Monday, March 24, 2008

MrNordin Hath Spoken!

He wrote this in the comment box of The Secret's Out (Part 2). What do you have to say about his writing??

Well here I am, making an appearance after reading Mrs Nordin's rather amusing "observations" of some of my antics at home, my late wife and revelations about her past life!

I have reminded myself and will continue to do so (macam imam baca khutbah pulak... khatib ingin mengingatkan diri dan jemaah Jumaat.. blah.. blah..) that I have to be careful abt my comments since I am very much a minority here... (nanti laaa bila I set up my own website and get the husbands to join arms..).

To be fair (I am always fair by the way), I sort of suspect something is cooking (definitely not from the kitchen) when my dear wife would disappear from the bedroom and into the study room (where the pc is located) whenever I take my bathroom break (like her, I tend to spend quite a bit of time there.. ). Usually this happens when the "young pengganas" is already asleep or he is busy taking the contents out of the drawers in the bedroom.

I would find her in front of the pc.. study door closed.. mind you.. and when I suddenly appear, she has that smile (like a kid who was caught with her hand in the cookie jar kind of smile) on her face, telling me that she is replying to emails from her confidante and best ever friend who is currently residing in the Indian subcontinent. So, I would respect her privacy laaa... ini kawan bukan calang2 kawan maaaa.... so I leave her to it without much of a complaint... eventho the "young pengganas" is hard at work re-arranging the bedroom for us !

To be honest, her writings have captured what really went on in the house and her own views were quite reflective of her mood (skrg faham sikit her mood at home)... boleh jadi writer laa. I respect her views, not necessarily agree with all of them, and I can see there are many caring and understanding supporters here too (jangan cari pasal in the lion's den!).

On the flip side... the real crux of the matter, I mean about husbands or "kaum adam" (according to comments from eta my who used my home state dialect here) is that, the "Mrs Nordin" of this world sometimes misunderstood us. So, kadang2 tu jangan laaa melompat saje marah... duk dulu... breathe in and out for a bit... sabar.. ok laaa.. BANYAK2 sabar sikit sometimes... I am sure ade hikmah di sebalik semua itu... I am sure things will fall into places and we can all live happily ever after... insyallah..

I think I better be going... for Mrs Nordin.. I enjoyed reading the postings including the comments.

I love ya Mrs Nordin !

24 March 2008 18:16


Madam Tai Tai said...

BJ, you used the 'asam pedas' trick lagi ya! :-) Writing emails to moi..kih..kih..kih..

MrNordin (I know you will be reading this comment), I think your feedback on your missus' blog is so kind and very generous. You can count yourself to be amongst the rare breed of hubbies, ok. And..kalau keluar malam tu jgn la selalu bonar..kesian isteri kat rumah kesunyian.. ;-)

Delicate Flower said...

Mrs Nordin,

He sounds lovely - and a good writer to boot! Mine found out I had a blog when I said "you know this is going into my blog?" And he said "what? You have a blog?" and that was the end of it :-)

Anyway, you guys sound really cute together!

MrsNordin said...


"Asam Pedas" trick? Hee... hee... I forgot about that one. Remind me! :)

He was very curious to know what you think of his writing. I thought it's lovely, isn't it?

And MrNordin, ingat pesanan terakhir Madam President of P.U.K.I (Persatuan Untuk Kaum Ibu) ni! Hee.. hee..! wink!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Delicate Flower,

Haven't heard from you in a while. And your blog pun dah lama tak update, ya? I hope you are well.

I'm sure he'll appreciate your kind remarks on his writing. As you know, we started off through e-mail exchange. Now you know why I fall for him!

Some guys memang malas nak baca blog ni (esp if written by husband bashers like us!). But once in a while, I'm sure he'll appreciate his name being mentioned in your blog.

Take care!

Madam Tai Tai said...


P.U.K.I.???!!! Eee...teruknya nama persatuan tu!

Did MrNordin created it?

He is a refined writer. Tell him I said that. If he has a blog, let me know the address ok because I'm sure it will be delight to read his postings.

Kmar said...

Your hubby memang ´romantic´ type laa... bertuah badan ooi!!!.. he.he..

MrsNordin said...


Who else would come up with such a name??? Btw, you are the President and I'm the Secretary General. Shila, Information Minister. My MIL is the Penaung, and HE is the Tuan Penasihat untuk kaum ibu! kah! kah! kah!

MrsNordin said...


Romantic? You think so?

Yes... he is, actually.

I'm sure your husband pun romantic jugak masa mula2 dulu. En Nordin ni, tak tau lah bila dah lama2 kawin nanti... mungkin berubah jugak...

Eta My said...

Alamak..betoi le Bj..He has to write...some more..

Surely u speechless habis...bukan senang kaum adam nak puji-puji least not in writing..but ur hubby ni..sekali komen...ambik ko..panjang berjela...treasure beb!

I bet cinta u..lagi la...menyala-nyala..

I like the part yang bila dia peep at the study room..and..err..u were like...err..kunun nak kids who stole the cookies...

And itu pengganas..awatnya ganas sangat Bj oii...Hang kasi makan apa?Shian ni...

MrsNordin said...


I bagi makan apa kat "pengganas kecik" tu?? Hee.. hee.. tak pernah terfikir food has something to do with his mischievous behaviour!

I ingat dia ikut bapak dia masa kecik dulu, but my MIL said he was a good boy. My mum also said I was very well-behaved when I was small. Makan, dia adalah berapa makan sangat. Macam biasa je.

I think, baby production from "Orang Tua" ni ada lain sikit perangai dia... (as what my FIL said).. that's why dia jadi macam tu. Tak lalu diam!