Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello... I'm a Ghost

I think there's a ghost in my bathroom!

Sunday afternoon, I was lying on the sofa in my bedroom trying to catch a nap. It was 1pm, the afternoon News was just starting on TV1. Nizzar was playing somewhere in the room, throwing things and uplifting anything that he could lay his little fingers on. I baru lepas mandi kan dia sebelum tu.

MrNordin was in the bathroom, talking to someone on his mobile phone. I think he was talking to his cousin, about my FIL. Sometimes, I would curi2 dengar his conversation from outside the bathroom door, but that afternoon, I was just too sleepy to eavesdrop. Lama jugak dia cakap, a good 15 minutes ada. I continued watching the News while trying hard to stay awake.

A few minutes after that, I heard he said goodbye to the other person and heard the chest of drawer being pulled out ~ a sign that he has finished his bathroom business. My husband would do this everytime before he comes out of the bathroom (to take his briefs). I waited for him to come out, but he did not. I figured, "Ini sure main game pulak ni..". He does that sometimes, before he jumps into the shower ~ and it could take forever. I looked at the watch, it was 1.30pm.

So, I tunggu lagi. Tunggu, punya tunggu, dah dekat pukul 2. I jenguk kat bawah pintu bilik air (from afar), tak de pun nampak bayang2 dia. Lampu bilik air masih terpasang. "Eh, apasal lama sangat dalam bilik air ni? Dah terpengsan ke apa?" (I started imagining dia kena stroke and collapsed on the bathroom floor, that's why tak keluar2). I asked Nizzar to go knock on the bathroom door and call out for his Baba, but budak kecik tu buat tak tahu saja (quite unusual... selalunya dia akan pegi jerit panggil Baba dia kalau I suruh...)

Tak apa, I tunggu lagi. 5 minutes to 2pm, I dah hilang sabar. So I SMS him, "Buat apa lama sangat dalam bilik air tu, yang?" and waited for his answer. Punyalah I terkejut when I saw his reply, "I'm outside lah... "

Hah??!! Who's in the bathroom then? I quickly called him to confirm ~ memang he was outside, pegi kedai beli barang! I tak perasan pun, all the while I thought he was in the bathroom! Jeng... jeng... jeng... siapa yang dalam bilik air tu??

When I told the girls, they just smiled. My maid said she always 'heard' me calling her name when I'm not at home. Nadira also has heard the same a few times. When MrNordin got home, I related the story to him. Surprise, surprise... he said he did talk to his cousin that afternoon, but OUTSIDE... not from the bathroom!

Hee... spooky, ayy? I was very convinced I heard HIM talking in the bathroom. It was his voice ~ loud & clear! Added to that, the sound of the chest of drawer being pulled out, siapa yang tarik drawer tu?

I think, there's a friendly ghost living in our bathroom....


Kak Teh said...

Mrs Nordin, i tengah baca your posting ni. seram and suspense pulak when suddenly my firefox tertup dengan tiba-tiba! Jeng jeng jeng. Then when I switched it on, it started going to other blogs - sungguh friendly your bathroom ghost ni..nak main-main pulak!

Kak Teh said...

I mean tertutup - the mistake is mine not your ghost! :)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Eee..friendly ke tak friendly seramnya!!

I remember you told me some time ago that memang ada weird going-ons kat rumah you beberapa kali prior to this kan. Like the door sensor chimed away yet no one actually cross the threshold..

Suruh la Maria datang tengok2 sikit. Probably she can help to 'free' the spirit from the house.

Anonymous said...


Lepas nie Gina will totally be spooked about going to ur house....

But honestly, if that happened to me, I'd be calling the ghostbusters.


MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

Sometimes I get that too ~ the TV tiba-tiba tertutup dengan sendirinya! Or, ter'switch-on' dengan sendirinya! I thought it could be the wiring or something; malas nak pikir. Nanti pikir banyak2, kena pindah rumah pulak! Hee.. hee...

MrsNordin said...


At that point, tak lah pulak I rasa seram. Rasa pelik adalah. However, the 'mobile-talking ghost' did not deter me from going to the bathroom.

I think, that day, I was in-between sleep, very drowsy... masa Zohor pulak tu. Kan orang kata, jangan tidur masa dekat2 waktu Zohor... banyak jin! So I macam terdengar2 Nordin yang cakap, padahal it wasn't him.

Tapikan, quite scary jugak now when I think about it!

MrsNordin said...


We've called a "ghostbuster" before. He said, benda ni memang ada kat mana2. This guy (who is MrNordin's relative) can "feel" the presence of the other living thing in our house.

How he killed them was by zap - he pointed his fingers like a gun to the 'thing' and shoot. My SIL (who could "see" things) said memang ada keluar api from his fingers, macam ghostbuster lah! And it killed the thing.

That was quite an experience we had. To me, as long as I don't see the thing, tak apa. I don't want to know how they look like!! Otherwise, for now, 'we all' get along quite fine...

Delicate Flower said...


Itu "penunggu" rumah kot. Kata orang it's good to have one, pencuri takut nak masuk.

Ada nenek kat kampung I, tukang ubat. Kadang-kadang, bila orang pergi rumah dia and bagi salam, ada orang jawab salam, but nobody came to the door. Ketuk punya ketuk, still tak de orang buka pintu. Memang nenek tu tak de kat rumah, becasue sometimes dia pergi visit anak dia kat Johor or some place. Apparently, this is a well-known fact kat kampung - yang rumah dia ada penunggu.

Eee, seram jugak I dengar cerita you.

Superwomanwannabe said...

pandai nyeeee ghost zaman milenium ni kan!! :-)