Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Breakfast Club

On my way to work this morning, I heard something funny on the radio. The DJs were discussing a topic on "bengang", and listeners were asked to call in and tell their stories. So, one guy called in :

"Saya ni dah kawin lama... dah ada 7 orang anak. Tapi, orang rumah tak pernah nak sediakan sarapan. Hari-hari Nescafe. Nasi goreng ~ seminggu sekali pun susah. Jemput2 pisang tu, sebulan sekali agaknya baru ada... "

The DJ asked, "Isteri you kerja tak?"

He answered, "Tak. Itu saya bengang tu!"

Then the DJ said, "Yang selama2 ni, sampai dah ada 7 orang anak tak pernah complain. Apasal sekarang baru bising?" And they joked, "Unless you nak cari alasan untuk cari No. 2 lah.."

That conversation got me thinking, is that what my husband wants? Breakfast every morning? I know someone who got himself involved with another woman because he said, his wife tak pernah buatkan breakfast for him (what a pathetic excuse!).

I don't make breakfast for my husband. Not even coffee. He goes off to work early (at 7 am), when I'm still in bed. I have my breakfast at work, something which I look forward to every morning with my "Breakfast Club" members.

Previously, when MrN was still with his previous employer, we would have breakfast together occasionally. He would call me from Mak Jah's shop after sending N*dira to school, and I would meet him there for breakfast. Breakfast is only served at home during weekends.

I did ask if he wanted breakfast before he leaves for work, but he said no. So, tak payah lah.

I think I'm a bad wife. I don't do housework, I'm a lazy cook, I don't iron his shirts, I nag and I devote more time to the little boy than to him.

Would that give him an excuse to go astray?


Kmar said...


I seldom make breakfast in the morning.. just like you.. he.he.. Furthermore, my hubby style of breakfast is a glass of juice and a banana or a cup of milo or a cup of tea. So easy maaa.... Lucky me!! He usually go to work around 7.00am.

Weekend aje a bit different. He will go for cereal with milk... early in the morning because he will go for cycling at 8.00am for 2-5 hours. He will help himself.

Conclusion... I am not the breakfast lady!! .. ha.ha...

Hope said...

Husbands going astray just becoz the wives don't serve them breakfast? Come on....I sometimes think we still live in cerita dongeng zaman dahulu kala. I don't cook breakfast for my husband as I have to leave for work early, but even if I have the time, the sheer fact that he would look for another just becoz of breakfast will definitely make me think maybe he is not the one I want to be married to anyway...

Perhaps I have lost the Malay women's touch! My husband who loves to watch all those Malay dramas recently asked me, why I am not like those potrayed on the dramas. My response was, if I am like one of those, he would not have met me, for I will not move countries to be with him, leaving all my family behind....

He did not look convinced...but hey, I am not bothered...:-)

MrsNordin said...

Hi Kmar,

I guess we are lucky, our husbands can make their own breakfast / meals for that matter. If you get the typical MCP husbands who expect their wives to serve them their meals everyday, mampuih!! But then again, we probably wouldn't have married them in the first place, right?

MrsNordin said...

Hi Hope,

You have not lost the malay women's touch, you've just become more liberated, that's all.

Those malay dramas are so typical, but I like to watch them, too! Just for the fun of it; something which my husband doesn't comprehend.

Sometimes I wish I could be more sopan in a typical wanita melayu sort of way (you know, shy.. soft spoken..) but I can never do that coz that's just not me. I guess our husbands chose us for what we are, huh? So now, don't complain!

Madam Tai Tai said...

To stray because his wife doesn't cook him breakfast is a pathetic excuse.

Being married doesn't mean his wife is his slave. Why can't the husband cook breakfast for his wife instead?

A marriage is a partnership. Take turns la to cook breakfast or do every thing else in the house. If malas..then employ a maid to do your part of the responsibility.

If hati dah nak cari no.2 or no. 3, the husbands can think of any ridiculous excuse as the reason.

My God..do they think they are perfect husbands??!! They must thank God for our high level of tolerance. If not, we would have long time ago seeked for husband no. 2 or no. 3 or no. 4.

MrsNordin said...

Madam Tai Tai,

Yeay! You're absolutely right!If only we were allowed to seek No. 2, 3 or 4...

Marriage is a partnership. Responsibilities have to be shared. Some of my friends in the office are suffering in silence becoz their husbands are typical MCPs. Kesian I tengok diorang... running around like a headless chicken ferrying the kids to school, buying groceries, cooking, washing, ironing, and working, all at the same time.

The husband? Go to work and come home late at night. Expect meals to be served. Kalau wife tak masak, tak makan lah jawabnya. Weekends - golf. Hai, senang nya hidup...

Eta My said...

Alamak Bj...vey intersting 'anecdote' la..Correct..We r soooo lucky kan!
Pasal tak dak breakfast pun mau gaduh kah?..ape pesen punya lelaki nih!..All those cats out there...nampak ikan 'muda'...saje le cari alasan..

I know this one lady..isteri solehah..Bj ooi...a working mother gak...she cooks, irons..etc...tup-tup 2 yrs husband dah kawin lagi satu..ade anak sorang..husband lak selal kat umah malam-malam...Tuhan nak tunjuk..there's this very one day..she tertinggal somthing kat surau nearby..Between Maghrib and Isya...she saw her husband car..just two block away....ape nak buat Bj...between maghrib and isya..for almost two years...hu..hu

I kalau ade mood...macam superwoman kat umah ni..kalau idak..and kaalu tengah angin puting beliung..tu...u know la..becoz being human kekadang mcm nak 'reserve' sketla kan..walupun tau..dapat pahala besar..tapi why worry kan...entahle bj..i selalu t'ingat kat me fren tu..but bila I tanya my husband..yang kelakarnya..he dares to say..its not impossible!!..so...memang I reserve bebanyak!!!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Eta,

Between maghrib & isyak? Mashaallah.... sempat dia orang ni, kan?

Ada lagi satu cerita ni pulak, perempuan ni tak tau husband dia ada another family until his untimely death. On the funeral day itself, a lady came dengan 2 orang anak dia. Bila tanya siapa ni, she said, "I'm his wife. These are our kids." Sudah... dah meninggal baru tau! Apa nak di kato?

The first wife tak suspect anything becoz the husband tak pernah tak balik rumah. Only thing he did was, went jogging every morning. Dalam masa berjogging tu lah dia sempat kawin lagi satu & beranak pinak. How do you explain that? Scary, huh, the things men can do...