Monday, February 25, 2008

The Datin's Wedding

We missed the wedding!! (refer to my "Datin Story")

Due to the forthcoming election, the wedding was carried forward to an earlier date so as not to distrupt yesterday's hari penamaan calun.

We didn't know about it, I guess the Datin must have forgotten to inform MrNordin. Nasib he called to check first. Kalau tidak, buat malu saja !

Anyway, no big deal. I shall wear my baju bling! bling! to someone else's wedding, then!

(For some strange reasons, I feel somewhat relieved..... )


Madam Tai Tai said...

Wish you had gone..because nanti ada byk story lagi!

So since Datin failed to inform MrN, you can rest assure that this Datin doesn't really think much of your hubby, ok. Kalau tak mesti ingat nak inform, kan.

So that's another relief.

mrsnordin said...


That's what I thought, too...

Anonymous said...

One good sign... your hubby is not in HER VIP list laa...he.he.he..

So girl.. cheer up!!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Now watch out that dia tak call N after this to apologise for not telling...karang ada apology date lak ...


Madam Tai Tai said... are such an instigator!!!

Makcik ni kan dah relief lagi you nak cucuk with 'apology date' pulak!!