Monday, August 25, 2008

JB-Desaru Trip

I've been up since 5.30 this morning. MrNordin woke me up before he left for JB, a car picked him up at that wee hour to go to KLIA. Poor husband... the travelling is going to take a toll on him, I tell you.

Before I go on, thanks for the useful tips you all gave me on how to handle the active toddler at home. I'll surely try to put them into practice and hope they work.

Just a little update on our trip to JB-Desaru:-

On the way down to JB. We were watching "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" in the car. Cerita tu ok lah, tapi macam tak logik. One guy for 3 women. Macam tak ada lelaki lain kat tempat tu. The film was set in Cairo, tapi tak rasa macam kat Egypt pun. In the end, he ended up marrying two but one died. The other one, gone mad. Tak payah tengok lah!

Day 2 in JB. While MrNordin was at work, I took the kids sightseeing and shopping at City Square (I think that's the name, the one near Kotaraya). This photo was shot at tepian Tebrau, or Lido Beach as they call it. Nice and breezy. Budak kecik tu tak nak pakai kasut, can you see that? And my maid, posing maut.

We stayed at the Hyatt while in JB. This is the view from our room. People say, the clock tower is berhantu. During one of the New Year celebrations ke apa, ada orang ambil gambar kat situ, turned out ada "lembaga hitam" standing nearby. Yikes! (Actually, Singapore is so close to JB, kan? Didn't realise that. Cuma sepelaung je, kata orang.)

This is the (in)famous Hospital Sultanah Aminah, JB. MrNordin's soon to be temporary condo is somewhere on the left of the photo.

Hyatt swimming pool, from the room. Nice pool, but the weather was not conducive for swimming. It was wet and drizzling most of the time. Went in only once, and that's it.

This is Desaru beach, where MrNordin's company organised their Family Day event. The last time I went to Desaru was when I was 8, maybe. Can't really remember the place. We stayed at the Golden Beach Resort. Rooms were ok but the place needs serious renovation. It looks tired, as usually the case when such resorts are run by govt bodies/agencies. Sayang, such a nice place. The sea is dangerous to swim in, tho'. It dips down unexpectedly. So avoid it, by all means.

Telematch & clown - this is the kids' event

Nizzar & Baba took a dip in the swimming pool. We all didn't go in. I noticed people in JB like to stare. Why, ahh?

Miss & Master Nordin - during one of the dinners organized by the company. This was BBQ by the sea, I think. I had too much crab that night, it was delicious!

Another shot of Pantai Desaru. Air belum pasang lagi..

MrsNordin taking part in one of the telematches. We had to arrange the 3 tiles and step on 2 tiles each time to get to the other side of the field ~ back and forth. Penat lah! Sakit kaki! We lost, anyway. Didn't finish the race even.

MrNordin ~ defeated in the gladiator fight

Little boy in mummy's sunglasses. He wore that himself. Tengok tu ~ terbalik! Hee.. hee...

The End.


Madam Tai Tai said...

Ha..finally gambar Master Nordin Sr. keluar kat blog! He has turned out to be quite a handsome boy, kan.

Did you take the children to see your Alma Mater?

Btw, love the pic of the beach with great big cumulus nimbus cloud. Beautiful!

Kmar said...


Tak terkenang le life dulu-dulu masa jadi STFians??...

MrsNordin said...


I didn't go back to my old school, just showed them when we passed by. Nadira said, "Wah, you duduk Ipoh but schooling in JB??" Haa... now you know!

On Nadim ~ yeah, that's what a lot of people say about him... ramai peminat tu!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Kmar!

Sorry I missed you when you were in KL. Maybe next time... or maybe I visit you in Spain?? Hee.. hee... lagi best!

Going back to JB feels just like going home. We were there for 5 years, kan? I saw the zoo, the Istana Bukit Serene, Kotaraya... all those places we used to go to when we were in school, and they surely brought back sweet memories.

That's why I don't mind moving there. I quite like JB actually. But see how things go first. Right now, it's hard to tell.

Take care!

(btw, you still look the same lah! And your mum too. I clearly remember her face!)

Anonymous said...


Nizzar is so adorable...

Can't write much. gotta run.


wanshana said...


Looks like everybody had a lot of fun!

By the way, I think Nizzar looks a lot like Nadim. Both are very good-looking indeed!

Hmmmm...jenuhlah you. Heart-breakers in the house! Hehehe!

Eta My said...

Bj...itu u ke Bj..wah masih Fit for me..nak squat down tetengah reramai tu...hehehe...ampun le...

And ade je komen untuk ur maid!

Well..jb banyak kenangan ape..termasuk..jln bebrbatu2 waktu practice untuk hari sultan/merdeka..from stf jln ke tepian tebrau...dengan baju red crescent...(sampai hati!) soon nak pindah?..tak syok jejauh slalu ngan hubby tau!!

MrsNordin said...


Jenuh? Dah lama tak dengar word tu... hee.. hee...

MrsNordin said...


Eeehh... I don't recall the jalan kaki dari stf sampai tepian tebrau tu. Now that you mentioned it, ya lah! We did! Sheer torture, but I suppose it must have been fun, that's why tak ingat sangat. And then teringat buat show kat Dewan Jubli Intan (for red crescent jugak tu). U ingat tak?

busymum100 said...

The pix say it all - ONE HAPPY FAMILY.

Well done, MrsN

MrsNordin said...

Busymum, thanks! I love your NZ pics as well!

Anonymous said...


Eh, baru balik makan angin dah makan angin lagi? :-)

You have a lovely family, what can I say.

p.s. I read the entry about mak garang tu. Alahai, next time you nak sepak the little boy in the face (or anywhere for that matter), think about how bad you'd feel afterwards! Like any mothers, I too have lost my patience many a times. . .

Waterlily said...


you've been tagged! Jgn lupa pakai baju ngerlip ngerlap ala 70s amik award @ my blog.


MrsNordin said...


What can I say... frequent holidays like this don't happen all the time!

Ya lah... mak garang ni akan ingat pesanan you tu every time I naik angin! Cheers!

MrsNordin said...