Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another long weekend

It was a very hectic long weekend, again. Just thinking about it makes me feel so tired already.

As far as I can remember, weekends have never been quiet for me. They are always full of activities. Starting from Friday night, my husband and I will always have either something to do or attend to or look into, and the running around will only stop just before midnight on Sunday night.

I longed for a weekend when I could just sit back and relax. This weekend has been overly hectic and I need a break!

Friday night ~ MrNordin came home late from work. The girls had a BBQ party at their friend’s house next door. I sent them off and after that, I went out for coffee with my husband at Coffee Bean.

Saturday ~ sent Nadim to school for silat in the morning. Then we went to Pasar Tani. Came home at almost 12 noon, and my husband got busy membersihkan the ikan and ayam that he bought. Then, he went out to repair his car while I stayed home. Managed to watch a movie on DVD (such rare occasion these days!).

Evening ~ went out to buy new garden lights as the old ones were already broken. At night, we had a wedding to attend to in PJ. Went with my BIL, SIL and the two girls. After the wedding, we decided to go for karaoke at Pavilllion. Reached home almost 3am.

Sunday morning ~ MrNordin made barley drink. In the afternoon, went to meet my parents for lunch at Pavillion. Then we went to Bangi to look for angsa (goose). Bought two white ones, they are now happily plucking the grass from our garden. For dinner, we went to Bangsar Seafood. Had a huge meal and I was very satisfied with the butter crab. It tasted so much nicer or was it because I was starving? After that, we went to Petaling Street to get some flowers. Dirt cheap and beautiful!

Monday ~ woke up to a rainy day. Lovely! My maid was away. MrNordin decided to cook kari kepala ikan. I sat in the kitchen watching him cooking while I had my cup of coffee. Two guys came to pull down an old tree from the backyard. Chong dropped by for a reflexology session with my husband. The girls went out with their cousin for a movie.

In the afternoon, I organised a friend’s surprise birthday party at her house. She was indeed surprised! At home, my in-laws came visiting ~ they wanted to see the angsa. Since neither me nor the girls were at home, MrNordin had to entertain them with Nadim. Kesian bujang dua orang tu! My party ended at almost 7pm and I went home dead tired. Took my shower and had dinner. Sent Nabila back to Shah Alam and we reached home just before midnight...

Macamana tak letih? But despite all that, I had a good time. Still managed to pull a smile, knowing the fact that I was surrounded by family and friends alike. Come to think of it, my husband sure lagi letih dari I. Dah lah kena masak (bab memasak ni was his choice, ok? I didn't ask him to!), driving us around lagi... And tonight, he has to drive down to JB pulak. Poor darling! I'll make up for it when you come home, ok honey? *wink*

Picture taken at the friend's party yesterday. Will post the story later. Only me and Ultraman went to the party.



Busybody said...

This new hairstyle suits you really well!

Jessica said...

Dear Mrs N, I have been a silent reader all these while but I am amazed that your husband does all the "membersihkan ikan dan ayam"? Wow, the furthest my husband will do is go to the Pasar Tani, without me, of course - my maid will do the cleaning and my maid cooks.

MrsNordin said...


I like it too! Thanks!

MrsNordin said...


My husband is very domesticated. He enjoys doing all those stuff. He cleans the ikan & ayam himself to make sure they are "clean" by his standard. And he loves cooking too. I'm just lucky, I guess.. :)

myheartbleeds said...

Hi MrsN... comel lah that haircut on you!!

p/s: next time you're in Bangsar, check out Floristika in Jln Liku (behind NST). They have cheaper blooms than PS, I kid you not!!

MrsNordin said...


Floristika? I'll surely check it out! Thanks!

Kmar said...


Your hubby memang boleh bagi ´pingat´ kerana still boleh masuk dapur and siap bersihkan ayam ikan!! You are one lucky girl.. he.he..

My hubby punya ´rules´ pula.. the morning in both weekends, dia mesti cycling. Tak kira la langit nak runtuh ke, snow ke, ribut taufan ke... something that he must do.

Btw, I am curious about your new goose... nanti post la gambar ye..

MrsNordin said...


Ha! Ha! Ha! Tak kira langit nak runtuh pun dia akan pegi cycling, huh? I guess you have gotten used to his routine already by now!

the principal said...

mrs nordin,

katie holmes pernah tiru rambut u. You look great in this hairstyle.

lucky u dpt husband rajin ke dapur....

Kak Teh said...

Mrs N, i must use this word: your weekend is very happening! there you go! and i echo everyone else, your new bob suits you.

Naz said...

Wah! nampak muda la :)

IBU said...

The angsa? untuk apa ek? I'm imagining a pond with 2 swans paddling on its water surface..... waaa....

p/s If for pets, ada mandarin ducks at pet shop in Tesco Setia Alam. Tapi RM1000 !!! Sanggup kah?

ms hart said...

MrsN! This time no Marilyn, no Whitney looks, aaa...you definitely look YOUNGER with your new hair do! Stedeh!

Btw, zaman dolu-dolu, itu Koo Chong Teng pernah dua-tiga kali duduk sebelah moi dalam bas ekspres balik Melaka, ok? hee hee If only I knew you then, boleh kirim salam!:)

MrsNordin said...


Siapa lah I compared to Katie Holmes... hee... hee... But I like this new hairdo. Rasa ringan sikit kepala ni!

I read your posting. Hope you're feeling much better now. Cheer up!

MrsNordin said...

K. Teh,

Ma Kaseeeeh!!! (Alleycats' style)


Nampak muda? Hee.. hee.. suka nya I!!

MrsNordin said...


The angsa were bought to prevent snakes from "visiting". You know, our house dah berapa kali ular datang. Ular sawa pun ada! Tapi tak pernah masuk rumah lah...

They said, ular takut angsa. Tahi angsa contains sulphur which keeps snakes away. That's why we bought them.

They are quite cute actually. Now baru 1 month old. They love water. When it rained, they'll be basking in the rain dari pagi sampai senja! Lepas tu, masuk kandang, tidur.

Mandarin duck RM1000? Mak datuk! Mahalnya! Itu kena simpan dalam bath tub je tu!

MrsNordin said...

Ms Hart,

Koo Chong Teng pernah duduk sebelah you dalam bas??!! Oh my God!! Was he really gorgeous????

You lucky devil. You should really join the show business lah!

Aida said...


The hair do looks fantab .... and like u my weekends jarang dpt duduk diam. Two weekends ago was an exception cos I got food poisioning and was laid up in bed for the whole weekend and then some. DH balik for the weekend pun tak dpt buat apa.

This coming month I'll be even more tied up than usual as the maid will be taking a month's leave.

On the angsa note, its also a known fact that they make better guard dogs than dogs ehhehehhe so tak payah u ada guard like ur other neighbours. hehehehe

Kitchen Guardian said...


Next time Mr Nordin masak kari kepala ikan, ajak I...love your new hair do!!

wanshana said...


Love your new hair! Suits you, dear :)

And yes, as Aida said - angsas make better guard dogs than dogs. They REALLY can make noise when strangers come avisiting your house! And they can be REALLY garang, too.

MrsNordin said...


Sorry that you're going to be "maidless" next month. It's tough, but you're gonna enjoy it very much, I'm sure of that.

I didn't know that angsa make a better guard than dogs. That's news to me. Just hope orang sebelah tak complain about the noise!

Have a nice day, Aida. My DH pun not around until Friday... :(

MrsNordin said...


Sure! Next time I ajak you all, ok? Makan kari kepala ikan ni, kena beramai2 baru syok! Pekena dengan ikan masin sekali, alamak.... mak mertua lalu pun tak nampak!! Hee.. hee...

MrsNordin said...


Like I told Aida, I never knew about angsa and their ability to guard the house. Your parents used to keep angsa ke before? My in laws memang ada bela angsa, that's why my husband is quite fond to keep them.

Desert Rose said...

Mrs N,

Goose as pets??? Wow that's stylo I tell u. Sure look good ur pond eh.

I remembered being chased by my nenek's angsa when I was little. Yg leher panjang tu. Jahat tau.

I dont know what to do so I strangled its neck but takut nak lepaskan, sambil meraung my heart out till somebody came and save d day.

Untill then, I hate to go to her house sampai la those animal jadi lauk.

Tq 4 sharing the info.Better ask my mom to rear some in her backyard.

IBU said...


hahaha...sorry I tergelak sorang2!! Ohhh.... to scare off snakes rupanya!

Yeah... I know about sulphur to ward off snakes too, but so far we all only bought serbuk sulphur and tabur all around the house (fencing perimeter ler!). Tak pulak terfikir nak beli angsa!!! TU yg tergelak tadi tu....

wanshana said...


Tumpang lalu...


Kalau you nak fence perimeter guna angsa, you kena train they all be*ak along the fence tetiap malam...Sanggup? Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Mrs N,
1)nampak muda trang tang tang lah (ni remarks orang utara)

2) tak kisah la sapa lagi cun katie holmes ke you, but sah sah your weekend memang 'penuh pengisian'.

3) congrats sebab duduk dan minum teh sambil menonton encik N memasak. Now you know better than to interfere... hehe. takut plastic besepai lagi.


Mama Rock said...

wow! taht is a very, very busy schedule!

ps - hehehe your marilyn entry put a smile on my face. i only permed my hair once - and that was to be madonna...LOL!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Wow, MrsN..nice hairdo!

I can see that your life really 'happening' last weekend. Good for you.

P/S: Kalau my hubby masak kari kepala ikan, i berani botak kepala i..hahah

MrsNordin said...

Desert Rose,

Masa kecik, I pun takut angsa sebab takut kena "sudu". But they said, if they know you, they won't "sudu" you. I just hope so..

MrsNordin said...


Initially, we tabur sulphur too. The angsa was just an after thought. Now the angsa dah berak merata around our house, but tahi dia tak ada bau, tau. Amazing...


I don't think we need to train the angsa to berak keliling pagar, tak..?

MrsNordin said...

Dee Dee,

Hee.. Hee.. I've learnt my lesson well. Baik duduk diam2 daripada sibuk nak tolong dia kat dapur. I tak nak plastic bag pecah dua kali! Hee hee...!

MrsNordin said...

Mama Rock,

You permed your hair to look like Madonna? That's totally cool!! You rock, girl!!

MrsNordin said...


No! No! No! Don't botakkan your kepala! You've got such lovely hair! In that case, your husband had better not masak kari kepala ikan for the rest of his life!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Nordin,

I have been a silent reader of your blog for a long time. I wonder if you can tell me where you purchased the goose from? I dah cari merata...!