Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cabutan Bertuah

Father in law called this morning, saying that he won this Cabutan Bertuah from Petronas for a prize of RM17,000 cash. Wow... I thought... this could be a big angpau! The guy who called asked whether he has a Maybank/BCB/CIMB/Public Bank account; and if he hasn't, perhaps any of the siblings might have. The person who called also asked my FIL to call a "En. Abdullah" at some strange phone number (0062xxxxxxxxxx) to collect his prize.

So, FIL asked us to check out this "En. Abdullah". We did, but we got a voice recorded message on the other end, asking us to call 103 or 109 followed by the last 7-digit of the first dialled number. Hmm... apasal pulak kena call a private number? We called anyway, thinking that "Eleh... sure nombor tipu ni!". Surprisingly, a male voice answered:-

MrN: Hello, boleh saya bercakap dengan En Abdullah?

MrX: En Abdullah tak ada.

MrN: Dia pegi mana?

MrX:Dia keluar pegi kerja.

MrN: Ini siapa?

MrX: Ini anak dia. (Pause) Ada apa hal, encik?

MrN: Tak de... tadi saya terima message suruh saya call En. Abdullah, tapi En Abdullah tak ada ya?

MrX: Ya.

MrN: En Abdullah ni kerja kat mana, dik? Bila dia balik?

MrX: Dia mengajar kat Sek. Keb. xxxx, Kelantan. Petang nanti dia balik.

Oh oh... cikgu rupanya!

After saying thanks etc, I called back the 0062xxxxxxx no. I got a voice recorded message which said (in bahasa Indonesia's slang) "Nombor ini tiada dalam perkhidmatan. Sila hubungi operator telekomunikasi anda, bla, bla, bla..". Dah... ini sure kes some mamat Indon tak de kerja ni! I wasn't satisfied, so I called the same number again, but this time, the number couldn't be reached anymore. It went "Tuuuuuutttt..............Tuuuuuuuttttt.................."

So, sah lah it was a scam. Kesian my FIL, ingat dapat durian runtuh!! Hee... hee...!

Anyway, just be careful not to give your account number to any stranger who called. MrN then checked with his "friend" in Petronas who later informed that there's no such competition, and even the Petronas directors get this kind of prank calls sometimes. Geez!!! Tak de kerja betul lah diaorang ni!!


Hope said...

Yeas so many scams like this these days..kesian your FIL. Good thing he checked first..

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for visiting! I'm so thrilled to see your comment coz it's the first comment in my blog! Take care & have a nice day!