Friday, February 15, 2008

La Bodega

We went to La Bodega @ Pavillion last night for dinner. The place is happening!

We went on a friend's recommendation after failing to secure a table at The Basil Leaf (they only served Valentine Set Menu, which I didn't fancy, but the place was full to the brim!). The friend said, the food is good at La Bodega, but we were sceptical at first as the friend drinks, while we don't (well, we've stopped).

When we reached there, the place was packed but we managed to secure a seat, thanks to the very helpful waitress that served us last night. A band was playing some contemporary jazz music, rendering a re-make of "Just the Two of Us" and the likes.

We ordered some tapas and tried the special burger as the main course. The food was surprisingly good! After dinner, we sat at the bar listening to the music. MrN lighted up a cigarette and I rested my head on his chest. Bliss.

Despite the loud music and some strange people we saw that night, we had a great time. Before we left, the sweet waitress gave me a stalk of red rose. "Happy Valentine's Day, you two!", she said. Aahhh... lovely! MrN said, "There, your rose. That should complete the night."

The girl received a huge tip from us last night !


Kmar said...

BJ, sounds so romantic!!! The name ´La Bodega´ reminds me of the Spanish menu.

My hubby doesn´t really like Spanish food.. errgh... a bit strange but that is the truth. I think because he has been living abroad more than 10 years and ending up marrying a Malay lady.. ha.ha... so .. nasi..nasi..nasi..

MrsNordin said...

Hi Kmar!

It is a Spanish restaurant here. Your husband is Spanish? Girl, you really have to update me!!

Kmar said...

Nanti, you bagi tahu the address of this restaurant. Then, we will give a try... boleh bagi comment sikit...ha.ha.ha.. as if laa.. macam I tahu sangat Spanish dishes!!!..