Tuesday, August 12, 2008


MrNordin has left for JB again, this morning. He'll be back on Thursday but I won't see him until Saturday coz I'll be away with my girlfriends. Need to get away... just want to relax with friends... Where are we going to? A tiny island somewhere north of Malaysia. Will keep you posted on this.

Looks like MrNordin is officially based in JB now. The project site is down South, so he's been travelling up and down the NSE quite frequently these days. The deal is : Tue, Wed, Thu in JB, Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon in KL (macam cerita Madu Tiga pulak, ya?). Well, I don't like it but I don't have much choice, do I?

Last week, they found an apartment to accomodate the 4 of them whenever they are in JB. So, jadi macam orang bujang baliklah ni. Duduk single, sharing with other bachelors... My first thought was, No Way! Dia suka2 duduk kat JB sorang2, kita yang kena tinggal ni have to take care of everything.

Hantar budak pegi sekolah, hantar pegi tuition, beli barang rumah, jaga budak kecik tu, kalau sakit kena bawak pegi clinic, kalau rumah blackout, kena sort out sendiri2, kena tidur sorang2, kena deal with MIL, dengan maid.. arghh...there'll be too much on my plate lah! And it's just not fair for him to leave me alone with the kids like this!

But on second thought, perhaps it won't be that bad afterall. Not that I can't do it, it's just that sometimes, when the selfishness sets in, everything else just seem unfair.

So, I'm taking it a step at a time. See how it goes. It's going to be tough at first, but I think I can handle that. And if things get too complicated, or if I miss him terribly, we all move to JB lah! (heh.. heh... but that is another headache...)


Faye said...

bestnyaaaaaaa... is it lang tengah?

MrsNordin said...


Ezza Aziz said...

jeles pulak I....seronok jadi you ni...banyak kawan, I ni sejak pindah klang ni langsung hilang kawan lama. No tel pun tak da,ntah mana hilang..Nasib baik ade pc ni,dapat gak berchatting...nak cuti kat mana tu agak nya (nak jadi minah kepoh la ni)Jangan lupa bw balik kulit siput tau!!!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi MrsN,

Have a fun fun all-girls holiday in K****! Leave all your worries at home and just ENJOY!

Wish I could join you all...jeles..jeles!

As for moving to JB, why don't you try it for short-term dulu, i.e masa school holiday in Dec ke? Try it out and see if you like living there. I don't think JB is such a bad place to live, esp if you can easily escape to Singapore for shopping!!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Ezza,

My friends pun bukan nya ramai sangat... ada a few close friends saja. Used to have many more, but I guess with marriage, family comes first.

Nanti lah I bagitau... kasi suspen dulu! :)

MrsNordin said...


That's what I'm gonna do ~ leave all my worries behind & enjoy!

Teringat masa kita pegi Bali dulu, ya? Hee.. hee... hope this one will turn out great as well!

On JB ~ ahh... lain kali lah fikir!

wanshana said...


Have fun in K****! Jeles...jeles...

IF somehow sempat, would be great if you all could singgah sekejap at Kmar's get together this Saturday. No need to bring any dishes - just bawak perut saja :)

Personally, I know I wouldn't be able to take a long-distance or anything akin to weekend hubby/wifey arrangement... I bet I can only tahan 3 bulan kot. Lepas tu, I will join hubby wherever he is at.

But, of course it's not that easy to just uproot everything and everyone, kan? That's why there are so many families out there who are in such arrangements, and they're doing okay.

So, don't think or worry too much about it. Insya Allah it'll be alright :)

Anonymous said...

ayo mrsn, mana pulak you nak pi...


Waterlily said...


I bertahan 2 1/2 years je..lepas tu mengalah..you know the history lah!

One advice though, kalau nak pegi JB nanti, dont go because you have to, but go because you want to, ok.
So that nanti, tak de kekesalan di kemudian hari, ye lah nak kena berhenti kerja and pindah terus..

Enjoy your getaway with friends..! For me, I have never been able to do it without all my children, tak tau kenapa, even kalau ada management plan meetings kat resort mana mana yang overnight sampai dua tiga malam pun I angkut anak I sekali dengan maid - I book separate room la. Kalau dear hubby ada, maid tak ikut. I masuk meeting or discussion, depa pi enjoy the surrounding or main kat swimming pool.

But still...jeles I dengar your getaway with friends ni! Share cerita nanti eh..!


ms hart said...

MrsN, hi! Firstly, you look soooo familiar lah!! Secondly, I think you are one very kind person, esp when you talk about your kids...as if they are all yours. Salute! Thirdly, hey, my husband was working away for a solid 7 years! Even though he commuted daily, still, it's just not the same. He left before Subuh, and reach home after Isyak! In between the hours, I had to handle everything single handedly, MrsN. At times, he had to be far away and came back only after months! But then again, when we are sincere about the whole thing, insyaAllah, it's worth the sacrifice. Remember what my husband used to tell me when he had to be far away - you are alone, but at least you still have the kids around you. I'm all alone in this empty hotel room and thinking of you and the kids were just too painful. So, MrsN, kesian jugak lah kat MrN...dia pun nanti rinduuuuu kat you, tau!! Ok, have fun at your girly-girly away day!!

jabishah said...

Distance makes the heart grow fonder ;-)
Have fun up north. Envy you... do share the fun!

Chahya said...

Hi MrsN,
first time here eventhough saw u in a few friends' blog before.
Re JB:U'll get used to it with time...(talking from experience..12 years now and still surviving..)
Waterlily is right, go to JB becos u want to and not have to(I've experienced this too..)
Look at the bright side..perhaps more time to spend with friends

Enjoy yr trip!