Thursday, March 06, 2008

Madam Tai Tai

I just came back from lunch with Mdm Tai Tai and Superwoman. What can I say? It's always nice to meet up with friends like that. I miss those days when we used to meet up at least once a week ~ that was before Mdm left for Dhaka. These days, it's once a year, if we are lucky.

My friendship with Mdm goes back a long time ago when I was studying in the UK. I first met her when I was introduced to all the Malaysian students at someone's house. I remember she was sitting on the staircase in her black winter coat with a trendy short hairdo. I thought she must be from the city. She said, she was missing her boyfriend (who is now her husband) who had gone to Belgium for the weekend.

I remember the first thing she asked me, "You ada pegi tea dance?" Tea dance? Apa benda tu? Coming from an all-girl boarding school, I've never heard of tea dance before. But later after I discovered the "disco", dancing was just part of my student life.

Over the years, we became closer. When we came back to Malaysia, the friendship continued. I enjoy her company coz she's fun to be with. Always wanting to try something new and is not afraid to make friends with new people. We shared a lot of things, things that even our spouses don't know about. That's Madam for you, my close confidante... my BFF.

So, when it was time to go just now, I felt a tinge of sadness. Suddenly it dawned on me that it could be the last time I'm seeing her until her next visit. Holding her hand, I could see that she felt the same way too. Her eyes glistened but she didn't shed a tear. I quickly hugged her coz I know I'd make a scene if I stayed longer. "Don't cry.." she said.

I didn't cry. As I walked away, I forced myself to be strong. But as I'm writing this, tears are rolling down my cheeks coz I miss her terribly. She told me her only regret is that she didn't get to see Nizzar this time around. For that, I'm posting a picture of her and little Nizzar, taken on her last visit home in Nov'2006. Nizzar was only 6 months old then.

I love you, girlfriend ! Hope to see you again, very soon !


Delicate Flower said...


Such a sweet story - it's nice to have a BFF that knows you well and one that you can count on no matter what.

Anyway, don't know why you can't access my page - I forgot to log off sometimes so I wonder if that's the problem.

Anyway, have fun in Jakarta.

Madam Tai Tai said...


I read this at KLIA airport whilst waiting for my flight home. Kalau tak sebab ramai orang di sekeliling..dah menangis bagai nak rak I, you tau!

I love you lots, my BFF. We have had the best & worst times of our lives together for many years now.

I hope our friendship will last sampai ke cucu-cicit.

Will definitely definitely miss you. See you again in July!!!

Nizzar is soooooo cute in the pic.