Monday, March 03, 2008

Mad with Maid

I'm not in the best of mood today. I have a very bad cough. The cough syrup made me drowsy. I'm struggling to stay awake at the office.

I was annoyed with the maid yesterday. This maid of ours can be considered a very good maid, if she wants to. I've no complain about her work tho' sometimes she can be a bit sloppy. (What do you expect? To me, if you want perfection, do it yourself!). She's been with us for almost 6 years now. She's 25. She takes good care of Nizzar.

But one thing I don't like about her is, she's kinda moody. Sometimes, she'll show her long face or becomes grumpy whenever that mood strikes. Like yesterday morning, when I went down to the kitchen, she was in one of those fowl mood again. Bila cakap sikit, macam nak tak nak jawab. Muka masam. Hey, I'm not responsible for your mood swings, ok? She was like that the whole morning, but I couldn't be bothered. Malas nak tanya pun.

So we went out (without her). When we came back, she seemed more chirpy. But I've had a lousy day because of the cough. MrN asked me out to see one of his friend's campaigning for Shahrizat pun I tak larat nak pegi. I just wanted to rest coz my body was tired and not in good physical shape. So, I took the cough syrup and tried to get some sleep in the living room. Tak larat nak naik atas pun. Nizzar was hovering somewhere around the room...

Suddenly, just as I was about to doze off, that little boy came to me, "Ma ma, Ma ma.." he said. I opened my eyes and saw him pointing at his back site. Alamak... dah beban budak ni ! (as in b*rak). I just couldn't lift up by body coz I was in-between sleep, so I called out for the maid to change Nizzar's diaper. She was outside talking to N*dim while melipat kain. I called her twice, tak datang2 jugak (maybe she couldn't hear me). The third time, Nadim heard me and told the maid to change Nizzar. Then I heard her saying to Nadim, "Sekarang ke? Saya tengah lipat baju ni!" Eh, menjawab pulak? I exclaimed, "Sekarang lah! Tak kan nak tunggu sampai poo-poo dia kering dalam diaper?"

I think she got angry with me. Dengan muka yang masam, she stopped doing what she was doing, grabbed Nizzar by the hand and brought him to the sink. In the process, she bumped into the door grille, which made a loud thumping noise (sound of protest lah tu.). Upon hearing that, I was infurated! Apasal nak marah2 pulak ni?! I paling pantang kalau suruh orang buat something, tapi nak merentap-rentap like that. You know what I mean? Tak ikhlas. With the kids pun; if I asked them to do something and they gave me their long faces, memang nak kena lah akibatnya coz I think it's very rude.

So, when I caught her unwarranted behaviour yesterday, I got so cheesed off. I walked up to her and screamed, "Tak nak buat? Tak nak buat tak payah buat! Biar saya yang buat !!" I snatched Nizzar from her hand and took him away. She just stood there, speechless. Nadim also went quiet. I was furious ! She thinks she's the majikan or what nak threw tantrum like that? I've never lost my cool before this, but she was really testing my patience and I think she deserved to be told off like that!

After that, she (or anyone else for that matter) dared not talk to me. I stayed in my room and only went out with Nizzar to get some porridge from McDonald's. Then I went to sleep. MrNordin was out campaigning.

It's true what people say, "Maid ni tak boleh bagi muka sangat..". If we treated them nicely, dia orang akan naik kepala. They think they are the big boss in the house. Nak hari2 kena lecture or kena dera baru dia hormat kat kita, kot. Eee... geram betul !!


Anonymous said...

B** **y....

what a pleasant surprise! to have stumbled upon your blog, that is, not the NaikHangin-with-the-maid episode!

would like to keep in touch with you...what's your e-mail dear?


MrsNordin said...

Siapa ni?? Ok, my e-mail add is Thanks for visiting.

MrsNordin said...


I think I know who you are !! :-) It's been a long time, huh? How are you?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi J

Your maid is really too much if she thinks she can do that. I think yang lama lama ni naik lemak jugak. My minah dulu pun ada gak mengada tapi tak pernahlah tunjuk muka..tapi jawab memang ada lah..

MrsNordin said...


Jenis yang tunjuk muka ni yang I paling menyampah! It's not like we ill-treated them. Tapi dengan Nordin dia tak berani, tau. Dengan I je yang dia suka buat perangai macam tu. Why, ah?

Anonymous said...

Mrs N,

Thanx for the e-mail add. So dah tau I ni sapa, eh? hehehe

Encounters with maids memang aplenty.. Rasanya kalau nak buat buku, 1001 macam cerita boleh di contribute!!

Keep the interesting stories coming, yah?


wanshana said...


I also have a lot of expriences with maids yang banyak-cantik-muka-dia punya mood-swings.

Ada jugak yang protes with banging all the doors, etc, so, to show them who's the boss, I pun start banging all the doors, too - LOUDER than them...Baru they all terdiam.

Maids - memang tak boleh bagi muka!

MrsNordin said...


Hee... hee... kadang2 I pun buat macam tu. Bang the door louder than them! Baru they get the message. (it's ok to do that, right?)

Entah apa2kan, kalau penat, cakap je lah penat... I'll let you rest. No need to make faces like that. It really riles me up!

Delicate Flower said...

I never had a maid so I can't relate - but still, I can understand your frustration. If my boss were to ask me do do something, I am not going to "hentak" kaki or show him the slightest displeasure. I might talk to him later if I feel he treated me unjustly, but to show displeasure like that - just not done.