Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Cupcakes!

Happy Valentine's Day, people!!! Wish you all have a good one!

We made cupcakes yesterday. The idea was mooted when N*dira was complaining that this year, nothing exciting is happening at her school on Valentine's Day (I think because one of the ustazah had warned the students, "Kita orang Islam tak boleh sambut New Year atau Chinese New Year... HARAM!"). That's her school for you!

Anyway, I thought why don't we make Valentine's cupcakes and just try to sell them among her classmates? She liked the idea, so I bought the stuff and she started to rock & roll in the kitchen. Mind you, we've never tried baking cupcakes before ~ that's the first time.

With a Nigella recipe in hand, she baked, me & Sri (the maid) helped decorating the cupcakes, while Nad*m (the youngest boy who's in Form 2 now), volunteered to deliver the cupcakes. It was a hit! She received a lot of orders! I think she's selling it for RM2.50 each (it's big, ok?). The cupcakes turned out to be quite nice. I don't know how to post pictures from my handphone, but I'll do it when I know how.

Each one of us (me, MrN, the maid, Nad*m & Nad*ra) want to claim a portion of the cupcake ~ 50 sen each ~ because each one of us contributed to the making. MrN, altho' he's only the food critique, claimed that since he bought the oven, paid for the electricity bill and provided transport for delivery service, he's entitled to his portion too. Whatever...

Now, the cupcake girl has joined this Young Enterprenuer Club at her school, which organizes events where students can showcase their products/skills. In this case, my daughter will be showcasing her cupcakes! I'm so proud... :)

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