Thursday, February 21, 2008


I was mad with MrNordin last night!

My little boy was still down with fever. When I came home yesterday evening, his body was burning hot. I gave him 5ml of Neurofen and put him to bed, but he refused to sleep though his eyes were half-closed by then. Never mind.

At 8pm, MrN came back from work. "I don't want to eat tonite coz I've had nasi lemak tadi petang". Ok, this after I've struggled in the kitchen to prepare his favourite "pechal" (I mean, not really struggled lah... I bought the ready-made kuah and just poured hot water to mix it. The sayur2, I asked the maid to prepare. Hey, I had to look after Nizzar, ok?!)

Anyway, tak nak makan tak apa. So I told him, "Since you're not eating, can you look after this boy sekejap, while I go down and eat?" We were in the bedroom at that time, and Nizzar was on our bed. He said, "Ok."

So, I pun turun. Dengan happynya I called N*dira and the maid to join me for dinner coz the three of us memang suka pechal. Tup, tup, baru nak makan sesuap nasi, I heard the little boy's voice downstairs. "Eh, how come this boy is downstairs pulak?" I asked N*dira. "Baba suruh bawak turun." There goes my peaceful meal...

After dinner, we all sat in the living room to watch TV. Baru nak put up my feet on the stool to relax, MrN complained, "Kaki I sakit lah yang.. tolong picit, boleh?" Sigh... ok lah, I tolong picit. Kesian pulak tengokkan husband I ni, dah lah baru baik demam.

About 10pm, we all went upstairs coz I wanted to take my shower. The little boy followed us. I changed him first into his pyjamas and made him a bottle of milk so that he was ready for bed. Then I told MrN, "Could you please look after him while I take my shower?" He said ok. Great!

I love the precious little time I spent in the bathroom. It's the only place where I can be alone. It's my private sanctuary. But tonight was a different story. Less than 2 mins in there, I could hear a commotion outside.

"Nizzar! Don't do that!!" (I knew Nizzar was playing with either the remote control or the light switches).

"Nizzar! Stop it!! (I could hear MrN running around after him).

"Nizzar! No!!!!!" (Gedegang! Something fell!)

"Nizzar!!! Don't!!!"

"Nizzar!!! No!!!

"Alah budak ni......No!!!!!

"Nizzar!!! Go outside !!(his voice was very loud)

Then, I heard Nizzar crying. Sobbing... coughing... all at the same time. I remained silent in the bathroom.

I think after this, MrN felt a bit guilty for yelling at the boy, so he pujuk the little monster. It was quiet for a while. I could hear Nizzar's intermittent cough and MrN singing the Barney song to him, when suddenly I heard:

"Whoop@##@@!!!" (the boy threw up!)

"Nooooo...!!!!!" (MrN screamed)

"Sri!!!!" (that's my maid's name)

"Nadira!!!" (that's my daughter)

Nizzar began crying out loud. MrN was screaming for the maid !

I was still sitting on the throne at that time, less than 5 mins after I went in, but I had to get out and see what happened. I grabbed a towel and stormed out of the bathroom.

"Apa ni??!!"

I saw Nizzar crying on his baba's lap.

"He threw up on me!" said MrN.

"Ya lah, then get something lah to clean it up!"

"Macamana nak clean up? He threw up on me!"

(Tak de nya threw up on him. His kain kena sikit je, Nizzar's pyjamas yang were all soaked)

I said, "You ni kan, I suruh you jaga dia sekejap je, itu pun tak boleh!"

MrN kept quiet.

I picked up the little boy from his lap and cleaned him up. I changed his pyjamas and wiped off the vomit, and then I passed him to the maid. MrN was busy fussing over his kain pelikat yang terkena Nizzar's vomit. I couldn't care less.

After shower, I jumped onto bed and lull Nizzar to sleep. MrN was on the bed as well, but he was facing away from me and his hand was pressing his legs that were hurting (hoping that I would offer to massage). But I pretended I didn't see it. I was too angry to care!

Sorry, babe... not tonight!!


Eta My said...

Hi Bj..I'm here now...tak tertelan air liur I..nak gelak ade..simpati habis pun ade...those incidents remind me of something familiar too..but then I tak sempat nak write down my emotions..ha..ha...U know, ever came across this one article..(couldn't remember her blog's name --nanti I recheck!) the middle of her writings..she did mention something like: sometimes we do feel like killing and re-killing our spouse...Mak aii..dasatnya..anyway..tak boleh nak grrr..lama-lama ek!..dah satu rumah, satu bilik..bed mate lagi...
p/s: hope u dah tak grr...lagi..ta ta!

IBU said...

Hahahaha..... this is ohhhh so familiar! I could't have mustered my strength to write something similar though I must say that too many a time I too had to face similar situations. And it's still recurring! Aiyaaa.... kalu staff buleh la bagi warning & discplinary letter. Kalau hubby?

Great piece MrsNordin. I shall get AYAH to read this.

Hope Nizar will get well soon. And yeah.... MrNordin's feet will get better too. tee hee hee...

wanshana said...

Don't worry - if it's of any help, I think almost ALL households are like that la, BJ...Mine included! Hehehe!

I can count using the fingers on ONE hand as to how many times Ayah had changed the babies' diapers dulu. And also when it came to feeding them...

Some Dads are just not cut out to deal with all those stuff, while some others are just naturals. Too bad we ended up with the former. Hahaha!

Don't stay mad for long - tak baik untuk kesihatan...Hehehe!

Madam Tai Tai said...

This sounds so familiar too eventhough such incident has much passed now that my kids are teenagers.

But I still can remember the hopelessness of my hubby with child management. That is also the reason why my mum doesn't trust him to take care of the kids sans moi. She is not happy that I'll be in KL when the kids come home for their school trip, eventhough MrS will be in Dhaka by then.

Hope Nizzar is better today and hope you get some uninterrupted bathroom time over the weekend to de-stress.

Delicate Flower said...


Reminds me of lagu P Ramlee "Dengarlah tuan-tuan sebuah kisah suami isteri..."

LOL - I like the part yang you pretended tak paham bila dia tekan-tekan kaki dia - klasik tu!

mrsnordin said...

Hello Ladies,

.. And I thought I'm the only one with these kind of problems!!

What I don't understand is, apa yang susah sangat nak jaga budak tu? Sekejap saja! I don't expect him to look after him for 1 hour ~ just 10 mins! Itu pun tak boleh!

I believe you all have passed this stage a long time ago since your kids are all grown up already. Lucky you! Orang kawin lambat macam I ni, ini lah akibatnya.

I'm thinking of having another baby, but MrN was not very keen the last time I mentioned it. I think he's had enough of the sleepless nights. He wants me back, he said. But I think, another girl would be nice, kan? At least I have two of my own. I'll surely push the idea again very soon!

Anyway, things have gone back to normal at the home front. The little boy is recovering (tho' still coughing) and MrN is already up and about. If he's lucky, he'll get his massage tonite.

Thanks y'all! Take care!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hee hee i felt as if I was there with you - I can JUST imagine it hehehehehehe

sabar je lah j....

kejap je nie...

the men memang tak leh tahan remeh- funny how they can take the crap at work but not handle the kids....

hee hee!

busymum100 said...


"new mums need to talk a lot to other mums, then only they'll know that they are not alone.

You story is all too familiar to most of us, the "veteran" mums (relative to you, that is).

I can tell you loads of motherhood vs fatherhood stories, but I just got back from Singapore, a lot of catching up (with e-mails, forum, blogs, etc..) to do.

But one thing I like to tell ppl is that my husband seldom helped out with cleaning up the kids after the "business" (both pee and poo). He's refer to both of them as "small problem" and "big problem"/masaalah besar respectively! He'd call out to me or our maid (good old days when we had one) to "solve" the problem!

MrsNordin said...


I guess the problem is universal, after all. That's why Tuhan kata, "Syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu." Just hope when we are older and bed-ridden nanti, our kids would want to change our diapers! (but, I doubt it.)