Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hello from Jakarta!

Hi!! I'm finally here!!

Just a quick note. Arrived here at 7.30pm last night. The flight was full. Met a lot of Malaysians who were going to the Java Jazz. Dayang Nurfaizah was on the same flight, along with several other people who MrNordin knows. So, it was like, everywhere we went, there was bound to be someone who'd suddenly came by and said, "Hi Nordin!" Macam rasa kat KL pulak!

After a quick dinner at this warung which served sumptuous tahu goreng and sate kambing, we headed to the Jakarta Convention Centre. The place was happening, man! There were loads of people, and performances were taking place at different venues, all at the same time.

We stopped by to watch Glen Fredly (great singer!), one foreign band who had this one Hispanic-looking hunk as one of the lead singers, and of course, Earth, Wind & Fire! EWF was awesome! People were standing and dancing to the rhythm! Best!

Our friend V*rdi was back in his element. He still got the groove, people! MrNordin was quite taken by this. :)

Anyway, we're off to do a little window shopping and maybe get a massage. Later in the evening, we're going back to the Jazz Festival to see Jodi Watley! This hotel where I'm staying, what can I say.... it's heavenly...

Earth, Wind & Fire (we were sitting far behind..)

The lively crowd

One of the bands performing


wanshana said...

My biras is also in Jakarta for the JJF! My sis-in-law decided not to follow at the last minute because of the GE.

Yep - I heard Jakarta is just like KL these last few days ni...

Have fun! :)

Hope said...

Have fun in Jakarta!!

IBU said...

Oiit! 'Undi' by post ker?