Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Amazing Discovery

Hi ! Sorry for the late update. MrNordin & Master Nizzar were down with fever the last couple of days. So, yours truly had to attend to both "babies" who needed extra tender, loving, care. Master Nizzar still has a slight fever when I left for work this morning, but MrN has somewhat recovered and had gone to work after 2 days of MC.

Something interesting happened when I was surfing the Net the other day. I came across a blog which was written by an ex-student of SMS Kelantan, who happened to be a classmate of MrsNordin No. 1 back in the 70's! What an amazing discovery! I just couldn't believe it when I saw her pictures in the blog! There were also some stories on her... it's unbelievable!!

I've contacted the blog owner, a sweet lady by the name of busymum, and it's very nice of her to immediately reply my-email. She said she knew MrsN#1 when they were in Form 1-3. MrsN #1 left the school after Form 3 and continued her education in CBN, KL. Busymum had not met MrsN#1 since 1977, and had only known about her passing when another school friend tried to make contact with her to arrange for a reunion, just days after her passing.

For those who are interested in knowing how MrsN #1 looked like when she was young, I've posted her pic here (busymum, I hope you don't mind... ). Please visit to learn more. Read the posting on "Chinese New Year 1976".

2 Alpha (girls) 1976

Standing (second from left): Busymum

Kneeling (first from left) : MrsNordin #1


(Kinda creepy, huh ? )


Madam Tai Tai said...

How on earth did you come across her former friend's blogsite? Amazing..amazing..

MrsNordin said...

I was searching for her old office's address, since superwoman asked me which floor it was as she was visiting a friend at that particular building at that time. While doing that lah I came across the blog. Turned out that the friend's office is actually MrsN#1's old office! The friend is dadoffour, whom I've known since a long time ago through another friend, and whose wife is currently a sharp-witted lawyer at my office! What a small world..

wanshana said...

Wow - the world is REALLY, REALLY SMALL after all! All the coincidences, etc.

ALLAH works wonders, and all these must surely be happening for you to find some missing pieces of the jigsaw in your quest to get to know and understand Arwah better, insya Allah.

Amazing indeed!

busymum100 said...

Hi MrsN#2!

It's an honour to me for you to use the pic. I think I have other pix too, right?

Look for "Rantau Abang" and you can see a pic of the cute Sharifah squatting next to me :-)

I remember her as a friendly and rich girl. Every term she flied to and from home (our school is just 5 mins away from Pengkalan Chepa Airport). Remember that in those days there were no Air Asia, and very few Malays flied, let alone a young girl like her.

Once I went outing with her. We went to Bank Simpanan Pejabat Pos (now BSN). She withdrew RM50 from her account. I had less than RM100 in my account and only withdrew RM15, I think! After that we went to a supermarket and she bought herself a very nice maxi (long dress).

But one thing for sure, she's very generous. I was just talking to Cikgu Hasan Baseri (see my recent posting on him) 2 nights ago, and he was asking about MrsN#1 too. He remembers there was one time when MrsN#1 treated everybody at the canteen! She spent about RM10 - RM in the 1970s was a lot of money! The drumstick (equivalent to Cornetto) was only 50sen then!

Her English amazed most of us, us being the kampung kids. I still remember what aggregate she got for her her LCE! She did very well but since she wanted to go into law, she couldn't stay in our school that offered only science stream. She was one of the very few students who were very sure what they wanted to be when they grew up!

MrsNordin said...

Hi busymum!

Thanks for dropping by with snippets from the past.

She was indeed from a rich family. You know, the house (where I live now) is fully furnished with furniture from Janine (inc. the curtains, study table, lightings). This was her choice, according to MrN.

I yang memang budak kampung ni was quite taken aback when I first moved into the house. Her shoes and handbags are all branded AND original, ok. Me? Fake Coach ada lah... :)

I think I should do a special posting on this subject. Wait, ok?

Thanks again, busymum. It's a pleasure to know you!

Delicate Flower said...

mrs Nordin,

It is indeed amazing that you found MrsN#1 on another blog. Well, she sounded like a fine person, then again, from what I read, I dare say Mr N has consistently proven that he has a good taste when it comes to his women...:-)

busymum100 said...

"Flied"???? ROTFL

What was i thinking?? I meant "flew" 8-D

MrsNordin said...

Delicate Flower,

If I told MrN what you said, I'm sure he would senyuuuuum meleret! That's a major ego booster, babe! Thanks.

MrsNordin said...


We all know what you meant :)