Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday Fiasco

MrNordin left for JB yesterday morning; he has a meeting in Singapore today. I went home to Ipoh after that to visit to my mother (my last visit was in April ~ bad huh?) with my brother driving. The little boy came along with me but the older siblings stayed behind with the maid. I told them to clean up their rooms and the maid to clean up the house.

The 2-hour visit was relaxing. Makan durian and my mum's masak tempoyak. No need for other lauk, that alone was good enough for me. We left Ipoh about 5.15pm. When we reached home at 8.30pm, my darling brother suddenly realised that he has left his house and car keys in Ipoh! Oh my!! After all that, now he has to go back to Ipoh to get his keys! (his car was parked at my house, we took MrNordin's car)

I told him to just stay the night at my house and go back to Ipoh the next day, but he insisted on making that road trip back last night since he has a meeting this morning. So nak tak nak, terpaksa lah drive balik ke Ipoh. He borrowed my car and left my house at about 9pm. I was so worried for him. Alhamdullillah, at 11.05pm, my mum called and said that he has arrived safely. Phew! What a relief...

Then, MrNordin's car gave me a scare. While reversing his car last night, I heard this loud "clanking" sound coming from the front left tyre side. It was so loud, as if something would fall off the bumper in no time. I was so afraid MrNordin would be mad at me coz I took his car back to Ipoh and now ada problem. I was so nervous! I tried driving out to test the sound hoping that it would go off after a while, but it was still there. I couldn't sleep. Nasib baik when I spoke to him later last night, he said it was ok. That has happened before and should still be ok to drive to work. Another phew!

Since I've had too much in my mind last night, I had difficulty sleeping. So I went into the study room and tried to write something. Baru nak start tulis, Nadim came out of his room and asked me, "There's nothing to eat downstairs, is it Aunty Yati?" I looked at him and said, "Why are you asking me? You all have been in the house the whole day today, tak kan tak makan? You all buat apa? Kak Sri tak masak ke?" He said no.

I called out the maid, who was chatting happily with Nadira in her room. "Sri, hari ni kamu tak masak ke? Budak2 tak makan ke?" She said, "Ada, tadi petang saya buat macaroni" (this was leftover from Friday's macaroni, ok?) Saya dah makan dengan Nadira. Tanya Nadim tapi dia tak nak makan." (obviously he didn't want to eat it because it was leftovers!). I kept quiet. Nadim kept quiet too.

I didn't know what to say. I knew for a fact that this boy had been playing his PS2 the whole time that I was away and couldn't be bothered eating until very late when he has done playing and everyone else has eaten, baru dia terasa lapar. Sebelum tu, bila orang tanya he would say dia tak lapar (this is very common, ok?). My maid pun satu, pemalas. They were all at home the whole day yesterday, tak kan tak boleh masak? I took Nizzar with me so that she's free, buat apa je semalam?

I didn't want to make a scene last night coz it was pretty late and I was very tired. But this morning before I left for work, I told her to cook today, afternoon and evening. No excuse, unless I said otherwise. Then I went to check on the fridge, ada tinggal sikit je chicken in the freezer. I asked her, apasal tak beritau saya makanan dah habis? You know what she told me? Non-chalantly she said, "Bila masa kak Yati nak beli?"

That really riled me up! I know lah I've been busy in & out of the house these past few days, but I also know my duty to buy food & groceries for the house. Don't question me when I need to buy those things, you just need to tell me. If you had told me yesterday or Saturday that chicken & fish dah habis, I would go and get it no matter how because I know on Monday, my children would want to eat. But she didn't, so how would I know?

So I snapped back at her, "Kalau barang rumah dah habis, beritau saya awal2. Jangan petang ni nak masak, pukul 7 karang baru bagi tau! Kamu selalu macam tu. Kalau saya tak tanya, tak cakap. Tengahari ni budak2 nak makan apa? Nizzar nak makan apa? Patutlah si Nizzar hari2 asyik makan roti saja!"

I was seriously mad. I stormed out of the house pagi2 buta tadi, membebel sepanjang jalan. Nadira just kept quiet beside me. I told Nadira, "You all pun jangan layan sangat k.Sri tu bersembang. Let her do her work." Budak2 ni suka layan dia bersembang, tengok TV. To me, kalau kerja dah selesai, lantak lah nak buat apa pun. Ini kerja tak habis lagi, dia dah nak releks. Semua nak kena suruh or reminded, macam tak tau sendiri.

Hee... geram betullah! Pagi2 lagi dah stress! I told MrNordin to give her a piece of his mind as well when he gets home today. My maid takut dengan Nordin. Kalau dengan I, dia boleh jawab balik cakap kita. It's about time we drill her back on track!


Superwomanwannabe said...

SO RUDE!!!!!!!

hello..that is in your jobscope ok sri,..nak kena beritau ke??

Anonymous said...

Aiseh, pagi-pagi senin dah tension!

Itulah kata orang macam pahat dengan pemukul! I think sometimes maids ni macam 6 year olds, you have to s-p-e-l-l everything out,baru paham. But I wouldn't know, never had one :-(

Anonymous said...

The thing about maids nie, its the luck of the draw la BJ. And then also them being human sometimes ikut mood jugak.

So bersabar lah dear. I have those days too.

This is also something to consider since u said, dia takut kat MrN and not u..... since with him away, there may be more things like this happening grrrrrrrrrrrr

Remind her that she is to help with the kids, if not she goes.


MrsNordin said...


I know! Tak kan hari2 nak beritau kut. She should know, right? If not sure, ask. Ini lah akibat kalau maid dah lama sangat dengan kita. Dia ingat dia yang boss! Grr!

Anyway, I'm ok now. See you tomorrow night?

MrsNordin said...


Penat lah tiap2 hari nak tanya benda yang sama... Sometimes I wish I'm as strict as my MIL or SIL when it comes to maid. They all memang tak bagi muka langsung kat their maid. But then again, their maids don't stay for long.. :(

MrsNordin said...


Memanglah kena banyak2 sabar. Sebab dah tak sabar lah pagi tadi yang meletup tu!

Anyway, I feel much better now. Thanks!

Waterlily said...


You are still lucky. I used to buy groceries everyweek, everytime RM300++ when I only had 1 child. So our food expenses is RM1000++ for a small family of 3 +1 (maid). This was 5 years ago. What did I find out? She has been cooking for the boyfriend and his friends for months who happened to do the renovation work at the neighbour's house!

I was busy so did not notice the total expenses, until I perasan - apasal beras, ayam, ikan segala cepat habis? I makan malam je, itu pun bukan tiap tiap malam. Week end selalu makan kat luar. Dear hubby ada 2 atau 3 hari je seminggu, anak kecik lagi. Interrogate punya interrogate - rupanya masak kat boypren. Naik berang lah I.

She was so scared and malu I think, she cabut before I could habis kan marah I. She cabut tengah malam buta. I suspected she was pregnant too coz nampak semacam je.

But then again, dia tak pernah menjawab I balik laa...I think its time you "basuh" sikit maid you tu kut...

MrsNordin said...


How to "basuh", you tell me?

Waterlily said...

Well MrsN

I cannot tell you how to "basuh" but for me, whenever I need to basuh, I normally get her to stop whatever she is doing, face me straight when I am talking, look at me, and tell her what I think, what I expect and I dont take no for an answer. One of the big no-no is Never Jawab Balik Apa Saya Kata. She needs to get that. Dont sit down, both of you stand up or she sit down you tower. Dont mince words.

I excercise "cubit tiup" strategy. I will praise when need be, and can be cordial but my maid knows I dont cut corners to be nice. I provide them well, sampaikan lotion, foundation apa segala I belikan, and whenever i go back from overseas trips, mesti ada hadiah untuk depa jugak, on all special occassions lah. Sometimes, pegi holiday bawak dia jugak to make her feel appreciated. Most important is everbody in the household is behind you. Jangan nanti you marah, orang lain back dia. Haa tu yang susah nanti.

p/s Garang eh? Hahahahaha...

MrsNordin said...


Grr... very garang! Can you basuh my maid for me?

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

He!..he!..I always hear all sort of complains about maids, luckily I dont own one (read: cannot afford), but lots of stories and dramas about them I gather from my friends.

One of my friens said....rule no.1..never treat them as your family, they will act like one...
...betul ke??

Kena banyak sabo kan??...kalau tidak makan hati!