!

MrsNordin said...


I never thought I'd win anything because baju tu simple saja. I've only worn it once before. Dah nak rezeki... nak buat camno? Heh... heh...

On your reunion, it does take a lot of effort to get things going. Dada had sleepless nights doing it with the help of a few others. Kalau tak de orang macam tu, memang susah. Of course you can use her... tapi tanya tuan badanlah dulu lah, ya?

MrsNordin said...


Are you serious about the one in blue? E-mail me at noorhaya@celcom.com.my. I'll give you her number.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Tearose,

Anita tak dapat datang. Yusmarina ada, pakai baju kuning.

Actually, Mahinar still looked the same, cuma pakai tudung je lah. She did ask about you..

Kitchen Guardian said...


Tak lama lagi i will be like Mahinar...ramainya anak, says Yani to herself:)

Would love to have a reunion wt mt st nicks, but not looking forward for any reunion wt SMTSPian...

Rohani Ahmad said...

hai Bj.. u look great that day laaa..color baju anda sgt cantek. I meng'admire' dari jauh je. By the way, yup, we all pi kat restoran syed just had teh tarik and roti nan with ayam tandoori yang tak bape masak sgt (puspa dok complain memanjang..).Time mmg rasa singkat sgt sb tak leh nak borak sgt2 kan..
Glad we all enjoy the evening, i baru open ur blog ni. Emm i kena baca ni..esp part2 anak2 nak membeso ni...
Ok Bj..bye.Take care ok

MrsNordin said...

Hi Neng,

Thanks for dropping by. I've just been reading your blog, unfortunately, I can't post a comment.

I didn't know Shitot & you have an autistic child, I should have known. When I saw you at our reunion, I never knew you have such a story to tell.

But from your postings, I could feel that you're a very dedicated mother and a very strong woman. Your son is lucky to have you as his mother. I wish you well and from now on, I shall visit your blog frequently.

Cheers & take care!

Eta My said...

Bj...amboi seronoknye kome semua...satu geneg pi sana and another pi sinun...esok-esok kalu jadik buat kat Penang...mana lak nak lepak...

True Bj..memang tak puas mengimbau kenangan lalu (persis lagu yg Leha burn kan tuh!)..

As I scrolled down the para..mcm2 gambar ade..and can't help but to sheepishly smile..hati ini ibarat digeletek..siap mempromote kengkawan lagi...Ade je joke..tapi ape salahkan...menolong kengkawan membina masjid..dapat pahala beb!mcm2 diplan-plan je gambar itu?

wish ade banyak lagi masa untuk berborakkan...kesian pada Dada dan Along..entah beberapa kali cuba mententeramkan keadaan...girls..girls...


p/s: I still remember kita beratur dalam toilet.( yang tak seberapa itu..).letak tuala..booking...begitu juga booking nak basuh kain...in the end basuh je kat hujung blok kan!!

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Seronok Kak Puteri tengok gambaq adik2 katak hijau semua. Although my time kat STF sekejap, there were lots of pleasant memories. Mrs N, of all the pictures kat sini, yg I paling suka is the one featuring a whole row of tudungless ladies. It's good not to be hypocritical about wearing tudung. ikut kata hati, bila tergerak pakai. i know of ppl yg dipaksa pakai, then curi2 bukak bila family/hubby tak tau.

last month my niece yg pakai tudung from age 13 (she has just graduated with a degree)decided to bukak tudung. maknya menangis. i dont know apa kisahnya, tapi belum
jumpa nak tanya. yg i tau, she was forced by her parents to wear masa masuk secondary school. some kind of protest ke, apa ker, entah..

Waterlily said...

Almost didnt recognize some of the girls..err..women.

Roza looks different, semakin ayu! I still remember her manja-ness and soft spokenness. And which one is Mc Zae..? Rugi betul lah terlepas peluang ni.

tireless mom said...

Dear BJ

Yay, Dang Anum menang lagi. Best best best. How did you get to gather 60 of you all? Memang class. We all nya batch nak dapat kan 30 pun tak tahu lagi. I don't remember some. But I sure kenal Mahinar... anak 7. Bukan ke dia so boisterous dulu, dah anak 7... ! I tak percaya, sunnguh ku tak percaya.

MrsNordin said...


We've spoken about this. You're not alone in feeling that way about school/class reunion. But it's nice to meet some of the old friends after a long, long time... I'm sure your ex-schoolmates are wondering what has happened to you since you left school... Unless they read your blog, they wouldn't know.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Eta,

Cakap pasal toilet, I remember being trapped in one with a katak terselit kat celah pintu! Eeewww... baru lepas habis mandi, bila pusing nak ambil towel, I saw this katak terselit dekat engsel pintu tu! Ya Allah... punyalah I menjerit! Intan was outside. I couldn't go out because I was obviously naked. It took me a good half hour to finally find the courage to open the door, with the katak still staring at me! Horror!!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Kak Puteri,

That picture was taken on purpose but we didn't say for "what group". We let ppl guess, but obviously it wasn't that hard..

I know many cases like that, girls pakai tudung sebab kena force by the parents. Some bukak, some pakai jugak tapi bila they're out of their parents' sight, tak pakai.

It's a delicate issue which I do not want to elaborate today. Suffice to say, wear it when you want to and you know why you're doing it.

MrsNordin said...


McZae is the one standing, No. 4 from left (depan Lin Rahman, sebelah Ieja & Hasni) ~ if you're looking at the group photo.

Hey, I was looking out for you lah! Didn't know you had gone back. Tak apa... insyaallah.. next time boleh jumpa.

MrsNordin said...


It was a pooled effort, led by Dada. We thought we could only gather 40 max, but didn't realise the response was so good. We managed to track almost all people from that batch except for 20 or so yang memang tak tau kemana pergi.

About Mahinar... I know... that's what we all thought as well. All of us were surprised to see her, and her children thereafter. But she seemed happy and I know she is.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear MrsN,

Seronoknya jumpa old frens, mesti tergelak byk ni. I wish to organise a renunion too of ex IIUM students, but takut nanti jumpa balik admirers and 'admirees' dulu..hahhahahha

Take care

MrsNordin said...


You should do that too with your ex-IIUM friends. Kalau jumpa balik admirers/admirees pun, apa salahnya. It's not like you still got the heart for them, right?

wannor said...

Kak BJ,
Kak Mahinar looks..well different. Not like the one I remembered during schooldays. He..he.. As for kak Rosrahimi, I usually bumped into her at our children's school. Anak satu sekolah le kan.. Cam segan nak panggil kak bcoz beza kita bkn jauh sgt pun but then dah terbiasa dari dulu lagi kan..Anyway, you all punya reunion is very the very happening. Congrats to u all..

MrsNordin said...

Hi Wannor,

Dah lama tak tengok you kat sini.

Rosrahimi used to sit in front of me masa 5(2) dulu. She sat next to kak Tuti. So your kids go to the same school, ya? She's still the same like before, kan?

Mahinar ~ that's what everyone said too. But she seemed happy and that's what's important, kan?

inner refugee said...

Hmmm... Mahinar with 7 kids. Still remember her long curly hair n who can forget the gal with that unique name Fajura Jufa, right :). Wish I was there too

Anonymous said...

Hai BJ
I'm Norm.. ingat tak? I was in GCE3 along with Naz,Kina,Helen,Lina.. do you know Mahinar contact no.? dah lama I tak contact dia. I think since 15 years kot..