Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Conversation with Nizzar

Date: 31 Mar 2009
Time: 12.50 pm

Hi baby, what are you doing?

Makan roti.

Oh... makan roti.... Makan roti dengan apa?

Dengan butter.

Mmm... that’s nice! Mummy nak sikit?

Nanti Mummy balik umah lah !

(Hee… hee…why lah you so stupid Mummy?)

Mummy, Mummy kat mana?

Kat ofis.

Ohhh... kat ofis...

Baby tengah buat apa tu?

Tengok Ultraman...

Which one? Tiga or Cosmos? (I bought these two DVDs for him last night)

Ultraman Tiga.

Do you like it?


Mummy! Mummy! Lagu Tiga! (and he started crooning the song)

Mummy, nanti Mummy balik, beli Ultraman Dyna, ok? Ok?

Dyna ke Zoffy?


Ok, nanti Mummy balik, Mummy pegi kedai, kalau ada, Mummy beli Dyna, ok?

Alah… Dyna dah ada banyak kat rumah…

Habis tu? Tadi kata nak Dyna??

Mummy, nanti beli Gaia lah.

Hah, Gaia pulak...

Mummy! Mummy! Nanti Mummy beli Gaia, Dyna, Zoffy, Tiga, ok?

Banyak nya.. sampai empat!

Haa… Satu, Dua, Tiga, Empat… (entah apa dia dah mengarut!)

Ok lah... nanti Mummy beli Dyna.

Bye Mummy!! (and he put down the phone)

Now I know why my friends like to call home every now and then to talk to their kids. They just make you feel so happy....... don't they?


Aida said...


My kids do not like talking on the phone. They prefer face to face. That is where their father misses out.

After work, they'll be tellingme what they've done all day. Ainul dah pandai cakap oklah... tapi Khalil kena pandai-2 skit, but having a big sister who helps to interpret what he says helps.

Yes, kids just makes u so happy cos they are there to be loved.

Kitchen Guardian said...


Nowadays I dah tak call sangat...they all melalak suruh I balik, pas tu I melalak kat opis!

bella said...

Hahhaha 1,2,3,4....Ultraman...thats sooo funny...
For us these are the precious moments for us. We will call my nieces and they will blabber in their own language(they are 3 n 2) but, oh how their blabbering can make your heart melts kan...Ini baru anak orang, kalau anak sendiri, mesti lagi best kan...so,yes, we do that very often...at least twice a week and sometimes they will make their parents call us to talk to us.Sweet huh!

Desert Rose said...

Mrs N.

Ha wait till u bring him pass Hero Supermarket kat sect 13 shah alam, ada sekor jadi guard kat situ ha ha. Mcm real.

My son sampai std 1 baru at last menerima kenyataan yg superheroes esp ultraman tak exist,even in Japan. Coz he had had an ambition to go holiday in Japan to meet d guy.

And now he would remark that 'Mana ada real life Barbie la, " to his siter, macam bagusss

MA and Brood said...

That's the beauty of having kids kan?

When my kids were Nizzar's age, I really missed them when I was at work, that sehari mestilah nak call diorang just to talk. Sampai diorang boring..hahaha.

My daughter was a chatterbox that when she learnt to dial the phone to speak to me - bill telefon I naik mendadak! Mana tak nya, kalau I meeting, masuk voicemail pun dia akan dial berulang-ulang kali sampai dapat. Kalau 10 sen kali 10 ribu satu hari, tak ke pengsan Mak dia nak membayar bil??!

Enjoy all the time when your kids STILL want to talk to you and LISTEN to you hahaha...Mine now had their IPOD wires permanently stuck into their ears ...:P

MrsNordin said...


Si Nizzar ni, pantang tengok orang cakap talipon. Dia pun sibuk nak berbual. Especially kalau Wan dia yang call. Sampai habislah prepaid orang tua tu! Hee.. hee...

But actually, he can't really talk that well. Sebutan kadang2 ada yang salah. And suara dia sengau. When he sings lagu "Air Pasang Pagi" (do you know that song?), he goes like this:

Ayer pa-lang pagi
Su-lut pukul lime
Ni-la (Nizzar) mang-un pagi
Si-lam (siram) pokok mu-nga (bunga)


MrsNordin said...


I know. The older kids memang rimas kalau kita call selalu2. They all pun have nothing much to talk about. Best jugak cakap dengan si kecik tu!

MrsNordin said...


I bet if you have your own child, memang tak berhentilah you berbual dengan dia! Tak apalah... for now, just spoil those kids. I'm sure they love it!!

MrsNordin said...

Desert Rose,

Are you sure ada Ultraman kat situ? Where is Sec. 13?? (hee.. hee.. sorry ya, tak biasa dengan Shah Alam)

Hey, actually in Japan ada Ultraman park, tau? Memanglah in real tak ada, but you can actually see a live figure in full form. Best jugak, kan? I would like to see it too!

MrsNordin said...


I know where kakak gets her "chatty" character... :)

It's nice when the small one is beginning to talk in proper sentences. Every day he would pick up something new, which surprise us sometimes.

Now, whenever we offer him sweets, he'd say, "Mana boleh makan sweet? Nanti lompat-lompat!"

Haa... tahu tak apa!

Aida said...


Tak dgr nizzar sing the song pun dah boleh make me smile. for sure if he was to sing it, it'll make it more adorable.

tireless mom said...

Dear MrsN

Tak payah yang kecik like Nizzar, the older they grow and know how to layan you borak, the fun they get. Love every minute of conversation with my kids.

kay_leeda said...


Alahhh...so comel yr Nizzar. Such a sweet talker eh? Let's see what happens when he goes to school. Sure lagi rancak his talks with you.

Enjoy him while you still can :)

IBU said...

Ahahaha...so how many UltraMEN did you end up buying? Tak lama lagi can do UltraMEN museum la...

p/s And when he learns up 123 and then knows how to dial, he'll be the one calling you every few minutes. Same line of questioning, "Mummy buat apa? Mummy balik kol berapa?" hehehe...

kina said...

Dear Mrs Nordin,


My kids will call me about 2pm and the cepumas questions are
1) "Mommy, Adik tak nak pegi sekolah ugama hari ni boleh?"
2) Mommy, Abang ada banyak homework , can i skip KAFA
3) Mommy, Dekdek nak akim, atowi! (reads: Dekdek nak ice-cream, strawberry!)

but, never fail to put a smile on my face, after the nagging...

wanshana said...


So cute lah, your Nizzar :) Berapa banyak Ultramen daaaa? Hahahaha!

With me, it's always about food. If not, Laporan Berkala about what happens in school, or jadi CNN reporter if the sister or the brother does something wrong.

They will normally call me to ask permission - boleh tak makan Maggi? Boleh tak ambik chocolates in the fridge, boleh tak minum Vitagen/Carbonated drinks, in the fridge, etc. Pening I kekadang tu...

But, then - if they don't call me, I pulak will call them, and tell them what's in the fridge/pantry and they can help themselves to it, etc. Hehehehe!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Cute la Nizzar a.k.a Master Ultraman..

Today my daughter called mengadu sambil tersedu-sedu sebab her classmate called me names..kesian dia..

Kids are natural destressing agents sent from Heaven :)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Nizzar, is that a cupcake with lots of icing that you are holding? Yummy! Auntie Gina nak sikit boleh?

MrsNordin said...




When the kids are grown up, layan borak pasal benda lain lah pulak...


Now that he knows how to talk sikit2, tak berhentilah dia nak bertanya. Non-stop chatting! Mummy! Mummy! Baba! Baba! If you don't hear him, he'll nudge at your face and force you to look at him!

MrsNordin said...


How many Ultraman? Banyak. Dah boleh lah buat mini museum, but must have a separate section for the "injured" ones, ie. yang dah patah tangan, kaki or kepala di kerjakan budak kecik tu.

I can imagine your little one calling you at the office. I can still picture him smiling... so cute!

MrsNordin said...


Akim atowi? Hee... hee... that's cute! Nizzar would go ~ "Akim Ko-che-lat" (as in chocolate).

MrsNordin said...


I'm sure if they don't call you, you'd be calling them instead. Layan je lah... esok bila they all dah besar, seminggu sekali nak cakap dengan kita pun belum tentu lagi...

MrsNordin said...


Ahhh... sorry to hear about your daughter. Jahatlah budak2 sekarang ni... suka panggil2 nama gitu.

Just tell her to ignore them. If they see you're not affected by it, they would stop eventually.

MrsNordin said...


Nak sikit? Eh... tunggu Aunty Gina balik shi-ni dulu lah!

nahiella said...

When i go out to the supermarket even for only 2 hours, i mesti call home and even though my 3+ year old son sometimes blabber on the phone (only he understands his stories.., he still makes me so happy and proud that i am a mother!(i had a difficult time getting pregnant - 3 years)