Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap

  • Morning ~ Went out for breakfast with MrNordin. Yeay! (we like to sneak out in the morning like that when the kids are still asleep).
  • Afternoon ~ Attended MrNordin's cousin's engagement party in Klang. We were the last ones to arrive, so it was more like makan, salam the hosts and left.
  • Evening ~ There was a birthday party to attend in Taman Tun. A little boy turning 1 year old celebrated his birthday with his dad, whose birthday fell on the same date. That was quite nice ~ a pool party. I didn't join the pool crowd altho' my little boy was frantically pulling off his shirt so he could go into the pool. It was quite late and I didn't want to get wet. Karang, semua orang tak lalu makan asyik nak tengok I in my swim suit saja! *wink!*
  • After the party, went to KLCC. Nabila wanted to get a bottle of perfume. Ended up with MrNordin carrying home 3 shopping bags (of his stuff!). I didn't buy anything. Sat near the fountain with Nizzar while waiting for them shopping.


Morning ~ Woke up late, on purpose.

The kids prepared Mother's Day lunch. They cooked chicken and pasta casserole (entah mana they all dapat recipe tu...) It was supposed to be a surprise. They went to get the stuff with my SIL while we were at the engagement party. It was very thoughtful of them... thank you, darlings!

Afternoon ~ lepak. MrNordin did some work.

Evening ~ went to my MIL's house. My SIL cooked for Mother's Day ~ lasagna & mee goreng. I didn't bring anything. We just bought some ice cream to eat with the cake. Went home about 8pm. Changed and terus tidur dengan budak kecik tu.

Monday ~ went back to Ipoh. Had to sort out some documents with my dad. Reached KL about 7pm tadi. Dinner, and now typing away. MrNordin is doing his work ~ he's going off to JB tomorrow morning. Btw, his birthday is on Wed (still haven't got anything for him). The kids are planning something.


Madam Tai Tai said...

MrsN, now your life is equally as hectic as SW's!

MrN's birthday is this Wednesday and Chepul's birthday is on Sunday. Like you, I haven't got my hubby anything. Don't really have choice kat Dhaka ni la for men!

Tak pe la..ordered him a cake already from the club. So that would be alright I guess.

He clearly told me that he didn't want me to organise him any party or anything before he left for HK yesterday morning. Dah over 40 ni tak de mood nak celebrate lagi!

I said ok..and then I ordered a cake for him today. What an obedient wife I am!

Btw, so sweet that the children made the brunch for you. It's sooooo telling, you know...

Yup they love you, my dear girlfriend!

MrsNordin said...


I thought of getting him a wallet to replace his existing one (you know, the LV...). Tapi macam sayang pulak duit. Kerajaan suruh berjimat cermat and jangan membazir. So, I think I'd better get him something less expensive so I can use the money for something else. Hee.. hee... So cheapsket, kan I?

Madam Tai Tai said...


busymum100 said...

Tapi macam sayang pulak duit. Kerajaan suruh berjimat cermat and jangan membazir.

Wow, kenapa tiba2 teringat pesan kerajaan? ;-)
Masa shopping spree tak ingat ke?

Sorry, joking lah...
I hope to be freer next month, so maybe we can meet up?

And I think the kids are sweet to celebrate mother's day that way.

We spent the sunday travelling back from Kota Bharu, and later in the day I had to go to office to get things done for yesterday's meeting :-(

MrsNordin said...

Shopping spree untuk diri sendiri, tak apa Busymum... heh... heh...

I thought so you must be travelling. That's why macam senyap je.. Take care!