Friday, February 29, 2008

Miss J**

We went out with Y*m for coffee last night. Y*m is my BIL and MrNordin's youngest brother. He's 34, just broke up with his long term GF of 8 years who was 10 years younger than him; was heartbroken for a bit but now I think he's ok. Nice guy, looks just like MrN. So anyone of you has a sister or friend whom you think might be interested in this very eligible bachelor, do let me know. He's on Facebook.

Anyway, the meeting last night was held to discuss about another brother's dubious character. This other BIL of mine is 1 year younger than MrN, has been married for 15 years and has 5 kids with his eccentric wife, M. No, he doesn't look much like MrN coz he has a full set of hair (that one is actually "not real", but you can't tell the difference), is taller and a well-known debonair.

When he was still a bachelor, he had strings of GFs who were ready to jump at his feet if only he'd said, "Jump!" (as in Titanic). Even now, I wouldn't be surprised if women looked at him twice ~ quite a charmer, that one. He's also my MIL's "anak emas", so he could get away with a lot of things.

This other BIL of mine, ok let's call him Z lah, was at one time involved with another woman. An artist, ok? The affair was going on for sometime without the wife's knowledge, but when she found out, he was forced to call it off. Basically, you all know what entail in extra-marital affairs like that. It's a long story but I don't want to go into that. Suffice to say, there were a lot of quarreling and fightings (with both sides!) but in the end, my SIL won. This happened 4 years ago, during the last general election.

With this coming new election, dah keluar cerita baru pulak. My SIL called MrN the other day, saying that she suspected Z is at it again because he's been acting kinda suspicious of late. She caught him talking on the phone in the bathroom at 3 o'clock in the morning, with an ending note "Take care, ok.." (who would say take care to another male friend, right? And why talk in the bathroom? At 3 am??). When she checked his handphone, the contact name is a male person, but she wasn't convinced. So she asked us to help.

Upon investigation, we found out that the number belongs to a lady by the name of Miss J** (why am I not surprised?) Location: Sg. Pusu, Gombak. Miss J?? Hmm... smells fishy...!!

So we asked Y*m last night if he knew, and he said yes. It seems, another mutual friend is interested in Miss J and Z is acting as the so-called middleman. But Y*m is having doubts about this whole arrangement. He has a sneaky feeling that the girl is starting to like Z instead of the other fella coz they are beginning to get lovey-dovey ! Apa cerita?!

"Abang Z ni selalu macam ni!", exclaimed Y*m. "Yang dia pegi layan sapa suruh?!", he added.

Miss J is in her early 30s, used to work with Z when they were in R*B but she was his junior then. "Quite a catch!", according to Y*m. She now works at a building which is just next door to where Z is currently employed. I guess that's how they met.

To safeguard the happiness and wellbeing of my SIL and her innocent children, we decided last night that MrN has to speak to Z and tell him to stop being silly. We don't want "pisang to berbuah dua kali", do we?. Him being the eldest of the lot, the responsibility lies on his shoulder. MrN said he'll do it before we go to Jakarta next week.

I hope Z will be wise enough to know what's best for him and his family. I think it's just a harmless flirt, that's all. But if the wife is not happy, it's a no-go, right? Anyway, that's how it all started. So, don't play with fire !

Quite an intriguing family, huh? But you haven't heard about the rest yet.....


Madam Tai Tai said...

Oh no..Is Z back to his nonsense again ke? Is he better off now that he can afford to berfoya-foya as well taking care of his large family punya needs?

Can't wait to read your other IL's anecdotes, esp concerning your adorable MIL!

Btw, I sampai pukul 7am in the morning la this Sunday. Sure the whole day I will be like zombie punya. Will try to meet you on Monday, boleh? Lunch ke kat KLCC or coffee at Dome/GJ?

Kmar said...

Alamak BJ, this one betul-betul macam Telenovela!!

I bet MrN mesti pening-kepala macamana nak nasihat adik dia yang memang jenis cepat flirting.

Hopefully, everything will end up peacefully and pisang tak berbuah 2 kali!!

Hope said...

My husband is still puzzled by the fact that Malay men don't wear wedding rings..

I kata, 10 ketul wedding rings pun won't stop men galivanting if they want to.

Delicate Flower said...


I have heard so many stories like this. It's almost like the "norm" now for some men to have girlfriends. That is just too bad. Kalau dia nak kawin satu lagi pun, there is nothing the wife can do (a part from walking away - grrr).

Anyway, bila nak habiskan love story ni? :-)

MrsNordin said...


Ya... I think he's back on the prowl..!

MrsNordin said...


Telenovela? Memang boleh buat cerita2 macam tu. MrN's family has some colorful characters in it!

MrsNordin said...


Your husband has a point ~ why don't they wear their wedding bands? Makes me wonder...

MrsNordin said...

Delicate Flower,

I'm working on it..!